The Futuristic Stainless Steel Bicycle Made by 3D Printer Robots

We are living in an era where greenhouse gas emissions have become a real problem. For those of us who are environmentally conscious, bicycles are  the king of transportation. This futuristic bicycle, however, will put others to shame. Welded by robotic arms using the 3D printing technology, this stainless steel bicycle, namely the Arc, will be ready to mow down any terrains.

Initially, the Arc Bicycle was a project designed by a group of students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. In collaboration with a company in Amsterdam called the MX3D, the students created this stainless steel bicycle by using the special 3D Printer named the Mataerial.

This particular 3D printer uses robotic arms to weld the bicycle’s frame together. To be more precise, the Mataerial 3D Printer will squeeze out resins and shape them into a bicycle frame using its robotic arms. In other words, the 3D Printer Mataerial’s robotic arms will be able to bend and curve the extruded stainless steel resins, then weave and weld them together into a bicycle frame that looks like a web.

As you can see from the picture above, the design of the Arc Bicycle is intentionally porus.The frame is not just a solid block of metal. This way, you can have a lighter frame despite using the heavier stainless steel material. As a result, the Arc weighs the same as a regular steel-framed bicycle but has a stronger body. Furthermore, the webby frame design, combined with solid stainless steel,  will provide the bicycle with a strong structural integrity. You can ride on through any rough terrains and the Arc Bicycle will still be able to reliably carry you around.

Not only that, the very fine stainless steel web pattern provides us with artistic-looking bicycles. It is a modern art that you can proudly ride around without emitting carbon. Who needs a Lamborghini when you have an environmentally friendly Arc Bicycle?

3d printed stainless steel bicycle

In addition, it is also much healthier to ride a bicycle. Exercising using the cool futuristic Arc Bicycle will be much more fun. After all, losing weight or staying fit will be less hard when you can do it in style.

The innovative stainless steel Arc Bicycle provides us with a hopeful glimpse into the future of environmentally friendly transportation. Using the efficient 3D printer and its robot arms, we can manufacture this bicycle in a massive number in a short time. The 3D printer will without a doubt play a larger role in the manufacturing industry. The Arc Bicycle is a proof that this technology is not limited with delicate shape and intricate design. You can potentially create something beautiful, strong, and practical using the delicate robotic arms of the 3D Printer. Would you like to own a stainless steel Arc Bicycle? Let’s ride!

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