The Most Romantic Old Man From Bosnia Who Build a Spinning House for His Wife

72 years old man build a rotating house to help his wife

Building a house for your soulmate is certainly one of the most romantic gestures that you can do in the name of love. However, this 72 years old man, named Vojin Kusic, took it to the next level by combining civil engineering and passion. The old man from Bosnia built a house that can rotate 360 degrees, in full circle, specifically for his lovely wife.

The romantic engineering tale started when, his wife, Mrs. Kusic was feeling frustrated that she could not see the front yard. She was mildly annoyed that she was unable to see people entering the living room. Despite his age, Mr. Vojin Kusic would not stand by idly after hearing his wife‚Äôs dilemma. In an extreme move, he decided to take the matter into his own hands and designed a house that can rotate in full circle just for the wife.

Mr. Kusic may not be young anymore but his mind is still sharp as ever. To support the rotating movement of the house, he built a strong concrete plinth as the base. The old Bosnian man then put old wheels from an old military vehicle and electric motor to rotate the house. The wheels and the motor are able to make the house spin at a considerable speed. Obviously you would not want the house to spin too fast. The furniture would get thrown around! The strong concrete base anchors the spinning house in place.

The bloody history of Bosnia may have played a role as old surplus military vehicles would not be hard to come by. Furthermore, the military grade wheels ensured that the moving part of the spinning house would not break easily.

72 years old man build a rotating house

His indeginous idea is surprisingly effective. Now, his wife can rotate the house as she pleases. She would not need to worry about intruders and she could change the house views instantly. The old lovey dovey couple can enjoy the summer view of their lovely backyard while keeping an eye on the front yard, just by rotating the house.

If you want to visit the famous rotating house, you can go visit the rural town of Srbac in Bosnia. The quiet village is a unique place to be for an original piece of romantic civil engineering.

The unique spinning house, and the romantic story behind it, became an inspiration to the world. No matter how old you are, you will do anything for the one you love. Furthermore, it also shows that age does not stop you from being creative. In a face of adversity and limited resources, your imagination can and will save you.

Would you like to live in a house that can rotate?

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