Introducing Poimo: The Future of the Inflatable Mobility Transportation Device

For people who have a limited space, having a motorcycle, a scooter or a wheelchair can be very annoying. They take a lot of room and are not exactly lightweight. Fortunately, the futuristic Poimo is here! The name is an abbreviation from Portable and Inflatable Mobility. It is a personal transportation device that can be inflated like a balloon.

The genius minds from University of Tokyo and Mercari R4D came up with an idea to design a first-of-its-kind soft mobility personal transportation unit. This joint team of researchers introduces Poimo which utilizes an inflatable mechanism.

What if you want to carry around a motorcycle in your backpack? Poimo motorcycle can be deflated and inflated at your command using an air pump.  Because Poimo is basically a piece of strong high-quality thermoplastic urethane, it does not have any weight.

You just need to fill it with air and your mobility vehicle will be ready to go. Due to its lightweightness, Poimo only needs a small in-wheel electric motor to power it. The motor is strong enough to carry you around with a decent speed. It certainly beats walking!

POIMO inflatable Personal Mobility Transportation

People in the world have less and less space every year because of overpopulation. The compact inflatable Poimo may become the future of movement. After you are done using the device, you can just deflate your Poimo motorcycle and fold it away.

Not just motorcycles, Poimo comes in many shapes and is tailored specifically to suit your body. You can ask for a custom inflatable Poimo based on your posture and size. The customization involves a set of high tech motion cameras that can accurately capture your posture. This way, the inflatable Poimo will always fit you!

Furthermore, for people who have mobility issues, Poimo also offers a solution in the form of an inflatable wheelchair. It is a game changer because traveling with a regular wheelchair can be troublesome because of its weight. You just need to carry an air pump and inflate the Poimo wheelchair version anytime you need it. When you are done, just deflate it and pack it in your bag!

Poimo also offers you various shapes and colors. The personalization aspect of Poimo is very flexible. After all, inflatable plastic material is actually very simple to design. Poimo is also much more affordable because there is no need for metal or complicated engines. You can have your own custom Poimo!

Would you like to ride around town on inflatable Poimo motorcycle?

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