25 Awesome Gifts for Civil Engineers

A lot of things have changed in the past 100 years. One thing that really stood out is the advancement of the city’s infrastructure. Gone were the small and tiny buildings, replaced by huge and tall skyscrapers. We owe such a beautiful view to the civil engineers. Because of their genius masterplan made it possible for us to live in such a prosperous time. Therefore, you can show appreciation by giving some gifts for civil engineers

You may wonder what civil engineers usually do. They have the responsibility to design, build, and supervise any infrastructural project handed to them. Due to their heavy responsibility, they often need to split their time between working in an office and outdoor projects. To think about how they can endure that crazy amount of workload is so mind-blowing. 

You already know how hard it can be to become a civil engineer. If you ever knew someone who works as one, it’s not bad to try and find some presents for them. Just think of it as an acknowledgement on how they help upgrade society’s life. Here are some gifts for civil engineers that you can consider!

Unique Gifts for Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil engineers use a lot of cool stuff to accomplish their jobs. We might not know all the details of the things they use. We also knew that they probably won’t need your help in getting all the items needed for their day-to-day. But we do know this: they will certainly appreciate some unique gifts that might be useful in their daily activities. Please take a look at our lists for unique gifts for civil engineers below.

1. Professional Scientific Calculator

Professional Scientific Calculator

Civil engineering requires a lot of precise calculation. Hence, they need a good scientific calculator to help them reduce the risk of miscalculation. They probably have one, but they would want to change their old one to this cool calculator. Besides being a traditional calculator, it’s equipped with a handwriting tablet to enhance the user experience. 

2. Personalized Stamp

Personalized Stamp

A professional engineer is required to have a professional stamp. It’s going to be used as a registration seal on any designs that they are going to authorize. With that in mind, this personalized engineer stamp will make sense as a perfect gift for your engineer friend.  By giving this gift, you also can create the cool and fun stamp that your civil engineer will chuckle whenever they see it.

3. 5-in-1 Tool Pen

5-in-1 Tool Pen

Working outdoor activities means that a civil engineer must be concise. However, they still need to carry lots of other stuff. Perhaps, this 5-in-1 tool pen will help them in reducing those burdens. This pen can function as a screwdriver, stylus pen, integrated bubble level, ruler, and a pen with clip in one versatile tool. So, make sure this pen is on your cart right now.

4. Folding Laptop Desk

Folding Laptop Desk

This all-in-one laptop desk is perfect for civil engineers. When overseeing projects, they don’t have the luxury of having a desk. This laptop desk will be the perfect substitute for it. Furthermore, it’s got a lot of storage room for other equipment. So. everything is perfectly safe inside the desk.

5. “Engineering and Civil” Mouse Pad


These days, people use different kinds of customized mouse pad. Not only do they look cool, it also represents what they truly are. For a civil engineer, this dope item seemed to be a no brainer!

Casual Gifts for Civil Engineer’s Daily Life

We all know how civil engineers can get so caught up in their work. It’s truly understandable, given how much workload they have. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t enjoy their private life outside. On this list, we are going to suggest some cool casual gifts for civil engineers. You may find cool stuff like figures, shirts, and sculpture. 

6. Leather Nato G10 Watch

Leather Nato G10 Watch

Civil engineering is a job that requires someone to look presentable as they are required to meet clients and lots of people. You can help them get better by purchasing this elegant watch. It’s extremely durable, which makes it a perfect fit for someone like a civil engineer. 

7. “Best Civil Engineer” Dog Tag

“Best Civil Engineer” Dog Tag

Dog tags are often used as means to identify a person or soldier. If you acknowledge your friend as the best at their job, perhaps you can gift this wonderful gift to them. They can brag about it so that others will also acknowledge your friend’s skills. 

8. Civil Engineering Books

Civil Engineering Books

The knowledge of civil engineering always evolves from time to time. It’s a good thing for civil engineers to read books about the subject. If you are interested in buying them one, we might suggest this book, titled A History and Philosophy of Fluid Mechanics. It’s got some good content that will surely be beneficial for your friend. 

9. Civil Engineer Hoodie

Civil Engineer Hoodie

Currently, hoodies have become a cool fashion trend. Hence, it’s a good idea if you are going to consider giving a hoodie to them. We suggest you consider this hoodie. With this cool bodywear, people will know how dedicated your civil engineer friend is. It is not only cool to be worn,

but also warm inside.

10. “This Moment” Shirt

“This Moment” Shirt

Worried that your friend might not fancy a hoodie? Well then, shirt it is! This shirt contains an awesome design that suits perfectly for scientists and civil engineers. Simple yet meaningful design, it not only fits well the civil engineers, but also cool to see common people. We’re sure that your friend would appreciate this. 

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11. “Confusing” Engineering Shirt

“Confusing” Engineering Shirt

Hold up: you’re not seriously thinking of only buying only one shirt for your awesome friend, are you? Take a look at this beautiful shirt now. We thought that it might be hard not to buy this shirt alongside the “This Moment” shirt! 

12. Civil Engineering Squadron

gifts for civil engineers

This is probably one of the best gifts for civil engineers. An authentic collectible coin that will fit perfectly as a memento for your friend. Go get one before it is sold out!

13. College Town Wall Sculpture

gifts for civil engineers

As a civil engineer, your friend will probably appreciate some wall art containing engineering-related stuff. This particular sculpture may catch their attention. Handcrafted precisely, with a main material of cut plywood, therefore this wall art depicts a detailed infrastructure of a stadium and its surroundings. 

14. “The Legend” Wall Art

gifts for civil engineers

By being an awesome civil engineer, your friend earned the right to be a little braggy about their job. You might be a little bit tired of hearing about their cool experiences, but that’s understandable. Still, it won’t stop you from acknowledging their skills, and that’s why we’d like to recommend this wall art for you. It will be one of the best gifts for civil engineers out there. 

15. “Almost” Mug

gifts for civil engineers

Now this is the perfect gift you can get for someone who is undergoing civil engineering education. The road to becoming an engineer is surely hard. You can help them get motivated each day by giving this cool mug! They surely will be encouraged by how close they are to achieving their dream. 

16. LEGO Architecture 

gifts for civil engineers

Civil engineers might leave the “building the tower” aspect of the job for architecture. However, they might even want to get their hands dirty and feel that experience. It’s exactly the reason why this LEGO Eiffel Tower seemed to be a good idea for a gift. They can spend most of their free time building this masterpiece and display it proudly for their guests to see. 

17. Ferris Wheel Sculpture

gifts for civil engineers

If your friend doesn’t have enough free time to do his hobbies, then chances are slim that they will appreciate a LEGO model. Bearing that in mind, you might want to consider another cool alternative to it. Here, we’ve got a detailed Ferris Wheel sculpture that will fit perfectly as their home decoration.  Just look at the details of this miniature, it is made precisely and got a smooth finishing. So, is there any reason not to get this adorable sculpture?

18. 5 Sets of Brainteaser

gifts for civil engineers

Smart people like to be brainstormed with good ideas all the time. But here’s the catch: why not try it with something new and fun? Your friend can do just that with this cool brainteaser, where they will be challenged with puzzle mysteries of cultural themes. 

19. Thames Kosmos Robot Engineer

gifts for civil engineers

A civil engineer might want to pass all the knowledge they got to their children. This engineering kit might be a fun way to introduce kids to the world of engineering. It contains a buildable robot kit with simple storybooks to enjoy!

Personalized and Unique Gifts for Civil Engineers

There are a lot of personalized gifts for civil engineers. The tricky part is choosing the right one. It’s not easy finding memorable gifts, but we’re here to help you in every step of the way!

20. Custom Simpsons Civil Engineering Portrait

gifts for civil engineers

Want to give a unique portrait as a gift for your friend? You might want to consider an animated version of themselves. You can do just that with this awesome Simpsons portrait. Give a portrait of your friend and see how they will fare as a civil engineer in a Simpsons world. 

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21. Engineer Memorabilia Gift

Engineer Memorabilia Gift

Memorabilia is an awesome answer to a unique gift. For an engineer, this might be the perfect memorabilia. It’s an ideal item to be displayed on their office desk or living room’s table. 

22. Blueprint Coaster Set

gifts for civil engineers

Engineers work with blueprints all the time. If they like to bring one of their prized work to their kitchen, this blueprint coaster set is the right item. A set of 4 marble coasters can be customized to any of your friend’s favorite blueprint. 

23. Retired Engineer Wall Art

Retired Engineer Wall Art

A wall art can also contain a funny message. Take this hilarious “Retired Engineer” wall art as an example. It suits well as a retirement gift for your friend, as it sends the message that your friend’s knowledge about engineering will age like a fine wine. We guarantee they will happily hang this one on their house.

24. Customized Engineer Mug

gifts for civil engineers

We know how much you adore your friend’s work as a civil engineer. But do they know it? You can show them by giving out this beautiful customized engineer mug. You can even print your friend’s name on it too! So, if your friends bring this mug to their office, no one can use it.

25. Personalized Pen for Engineer

gifts for civil engineers

Engineers require different kinds of pens to the traditional ones that we are accustomed to. That’s why we thought it might be incredible for you to buy this personalized engineer pen for them. After using this, they won’t have to worry about getting their pen mixed up with others!

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gift for someone special who is a Civil Engineer is not easy, but not too hard either. You need to make sure that you know what interest that person in terms of the civil engineering world. You can give them small tools like scientific calculator or small measuring tool. But if you want the gift to be different, you can choose to get funny gifts like a t-shirt that has a funny civil engineering quote. If a t-shirt is too common, then getting a tumbler, keychain, or a mug will also make a great choice of gift.

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