25 Awesome and Memorable Gifts for Female Lawyers

Female lawyers are as good as the male ones. In some cases, they can even perform better! The morale of the story is: don’t underestimate the power that women possess. That’s why it is good to offer some gifts for female lawyers. Giving gifts for female lawyers can be a form of appreciation and gratitude towards their effort and achievements, as well as an encouragement for them to push harder!

There are a lot of items that you can get as gifts for female lawyers. There are some useful items that they can use for daily lives (both personally and professionally). Other gifts for female lawyers look so nice for display, while others can be fun to be used during special occasions. If you’re looking for special gifts for female lawyers, then you’re in the right place. Come and take a look at our comprehensive list, featuring some of the best gifts for female lawyers!

Useful Gifts for Female Lawyers 

Simple items can be really meaningful for the recipient, provided that the item is useful for the user. That’s the reason why we’re making a special list that contains a lot of useful items that can be bought as gifts for female lawyers. Check it out!

1. Travel Jewelry Roll

Travel Jewelry Roll

In some cases, lawyers are required to travel a lot. When a female lawyer travels, they certainly need to pack all their makeup in a compact way. Perhaps this hand-woven jewelry roll can be really beneficial and useful for her! With this cool item, all their accessories will be safe and sound!

2. Funny Women Pouch

Funny Women Pouch

A pouch can really be one of the best gifts for female lawyers. If you take a look at the design and quote printed on the pouch, you’ll notice how it closely resembles an elite lawyer’s attitude. There are no free consultations with your female lawyer friend, so make sure to buy this funny pouch now! 

3. Lawyer’s Box of Wisdom

Lawyer’s Box of Wisdom

To be able to perform well in the court, a lawyer also needs to draw some inspiration from the best possible sources. We thought that these awesome books could be the answer to that problem. There is a lot of important information inside these books, making it one of the most important gifts for female lawyers.

4. Personalized Tumbler for Female Lawyers

Personalized Tumbler for Female Lawyers

Let’s be real: there’s a lot of awesome personalized mugs for lawyers out there. But if you’re looking to buy gifts for female lawyers, then this is the right one. It’s got an elegant design that will fit perfectly for a woman. You can even add her name on the tumbler. 

5. “The Lawyer” Shirt

“The Lawyer” Shirt

Your friend’s parents might have some high expectations for their daughter’s future partner. But your female lawyer friend might have another alternative in mind. Instead of marrying one, she can be the successful lawyer that her parents hope. Honor that achievement with this awesome shirt!

6. “Prosecutie” Mug

“Prosecutie” Mug

The word prosecutor might be a little too intimidating for some people. However, a female law officer can be both imposing and cute at the same time. That’s the reason why you should consider buying her this adorable mug as one of your gifts for female lawyers.  

7. Cool Yoga Wheel

Cool Yoga Wheel

Finding gifts for female lawyers is not that hard. There’s a lot of items that can be beneficial for their personal lives too, like this Yoga wheel. If she loves to maintain a fit body in her spare time, doing some Yoga workouts won’t hurt, especially with this durable yoga wheel

8. Cute Wine Glass

Cute Wine Glass

Nothing’s free in this world. But sometimes all you need for free legal advice is to take your female laywer friend out to have some drinks. At the end of the day, hand her this cute and funny wine glass as a gesture of your friendship. You would not want to miss this wonderful item, because it’s really one of the best gifts for female lawyers. 

9. Awesome Shower Steamers

Awesome Shower Steamers

Lawyers also need time to relax and freshen up, which is why finding spa gifts for female lawyers is not a bad idea after all. Simply place one on the floor before turning on the water. After it gets exposed with water, it will release a soothing scent!

Awesome Item Gifts for Female Lawyers

Let’s move on to the next category, shall we? Aside from useful items for daily chores, there are a lot of cool gifts for female lawyers in the form of figures and other display items. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique display items that you can purchase as gifts for female lawyers. 

10. Weird Female Lawyer Sculpture

Weird Female Lawyer Sculpture

There’s no denying that this figure is definitely a female model. However, it’s got a bizarre and unique design that differs it from contemporary figures. Still, we thought that it’s worth your consideration, especially that this item perfectly depicts a female lawyer. 

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11. Amazing Lawyer Plaque

Amazing Lawyer Plaque

Yes, yes. We know that your female lawyer friend has a lot of trophies and medals that they can display in their office. However, we thought that this cool plaque can also be a cool inclusion in her cabinet. It’s got a cool quote as well as a magnificent design that looks so lovely. 

12. Hanging Basket Hummingbird Feeder

gifts for female lawyers

This will be one of the best gifts for female lawyers if she loves gardening. The wonderful design is very eye-catching, even the most stunning birds will get attracted to it. Plus, it can be easily cleaned, making it the perfect item for a busy lawyer like your lawyer friend. 

13. Everything is “Figureoutable” Sign

gifts for female lawyers

It’s only natural for a lawyer to meet a dead end for some cases. However, nothing is truly unsolvable. Perhaps handing this unique and inspirational sign as part of your gifts for female lawyers can give an extra push for your lawyer friend!

14. Scale Display Item

gifts for female lawyers

Giving a traditional scale for a lawyer is plain boring! However, we (and your female lawyer friend) can definitely tolerate your gifts if you bought this unique scale, made out of foldable papers in a book. It’s an excellent item to be displayed on their office’s desk. 

15. Strong Female Lawyer Sculpture

gifts for female lawyers

The female depicted in this cool sculpture probably can rival Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of bodybuilding! However, the real meaning of this cool figure is about the strength that female lawyers possessed in the law field. Give this awesome sculpture to your female lawyer friend as a reminder of that fact. 

16. “Greatest Lawyer Only” Sign

gifts for female lawyers

This cool parking sign is one of the funniest gifts for female lawyers. If you highly regard her as the best lawyer that you know, then don’t think twice in handing this item out as a present for her! Blink once and you might miss out the chance to get your hands on this item.

Fun Gifts for Female Lawyers

Please don’t leave us yet, because we still have a selection of items for you to choose. Down below, you’ll see some fun gifts for female lawyers. There are some really cool items left for you to pick, so make sure to stick with us until the end!

17. “Best Lawyer” Sock

gifts for female lawyers

This is one of the best and most comfortable socks ever! Coincidentally, it’s got a design that fits perfectly for a high-profile lawyer like your female lawyer friend. Celebrate important milestones with this cute and adorable sock! We guarantee that she will wear it everyday during night time. 

18. Fun Lawyer Notebook

Fun Lawyer Notebook

A normal notebook will become special if it has an awesome cover, just like this one. It’s practically the reason why this notebook is one of the simplest and coolest items on our list of gifts for female lawyers. There are 100 blank pages inside that can be filled with important information that your lawyer friend needs. 

19. Women are Great Pin

gifts for female lawyers

Do you know that simple items like this magnificent pin can also be one of the great gifts for female lawyers? It really has a powerful meaning and it further encourages female lawyers to succeed more. It also has a wonderful design that looks good on any kind of shirt.  

20. Sinus and Headache Pillow

gifts for female lawyers

Please don’t judge us too fast after taking a quick glance at the picture. It’s not a real leaf, folks! In fact, it’s a pillow that is filled with a natural blend of eucalyptus, mint, and flax seeds that is able to comfort you when you have a headache or a sinus pain. 

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21. Lifestyle Lawyer Book

gifts for female lawyers

This is one heck of an inspirational book. Inside, female lawyers will find the meaning of “a successful female lawyer” with several guides and transformation processes. Let’s hope that, should you choose to buy this book, she will be interested and read this book during her spare time. 

22. Lawyer Bangle Bracelet

gifts for female lawyers

Finding bracelets as gifts for female lawyers is not a bad idea after all. But if you’re seriously thinking of finding one, perhaps you should consider this beautiful bracelet. All of the decorations are closely related to the law, making it the perfect item for your female lawyer friend. 

23. Signed Emma Haddock Card with COA

gifts for female lawyers

In 1875, Emma Haddock became the first female lawyer in the USA to practice law. Her legendary story became an inspiration for every female lawyer in the nation. If your friend adores her, you probably should buy this awesome memorabilia, containing her authentic autograph!

24. Tea Rest Steeping Mug

gifts for female lawyers

This is one of the best mugs for tea-lovers out there. What makes it more special is the fact that it was designed by a former lawyer named Marsha Taubenhas. She definitely knows what kind of thing that lawyers love, so you should just add this awesome item and buy it as part of your gifts for female lawyers. 

25. Female Lawyer Card Holder

gifts for female lawyers

Our last item proved to be a unique item indeed. It is really beneficial for lawyers, as it can hold name cards on their desk. The female model makes this item more appealing for female lawyers, so make sure to buy one for her. 

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