25 Thoughtful and Cool Gifts for Snowboarders They’ll Actually Use

Snowboarding is one of the coolest recreational activities during winter, and snowboarders are usually spending a lot of time outdoors while enjoying the white snow. People who are into snowboarding would be thrilled to have new gadgets or gifts to support their love for snowboarding. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for snowboarders, it would be best to give them something useful for their fun time out in the snow.

Finding the best and useful gifts for snowboarders can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t really understand about the world of snowboarding. Without a single clue about what snowboarders really need, it’s a good thing that you end up in this page, right? Here we have 25 ideas filled with a list of thoughtful and cool gifts for snowboarders that they really need for snowboarding. So, let’s start scrolling!

1. Touch-screen Thermal Gloves

Touch-screen Thermal Gloves

A snowboarder who spends a lot of time in the cold snow might not be comfortable taking off their gloves while using a smartphone. Therefore, you might want to give these touch-screen thermal gloves as gifts for snowboarders. The gloves are touch-screen friendly so they can use their smartphones without having to take off the gloves. It’s designed as thermal gloves with windproof and waterproof properties, and these items are available in four different sizes.

2. The Green Glove Dryer

The Green Glove Dryer

A dryer will be useful gifts for snowboarders to dry their gloves. The handy-dandy Green glove dryer is equipped with 1 base unit, 6 nozzles to dry 3 pairs of gloves at once, 1 storage bag, 2 extra nozzles with caps, and also instructions on how to use the tool. A super useful gift, indeed! FYI, this glove dryer is only available in white.

3. Heated Sox Thermal Socks

Heated Sox Thermal Socks

If they need warming socks but are too afraid to use the electric-heated version, then you can offer them these heated Sox thermal socks to keep the feet warm longer without any elements of electricity inside. The socks have high-insulation, which has been tested to achieve a thermal tog rating of 2.13. The insulation comes from a unique 3 stages process using heavy bulk yarn, patented knitting technology, and also intense brushing. The layered process resulting in the socks can hold more warm air close to the skin.

4. Remodeez Deodorizer

Remodeez Deodorizer

Snowboarders will agree that stinky boots are a bad start to snowboarding. The awful smell comes from trapped moisture in the shoe. Help them prevent stinky shoes by giving them this Remodeez deodorizer as a gift. This deodorizer removes moisture and odor, as well as absorbing smells instead of masking them with fragrance. Made of active charcoal, which lasts longer and more effective than baking soda.

5. Odor Fighting Insoles

Odor Fighting Insoles

Another preventive way to effectively avoid stinky boots is using an odor fighting insole such as this Dr. Scholl’s Odor X Odor Fighting Insoles. With activated charcoal agent, it neutralizes against unpleasant odor inside the boots. This insole fits almost all shoe and boot types, and can be trimmed to fit, too. Perfectly useful gifts for snowboarders who often deal with unpleasant smells in their boots.

6. Waterproof Travel Backpack

Waterproof Travel Backpack

Snowboarders definitely need a backpack to store their gear and belongings while descending on a slope. But a normal bag won’t work best as the outside is full with snow and dampness. As a useful gift for snowboarders, give them a waterproof backpack such as this 50L waterproof travel backpack. It’s durable, waterproof, and made of 600D nylon fabric. In addition, the big capacity is spacious enough to store a helmet, boots, goggles, and other gears, too.

7. Snowboarding Goggle

7. Snowboarding Goggle

This unisex goggle will be a useful gift for snowboarders, which works for both men and women. The frameless design of this unisex snowboarder goggle accentuates the modern look, suitable for men and women who loves stylish snowboarding gear. With anti-fog coating, it provides a clear view of the slopes for ultimate performance and comfort.

8. Sports Headband with Bluetooth Speaker

Sports Headband with Bluetooth Speaker

Music is probably the most enjoyable companion to descend the slope. This sports headband with bluetooth speaker will make the perfect gifts for snowboarders who enjoy listening to music while snowboarding. The headband is made of soft material. Moreover, the Bluetooth 5.2 feature also provides fast parity speed, lower power consumption and clear sound with no audio loss in music playback.

9. Personalized Beanie

Personalized Beanie

If you’re looking for a simple gift for snowboarders, a beanie with personalized text must be included in your list of recommended items. Getting another beanie is very welcome because snowboarders can never have enough beanies. Plus, you can also add custom text or logo to this very personalized beanie. There are a range of color options you can choose from.

10. Personalized Buff

Personalized Buff

The other simple idea as a gift for snowboarders is giving a highly personalized buff with customized text. Just like the beanie, a buff can also be a protection tool for snowboarders. It’s wearable in multiple ways, can be worn as neck gaiter, a headband, ear warmers, and many more. Giving this highly personalized buff is surely a simple yet useful gift for snowboarders.

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11. Custom Water Bottle with Diffuser

Custom Water Bottle with Diffuser

Snowboarders should keep their self stays hydrated even if the outside is covered with snow. A water bottle would be a useful gift for snowboarders to always stay hydrated outside. This water bottle is even better with customization options available. You can add color, text and logo as your preference. Furthermore, the bottle also includes an infuser on the inside, which can be used for tea, coffee, and/or fruit.

12. Thermal Case for Smartphone

Thermal Case for Smartphone

Spending too much time out in the snow with freezing temperatures might damage our smartphone. Apparently, snowboarders encounter this problem too with their smartphone. So, a thermal smartphone case will be a useful gift for snowboarders who don’t have one yet. The case provides thermal support to protect the snowboarder’s smartphone from freezing. Moreover, it also has changing color ability, thanks to the heat-sensitive case.

13. Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer

It’s easy to get cold outside when the temperature is freezing cold. A snowboarder who is always outside during the winter will definitely love this hand warmer as a gift from you. This hand warmer is using natural heat and claims to last for 10 hours depending on the usage. Simply attach this useful item inside the gloves, pocket, or boots to enjoy the warmth.

14. Banana Sport Ultra Sunscreen

Banana Sport Ultra Sunscreen

Even during winter when we rarely see the sun, we should never skip the use of sunscreen. We are still exposed to UV rays when we’re outside, and snowboarders are no exception for this routine. Remind them the importance of regularly using sunscreen by giving them one from their favorite brand, such as Banana Sport Ultra sunscreen lotion. With SPF 50+, it provides powerful protection that absorbs quickly and non-greasy formulation. Perfectly designed for sport enthusiasts and other active individuals.

15. Alba Botanica Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm

Just like our face and body, our lips should be protected from sun rays, too. For snowboarders who realize the importance of protecting the lips, give them this SPF lip balm as a gift for snowboarders. If you don’t have any idea of what is their favorite brand of lip balm, try this moisturizing lip balm with SPF 25 from Alba Botanica. It’s made of natural ingredients with moisturizing properties from aloe vera, cocoa butter and sunflower seed oil, giving natural hydration with broad spectrum sun protection.

16. Burt’s Bees Hand Cream Set 

Burt’s Bees Hand Cream Set

Being outside for too long during freezing temperatures sounds bad for those with dry hands. Giving them hand cream such as this Burt’s Bees hand cream set will definitely be useful for snowboarders. With shea butter, baobab oil and pumpkin seed oil as the main ingredients, these hand creams nourish and moisturize dry skin on hand and palm. It’s 99% natural and delightfully scented with Lavender & Honey, Orange Blossom & Pistachio and Rosemary & Lemon.

17. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream

Still another useful gift for snowboarders who have dry skin, try to give them all-purpose cream to overcome dryness on the knee, ankle, elbow, and the other body parts which tend to dry. Any common brands will work perfectly. But if you’re looking for natural-ingredient brands, then you might want to try this All-Natural Cream Egyptian Magic. This cream is famous for its effectiveness to dry skin with no chemical or artificial ingredients. 

18. Mighty Mountains Bookends

Mighty Mountains Bookends

Ever seen a snowboarder who’s obsessed with everything about snowboarding, which include reading good books about snowboarding? This type of person will suit these mighty mountain bookends as the perfect gifts for snowboarders. The mountain range is crafted handmade by carefully laser cutting each peak, ridge, and nearby pine from Baltic birch plywood. A genius gift for book lovers who’s obsessed with snowboarding.

19. Wall-mounted Bottle Opener

Wall-mounted Bottle Opener

This is not just a bottle opener. This wall-mounted bottle opener is made of recycled ski boards, which are also the perfect gifts for snowboarders who use a board, too. They will be pleased to open their favorite beer using a unique bottle opener. The tool also includes mounting hardware for hanging it on the wall, and velcro to attach a cap-catching can. 

20. Family Snowboard Mugs

Family Snowboard Mugs

These personalized family snowboard mugs will be the perfect gifts for a snowboarder’s group or family. Each mug is personalized with a name and snowboarding figures for each member. In addition, the alpine likenesses of individual members are personalized through the choices of snowboards, skin tone, hair, clothing color, and also the mug owner’s first name.

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21. Herbal Warming Neck Wrap

Herbal Warming Neck Wrap

To provide extra warmth that can be carried everywhere with the soothing scent of lavender, this herbal warming neck wrap can be a good gift idea for snowboarders. The secret of the warmth is the herbal sachet inside. Simply warm it up for 15 seconds, and voila! it’s ready to combat the freezing snow out there.

22. Recycled Nylon Water-resistant Bag

Recycled Nylon Water-resistant Bag

Snowboarders might need a water-resistant pouch or small bag to keep small items from snow, such as gloves, smartphone, watch, etc. This recycled nylon water-resistant bag is a useful thing that you can bring as a gift for snowboarders. It’s originally designed to be securely attached to the bike. However, it’s also useful for snowboarders due to the water-resistant properties with roomy space inside. The long zipper makes it easy to stash bigger items, too.

23. Decathlon Wedze FR900 Helmet

Decathlon Wedze FR900 Helmet

Helmet is the essential snowboarding gear to protect your head from injury. Give them this Decathlon Wedze FR900 helmet so they have another spare helmet from your gift. This helmet has permanent ventilation with a ski/snowboarding position and a walk position. Moreover, it also has a lightweight feel with adjustable wheels and height.

24. Long-sleeve Thermal Undershirt

Long-sleeve Thermal Undershirt

Warmth is what a snowboarder should keep within their body. That’s why they need layers of clothing to give extra warmth while snowboarding. Help them to add an extra layer of warmth with the long-sleeve thermal undershirt from Goodfellow & Co™. This thermal shirt is made of a soft fabric blend with a cozy waffle-weave pattern that is useful as a base layer to trap heat. The softness makes this shirt easy to layer under snowboarding jackets or winter tops and shirts.

25. Sherpa Fleece Jacket

Sherpa Fleece Jacket

Another gift for snowboarders that is super useful to protect them from the cold is a special jacket. This super soft sherpa fleece jacket already makes for a cozy warmer on its own, even better to layer with a snowboarding thermal shirt to add extra warmth from the freezing temperatures. It features extended collar to keep out the cold wind and ribbed cuff sleeves to seal the heat inside.

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