26 Trendy & Masculine Curtain Ideas for Men

Masculine curtains are a great way to bring any décor or floor plan to life and make it seem polished. But while it may be easy to find you granny’s frilly designs, finding some masculine curtain ideas might be a tall order. Whether you are looking to spruce up your bachelor pad or add some character to your man retreat, unique curtains for men can work wonders. To help you along, we have curated a collection of some of the coolest masculine curtain ideas ever!

They come in a bevy of patterns, colors and themes, and will be sure to give your space a masculine feel. So sit back, relax, and take a look at our remarkable collection and discover the best masculine curtain ideas to match your style and personality.

BEST Masculine Curtain Ideas

1. Real Brick Pattern Masculine Curtain

Real Brick Pattern Man Cave Curtains - masculine curtain ideas for men
Real Brick Pattern Man Cave Curtains

Nothing says manly quite as well as a brick wall. So, how about dressing your windows up in a set of drapes sporting a brick pattern? Not only is it unique and cool-looking, but it also adds a functional touch, as it can also block out the light.

Moreover, we also think that this brick pattern curtain will make a great idea for any home or room with industrial design, which highlight raw and unfinished touch to any room, such as the uncovered bricks.

2. Oslo Solid Blackout Curtain Panels

Oslo Solid Max Blackout Thermal Rod Pocket Curtain Panels (Set of 2) 

If you are looking for the perfect blend of function and style, then we can assure you that these cool curtains will have you covered. They completely block out light from outside, and minimize on energy loss through the windows by up to 50%.

Comes in dark grey, which is a pretty masculine color, these curtains also have the ability to reduce outside noise and keep both winter chill and summer heat out as a bonus. Pretty cool, right?

3. Time to Drink Beer Quote

Time to Drink Beer Quote Window Drapes for Living Room or Bedrooms - masculine curtain ideas for men

Live it up with these fun beer-inspired drapes. With such a unique design, these drapes are perfect for any room, especially if your goal is to keep things vibrant and bright. No matter what mood you happen to find yourself in, these will be sure to cheer you up. Moreover, they also have what it takes to break the blandness of a dull room.

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4 Johnson Village Darkening Grommet Curtain Panels

Johnson Village Solid Room Darkening Grommet Curtain Panels

For days when you want to sleep in peacefully, this solid-colored set will keep out all the natural light. In the same vein, if you happen to be a movie buff, they can keep you going all day and all night!

The panels come in a neutral, understated color that could blend in with any décor. For a special man who want to keep things simple and sleek, this one is definitely the perfect pick.

5. Modern Minimalist Design Blackout Curtains

Modern Minimalist Black and Gold Design Blackout Curtains

Simplicity meets elegance on these trendy curtains for men’s room. With black background color and gold accents, this next item offers an elegant look for a classy man’s room. Thanks to the stylish look, this set of curtains serves both a functional role and we as an accent piece. Whoever said manly drapes have to be dull and plain would do well to get a load of these!

6. Antique Book Scene Curtains

Antique Book Scene Curtains
Antique Book Scene Curtains

Is there a book-loving man in your life? Whether it’s your dad, husband, brother, or boyfriend, having this set of curtains at home would definitely be a dream come true for them! The idea behind these curtains are creative, unique and captivating – a great way to add some masculine personality to any space.

For an authentic look, the book edges show some wear and tear. Also, the fact that they are antique adds timelessness to the whole appearance of these curtains.

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7. Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels

Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

Whether you are busy playing your favorite video game or enjoying a movie marathon, these grommet panels would be ideal to be placed inside your living room. The fabric comes in high-quality and gives an elegant and classy look to the product. In our opinion, the navy blue color also looks somehow expensive, which makes it and ideal set of curtains for a manly space. All in all, what a perfect blend of style and practical appeal!

8. Positive Quote Curtains

Positive Quote Curtains - masculine curtain ideas for men

With one of these cool curtain ideas, you can start and end your day on a high note. The positive quote is likely to keep ringing in your head and give you much-needed drive everyday. We personally think that this set of curtains would be best to be placed in your bedroom.

The wordings will keep your spirit high, and make sure you go to bed with a motivation to make a better tomorrow. It does not hurt one bit that they sport fun graphics and subdued color, perfect for a manly man.

9. Ken Solid Room Darkening Curtain Panels

Ken Solid Room Darkening Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

For all the sophisticated men in the house, these orange drapes are a great way to showcase your sense of style. Just because it’s a guys’ space does not mean it has to be dark and dreary. So, brighten up the décor of the room while keeping the light out with these lustrous panels.

10. I Luv Cereal Blackout Curtains

I Luv Cereal Blackout Curtains

Drapes provide a blank canvas where you can show off a bit of your personality. If you share an unbreakable bond with your box of cereal, then you just found cool curtains to go with it. They are more than just fun and unique, because thanks to their blackout capabilities, they also make one of the best masculine curtain ideas.

Moreover, this set of curtains will also make a great additional decor items for men who love comic books. After all, boys will be boys no matter how old they are, and most boys like comic books.

11. French Bakery Window Cafe Curtains

Old Cafe Curtains / French Bakery Window Curtains

Ever wished you had a street café next to your male retreat? Well, it’s actually quite easy to see why, considering how annoying it is to interrupt your gaming session to fill up a rumbling tummy. Well, before your wish comes true, you can first feast your eyes on these cool curtains for guys.

In addition, having this cool curtains will also create a unique Parisian ambience as the graphic shows a vice of a nice coffee shop in the city of love. So for a man with a romantic soul, this set of curtains will also make a great choice.

12. Rhine Solid Blackout Thermal Single Curtain Panel

Rhine Solid Blackout Thermal Single Curtain Panel by Alcott Hill

Who says that red can only be used by women? If you are the kind of man who plans to add a polished look to an otherwise drab bachelor pad, you might want to go all out with this set of solid-colored drapes.

The red color features by this set of curtains comes as a sophisticated choice of color, which that will resonate with the overall masculine-themed décor of the space. We must also say that the fabric is also excellent, as it offers thermal and fully blackout feature.

13. Retro Style DJ Man Window Drapes

Retro Style DJ Man Window Drapes

Take a trip back into time to the 70s with this bright and cheerful set of curtains. Sporting all the colors of the rainbow (almost) and a DJ performing from the ‘80’s, we are pretty sure that this item is very hard to miss. Bring out the inner disco in you by choosing this curtains as a new addition to your home decor.

Also, if you are keen on making a statement and brightening up your space, this is the way to go.

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14. Kassie Damask Room Darkening Thermal Curtain Panels

Kassie Damask Room Darkening Thermal Curtain Panels

Add some boldness to your mantuary with these elegant drapes. They feature a rich pattern that spells both sophistication and style. But at the same time, they also have what it takes to insulate your space, which allow you to let the light in on your own terms.

If your space is single-colored, then these are your ultimate choice to break the monotony.

15. Davis Blackout Navy Window Panels

Lala + Bash Davis Solid, 37x84 (2 Pieces), Navy

If you love the night sky, then we are pretty sure you will love these cool curtains. The stars twinkling on the navy background are sure to create a focal point in any space, including your most comfortable space at home. Undoubtedly, it will come as a great way to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Moreover, you get to control what gets in and what goes out with thermal and blackout properties.

16. Olive Green Thermal Rod Pocket Curtain Panels

Olive Green Thermal Rod Pocket Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

Turn your man cave into a cool sanctuary with this minimalistic choice of curtains. Comes as a set of two, the panels are olive green in color and offer two options for hanging. You can use the rod pocket or back tabs, or alternate the two when you need a change.

We would say that for those of you who has a nature-inspired room, then this color will fit right in.

17. Lotte Geometric Grommet Curtains

Lotte Geometric Grommet Curtains - masculine curtain ideas for men

You can never go wrong with geometric patterns when it comes to masculine curtain ideas. What makes this set outstanding is the beautiful wave pattern and the fun way in which the colors alternate. It is cool and subdued, yet impossible to miss – in our opinion the combination of all makes the ultimate package.

18. Hippie Life Boho Sketch Window Drapes

Hippie Life Boho Sketch Window Drapes

Embrace your Zen or boho side and make a statement with these artistic curtains. In their own special way, they capture so many aspects of bohemian art. That makes them a great focal point for a men’s space with a hippie décor theme.

Also, if you want to let out a little bit of the hippie in you, then we would also suggest that you make these curtains as your. One question though, aren’t they a fun way to cheer up any space?

19. Scene of A Man Playing His Guitar 2 Panels Set

Scene of a Man Playing his Guitar 2 Panels Set - masculine curtain ideas for men

For all the art and music lovers in the house, this expressive design is the ultimate way to show off your personality. It comes in cool hues that will easily blend with most decors. With a graphic of a man’s hand playing guitar, this cool item looks super timeless. The tailored good looks, will also add a stylish panache to any bachelor pad.

20. Niko Textured Grid Solid Blackout ThermalSingle Curtain Panel

Niko Textured Grid Solid Max Blackout Thermal Grommet Single Curtain Panel

Few colors speak to the masculine persona quite as well as black does. But that is not all black does. It also adds a sense of sophistication to a room, which is something every guy-friendly room could use. Moreover, if your man’s cave also doubles as the entertainment center, then it is a great way to blur the distinction between day and night. After all, black will always be the color that never gets old!

21 Man Walking Through The Forest Cartoon Style Window Drapes

Man Walking Through the Forest Cartoon Style Window Drapes - masculine curtain ideas for men

Are you an adventure-loving outdoorsy type? If you are, then how about keeping your hobby in check with this whimsical set of drapes? Featuring a forest scene and a bearded adventurer with trekking sticks, it will add tons of fun to a drab space. It will also serve as an artistic centerpiece, too.

When it comes to choosing the perfect window spot for these drapes, we do think that the living room and bedroom are the two best rooms that deserve this set of curtains inside.

22. Caulder Buffalo Check Lined 100% Curtain Panels

Caulder Buffalo Check Lined 100% Cotton Curtain Panels

Are you searching for masculine curtain ideas for a country-inspired man’s cave? Look no further than these black and white checked pieces. Though they are laidback, they evoke a sense of style. The checkered pattern also adds a touch of whimsy to break the monotony in any space.

23. Ardin Lodge Collage Curtain

Ardin Lodge Collage Window Curtains - masculine curtain ideas for men

Do you have a secret cabin in the woods where you go to unwind and breathe in some fresh air? Or do you love to fantasize that your male retreat was in fact a cabin out in the wild? Give it a visual upgrade with these adventure-inspired pieces. The patchwork features scenes that will give your interior an outdoorsy feel.

With any of these fun and unique masculine curtain ideas, you can ramp up both the looks and functional appeal for that perfect mantuary. Find one that rhymes with your hobbies, lifestyle and personal style and set the mood for that special space.

24. Rustic Barn Door Curtain

Cinbloo Rustic Barn Door Curtains Brown Wood Rod

Imagine you have a rustic barn door in your bedroom. This can be a very cool look on your room if you are into something rustic. The printing of this curtain looks like a real door. Moreover, your bedroom can turn into a barn or a garage with this set of curtains.

Plus, we think that everyone who comes to your room will assume that you have a private garage in the bedroom.

25. Baseball Field Curtains

Cinbloo Sports Baseball Field Curtains Rod

Calling all the baseball lovers out there! Here you can complete your bedroom look with this baseball field curtain. Maximize a baseball theme look in your room by adding the curtain, which has the same theme as you like. Just by effortlessly adding a simple curtain like this, your room will look different in an instant!

26. American Vintage Route 66 Diner Motorcycle Curtain

Home Decor Window Curtains

If you are into something vintage, then you should definitely have this curtain. The classic look with a superb quality of printing will not disappoint you, and you might want to use for many years to come. The curtain looks like a vintage poster that make it feels surreal.

The material is made from microfiber, so it needs a shorter time to dry after washing it.

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Final Thoughts

Curtain, somehow, not only used for the window, but also to separate another room or your wardrobe. Having a curtain based on your favorite or theme of your room will enhance the look and build the new atmosphere. 

With any of these fun and unique masculine curtain ideas, you can ramp up both the looks and functional appeal for that perfect mantuary. Find one that rhymes with your hobbies, lifestyle and personal style and set the mood for that special space.

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