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50+ Funny Shower Curtains For Adults You Can Buy Today

Funny shower curtains are a creative way to add character to your bathroom. They make the utilitarian space cheerful and welcoming. They provide the ultimate wake up in the morning and put a smile on your face to start your day.

We have covered lots of unique bathroom accessories from the coolest shower curtains to the most awesome bathtubs for your bathroom, but today we want to add a touch of humour to your bathroom with these funny shower curtains.

Inappropriate & Funny Shower Curtains

We have compiled the ultimate list of fun shower curtains to make a splash in your bathroom. Take a look and select the most ideal shower curtain to pull your bathroom décor together.

#1 The Thinker Funny Shower Curtain

The Thinker Funny Shower Curtain

If you are looking for the best way to dress up your bathroom then you found it.

The Thinker is simple and classy and it turns your bathroom humor up a notch. This makes a sure fix for anyone who wakes up grumpy and needs some cheering up. Find it Here.

#2 Bloody Handprint Shower Curtain 

Bloody Handprint Shower Curtain - Funny shower curtain

Looking for a creative way to creep out your guests or spruce up your bathroom space? This horror film inspired shower curtain is ideal for the trick! It is a unique piece that will be sure to give one and all an adrenaline rush on every bathroom trip. Get it Here.

#3 Funny Wake Up Be Awesome Shower Curtain 

Funny Wake Up Be Awesome Shower Curtain

Inappropriate shower curtains are the best way to take the tension out of a guest bathroom. Make your guests feel at home with this amusing curtain.

The bold and simple design suits most contemporary bathroom spaces. It provides a welcome distraction for bathroom users and puts a smile on their face. Find it Here.

#4 Crazy Bear & Shark Shower Curtain 

Crazy Bear & Shark Shower Curtain - Crazy weird shower curtain

Here is the perfect piece to complete your nautical bathroom décor and crack up your guests. The image of a shark riding a whale is bound to give everyone a good laugh. This is a fun and creative piece that will cheer up even the dullest bathroom. Find it Here.

#5 Pinup Girl Shower Curtain 

Pinup Girl Shower Curtain

Fun shower curtains for adults could be all that you need to spice up your love life.

The pinup girl brings your favorite fantasy to life in the private bathroom space. It might be what you need to fuel a romantic flame. Find it Here.

#6 Funny Pig Shower Curtain 

Funny Pig Shower Curtain

The kids and kids at heart in your home would love the funny pig shower curtain. The animated imagery takes us on a trip back into time.

It provides a great way to add value to your children’s bathroom. Who can stay grumpy with this whimsical pig in the room? Find it Here.

#7 Ginger Cat Shower Curtain 

Ginger Cat Shower Curtain - Funny shower

Kitty lovers lo and behold! This adorable piece is a sure way to get every morning off to a great start, no matter how grumpy you feel. Whether you happen to be a cat lover or are looking for the ideal gift for one, this is a sure bet.

#8 Juan Paolo “First World Problems” Celebrity Funny Shower Curtain 

Juan Paolo "First World Problems" Celebrity Funny Shower Curtain

Anyone who loves artistic masterpieces will adore this design. It is so well executed yet still finds a way to hold a humorous twist.

It offers an instant facelift to the bathroom space. Give your family members or guests a reason to smile with these funny shower curtains. Find it Here.

#9 Personalized Monogrammed Shower Curtains 

Personalized Monogrammed Shower Curtains

Surprise a football lover with one of these sporty shower curtains. There is nothing better than getting to celebrate your love for the game every morning.

It is certain to brighten up the dreariest morning. So go on, get it as a gift and make someone’s day every day. Find it Here.

#10 Periodic Table Shower Curtain 

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Let’s get geeky with one of these colorful and educational shower curtains. It makes a great way to refresh your memory of all things chemistry as you freshen up for the day ahead. This is a great gift choice for chem majors and all manner of nerds. Get it Here.

#11 Polygon Fashion Bear Shower Curtain 

Polygon Fashion Bear Shower Curtain

Any interior space would benefit from the splash of color in this design. The fanciful bear adds character to your space thanks to the spectacles.

The artwork is masterfully executed and conveys a sense of warmth. It could be all that you need to pull together your bathroom décor. Find it Here.

#12 Hunting Humour Shower Curtain 

Hunting Humour Shower Curtain

Outdoors lovers would find these fun shower curtains irresistible. They appeal to the adventurous spirit and make you long for a day in the woods.

Start your day on that high note every day and watch your life transform. The design is simple yet captivating, the perfect medium to give your space character. Find it Here.

#13 Women Silhouette Shower Curtain 

Women Silhouette Shower Curtain - Funny adult shower curtain

If you happen to have a friend who is bathroom-averse, this sexy shower curtain might persuade them. The woman silhouette begs for closer inspection and before they know it, they will be in the tub. It would be the ideal gift for a bachelor’s housewarming. Get it Here.

#14 Humorous Shakespeare Shower Curtain 

Humorous Shakespeare Shower Curtain

These funny shower curtains underscore a basic bathroom truth using a play on words. The words make light of a common bathroom habit and could make users a bit more wary. What a way to spread humor and put an end to the gross habit. Find it Here.

#15 Lazy Sloth Shower Curtain 

Lazy Sloth Shower Curtain

Nature lovers will agree that you can never go wrong with sloth humor. This sloth curtain is adorable and cute, capable of turning your space into a relaxing haven.

It might be a bit challenging to leave the sloths snoozing away as you head off to work. But hey, that’s life. Find it Here.

#16 Cat Selfie Shower Curtain 

Cat Selfie Shower Curtain - funny shower curtain

This hilarious shower curtain for feline lovers will make every day a happy day. They have contagious smiles and everything about the image spells creativity. What a great way to start and end your days, and to spread good cheer to family and guests alike.

#17 Social Media Shower Curtain 

Social Media Shower Curtain

Do you have an annoying friend who’s addicted to social media? Give them a way to stay in touch with their geeky side even in the bathroom.

These funny shower curtains take bathroom humour to a whole new high. They are ingenious and creative, just the way geeks like it.

#18 Crazy Psycho Shower Curtain 

Crazy Psycho Shower Curtain

Help a friend get over their psycho phobia with one of these scary shower curtains. It shows creativity and is perfect if you love to play a good practical joke.

The shadowy design is realistic. It brings your favorite horror story to life and awakens your guests’ worst nightmare. Find it Here.

#19 Funny Pug Dog Shower Curtains 

Funny Pug Dog Shower Curtain

The funny pug taking a shower makes an impressive addition to any bathroom.

Thanks to the bright blue color, this curtain could light up your dull bathroom. It might also provide the incentive a kid needs to enjoy bath time. Find it Here.

#20 Funny Shark Silhouette Shower Curtains 

Funny Shark Silhouette Shower Curtains

Here is the easiest way to turn your young ones into marine lovers. The swimming sharks design adds lots of visual interest to any bathroom.

Its silhouette concept shows creativity and has a fanciful aspect to it. Have fun with the design and bring your marine fantasy to life. Find it Here.

#21 Super Hero Cat Lover Shower Curtain 

Super Hero Cat Lover Shower Curtain 

Take your love for felines to the next level with one of these funny shower curtains. She is super adorable and will light up your face every time.

She turns this shower curtain into the perfect dress-up option for your remodelled bathroom. Find it Here.

#22 Karate Kid Parody Funny Shower Curtain 

Karate Kid Parody Funny Shower Curtain

Have fun with this karate kid shower curtain design. The tranquil blue on the curtain ensures that it blends in well with most bathroom décor options.

It would especially come in handy in a minimalist bathroom, introducing a fun focal point. Find it Here.

#23 Cat in the Bath Shower Curtain

Cat in the Bath Shower Curtain 

This amusing piece is full of personality and will get cat lovers going bonkers. The look on the feline’s face says it all. It might be the reminder your intrusive family members need not to interrupt your sacred bath session. Have a great time unwinding in the tub as kitty keeps watch.

#24 Loch Ness Monster Shower Curtain 

Loch Ness Monster Shower Curtain 

Enjoy a fanciful twist on the Loch Ness monster legend with one of these fun shower curtains.

It makes a cute addition to a fanciful bathroom décor concept. It even features Scottish bagpipes and attire to complete the legendary effect. Find it Here.

#25 Funny Frog on Green Leaf Shower Curtain 

Funny Frog on Green Leaf Shower Curtain

This nature-inspired design will be sure to leave guests in stitches. It is hard not to picture an actual frog behind the realistic curtain.

It adds that distinct natural appeal to your bathroom space. The realism of the design almost makes it seem like you are taking a bath in the wild. Find it Here.

#26 Out of Wall Dinosaur Shower Curtain 

Out of Wall Dinosaur Shower Curtain

Take a trip back into the dinosaur age with one of these scary shower curtains. It might startle you every morning for quite some time before getting used to it.

It would be fun though to watch your guests’ reaction to the dinosaur breaking through the wall. Find it Here.

#27 Cowgirl Shower Curtain Horse 

Cowgirl Shower Curtain Horse

Complete your bathroom’s rustic theme with this cowgirl shower curtain.

It speaks of your love for adventure and will get your mornings off to the right start. It is cute and functional and takes your interior décor skills to the next level. Find it Here.

#28 Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain 

Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

Nothing would be more pleasing to a Star Wars fan than one of these unusual shower curtains. It makes it possible for you to share your bathroom space with carbonite Han Solo.

He is as close to life as they can ever get. Get this as a gift for your significant other and let them bathe in his glory, literally. Find it Here.

#29 Scary Psycho Shower Curtain 

Scary Psycho Shower Curtain

A scary shower curtain might be all you need to get you up and running. These weird shower curtains bring your favorite horror story to life.

They will work perfectly to startle guests out of their wits. Let the resulting fits of laughter erase all your anxiety. Find it Here.

#30 Tightrope Monkey Shower Curtain

Tightrope Monkey Shower Curtain

This whimsical shower curtain completes a nature-inspired décor for your kids’ space. It is reminiscent of fun days spent in the wild and will give them an instant mood boost.

It will totally dress up the space and give them a reason to look forward to the holiday season. Find it Here.

#31 Funny Peeking Cat Shower Curtain 

Funny Peeking Cat Shower Curtain

Feline humor appeal never grows old. The funny peeking cat shower curtain would do well in any décor.

It is difficult to remain grumpy after seeing this cat’s cute eyes staring up at you. She reminds you to take it easy, after all, it’s never that serious. Find it Here.

#32 Dapper Kitty Shower Curtain 

Dapper Kitty Shower Curtain

There are so many reasons why cats rule and this is one of them. Only a cat can pull off such a gentlemanly look and transform your bathroom space.

This design suits homeowners who are keen on a vintage look. It will harmonize the space and create an impressive focal point. Find it Here.

#33 Custom Personalized Double Heart Shower Curtain 

Custom Personalized Double Heart Shower Curtain

Looking for a vintage look to complete your rustic themed interior space?

Everything from the fabric to the color of this unique shower curtain defines a vintage look. It adds a dash of personality to the bathroom space and makes it inviting. Find it Here.

#34 Funny Hippo Shadow Silhouette Shower Curtain 

Funny Hippo Shadow Silhouette Shower Curtain

Add an aspect of mystery to your guest bathroom with this creative piece. The hippo shadow will keep guests guessing and create lots of visual interest.

It will also transform the bathroom space into a nature lover’s paradise. This funny shower curtain will keep you smiling no matter how hard times are. Find it Here.

#35 Funny Cat Scratch Shower Curtain 

Funny Cat Scratch Shower Curtain 

The funny cat scratch shower curtain is a sure recipe for cheerful mornings. The look on the cat’s face is priceless. And the scratch marks to complete the humorous appeal of the design.

The fact that it comes in black and white makes it easy to blend with any background. Find it Here.

#36 Zombie Halloween Shower Curtain 

Zombie Halloween Shower Curtain

This scary Halloween design will keep the spirit of the season going all year round.

The scary concept adds a dash of character to any bathroom, offering a valuable transformation. Picture the look on your guests’ faces when they catch sight of this phenomenal artwork. Find it Here.

#37 The Swim Shower Curtain 

The Swim Shower Curtain

In the realm of inappropriate shower curtains, this one takes the lead. It is full of raw humor and promises loads of fun every morning for a while to come.

If you have been looking for a fun and unique gift, one of these shower curtains for men will do the trick. Find it Here.

#38 Barber Shop Shower Curtain 

Barber Shop Shower Curtain

These novelty shower curtains provide a great way to cheer up dull bathroom space. The graphics are top-notch and the concept unique.

They are full of character and promise to take your space to the next level. Consider matching the curtain with a similar bath mat to create a harmonious look. Find it Here.

#39 Lipstick Lip Bite Shower Curtain 

Lipstick Lip Bight Shower Curtain

Add a dash of visual interest to your bathroom space with this artsy shower curtain. It is simple yet captivating, comprising a pair of seductive red lips against a white background.

The artistic depiction shows a great deal of attention to detail and will have a transformative effect in your space.

#40 Hipster Deer Shower Curtain 

Hipster Deer Shower Curtain

Considering how much of your life you spend in the bathroom, you might want to take some time to make it cozy. The hipster deer is the ideal way to achieve this effect.

He will be sure to make you smile with spectacles and a striped t-shirt. He adds great visual interest to improve aesthetic appeal in this space. Find it Here.

#41 The Whale Shower Curtain 

The Whale Shower Curtain

Bring your love for marine life to the fore with one of these funny shower curtains.

The nature-inspired design is ideal for outdoorsy homeowners. And considering the tranquil effect associated with this theme, it is the best way to make your space relaxing. Find it Here.

#42 Funky Octopus Tentacle Shower Curtain 

Funky Octopus Tentacle Shower Curtain

For someone who loves a splash of color this vibrant design is perfect. The black background creates the right contrast to give the octopus deserved attention.

It almost seems lifelike but the colors make it appear fanciful. The minimalist design is simple yet powerful in creating interest. Find it Here.

#43 Hot Red Lips Shower Curtain 

Hot Red Lips Shower Curtain

The hot red lips on these shower curtains are inviting and thus ideal for a romantic themed space. It is an artistic masterpiece that commands interest with great ease.

The design is an instant eye-catcher, ideal for a makeover or remodels project. Transform your bathroom into a blissful paradise with these funny shower curtains. Find it Here.

#44 Funny Personalized Goat Farm Shower Curtain 

Funny Personalized Goat Farm Shower Curtain

This humorous goat farm shower curtain takes a vintage design concept to the next level. Using simple imagery and text, the curtain manages to amuse and invite.

It makes the space seem welcoming while giving them a reason to smile. It works well with a rustic themed interior. Find it Here.

#45 Jellybean Giraffes Shower Curtain 

Jellybean Giraffes Shower Curtain

Let your love for nature not limit your creative streak. The jelly bean giraffes are a fun addition to any bathroom space thanks to their colorful portrayal.

They stand tall and prominent, creating high aesthetic appeal in your private space. The yellow background is a great choice as it adds to the vibrant theme. Find it Here.

#46 Personalized Vintage Red Truck Shower Curtain 

Personalized Vintage Red Truck Shower Curtain

Personalized Vintage Red Truck Shower Curtain

The vintage red truck shower curtain provides a welcome break from everyday décor ideas. It shows lots of creativity and is sure to add great value to a guest bathroom.

The vintage look does not have to go with a similar interior theme. It would in fact provide a welcome contrast to a contemporary bathroom. Find it Here.

#47 Circus Elephant Shower Curtain 

Circus Elephant Shower Curtain

Bring the circus home with one of these funny shower curtains. The silhouette concept is a great way to create mystery and make visitors a bit more careful about barging into the bathroom.

It also makes them smile as they do not know what to expect on the other side. Find it Here.

#48 Mona Lisa Chewing Gum / Custom Made – Shower Curtains 

Mona Lisa Chewing Gum / Custom Made - Shower Curtains

The Mona Lisa meme shower curtain is one of the funniest concepts to use in your bathroom. It begs for a second glance as one is not too sure if what they saw was right.

This is the ultimate centrepiece for your bathroom space. It is bound to generate lots of visual interest as well as laughs. Find it Here.

#49 Frog on Holiday Shower Curtain 

Frog on Holiday Shower Curtain - humorous shower curtain

There’s something about this frog on holiday that will instantly light up your bathroom. It is a great choice for nature and adventure lovers. It might be what you need to keep your wanderlust alive but in check as you wait for the next holiday season.

#50 Unicorn Silhouette Shower Curtain 

Unicorn Silhouette Shower Curtain

If you love a good fantasy then you will love this funny shower curtain. It might be perfect in a kid’s bathroom as it brings their dreams to life.

It is full of humor as well and could be a great gift for a kid at heart. Surprise them with one of these and watch them transform as reality dawns on them. Find it Here.

#51 Peek A Boo Dog Shower Curtain 

Peek A Boo Dog Shower Curtain

Take your naughty side to the next level with the peek a boo shower curtain. This curtain will make a guest feel as though someone is watching the whole time they are in the bathroom.

And with the magnified eyes of the puppy behind the telescope you know for sure they are not missing any detail. Find it Here.

#52 Funny Elephant on Toilet Shower Curtain

Funny Elephant on Toilet Shower Curtain

This is one of our favourite Funny shower curtains and it’s sure to amuse any guests that may use your bathroom. Find It Here

#53 Personalized Tiffany & Co. Shower Curtains 

personalized Tiffany & Co. Shower Curtains

Would you like to light up a friend’s face this coming holiday season? Then go ahead and get them one of these personalized funny shower curtains.

It shows that you care for them and will be sure to make them smile each morning. They are literally the best gift that keeps giving. Find it Here.

You no longer have any excuse for a dull and dreary bathroom. These whimsical designs will transform your space into a delightful sanctuary with ease. Unique and funny shower curtains will ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Function and appeal combined in one irresistible package.

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