26 Magnificent Father’s Day Baseball Gifts

Dads love to play baseball with their kids. Deep down, they are probably hoping that their kids will end up as professional baseball players. If they really love baseball, then it might be a good idea to find some unique baseball gifts for your father. It will be a small token of appreciation for all the time that you have spent with your father. 

Father’s Day is approaching, and you will need some unique gifts for him this year. So, we thought that a baseball-related gift would be a nice flashback to your happy childhood memories with your dad.

On our list of Father’s Day baseball gifts, you’ll find cool memorabilia, decorations, and unique items that your dad would definitely love. Now let’s jump on it and find some cool items for you to buy. 

How Can I Make Father’s Day Special?

The answer is so simple: spare some time with your father. Both of you may have things to do, but you can surely delay all your work for this one day to make Father’s Day special. Finding gifts for him can be a good addition too. Make sure to check out our list of Father’s Day baseball gifts!

BEST Father’s Day Baseball Gifts

1. Baseball Bat Wall Hanger

Baseball Bat Wall Hanger

Baseball bats are must-haves for any baseball fans out there. It will be a vintage decoration to hang on their wall. If your father is looking for one, you can help him by getting this pretty baseball bat as a gift.

They can use these awesome pieces to display their baseball bats in their bedroom or even the living room as decorations. You can also even request a custom bat holder to make it more personal.

2. Custom Baseball Book

Custom Baseball Book

The MLB is full of iconic teams, each with its own rich and successful history. With this personalized book, you can get your father’s favorite baseball team’s complete history. Apart from reading various histories, this book makes a stunning addition to his glass cabinet as a display.

Let your father walk down memory lane and relive all those glorious old days with this cool book. In short, this is one of the best Father’s Day baseball gifts that you can find. 

3. Personalized Bat

Personalized Bat

Every baseball player would love to have their own customized baseball bat. As part of your Father’s Day baseball gifts, you can also buy this awesome personalized baseball bat.

You can easily request your father’s name to be engraved on this special bat, so it has a sense of belonging. They can use this to play more with you or hang it as part of their home decoration

4. Home Team Baseball Game

Home Team Baseball Game

This is a unique game you can play at a family gathering. Play it with up to four players that will be split into two teams. You are tasked to beat your opponents in a baseball-like game. Such games can also be a means of strengthening family relationships, which may only meet once a year.

It also represents your dad’s hobby vividly. We assure you that he will love it to the core, knowing that others also enjoy what he is passionate about. This item is clearly one of the best Father’s Day baseball gifts. Enjoy!

5. MLB Game-used Bottle Opener

MLB Game-used Bottle Opener

Do you ever want to get one authentic baseball bat used by MLB players? How about one that has been transformed into an awesome bottle opener? This cool item will be a unique present that you can get as part of your Father’s Day baseball gifts. It comes in handy as the size is pretty small.

So, your dad can carry it around in his pocket to open beer bottles at the party. No more queues! Also, your father will be able to enjoy their beverage while watching their favorite team. 

6. Baseball Life Lesson Wall Art

Baseball Life Lesson Wall Art

Baseball is more than just a mere sport. In fact, baseball taught you some excellent life lessons that will come in handy in your daily activities. If your father adheres to these rules, you can get this awesome wall art for him. 

Having such a detailed baseball accent, it will make stunning decor in your dad’s room. Knowing the wall art features a beige or warm white tone, he displays it better against a darker wall.

7. Baseball Vintage Poster

Baseball Vintage Poster

This vintage baseball poster is an authentic photographic print by award-winning artist Norm Lanier. It will be a cool addition to your father’s interior decoration, especially if he has a vintage or rustic interior design.

Moreover, the print itself is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which ensures a lifetime of enjoyment. If he wants to hang it on the wall, we recommend mounting it on a darker background that allows the frame to stand out.

8. Babe Ruth Inspirational Quote Poster

Babe Ruth Inspirational Quote Poster

No matter what team your father supports, he will surely appreciate Babe Ruth and his accomplishments during his legendary career. Who knows, your father may even be motivated by this awesome and inspirational Babe Ruth poster

Featuring empowerment quotes, it will make the best appeal in your dad’s bedroom, particularly as a background for his desk. Alternatively, mounting it facing the front door will help your dad get back on his feet after a hard day.

9. MLB Ballpark Traveler’s Map

MLB Ballpark Traveler’s Map

Visiting every MLB stadium should be on the bucket list of every baseball fan in the world. If your father hasn’t done that, you should motivate him by giving this awesome map as one of your Father’s Day baseball gifts. Apart from its uniqueness, this map also allows your dad to locate what stadium he should visit first.

He can also display it in his room as a reminder to make his itinerary to visit all of these stadiums. So let’s help your father plans every visit to iconic stadiums with this awesome present. 

10. Customized Baseball Plaque

Customized Baseball Plaque

Complete your Father’s Day baseball gifts with this awesome plaque. You can customize your own message and print it out on this awesome plaque. Make sure to write it from the bottom of my heart so that the message touches his heart.

Your dad will surely hang this item in his bedroom so that you’ll feel closer. So go and grab one now!

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11. Limited Edition Bottle Opener

father's day baseball gifts

We have discussed a bottle opener made from an MLB-worn baseball bat. Here, we’ve got another awesome bottle opener. But this time, the cool item is made out of authentic baseballs used in some MLB games.

Thanks to its unique shape, your dad can even hang it on the kitchen wall as a striking room decoration to add a bold baseball accent. This is a limited-edition item, so don’t think twice if you are already interested!

12. Custom Baseball Player Poster

father's day baseball gifts

Your father may not play in the MLB, but you cannot let the dream be shattered. With this personalized portrait, your father can imagine playing at baseball’s highest level. You can request to change your father’s name and jersey number of his choice to make this wall art feel more personal.

With an unusual design like this, your father will have no hesitation to display it in his bedroom or even the living room. So get one now and order it now before it is sold out!

13. Baseball Park Pint Glasses

father's day baseball gifts

This is an awesome drinking companion for your father during a tense game. On the glasses, you will see the map of your father’s favorite MLB stadium. When your father finished his drinks, he can see the team’s logo on the bottom.

Having said that, you should get this gift now as part of your Father’s Day baseball gifts. Instead of one, perhaps it will be better to give two or three glasses depicting his favorite stadiums or the ones he wants to visit the most.

14. Baseball Stadium Blueprints

father's day baseball gifts

Blueprints of a building will always look cool as a wall decoration. But how about the iconic MLB stadiums? That just makes it even better! This magnificent art pays tribute to your father’s favorite stadium in a unique and architectural style. It’s printed on museum-grade archival paper to add a vintage vibe to it. 

In memory of it, your father can display it as a room decoration. It will be better to hang it against a plain wall (better be neutral colors) to make this piece striking on the wall.

15. Derek Jeter Yankees 24K Gold Card

father's day baseball gifts

We’re going to start our list with a really special item. This will make a good highlight in your father’s baseball card collection. This card was released in 2004, and it featured Derek Jeter in a cool gold sculpture. Due to its small size, there will definitely be worries that the card will be lost. To prevent this, you can gift it to your father in the frame.

Choose a mini-sized frame, then insert the two cards into it. As the background, you can choose your dad’s favorite color. Go and get one for your dad before other people snatch it first.

16. 1939 Wall Art USA Baseball Gift

father's day baseball gifts

A vintage baseball art is probably what your father needs all this time. This is an exquisite art, made in the year 1939. So, it makes a vintage appeal that will definitely suit your dad’s bedroom interior.

Moreover, it’s preserved in good condition, which makes it a nice piece of memorabilia for your dad’s collection. He can hang it on the wall or simply display the frame on his desk.

17. Babe Ruth 1949 Leaf Reprint

father's day baseball gifts

Babe Ruth is a sensational athlete who set the baseball world on fire during his career. There’s no surprise that there are so many iconic trading cards that feature this baseball legend.

This memorabilia is a nice reprint of an iconic card published by Leaf. Thus, your father would certainly be delighted to own this item. To ensure its durability, it will be better to frame it first before gifting this legendary piece to your baseball-loving dad.

18. MLB Derek Jeter Action Figure

father's day baseball gifts

Derek Jeter is another MLB legend that many people adore. His contribution to the Yankees is nothing short of legendary. If your father looks up to this iconic athlete, you may want to consider buying this awesome action figure

Given the tiny size, we recommend displaying this figurine in the glass cabinet to secure it. But if your dad has a wooden cabinet without glass, it can be an excellent alternative.

19. 1973 Rare Uncut TOPPS Baseball Card

father's day baseball gifts

Buying one card is probably not enough for your lovely dad. If that’s the case, then you really have to buy this awesome pack, containing a set of 132 cards made by TOPSS in 1973! Some cards may not be in mint condition, but they will still be good enough to add to your father’s collection. 

To preserve it, you can help him frame it. Even though it looks like a hassle, this method can ensure durability and keep them in good condition with no dust and dirt.

20. The Baseball Anthology

father's day baseball gifts

This is one of the best Father’s Day baseball gifts that you can find in the market. This cool paperback contains iconic photographs, articles, interviews, and even cartoons that have spanned about 125 years.

All of baseball’s cool history is featured in this cool book. An amazing Father’s Day baseball gift, indeed! To avoid a damaged cover, you can cover it with plastic before gifting this book to your father.

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21. Acrylic Cube for Baseball Memorabilia

father's day baseball gifts

If you have an authentic MLB baseball, you might want to store it somewhere safe. In order to do that, you will need this awesome acrylic cube. It’s really durable and prevents dust from ruining your memorabilia. 

Besides, this cube also keeps the ball clean and intact. Also, it makes the ball look even more attractive and easy to store. Your dad can display it in a glass cabinet or on his office desk without worrying about the balls rolling.

22. Stan Lee Signed Baseball with COA

father's day baseball gifts

The legendary Marvel boss, Stan Lee, may not be particularly related to baseball. But it doesn’t mean that you can resist buying this awesome memorabilia. This baseball comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you don’t have to worry about the autograph being fake. 

Plus, this awesome piece will make your daddy overjoyed. He can show off this rare gift by displaying it in the glass cabinet in the living room. So, when guests come, they can immediately notice this piece.

23. Mark McGwire Rare Card

father's day baseball gifts

The Big Mac is regarded as one of the best athletes to grace the pitch. He is one of the most prolific home-run hitters in baseball history. It comes as a surprise that this Mark McGwire card would require you to splash top dollars. But if your father really likes it, you wouldn’t want to wait, as the values will continue to rise. 

Because the price drains the wallet, you can frame it first before gifting it to your dad. Choose a frame with a dark color and a bright background to create a striking color contrast.

24. Funko Pop Fernando Tatis Jr. 

Funko Pop Fernando Tatis Jr.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a fresh MLB talent who is gaining a lot of attention. He plays for the San Diego Padres as an outfielder. It’s an exciting time to follow his career, so be sure to buy his Funko Pop figure before it rises up in value.

If your father is a collector of baseball figurines, this one will instantly make him fall in love. With that being said, he probably will show it off in his glass cabinet or display it on his office desk.

25. Funko Pop Legends Babe Ruth

Funko Pop Legends Babe Ruth

We can’t get enough of the legendary Babe Ruth. That’s why we’re going to offer you the chance to obtain this adorable Babe Ruth Funko Pop for your father. This figure perfectly portrays Babe Ruth in his playing days. 

To make the funko look more attractive, try to align it with other baseball figurines in one cabinet. Adjust the size. If your father has several figures with different teams, arrange them based on their teams.

26. Funko Pop Shohei Ohtani 2-pack

Funko Pop Shohei Ohtani 2-pack

Shohei Ohtani entered the MLB and immediately became one of its best stars. He is the first player to be named an All-Star as both a pitcher and hitter. Funko honors that accomplishment with this awesome two-pack figures. So, now you know why this item is the perfect gift for your father, right?

Thanks to the colorful packaging, your dad can immediately display it with his other baseball figure collections even without opening it.

Final Thoughts

Fathers generally get little acknowledgment for their roles in our lives. His role to earn a living is usually neglected because he is often away from home. However, you can steal the chance to express your love for him by giving gifts on father’s day related to baseball, his favorite sport. These gifts don’t have to be expensive.

You can give away figurines, cards, baseball bat holders, glasses, or mugs that feature baseball accents. The most important thing is your attention and your love for him which you show by giving him his favorite gifts.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to get a Dad who loves baseball?

Baseball fans all around the world will love to have memorabilia of their favorite sport. That’s the reason why we’re going to recommend you to buy some cool and rare cards or action figures as Father’s Day baseball gifts. This 24K Gold Derek Jeter sculpture card will certainly be a nice addition to your father’s card collection. 

What to give someone who likes baseball?

We have mentioned before that baseball fans would certainly appreciate some cool memorabilia like cards and action figures. We highly recommend you to buy Funko Pop figures of said person’s favorite team. There’s a lot of options to choose from, so start looking!

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