27 New York Yankees Gifts for Yankees Lovers

The baseball game is like a breath for its fans, and New York Yankees lovers are no exception. They do not hesitate to come to every game to support their favorite team playing. Suppose you have any New York Yankees lover’s friends. In that case, you will indeed consider buying them New York Yankees gifts as a form of your support for your best friends.

Therefore, we have collected various cool and exciting gifts, so you don’t have to bother looking for them one by one. You can pick one of the best New York Yankees gifts that suits your preference best, from mugs to unique items such as a stadium lights end table. We guarantee that any New York Yankees lovers will absolutely love them. Let’s take a look!

What Are The Yankees Known For?

The New York Yankees is a popular professional American baseball team founded on January 9th, 1993. Their headquarters is located in the city of Baltimore, United States. It is an official member of the American League East Division.

Where Did The Word Yankee Originate?

The origin of the Yankees is probably derived from the word Janke. “Jan” is where the British dumped the Dutch in the American colonies. However, some may argue that this word was initially used in 1758 by James Wolfe, a British General, for commanding the New England Soldiers.

Awesome New York Yankees Gifts

1. Personalized Yankees Chain Necklace

Personalized NY Chain Necklace

If your husband is a fan of the New York Yankees team, then this chain necklace with a personalized love message might be an excellent gift for him.

Your husband will look so manly wearing this necklace because of its bulky shape that creates a bold statement. Even more astonishing, the team’s logo printed on the box will surely steal anyone’s attention.

2. New York Yankees Cap LED Lamp

NY Cap LED Lamp

Complete your Yankees lover’s friend’s room decor with this unique piece. It is a LED lamp that amazingly captures a New York Yankees hat.

The floating-like effect makes the lamp a center point of your desk. In addition, they can adjust the color and brightness of the light, thanks to the IR remote that comes with the bundle. We are sure that they will beg for more New York Yankees gifts like this from you.

3. NY Cup Holder Coasters

NY Cup Holder Coasters

Who would’ve thought these items could make an awesome New York Yankees gift for the fans? Absolutely none! Thus, we are here to surprise you with these unusual pieces.

A pair of cup holder coasters with their dearest time logo are here to satisfy any Yankees fans that demand something new and fresh to their cars. Moreover, they can be installed on any vehicle as the coasters have a docile design.

4. Vintage 1999 New York Yankees T-Shirt

Vintage 1999 New York Yankees T-Shirt

It is common to share t-shirts as a gift for friends. Nonetheless, this vintage New York Yankees t-shirt makes a different hit. This piece is one of a kind since it features some players of the team with its logo printed on the front part of the t-shirt. And because this shirt is scarce, your New York Yankees-loving friend will absolutely treasure this gift for life.

5. Baseball with Built-In Pen

Baseball with Built-In Pen

For New York Yankees lovers, meeting their baseball idol is a dream that seems hard to grasp. But, when that happens, they certainly will not waste this golden opportunity. And for that reason, giving them a nice baseball with a built-in Yankees pen is a brilliant idea.

The design makes it easy for your baseball enthusiast’s friend to quickly request an autograph as a keepsake from his idol. Truly one of the best New York Yankees gifts you must buy!

6. Stadium Scoreboard Décor 

Stadium Scoreboard Décor

There is always a space to put up a New York Yankees baseball team décor in their fans homes. Therefore, a home décor makes a perfect New York Yankees gift that never goes wrong in any way.

Mimicking the scoreboard style at the Yankees stadium, this wall decor brings excitement on the pitch to their home. Additionally, you can customize the score to your preference.

7. Yankees Wooden Docking Station

NY Wooden Docking Station

Help your Yankees-loving friends organize things by gifting this masterpiece wooden docking station. Although it looks simple, this New York Yankee gift is handy for clearing up a messy table to make it look neater. Moreover, having their favorite team’s logo on this docking station will unconsciously make them even more excited to arrange their stuff.

8. NY Yankees Figure Flyer

NY Yankees Figure Flyer

Unlike other figures, the unique hint on this item turns the character into one of the most incredible New York Yankees gifts for any Yankees fan. A feature flyer can be seen on the head, making it look terrific.

Suppose your New York Yankees supporter’s friend love to collect this kind of item, then this Yankees figure is the best fit to add to their collection.

9. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

You can’t take your eyes off this beautiful pair, can you? Especially your New York Yankees lover’s friends. The logo design of this famous team perfectly blends on these earbuds. Furthermore, the distinctive color of the baseball team featured on these combos will surely make other fans jealous of your friends. What an impressive New York Yankee gift it is!

10. Men’s New York Yankees 3-Piece Cushion Gift Set

Men_s New York Yankees 3-Piece Cushion Gift Set

Look at these alluring cushion gift sets! They feature the New York Yankees’ logo to highlight the accessories.

Moreover, thanks to their simple yet elegant design, these cufflinks can be worn by your Yankees-loving friends to complete their look at both formal and informal events. Your friends will be absolutely grateful to have these New York Yankees gifts.

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11. Official Licensed Bedding Set 

new york yankees gifts

If your New York Yankees lover’s friend loves to decorate their room, then the decision to buy him an officially licensed bedding set as the New York Yankees gift is something you’ll never regret.

The team’s logo is amazingly printed throughout the pillow, bed cover, and bedding sheet. Your friend will surely feel comfy staying in the room all day; thanks for your thoughtful gift.

12. Team Logo Shoelaces

new york yankees gifts

Are you concerned about the light color of your New York Yankees lover’s friend’s shoes? Well, how about surprising them with a unique New York Yankees gift, like these shoelaces?

Neatly printed with their baseball team theme, they make the simple yet creative gift idea. And thanks for their vibrant color, they will no doubt steal the attention of other New York Yankees fans.

13. MLB Game Used Baseball Bottle Opener

new york yankees gifts

Bottle openers may not often be considered as a gift. In fact, it can be one of the superb New York Yankees gifts choices for your loved ones. The bottle opener has a New York Yankees statement written on the back of this item. In addition, its ergonomic design makes it easy to open bottles.

14. Custom Baseball History Book

new york yankees gifts

As a New York Yankees fan, your friends will definitely be interested in learning about the history of their beloved baseball team. Hence, this custom baseball history book is the answer to their curiosity.

They can track down their favorite baseball team history from stretch and newspapers, which are arranged in such a way in this book. This item is indeed the most meaningful New York Yankees gift idea you’ll ever think of!

15. Baseball Ring Toss Game

new york yankees gifts

Usually, baseball team fans, including New York Yankees lovers, also have a particular interest in the game itself. Therefore, it is a chance for you to show your caring side by giving this unique chunk as a New York Yankee gift.

It is a baseball ring toss game that they can certainly play with those closest to them. Moreover, it has an exceptional design that demonstrates an exquisitely painted actual baseball field on this wooden board.

16. Stadium Lights End Table

new york yankees gifts

If you ask, how can we find this uncommonly designed table? Well, we somehow managed to do it just for you! This wooden table has a hole meticulously engraved to form a similar display of a baseball stadium, covered with durable glass that protects the art.

Moreover, they can take a peek under the glass and don’t be surprised if they will find a replica of their favorite baseball team’s stadium. It certainly can make the most creative New York Yankees gift for any fan who loves such a unique piece.

17. Iconic Baseball Park Map Glass

new york yankees gifts

There are many ways to appreciate your friendship with your New York Yankees mate. One of them is giving this vintage baseball park map glass as a New York Yankees gift. This piece is made to remind the fans of the golden age era of the team. There is a Yankees logo once the drink reaches the glass’s bottom.

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Broaden your gifting experience with these wireless LED projector Yankees logo car doors as a New York Yankees gift for the fans. The team’s logo is wonderfully projected on the floor, creating a striking shape that makes everyone stunned just by looking at it.

In addition, they bear a magnet, thus easy to install to their car. Your friends will feel welcomed like their player crush every time they get out of the vehicle.

19. Women’s MLB New York Yankees Bracelet

Women’s MLB New York Yankees Bracelet

A piece of jewelry can’t go wrong as a New York Yankees gift for the supporters who appreciate accessories. Though it has a simple design, you can’t deny its charming look that will steal the spot.

The logo and two particular blue and white colors will let anyone know whose team you belong to. Moreover, the idea to braid the leather material creates a distinct geometric pattern, making the bracelet even more captivating.

20. WinCraft New York Yankees Two-Sided Flag

WinCraft New York Yankees Two-Sided Flag

What else can beat this flag as a New York Yankees gift for your friend? They can showcase their pride after their team wins by putting this flag on their patio. The two-sided logo offers a dazzling sight from any direction. Celebrating their team’s victory  is another level of happiness.

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21. Contour Golf Club Headcovers

Contour Golf Club Headcovers

These contour headcovers would surely make the most fascinating New York Yankees gift for any Yankees fans who fancy golf. Combining two of their favorite outdoor sports activities, they simply create an insane match.

While it doesn’t feature the team’s signature colors, it doesn’t detract from the usability and elegance of the design.

22. New York Yankees Baseball Team Ring Set

new york yankees gifts

Grab these outstanding pieces to show your love to your Yankees-loving friend, especially those who are also jewelry enthusiasts.

This is a ring box with the team’s trademark that can be used alternately every day, depending on what occasion they are at that time. Moreover, the sparkling crystal attached to the rings gives an enchanting appeal to these New York Yankees gifts.

23. New York Yankees Men’s Watch and Wallet

new york yankees gifts

Are you looking for a 2-in-1 gift set that can meet your taste? Well, you might want to take a glance at this one. They are matching New York Yankees gifts that perfectly complete each other with the team logo designed on them. With this gift set, you can add two extraordinary collections to their favorite baseball team all at once.

24. Can Cooler Bag

new york yankees gifts

Watching a baseball game at the stadium is more fun when accompanied by a cold drink. And because of that, this can cooler bag is the best New York Yankees gift that makes company for your Yankees lover’s friend.

It will help maintain the cold temperature of their beverages, thus keeping them fresh when they drink them. Interested to buy one?

25. MLB New York Door Mat

new york yankees gifts

What happens if two baseball team supporters in the same house rival each other? Of course, the atmosphere is a little awkward. Try to help break the ice by giving this fun New York Yankees gift! Instead of arguing, they can have a bit of fun with this piece, thanks to its playful words and distinct-vibrant colors.

26. New York Yankees Fragrance

New York Yankees Fragrance

Any New York Yankees lover’s man can never resist perfume with its respective logo. The woody scents provide freshness for sporty people who clearly need a long-lasting smell. In addition, the blue sapphire color in combination with the white team’s logo adds a luxury touch to its bottle. This piece undoubtedly includes one of the fanciest New York Yankees gifts you should consider buying.

27. New York Yankees Mug Pinstripe

MLB New York Yankees Relief Mug Pinstripe - 16oz - image 1 of 3

Instead of worrying about what unique New York Yankees gift you can give your Yankees-loving colleague, it’s better to count on the basic one, like this mug. The logo design that stands out gives a sensory experience when they touch the surface. Moreover, the baseball team’s name is beautifully written on the handle.

Final Thoughts

The New York Yankees is one of the most famous baseball teams in the US with the biggest fanbase. In our opinion, any New York Yankees fan would love to have anything related to their favorite baseball team as a gift. It makes it easier for you to find the best gift for that person, for sure.

However, despite the fact that it is easy to do, we would suggest that you run a little research beforehand, with a specific objective to find a gift that will not only be special for them, but can be useful, too! It might be a can cooler bag that will be useful for baseball practice, or a docking station to keep their personal belongings in place.

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You can buy bunch of various foods, including fast foods (Pizza, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream), Asian foods, and alcohol. Moreover, thanks to the Yankees official store located in the Yankee Stadium, you can also buy Yankees official merchandise, including jersey and official memorabilia.

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