28 Cool Bottle Openers Beer Drinkers Will Love!

For all the beer aficionados in the house, few experiences come close to having a cold one with friends. Cool bottle openers take that beer drinking experience to the next level in more ways than one.  Not only does a unique beer bottle opener make a great conversation starter. But it could well be the missing piece to complete your home bar.

Whether you are looking for on the go performance such as a keychain bottle opener, or an escape from boring plastic freebies that break after opening a few glasses, we have got you covered.

Add a bottle opener to your menu as a must-have purchase item and check out the awesome selection to buy from below!

Coolest Bottle Openers

We have scoured the Internet to bring you a collection of the best bottle openers ever! Read on to find your perfect match to go with your next beer drinking experience.

#1 Personalized Name Stainless Steel

Personalised Name Stainless Steel Bottle Openers - Cool Bottle Openers

If you are looking for the ultimate custom stocking stuffer for a beer lover, well, you just found it. Thanks to the personalization aspect, we think these stainless steel personalized bottle openers make a great unique gift that your recipient will appreciate.

Perfect as a party favor, the thick stainless steel bottle opener offers a solid feel, perfect for the burliest of hands, and ideal for the job. Stainless steel is long lasting and easy to keep the supplies of beers going around many nights over. So, pick up a custom personalized opener today. Shop now!

#2 “Shut up Liver, You’re Fine” Funny Bottle Opener

Cool Bottle Opener Shut up Liver, You're Fine Funny Bottle Opener - Cool Bottle Openers

This cool bottle opener is definitely one of those cool bottle openers for bartenders, and it is a humorous gift idea to help them balance things out. Whenever they want to turn down a beer offer, we believe that one look at this bottle opener will change their mind. 

As a bonus, it will always also offer a good laugh and keep the fun going. If you are a bartender, of plan on giving a special gift for your favorite bartender, this would be your best pick. Add a bottle opener to your bar! Share a pack of beers with a fun low price opener.

#3 Bear Cast Iron Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Bear Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Perfect Gift - Cool Bottle Openers

Complete your home bar in style with this wall-mounted bottle opener. Offering the perfect blend between badass and functional, in our opinion it would make a cool addition to any space.

You can mount it on your kitchen wall or your dining room wall, your choice. Moreover, when it’s not busy opening bottles, it doubles as the ultimate décor piece. Cool, right? So, add a bottle opener to your bar, or as a gift! Grab it now!

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#4 MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers - Cool Bottle Openers

For the baseball fans in the house, we believe without a doubt that nothing has quite as much sentimental value as this beer bottle opener. Each comes with a unique story from the MLB. Moreover, the wooden handle also bears part of the story while the rest of the details are on a story card.

With so much things to love, we highly recommend you to grab this item. As one of those cool bottle openers, it is a great choice for a baseball memento collector, too. So, add a bottle opener to your bar, or as a gift!

#5 Forged Wrought Iron Engraved Opener

Forged Wrought Iron Engraved Openers - Cool Bottle Openers

Keep it simple yet elegant with a rugged hand-crafted piece in wrought iron.

In our opinion, it makes a great gift choice as it can be personalized with your choice of words. Moreover, the beer opener also has a comfortable weight to it. In short, we can conclude that it means you will likely notice that something’s missing when you leave home without it.

#6 Personalized Opener with Cap Catcher

Personalized Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

Are planning a wedding and currently wondering about what unique gift to give your groomsmen? How about going all out with these cool bottle openers? Courtesy of the personalized touch, we have no doubt this is one gift that your groomsmen will live to remember.

Moreover, the fact that they offer a functional role also adds to the appeal. In terms of design, each piece comes with a cap catcher and can be mounted or placed on a surface.

#7 Poker Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

Poker Ace of Spades bottle opener available in Titanium, Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Ever heard the expression of “keep an ace up your sleeve”? Well, with this one of a kind piece, we can guarantee that you will get to do exactly that.

However, instead of helping you out of a poker fix, it will sort out your beer issues in style. But that’s not all, because as a bonus, it will make you look really cool, too. So, what are you waiting for? Add a bottle opener to your bar, or as a gift for your loved one!

#8 Cool Knott Beer Bottle Cap Catcher

Knott Beer Bottle Cap Catcher

Looking for a way to keep the bottle caps off your boyfriend’s man cave’s floor? We have a good news for you, because here we have a simple solution that will add to the décor of his space as well.

Made of high quality wood material, this sturdy board also comes with a catcher at the bottom to handle caps. If you ask us, it does not hurt one bit that it also looks good, don’t you think?

#9 Bottle Opener Woodturning Kits

Bottle Opener Woodturning Kits

Add a touch of sophistication to your home bar collection in the simplest possible way. In order to do that, all you have to do is simply get a woodturning kit and the rest will fall into place.

In our opinion, these pieces will come useful and add a nice touch to your kitchen or dining room, too. In addition, the kits come in a variety of finishes including gold, gun metal and chrome.

#10 Engraved Key Chain Opener

Engraved Keychain, Custom Bottle Opener

Ever found yourself far from home with a beer bottle that you can’t open? With this modern bottle opener on a keychain, we can assure you that you can say goodbye to those days. 

We recommend you to personalize it with a custom initial, and add a name and choose a suitable color for the leather to turn it into a stocking stuffer. In our opinion, it’s time to say no to the cheap plastic keychain bottle openers that breaks after opening a few glasses of beer. Grab this custom keychain beer opener before it runs out!

#11 Custom Corkscrew Engraved Wine Opener

Custom Corkscrew, Engraved Wine Bottle Opener

Cool bottle openers for bartenders don’t come any cooler than this!

Just like your favorite bartender, we believe this wine bottle opener is extremely hard-working as well. Not to mention that it also looks adorable, too! Whether you throw a beer bottle or wine bottle its way, it has got you covered. In addition, this opener is personalized to boot!

#12 Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener 

Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Immortalize the memories of your skiing adventure with an upcycled wall mounted bottle opener.

Personally, we think it is a great way for you to add some personality to your home bar décor. Plus, it will add tons of functionality, too! With each piece being unique, we can guarantee that you get to have the pleasure of a one-of-a-kind piece. So, add a bottle opener to your bar now!

#13 Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Golf Ball Bottle Opener - Great Gifts For Men Who Like Golf - Cool Bottle Openers

Nothing is as refreshing as cracking open a cold one after a day on the golf course. Since you probably have the bottles, then it’s now time to make the opener becomes something to remember as well!

Now you can have both memories with you everywhere, courtesy of this golf ball. Furthermore, the tiny ball is as humorous as it is functional as well, and we think it would make a great conversation starter and a unique gift.

#14 Personalized Tactical Flashlight Knife/Multi-Tool

Personalized Tactical Flashlight Knife / Multi Tool Bottle Opener

As one of the hardest working tools on our list, we believe without a doubt that this modern bottle opener can also save your life. This bottle opener is part of a survival kit since it includes a knife, flashlight, cord cutter, fire starter and much more.

After all, who can say no to this multi-tool? By getting this cool bottle opener, you will have the one tool to accompany your adventure. Plus, the kit will also make it worth your while.

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#15 Customized Credit Card Bottle Opener

Customized Credit Card Bottle Opener

If only you could fit a cap opener in your wallet! Well, lo and behold, turns out you can! You definitely can by having one of those cool bottle openers that comes in the shape of creative credit card, just like this one. Designed in the dimensions of a credit card, it fits in virtually any wallet/money clip and makes a great item for gifts.

Fear not, however, it is solid enough to handle the rigors of opening caps one of the thinnest openers you can buy.

#16 Jingle Bell Bottle Opener


Crack open your favorite drink in style and make each moment counts. Blending together iron and steel, we truly believe that this piece is designed to last. It also looks and sounds great, with as much functionality as artistic appeal.

In our opinion, this piece will make a great gift for a special person in your life who enjoys his favorite drinks or liquors at home.

#17 Dog Paw Bottle Opener Keychain

Dog Paw Bottle Opener Keychain

It is unfortunate that you can’t take your favorite furry friend with you on a drinking spree. Or can you? With this awesome bottle opener, we’re pretty sure that it will feel as if your pup is right there with you.

As one of those cool bottle openers for someone who loves dogs, we think the dog paw cut out is a great touch and so is the opportunity for personalization.

#18 Cat Keychain Bottle Opener

Munkees 3460 Cat shaped Bottle Opener Keychain

Probably the crazy cat lady in your life already has all things feline. But we’re pretty sure she does not have a badass bottle opener like this one! So, why not complete her kitty collection with this cute and practical gift idea?

Moreover, what makes it super special is that it’s so hard to tell its functional role from the creative design.

#19 Bottle Opener Wall Mounted

Bottle Opener Wall Mounted

With this unique and small bottle opener you can have a sturdy and durable item that will last a lifetime. It comes in a small size, making it easy to mount and placed on your kitchen or dining room’s wall.

It also comes in several design that you can choose based on preference. However, if you feel unsure about what design to pick, you can always have two or three pieces at once. In our opinion, it will make a great gift for your dad, husband or boyfriend who loves to enjoy a bottle of beer at night.

#20 Coke Wall Mount Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher

Coke Wall Mount Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher

Do you remember the good old days when Coca Cola was your beverage of choice? With this unique Coca Cola bottle opener, you can relive those simple times.

With one of these cool bottle openers, you will not only have a bottle opener that looks great, but it can create tons of nostalgia, too! Moreover, we also love the fact that it can also cleans up after you open your Coke bottles, thanks to its handy cap catcher.

#21 GoT “I Drink and I Know Things” Credit Card Bottle Opener

GoT I Drink and I Know Things Credit Card Bottle Opener - Cool Bottle Openers

For all Game of Thrones fans, we have no doubt nothing could beat having one of these. Sporting one of Tyrion Lannister’s most memorable quotes, in our opinion it is truly a keeper.

On the reverse side, it also has some room for personalization, which we think will make it even more special, making it a perfect choice of gift for your favorite bartender. Being the size and shape of a credit card, it is also easy to carry with you.

#22 Magnetic Personalized Photo Bottle Opener 

Custom Photo Print Bottle Opener, Personalized Beer Bottle Opener, Custom Bottle Opener, Personalized Photo Gift

Sit back and relax in style with the people you love right by your side. Even if they can’t be with you in person, we believe this unique bottle opener can bring them close to you, in the most wonderful way.

In addition, to make it more meaningful, you can personalize it with your image of choice or logo to add a touch of sentiment. And since it is magnetic, finding a spot to display it should not be a problem. In short, it is one of those great gifts that offers something memorable and personalized.

#23 Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Bike Chain Bottle Opener - Cool Bottle Openers

Showcase your love for unique art with a recycled piece made using a bike chain. Offering a great way to keep your love for biking close, we can assure you that this piece offers tons of fun. It features fun design and colors, which will make a great an unique gift for a special person in your life who loves bicycling.

Even better, it can also make a perfect gift for yourself, too! So, whenever you are out cycling, you might want to take it with you to enjoy a brewski on the go.

#24 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener Key Chain

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener Keychain - Cool Bottle Openers

Next up, we have to say that the force is strong with this one, both in terms of opening caps and is the ultimate Star Wars collectible. In our opinion, great attention to detail makes this millennium falcon a perfect tribute to the show and a perfect geek’s gift.

If you love to drink and love the franchise, you just hit a jackpot.

#25 The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Multi-Tool Ring Opener

The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Multi-Tool Ring - Cool Bottle Openers

Although it is tiny and portable, we think this cool piece packs up an amazing powerhouse of tools. More than just a bottle opener, it is also designed as a ring, which will make sure you never leave it behind.

In our opinion, it’s a great gifts for men, or simply for anyone who needs to have a bottle opener handy whenever they need it. Made of titanium, we can assure you that it will stand the test of time. What a great blend of flair and function!

#26 Green Army Man Cool Bottle Opener

Green Army Man Bottle Opener

A green army bottle opener is made of die-cast metal. In our opinion, this is one of those cool bottle openers that offers a super unique design. Aside from the unique design, the handle is also very ergonomic to open the bottle easier than ever.

If you are on vacation and ready to drink together with your family or friends, you can carry this with ease. Simply put it in the pocket or bag because it is space saving.

#27 Thanos Gauntlet Bottle Opener

Christmas gift beer bottle opener bottle opener gloves

As an MCU fan, we believe without a doubt that this Thanos bottle opener will be your favorite. Undoubtedly, a gauntlet of Thanos bottle opener will make it easier for  you to open any bottle.

However, do remember that this bottle opener only opens your bottle, and not destroys the population. So, you don’t need to worry about that. Use this to open up all the bottles as easily as Thanos snap his finger.

#28 Vintage Motorcycle Cool Bottle Opener

Gifts for Dad Beer Bottle Opener Bronze

If your boyfriend, husband, or father is a biker, then we believe having this at home will make their smile wider. The material is made of a high-quality alloy, lightweight but sturdy, and bronze color makes it look vintage yet cool.

If you look closer, then you realize this cool bottle opener has a beautiful detail and pattern. Drinking time will be more enjoyable and fun since you can open the bottle easier than before.

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Final Thoughts

With any of these stylish, unique and cool bottle openers at your disposal, we would say that you get so much more than pure function. Find the most ideal one to match your personality and lifestyle.

You may choose the one that can be put on the wall, the one that is handy and portable, or the unique one to make drinking time more fun. 

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