27 Cool Gifts for Bartenders You Can Buy

Is there a drink-mixing, cocktail-loving night owl in your life? Whether this person serves drinks at home or does it professionally, these unique gifts for bartenders will make them feel special.

As the life of every party, that special someone is always out to make everyone else happy. But like everyone else, they, too, need to feel appreciated. With any one of these awesome bartender gift ideas, you can achieve so much more.

Some of our gifts for bartenders will improve their mixology skills, while others are outstanding collectibles to add to their collections. Others are full of humor to keep them in the best mood. Scroll down to find some of the unique bar gifts to wow the barman or woman in your life.

BEST Gifts for Bartenders

Find the best gifts for bartenders that will make them smile ear to ear here! From personalized items to those related to their hobbies, we’ve got you all covered. Grab it fast before it slips from your basket!

1. Intoxicologist T-Shirt

Intoxicologist T-Shirt - Cool Gifts for Bartenders

Getting people intoxicated is a fine art. But what if it were a science? Wouldn’t intoxicology make a great name?  Give that special someone a humorous break from the rigors of mixology with one of these hilarious gifts. And since it will cheer up the people around them, it could mean more tips.

Thankfully, it comes in various color options to match your favorite bartender’s personality. We recommend purchasing the pink, maroon, or deep teal for a cheerful bartender in your life.

2. Mixology Dice Tumbler Set

Mixology Dice Tumbler Set
Mixology Dice Tumbler Set
Mixology Dice Tumbler Set

For the aspiring mixologist, here is the ultimate choice of gift to provide some inspiration. The mixology dice tumbler set offers over 1.5 million possible cocktail ideas. It features eight dice and an instruction booklet to get you started. And to keep it safe, everything comes in a glass tumbler with a cork lid. Besides, this set also makes an excellent gift for those new to the bartending world.

3. Hand Forged Personalized Bottle Opener

Hand Forged Personalized Bottle Opener - Gifts for Bartenders

Function meets innovation on this personalized piece; who can resist? Even if he already has a bottle opener, this one will get a special spot in his heart.  It is a high quality wrought iron piece sporting a hand-forged construction. What really makes it unique is that you can personalize it with a line that will always make him smile.

Try to customize this piece with their wedding date and initials. Thus, it makes an awesome gift for your newlywed bartender.

4. Engraved Cocktail Muddler

Engraved Cocktail Muddler

You can never go wrong with a muddler as a gift for a mixologist. But not any muddler will do. This particular piece comes in maple or walnut and sports an engraving of your choice, adding a rustic touch. You can either choose to add a monogram or initials to infuse some sentimental value.

If you want to make it as an anniversary gift for a special bartender in your heart, consider adding two initials as a sign of your love for him.

5. MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

If he loves both bartending and baseball, here is a gift that brings together the best of both worlds. It might look like a simple bottle opener, but it’s so much more. The wooden part is made from a baseball bat showing the game in which it was used. And each one has a story card, making it truly one of a kind.

In addition, it comes in a handy size, allowing your bartender to bring it everywhere, especially to a party.

6. Bartender Apron with Pockets

Bartender Apron with Pockets

Keep it simple with one of these gifts for bartenders. Made using a canvas-leather combo, it is both appealing and durable. The color combinations are fantastic, and you can add a monogram for a personalized effect. Plus, you are welcome to choose several tones that will suit your bartender’s taste.

However, we highly recommend dark shades, olive or black, to have a dashing look. Besides, such colors keep the apron pretty clean despite a long hour shift dealing with coffee, milk, and syrups.

7. Personalized Bartender Owner Sign

Personalized Bartender / Bar Owner Sign

For every beer-loving barkeeper out there, nothing could beat this hilarious sign. Not only does it capture the job’s essence, but it also does so in impeccable style. The material used is aluminum, so the sign might last a lifetime. This sign also makes a fun way to promote your business. They can hang it on the front door to invite consumers to visit their bar.

8. Bartender Travel Mug

Bartender Travel Mug

Is your potential recipient always on the move? With this mug, you can make sure his drinks remain cold or hot on the go. Besides, such a mug will be perfect for bartenders who love to travel a lot, as it comes with a sturdy design that secures the drink. More importantly, it will let him and everyone around him know how great he is at his job.

9. Funny Bartender Shirt

Funny Bartender Shirt

The gift of humor is one that never goes out of style. And this tee has plenty of that! But it also has some element of truth, right? It highlights a funny but emphatically printed message, emphasizing that it is his business and he makes the rules nobody can’t break them.

Choose a color that matches your bartender’s personality and tastes. They can wear it to work with their favorite apron and match it with slim-fit jeans. For as long as they wear it, they get to call the shots, pun intended.

10. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

One of the best gifts for your bartender boyfriend is one that keeps him out of harm’s way. With this phone sanitizer, his phone will no longer be a haven for viruses and bacteria. As he charges it, the device will take care of the dirty work.

Besides, it is convenient for him as he works in the food and beverage industry, which prioritizes hygiene to ensure consumer safety.

11. Unisex Martini Shaker Bartender Necklace

Shaker Necklace (White Silver)

A martini shaker sounds like a great gift. Wait, she already has one (or a dozen) of those! But perhaps, she doesn’t have a miniaturized version of it, together with a martini glass. It is a unisex gift that your recipient will likely never want to take off.

With this particular pendant, your bartender can proudly wear it at work to match her daily outfits. Or simply hang out with friends while showing her pride in her job.

12. Stainless Steel Personalized Name Bottle Opener

Stainless Steel Personalised Name Bottle Opener

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, it turns a simple, functional piece into one full of sentimental value. It also infuses the gift with plenty of visual and tactile appeal, having a name that makes it more personal. And it is a sure way to keep the opener from wandering into strange pockets.

If you wish to have a smaller size, add a short nickname or even initials instead of a long one to allow your bartender to bring it to any party he wishes to attend.

13. Handmade Custom Jameson Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring

Handmade Custom Jameson Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring

Here is a unique bar gift that is a bar above the rest! Not only does it pay tribute to the most popular Irish whiskey worldwide. But it also makes a remarkable statement, creating a rustic design that looks enchanting. Each ring is unique and tells a story that the world would love to hear.

Given the wooden pattern, it makes a genderless appeal that will suit your favorite male or female bartenders.

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14. Urban Map Glasses

Urban Map Glasses

For the bartending aficionado whose job has taken him away from home, here is the ultimate choice. Etched on the surface of this glass is a map of his city’s grid. What a way to keep his homesickness at bay!

You can give one that fits the location of his workplace or even a few that indicate the state he has traveled to. The designs also make the glasses a fantastic home decor to display in his glass cabinet.

15. Barmen Roll Bag Portable Kit

Barmen Roll Bag Portable Kit

One of the best gifts for cocktail enthusiasts is this portable cocktail tools bag. With 19 slots, it has enough room for every conceivable cocktail tool. From shakers and glasses to jiggers, strainers, and pourers, he can carry everything he needs to work his magic on the go.

Consider brown or cognac brown for this fantastic portable bag kit as a gift for bartenders who love vintage items.

16. Sarcasm Bartender T-Shirt

Sarcasm Bartender T-Shirt - Gifts for Bartenders

This funny t-shirt is one of our favorite gifts for bartenders. A barman always needs an icebreaker to put his clients at ease. With one of these funny t-shirts as a gift, you will give him that and so much more. Knowing they don’t need to wear formal clothes to work, this t-shirt adds to their collection of casual work clothes.

In fact, the funny printed message adds a bit of humor to connoisseurs of the coffee he makes. And since it spreads good cheer, it might get him extra tips.

17. Beer Layering Tool

Beer Layering Tool

If you are looking for a gift for the bar manager, here is one that will keep giving for ages to come. It is an innovative tool offering plenty of potential for an experiment. And we all know just how well experiments can pay off in the bartending world.

With this tool, you can give an artistic touch by creating two color layers on the beer your customer ordered. They, we are sure, will not hesitate to pay more to get a superb extra service.

18. Show Me Your Tips Hoodie

Show Me Your Tips Hoodie - Gifts for Bartenders

With this clever play on words, your recipient will give clients a head start on the path to inebriation. As the night wears on, there will be no end to the potential it offers to keep things interesting.

Anyway, a gift like this would be perfect for giving in autumn or winter to match their outfits. They can wear it as the first layer with the winter jacket and snow boots.

19. Funny Weak Drinks Hoodie

Weak Tips Equals Weak Drinks Hoodie - Funny Gifts for Bartenders

Every cocktail connoisseur is always on the lookout for ways to keep the tips coming. Here is one avenue that guarantees success. Give them an opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity using this hilarious line. Just like the previous gift, it makes a great pair with your winter or autumn outfits.

If you wish to wear it in the cool fall weather, put on your hoodie and choose your favorite coat and leather boots

20. Roll Up 10 Piece Bar Tool Set

Roll Up 10 Piece Bar Tool Set - cool gifts for bartenders

Give him a chance to take the bar with him everywhere he goes. With one of these gifts for bartenders, he can do his thing at a picnic or while camping. The toolset comes in a convenient roll-up pack. Thus, making it easy to bring for traveling.

Besides, this set will also be perfect for beginners before they decide to buy bartender equipment in actual sizes.

21. Bourbon and Cigar Wall Art

Bourbon and Cigar Wall Art - Gifts for Bartenders

How about giving his man cave a transformative upgrade with a bar room-inspired artwork? It is an edgy masterpiece that will add character to his space. And you can be sure it will make a statement no matter where it ends up.

However, we recommend mounting it on the living room wall as a bold accent that shows how much they love their job. Considering the dark shade, it will look best on light-colored walls.

22. Custom Wooden Docking Station

Custom Wooden Docking Station - Cool gifts for bartenders

If the barman in your life seems like he can use some organization, here is a gift to keep him in check. It has a spot for his phone, wallet, watch, rings, car keys, and more. Thus, making his messy desk neat and clean.

To add to that, it has room for personalization that offers a sentimental statement. You can either gift this to your friend who loves tidiness or, in contrast, to the sloppy one.

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23. Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener

Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener - Gifts for Bartenders

A barkeeper with a soft spot for canines will absolutely adore this handy piece. Blending together function and flair, this cute pooch could be the best thing since sliced bread. He holds bottle caps in his magnetic mouth and sits patiently until you summon him.

Besides, this cute opener also prevents bottle caps from scattering on the floor as they usually do when a party is over.

24. Personalized Bartender Cartoon Character

Personalized Bartender Gift - Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character - gifts for bartenders

Does your favorite barman or woman seem to have everything? This is one of the best gifts for bartenders for sure, and no doubt it’s one thing you can be sure they do not have – a yellow cartoon character custom portrait.

What makes it one of the unique bar gifts is the fun way it portrays him doing what he does best. Instead of hanging it in his house, it would be better to mount it on the bar’s wall to offer his customers a good laugh.

25. Cocktail Recipe Glass

Genuine Fred GOOD MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass, Tequila

This cute cocktail recipe glass will enlighten the bartender. Although he can mix the drink better than the recipe on the glass, it is still worth collecting. For more surprises, you can make a drink with this new glass for your favorite bartender.

Guess he will love it more. Just one thing to remember, make sure he washes this glass using his hand only to keep the printing in good condition.

26. Vampire Teeth Bottle Opener

Barbuzzo Vampire Bottle Opener

Looking for a ‘fang’tastic gift for your favorite bartender this holiday? Here you find it now! A vampire tooth bottle opener! It fits for a Halloween or Christmas gift, given the eerie design. Made from solid metal fangs, it will be easier for the bartender to open your favorite drink!

Handy and hassle-free for popping the bottle—no need to worry since this bottle opener won’t suck your drink.

27. 3D Skull Ice Mold Tray

3D Skull Ice Mold Tray

This is definitely, truly a cool gift idea. This is cool because of the 3D skull design, and another cool one is because it can make ice! Liven up a drink from the bartender by giving this skull-shaped ice cube. The size is larger than usual.

Moreover, the molded tray is made from high-quality silicone. Hence, the ice is melting slower. Also, the ice mold is BPA-free, non-toxic, and food-grade, so it is safe to use. They can offer drinks with these ices during Halloween to surprise their customers.

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Final Thought

Whether you are in search of gifts for a bar owner, a mixologist, or any other bar personality, this list has got you covered. No matter the occasion, you will be sure to wow your recipient and make an indelible impact.

Depending on your bartender’s preference, you can choose items that support his job, such as a bar tool set, a beer layering tool, or a portable bag kit. In addition, some personal gifts, such as a bartender necklace or smartphone sanitizer, offer sentimental value to them. Choose your fighter!

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