How to Make Someone Feel Appreciated

Whether it’s a family member, a partner, a friend, or a stranger, making those around you feel appreciated is always a great thing to do. It’s the perfect way of letting them know you value their friendship, love, and all that they do for you, and all others around them! 

We can all agree that right now, expressing our gratitude to others feels more important than ever.

So, how should we go about such a task? Are words enough? Are there really different ways of expressing our heartfelt appreciation? Luckily, we have the answers to all of these questions and more below.

Keep on scrolling to reveal them and to finally learn how to let that special someone know just how truly wonderful you think they are. 

How to Show a Man You Appreciate Him

Whether it’s your dad, your partner, or even a close friend, there are plenty of ways to show the man in your life some appreciation. From thanking them for doing something particularly special for you to simply showing your gratitude for them sticking by you no matter what. Here are some of our favorite ways to show your appreciation to the men in your life.

1. Say The Words

It might sound obvious, but simply telling any man how much you appreciate him might just be the kindest and most special way of showing your gratitude. We can all buy gifts, we can all send emails, but carefully choosing the words to tell someone how much you appreciate them and all that they bring to your life is undeniably special. 

What’s more, hearing you actually say the words and looking them in the eyes as you do so will make for a truly special and pretty unforgettable moment.

Say The Words

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you need to write and memorize a speech before you speak to him. We’re talking about honesty. Keep it light, keep it simple, and keep it to the point. Simply saying to someone, ‘Hey, you know that thing you did, that really meant a lot to me and I so appreciate you for taking the time.’ Or ‘I hope you know, I really appreciate you and everything you do’, is surprisingly rare and, more often than not, will come across as completely heartfelt and meaningful.

2. Get Him a Gift He’ll Appreciate

Though you certainly don’t need to buy him a gift to show your appreciation, getting to know and understand the things and hobbies he loves will serve you well when it comes to selecting a present. If that’s what you decide to do of course. 

Get Him a Gift He’ll Appreciate

For example, does he adore foreign cinema? Offer to go watch a couple of movies with him then buy him a copy of his favorite. Or better yet, buy the tickets to the movie yourself as a special surprise! Is he fascinated by astronomy, why not mail him a well-reviewed book on the subject to add to his collection?

Aside from the fact you’ll be giving him a great gift that he’ll actually like and will use, he’ll see that you appreciate the things that he loves since you’re trying to learn about them. After all, giving someone a gift to show appreciation isn’t always just about you telling them you appreciate something they have done for you. It can also be to show them how much you appreciate who they are and everything that they love.

How to Show a Woman You Appreciate Her

If you hadn’t already guessed, showing a woman your appreciation really isn’t that different from how you would show gratitude towards a man. That said, there may be differences in the things they like to do, gifts they might like to receive, or how you express yourself to them.

For example, telling a male friend how much they mean to you will likely be pretty different from how you would tell your own mother!

With that in mind, here are some of our top recommended ways to show a woman you appreciate her. Whether it’s your girlfriend, your wife, your mum, or a buddy, we’re certain she’ll know just how lucky you feel to know her by choosing any of the suggestions below.

1. Listen

Truthfully, this very simple thing could be applied to pretty much anyone you’re trying to show your appreciation for. Making an effort to really listen to what another person is saying shows that you are making time for them. You value what they have to say.

You appreciate them as a person and therefore appreciate the things they think about and think are important to express out loud. 


Pay attention to the woman in your life, when she speaks to you and show her you care by stopping what you’re doing when she says something’s important. Make absorbing the information and responding your only task at that moment and she’ll know you appreciate her and value her time.

2. Plan a Special Day

As we’ve said before, showing appreciation doesn’t need to be about gifts or spending money. Instead, why not plan a day filled with things you know the woman in your life loves to do.

Plan a Special Day

Walk around her favorite park, make her favorite sandwiches, watch her favorite movies. It’ll cost you nothing but she’ll certainly know how much you appreciate her after a day full of her favorite pastimes. 

How to Make Someone Feel Appreciated at Work

When it comes to showing your appreciation to a colleague, it’s important to take a different approach than you would with a close friend, partner, or family member. After all, you’re in a professional environment and have a professional working relationship. Therefore, looking for a way to say thank you and to show your appreciation more subtly and appropriately is essential.

For example, perhaps you’d like to thank your boss or another colleague for supporting you through a particularly trying or busy time in your career, or maybe you’re thinking of ways to reward and show your appreciation to your team for a job well done. Well, hugging them or inviting them to your house for dinner isn’t likely to be appropriate or well received!

To make sure there’s no embarrassment or accidental line crossing at the office, here are a few suggestions on how you can show your colleagues some respectful appreciation.

1. Ask Their Advice

Ask Their Advice

Truthfully, asking someone their opinion is always a great way to show them you appreciate them whether you’re at work or home.

It shows that you truly value their ideas and opinions, you think they have something new to bring to the table, and that you totally trust in the things that they say.

At work, this can be an excellent way of showing your appreciation to your teammates. It not only demonstrates all of those things we’ve listed above but also that you have respect for this person and their ideas.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Praise

Praise at work is a funny thing. If it comes from a boss or is between two colleagues at the same professional level it can be perceived as condescending. Much like if a colleague praises their superior it can be seen as’ kissing up’ or trying to get ahead by being liked.

Don’t Shy Away from Praise

We say this is nonsense.

“Nobody should be afraid of praising, thanking, or telling someone they appreciate them for a job well done regardless of their position.”

Simply make sure you’re putting across your praise straightforwardly and professionally and only when it’s really called for (telling your boss how great they are as they walk in every morning, for example, will definitely look like sucking up!). Take this straightforward and professional approach and we’re pretty certain your colleague will understand and value how much you appreciate them. 

3. Offer to Help

Whether it’s staying late to help them finish a project, offering to assist with tasks that could be tricky for them to accomplish alone. Or simply making them a coffee when they’re super busy and can’t step away from their desk, lending a helping hand to others at work says, I appreciate you, I value the work you do, and I think you’re important enough that I’ll help you out with your workload when I can.

How Do I Make My Partner Feel Appreciated 

The next time you want to show your partner just how much you appreciate them, don’t forget to refer back to our list below. Since you’re so close already, there are plenty of special and ultra-romantic ways to show them, how much they mean to you and how fully you appreciate their presence in your life.

Maybe they’ve done something particularly spectacular for you, perhaps it’s an anniversary, or maybe you’re just eager to surprise them out of the blue’ just because’. Whatever the reason, you’ll find just what you’re looking for below…

1. Take Household Jobs Off Their Hands

Take Household Jobs Off Their Hands

Does your partner cook every night? Do they always take out the trash? Do they continually buy your favorite snacks and leave them in the kitchen for you? Reciprocate the gesture! Mirroring the things they do for you or pre-empting the errands they have to run, and getting them done first is a great way of showing them your appreciation. Not only does it give them a break, but it also shows that you notice all of those little things they do that make your home and your lives together so happy.

2. Ask If There’s Anything They Need

Not only is offering your partner a helping hand a kind and loving thing to do, it also shows them that you see how much they do for you and for others. You, therefore, think they deserve a break or something special in their lives! 

So, if they come in from a particularly long day at work, ask if you can prepare their lunch for them for the following day so they can get an early night. If they’re feeling the stress of a huge to-do list, offer to help out or take the list off their hands for the day. If you’re not sure exactly what you can do to help, simply ask, Is there anything I can do for you? they’ll know instantly that you’re thinking about their happiness and that you honestly appreciate having them in your life.

3. Tell Them How You Feel

Whether you’ve been together for years or your relationship is brand new, telling your partner you appreciate them can quickly become something we do less and less. Whether it’s because we wrongfully take them for granted over time because we’re so used to having them around or you just simply think they already know how you feel, it’s important not to forget to be vocal!

3. Tell Them How You Feel

So, next time you’re with your partner, don’t be afraid to turn to them and say out loud, ‘I appreciate you’. Trust us, even if they do already know, they’ll love to hear the words spoken by the one they love. 

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How Do You Help Someone Who Doesn’t Feel Appreciated?

From working with different colleagues in our jobs and interactions with virtual strangers to time spent with special friends or visiting family members we’ve known forever. We’ve all come across those super special people who just don’t know how amazing they are, and who likely feel a little underappreciated in life. 

Maybe they work a particularly difficult job that doesn’t offer them much gratitude at the end of the day. Perhaps they do so much for other people they just never have the time to stop and realize how wonderful they are and what a huge impact they have. Whatever it is, it’s hard to see those you love feeling underappreciated and undervalued.

Happily, it doesn’t need to be this way as there are countless opportunities for us to show that special someone just what a huge impact they have on our lives. Here are some of the best ways to do just that!

1. Write Them a Card or a Note

Write Them a Card or a Note

Sending or hand-delivering a thank you card or note to someone is a perfect way to show your appreciation. It’s also great if that person is someone you don’t know hugely well or you don’t feel entirely comfortable telling them face to face. A neighbor or a new colleague for example.

2. Lend Them a Hand

Often those around us feel underappreciated because they feel like nobody offers to help them out in the way that they help out others. If that’s the case, simply asking the question, ‘Is there anything you need help with today?’ will make them feel seen and valued since you took time out of your day to assist them.

3. Tell Them All the Ways They’ve Helped You and Those Around You

Tell Them All the Ways They’ve Helped You and Those Around You

Sometimes, the easiest and most effective way to get through to someone who feels under-appreciated is just to tell them all of the reasons why they’re so special. Explain to them all of the things you notice they do for you and for others. Tell them how different the lives of those around them would be without their help and influence, and finally, thank them for all that they do. Often, hearing those words out loud is all it takes

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