How to Celebrate Someone with a New Job

When someone you love finds a new job, it’s an incredibly exciting time! Maybe they’ve finally landed the position they’ve been dreaming of forever, or perhaps securing a better job than they had previously means they’re more able to plan for the future. 

Whichever is true for the friend or significant other you’re thinking of, we’re here to help you learn how to properly celebrate someone with a new job, to let them know how happy and proud you are of them!

How to Celebrate a Boyfriend with a New Job

Depending on whether you’ve been together for years or your relationship is a relatively new one, how you celebrate your boyfriend’s new job, might look a little different. For example, you’re probably going to want to make a big deal of his news if you share a home and have been together for years. Meanwhile, your celebration might be a little smaller if you’ve only been on a few dates and have just made things official.

How to Celebrate Someone with a New Job

Either way, here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate your boyfriend’s new job varying from small yet still thoughtful gestures to bigger celebrations he’ll remember for years to come.

1. Surprise Him with Take-Out

Nothing says congratulations like showing up with his favorite take-out food! It shows you thought about him on your way over/ on your way home and that you’re setting aside the night to celebrate his brand new job! You could even write something sweet on the bag like ‘I knew you could do it!’ or ‘For the new ’.

How to Celebrate Someone with a New Job

2. Plan His Favourite Activity

The next day you plan to spend time together after he gets his new job, surprise your boyfriend by planning to go and do one of his favorite activities. Whether it’s hiking, bowling, or just going to the movies (he gets to pick the film of course!) let him know how proud and happy you are with a day that’s all about him!

3. Tell Him You’re Proud

Celebrating somebody’s new job doesn’t always need to be about gifts or days out. Simply telling them sincerely that you’re proud and genuinely pleased for them is also a very special way to celebrate their news.

How to Celebrate Someone with a New Job

A simple ‘well done’ is nice and all, but taking the time out to call him up or speak to him in person and explain how much he deserves this new job, well that’s even better! You could even write your congratulations inside a cute card if you have a lot to say. That way he can keep it forever and will always remember this milestone!

How to Celebrate a Girlfriend with a New Job

Much like celebrating a boyfriend’s new job, how big you go on the celebration for your girlfriend will likely depend on how long you’ve been together and how close the two of you are. That said, only you know your relationship and how much of a celebration you think is right. 

How to Celebrate a Girlfriend with a New Job

With that in mind, you could always use one of our tips for celebrating a boyfriend’s new job, or, take a look at our celebration recommendations below (these would also work for a boyfriend, husband, or wife!). Choose the one that feels right for you, your girlfriend, and their exciting job news!

1. Make Her a Mixed-Tape (Or a playlist)

How to Celebrate a Girlfriend with a New Job

If your girlfriend happens to love music, (and old school presents!) we can think of no better way to celebrate her new job than with a mixed tape or playlist of upbeat, celebratory songs! Choose plenty of her favorite upbeat tracks, then add in a few notorious celebration songs like Celebrate Good Times by Kool & The Gang Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey! For an extra special touch, put the songs onto a CD and fill out the tracklist card on the back in cute writing.

2. Take Her Out On a Fun Date

How to Celebrate a Girlfriend with a New Job

Much like we suggested for boyfriends, taking your girlfriend out for a day or night that’s all about her is always a great way to celebrate an exciting new job offer! Choose activities that she loves, whether that be getting food at a specific restaurant, going to a game, or even getting tickets to see her favorite band if they’re in town!

How to Celebrate Your Husband’s New Job

Since you’re married, we’ll go ahead and assume you’re living with your husband, or at least have a shared space you can celebrate in to mark the beginning of his exciting new work adventure! With that in mind, there are plenty of ways you can go about making a huge deal of his new job at home. That said, we’re not short on ways to celebrate him outside of the house too, maybe at a place the two of you love to visit? Keep scrolling for all of our top tips on making the most of his new position.

1. Arrange a Special Dinner Date in Your Living Room

Going out for a dinner is lovely, but we think enjoying a home-cooked meal in the space that you share together is even more special. You already know his favorite foods, so why not cook them up for him?

How to Celebrate Your Husband’s New Job

Set out some candles and put on his favorite playlist (preferably one full of happy celebratory-sounding songs!) and have a fun dinner together in your very own living room. He’ll see how pleased you are for him since you’ve gone to the effort to set up a special evening for the two of you. Plus, you have the perfect setting at home for just the two of you to talk through the exciting changes, and hopefully, a few new perks, that come with his new job.

You could even put his favorite drinks on ice and have a toast together. Cheers to that!

2. Make Him a Scrapbook of His Work Achievements

If your husband’s new job happens to be his dream position within a field he’s worked hard in for a long time, marking this moment should be even more special. After all, this means it’s not only a change of title, it’s a new way of life he’s dreamed of for years and that deserves to be properly celebrated.

How to Celebrate Your Husband’s New Job

With that in mind, we think putting together a thoughtful scrapbook of his past work achievements is a perfect idea. Gather together items like any education certificates he had to earn for the job, his old work IDs or name badges, pay stubs, or even photographs from around the time he started at his company. If you have enough, make a scrapbook, if only a few items are available, why not have them framed. You can attach a card with special words inside to explain the gift and let him know how much he deserves his new job.

3. Invite His Friends Over

Good news deserves to be shared and who better to share your husband’s new job announcement with than his closest pals?! If he’s not the surprise party type, let him know what you’re arranging in advance so he can look forward to it and be prepared to share the new job info.

How to Celebrate Your Husband’s New Job

If he is the surprise party type, why not make it a secret plan until the guests arrive? He’ll be overjoyed to see them and to share his happy news over drinks and nibbles all together at home. If you know he’d rather go out, reserve a table at his favorite bar or restaurant and ask his friends to arrive before you do. You could even set up a few congratulatory decorations at the table if the place allows for it!

How to Celebrate Your Wife’s New Job

When your wife gets a new job, it’s definitely time to celebrate! But how should you go about it? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your love’s new work venture and we can show you how. Plus, if none of these take your fancy, you can always check out our tips for celebrating a girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, or husband’s new job and see if those suit your celebration style better!

1. Put Together a Night of Relaxation

Chances are she’s been working pretty darn hard to get this new job. Therefore, nobody deserves a night of pampering and relaxation more! Run her a bath, light some candles, pour out her favorite drink, and queue up her most treasured movies ready to watch.

How to Celebrate Your Wife’s New Job

You could even go the extra mile and offer a foot rub if you’re feeling really generous, she deserves it! Additionally, though we’re certain your wife will adore this new job celebration idea, we guarantee anyone you’re congratulating on a new job will love it too.

2. Take It as a Chance to Truly Celebrate!

Is there something you and your wife have always wanted to do but have been waiting for a special occasion to go ahead with it? Maybe money was a little tighter before, maybe you just didn’t have the time, maybe there’s not really a reason why and you’ve just never gotten around to it. Whatever it is, take this as your sign to go ahead and do it! Take that weekend trip or book a table at that amazing restaurant. Use this moment to celebrate life and her achievement in a way neither of you will ever forget!

3. Buy Her a Sweet Gift

Whether you opt for fancy jewelry or something as simple as a stuffed animal, your wife will truly appreciate the gesture and the thought that’s gone into celebrating her new job with a special gift. Wrap it up and give it to her when she gets home the day she tells you her news, or, get it ready for her first day on the new job.

How to Celebrate Your Wife’s New Job

We also recommend either making or buying a cute card to go with it. Fill it up with words of encouragement and tell her you are proud of her. She may have to leave the gift at home but the card can go with her on her first day for moral support and plenty of good-luck vibes!

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How to Celebrate a Friend’s New Job

When your buddy gets a new job you can bet they’re going to be super excited! Take a moment to help them celebrate with one of our fun ideas below.

1. Have a Fun Night Out

How to Celebrate a Friend’s New Job

Whether it’s going for drinks, ordering a bunch of food at your favorite takeout place, or dancing the night away, having a night out with your friend to celebrate their new job is a great way to mark their happy news. Get others involved so all of their friends can be there to say a huge well done too.

2. Give Them a Gift

If you feel you want to give your friend a gift to show them how happy you are about their new job news there are plenty of things you can wrap up! Keep it cheap and cheerful with a good luck charm on a keyring or a novelty bracelet, or, get them a gift card and put it inside a handwritten congratulations card.

How to Celebrate a Friend’s New Job

Alternatively, (and this is our favorite idea) if you work together currently and they’re leaving to pursue a new career, take plenty of pics of them and all of your colleagues on their last day. Afterward, you can print them out and put them into a photo album they can treasure forever!

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