25 Recommended First Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Did she just say “yes!” when you declare your deep feelings for her during the first date? Congratulations to both of you! Valentine’s day is coming soon so why don’t you celebrate this special moment by giving the first Valentines day gifts to her? Yes, you should celebrate Valentine’s Day although you just started dating because it will mark the beginning of your joyful journey with your loved one and it will become a great memory to remember forever by both of you.

first valentines day gifts
First Valentines Day Gifts

She will surely be surprised with the special gift, which you can select from our curated choices! Just be creative in choosing the first Valentines day gift that will be unforgettable by both of you! We provide gifts which are personalized with your name and your loved one’s name, the date you declared your relationship or the current year you celebrate your first Valentine’s day together. 

BEST First Valentine’s Day Gifts – Our 3 Best Picks

First Valentine’s Memorable GiftFirst Valentine’s Food GiftFirst Valentine’s Personalized Gift
Message Gift BoxGoldmark Assorted ChocolateValentine’s Date Jar
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Most Lovely First Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

1. Valentine’s Date Jar

Reasons Why I Love You, Valentine's Date Jar, Valentine's Day

Have fun with your girlfriend by giving the first Valentine’s day gift which is the “Reasons Why I Love You” jar! Simply write your reason why you love her on the heart-shaped card, covered with the scratch to reveal a sticker. Pop into the jar for your loved one to choose from and scratch to reveal the reason you love her. Alternatively, write different date ideas for a creative custom Valentine’s date jar.

2. ”Reasons Why I Love You” Puzzle In A Box

Reasons why i love you

Delight your darling during by giving the first Valentines day gift, which is a romantic box with a puzzle consisting of 12 or 20 reasons why I love you. With a birch wooden box which looks spectacular, so it will be a great gift for your girlfriend. Inside the box there is a riddle in the shape of a heart and 12 or 20 reasons why I love you. Also, at every piece of the riddle the reason to love is engraved and at the middle part there is a name of your loved one which makes this present a great memory for many years.

3. Valentine’s Day Blanket

Valentine's day blanket, happy Valentine's day to my girlfriend blanket

Grant this heartwarming blanket to your girlfriend as one of the most recommended first Valentine’s day gifts! It is handmade from high-quality fleece material that looks luxurious with silky smooth texture to your skin. Besides, it is so cozy and ideal for snuggling. Hence you can send your love letter literally by the full color all over printing edge to edge on one side of this beautiful blanket.

4. Funny First Valentine’s Day Card

Funny Valentine Card - First Valentine's Day Card

If you are not used to expressing your love literally with words, this one can come as one of the sweetest first Valentine’s day gifts. It will help you to express funny but lovely messages that will surely will put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. This cheerful card is a memorable gift that marks your first Valentine’s day celebration with her, which she will remember forever. Although it is not your direct writing, this gift is an alternative to show the feelings perfectly to your sweetheart.

5. Valentine’s Message Gift Box

Valentines Day Gift for Her, First Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend

Make her happier by bringing this first Valentines day gift which is a unique magic box. With wonderful words cut into the wood, the holder can project a custom message on a wall by loading the candle that is included in the package into the magic box and place it next to a wall in a dark room. And then watch how the place will be filled with romantic light and your magic words displayed on the wall. Furthermore, you can see how your loved will react towards the gifts because it is an undeniable warm gift.

6. Book To Fill Out Together

All about us me & you A book to fill out together

This super sweet fill-in-the-blank paper journal makes a great personalized gift for your loved one to share your memories and funny moments, plan and track your daily activities, and enjoy expressing your creativity. It features a beautiful and unique design to get out of the ordinary book. Activities in this book include: challenges, memories, travel memories, funny moments, pictures together, to do list together, wishes, goals, coloring page, sketching page, Q&A challenge, first date and more. So, why don’t you start capture the moment and save it inside the blank paper journal now.

7. Personalized Valentine Notebook

I fell in love right at the first moment I saw you

Are you looking for a simple and valued gift for the upcoming Valentine’s day? Then, this personalized love notebook with an amazing love message is a meaningful gift for your girlfriend. She can enjoy her feelings and write her love story with you or love diary every date in this notebook with over 200 pages.

8. Teddy Bear with Silk Bow

Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush,Stuffed Animal Bears

Looking for the best first Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend that is very lovely and super soft? Then this stuffed teddy bear with silk ribbon bow is the cute choice for her. It can be a lifelong pal for her to accompany her in the bedroom. Also, this cute creature brings a lifetime buddy and bliss. Just look at how fluffy this teddy bear! So what are yo waiting for?

9. Questions To Grow Your Relationship Book

It's Our First Valentine's Day : Questions About Me

Looking for the first Valentines day gift for growing your relationship and building an emotional intimacy? This activity book for couples consists of challenges to build trust with questions about a life partner, romance, dreams and family. It is time to let her know how much you love and appreciate her by giving this meaningful book!

10. Personalized Engraved Ornament

LifeSong Milestones Personalized Ornament Custom Engraved Housewarming

Celebrate your first Valentine’s day with your girlfriend by giving this personalized engraved ornament. This fully customizable ornament allows you to showcase your special announcement with your girlfriend and create a cherished keepsake with your name and your girlfriend’s name. Moreover, your details will be laser engraved into this exclusive customizable ornament with exquisite craftsmanship. So your relationship will remain forever on this ornament perfectly.

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11. Intimacy Card Deck

Intimacy Card Deck

Delight your date night during the first Valentine’s day celebration by giving this intimacy card deck to your girlfriend! Enjoy an evening sans screens while you work your way through 150 questions which surely spark your conversation quality as a couple. The twist answer can surprise you and turns your talk will take as you share memories, divulge dreams, and learn to speak each other’s love languages with prompts. The cards take their cues from six categories: intimacy, relationships, past, life, random, and about you. Then, it is not only practical but also good to tighten the bond between you and your girlfriend.

12. Couple Conversation Starters Cards

Outrageous Conversation Starters for Couples

You have memorized his go-to comfort food, her favorite song, and their preferred side of the bed, but when was the last time you sat down to get to know your partner all over again? This deck of cards designed by relationship experts equips you with 141 outrageous conversation starters with a single mission­: improving your connection. Each card allows couples to share their hopes, dreams, and plenty of laughs while reminding them why they fell for one another in the first place.

13. Chakra Couples Game

Chakra Couples Game

In Eastern Tantric traditions, the body has seven chakras that are energy centers thought of as “windows to the soul.” Let your romantic partner take a peek through those windows, with the help of this intimate and intriguing board game. Meant to be played one-on-one with your other half, the game includes 14 cards (two for each chakra), player tokens, a die, chakra “coins,” and a board. Take turns moving around the board and asking each other questions related to the chakras where you land. The first player to ask a question for each chakra who wins and collects coins along the way will get to choose a reward from their mate.

14. Warm The Heart Valentine’s Day Set

Warm the Heart Valentine’s Day Set

When snow days turn into snow weeks, give your special someone a cozy night in with this trio of heartwarming gifts. First, she can get her pair of slipper socks that are hand-knit from wool and lined with fleece. Next, she will brew a perfectly sweetened cup of tea by adding one of the drops in the tea drop sampler to a mug of hot water. And once she is settled, she can get to work assembling the heart bouquet puzzle. Altogether, these comforting goodies are sure to give her the warm feeling.

15. Conversation Glassware

Conversation Glassware

Breaking the ice just got a whole lot easier and tastier. Each glass in this set features 9 prompts that play off the others. Now, fill your cups with your favorite brew, and the liquid measuring line will encourage you to share the story of your first concert. Gulp away and story topics will jump from your worst or first apartment, to your best costume, to your first date and a bunch of other memorable events. The more you sip, the more you will learn about the person sitting across from you who is your girlfriend. So, dare to try?

16. Red Forever Rose Valentine’s Day Gift

Red Forever Rose Valentine’s Day Gift

Your girlfriend deserves to be loved and cherished. Express your endless love to her with this first Valentines day gift which is a classic red rose. The transparent glass dome which is decorated with warm starlight carefully protects the forever rose. May this delicate red rose deliver truehearted affection to her as a witness to the sweet moments.

17. First Valentine’s Day Decoration

First Valentine’s Day Decoration

This wooden heart-shaped love sign which is written “Our First Valentines Together. I Love You.” will be a perfect pick because it is truly one of the best first Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend. Hence give it to her on the date night of your first Valentine’s celebration together with her so she will remember this great gift forever.

18. Card Handmade with Bamboo Wood

I Love You Card Handmade With Real Bamboo Wood

Send the sweetest surprise as the first Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend with this eye-catching bamboo wood greeting card. With wonderful laser cut “classic hearts” design, it has a blank area to fill with a handwritten love message. Moreover this is a truly unique and beautiful keepsake that is often left open for display, ensuring the person you give it to has a constant reminder of you.

19. Personalized Valentine’s Day Printed

Personalised Valentine's Day Printed Gift

Make your first Valentine’s day celebration with your girlfriend as a special occasion come to life with a truly unique custom water color heart print. Since this beautiful design is completely bespoke and made to order with your wording and personalization, then it becomes very special as a gift. The personalized words are printed on a high quality satin resin photo paper to ensure it lasts for a long time.

20. Personalized First Valentine’s Ornament

Personalised 1st Valentine's Day Gift First Valentine Keepsake Heart Ornament

Give this first Valentine’s gift to your girlfriend for expressing your pure love! This clear acrylic heart becomes a treasured keepsake that she will remember forever. It comes complete with double sided red satin hanging ribbon. The personalized note is laser engraved into the acrylic to give a frosted white appearance. So if some people see it petty, we can see it is thoughtful one.

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21. Personalized First Date Fridge Magnet

Personalized Our First Date Fridge Magnet

Looking for one of the most memorable first Valentine’s day gifts to mark your first date with your girlfriend? Then this personalized “’Our first date”’ fridge magnet is the perfect piece for your first Valentine’s day gift. It is hand printed with pride and crafted carefully in aluminum with a white glossy finish. It comes personalized with the date and your name.

22. “You Are My Sunshine” Wood Music Box

You Are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

Surprise her with this wooden music box which plays the classic melody “you are my sunshine”! Because of this classic design, this simple gift will never go out of style. This music box makes your girlfriend feel relaxed and happy. This keepsake will bring back many unforgettable memories with her. So, it can be a perfect gift for your first Valentine’s gift to your other half.

23. Valentine’s Wooden Block Table Sign

Valentine's Wooden Block Table Sign

Express your lots of love to your girlfriend by giving this Valentine’s wooden block table sign! These blocks are skillfully crafted with cutting the MDF to size, sanding the raw materials and hand painting the base. It has 10 LED lights on the surface, a heart shaped wooden on top and a Valentine’s message of love, be mine, hugs and kisses on a red and pink background, lettering with white and blink red is sure to send warmth for her. 

24. Goldmark Assorted Chocolate

Valentine's Day Goldmark Assorted Chocolate Heart Box

Give your girlfriend a sweet surprise with this Godiva goldmark chocolate collection! Beautifully packaged in a heart-shaped box, this assorted chocolate creations consist of the finest selections such as dark chocolate coconut, milk chocolate hazelnut heaven, white chocolate sugar cookie and many more.

25. Valentine’s Decorative Vertical Flag

Valentine’s Double-Sided Decorative Vertical Flag

Celebrate your first Valentine’s day with your girlfriend by giving this Valentine’s double-sided decorative vertical flag. It features a flagpole, bracket, and stand. Made from durable 100% thick polyester fabric construction, it resists the wear and tear from frequent use. Double stitching panels on multiple rows and high quality sleeves provide lasting strength. With UV-resistant printing material, its colors stay all season long.

Final Thoughts

For any couple, celebrating the first Valentine’s day together is going to be one of the sweetest moments to celebrate. The moment needs to include other special items too, such a special bottle of wine, bouquet of flower, and of course, a special first Valentine’s day gift. Be all out in choosing the gift because it will be an item that marks the moment for you two after officially becoming a thing.

Personalized gifts will never go out of style, and something that includes your personal messages is also recommended. So, shower her with your love by giving her a special first Valentine’s day gift!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you get for your first Valentine’s Day?

You should get something special for your first Valentine’s day celebration with your loved one. It had better be personalized with your name and your loved one’s name, the date you declared your relationship or the current year you celebrate your first Valentine’s day together. Just be creative in choosing the first Valentine’s day gifts that will be remembered forever by both of you!

Should you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you just started dating?

You should celebrate Valentine’s Day if you just started dating because it will mark the beginning of your joyful journey with your loved one and it will become a great memory to remember forever by both of you. Surprise your loved one simply by giving the first Valentines day gift from our curated choices above!

What do you do on Valentine’s Day when you just started dating?

You can do various fun and unforgettable activities with your loved one when you just started dating on Valentine’s Day such as doing your favorite sports together like jogging or roller skating, singing your favorite songs together in a concert, cooking your favorite meals together in a private cooking course for a couple.

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