Laser Cut City Maps

Add a slice of urban chic to your surroundings with these Laser Cut City Maps.

Created with impeccable attention to details, the maps feature over 100 cities from every continent.

Each map consists of several layers of plywood, sanded and varnished. Roads, streets, and rivers have their own separate layers.

When put together, the stacked plywood creates an immersive sense of depth. Every time you glance at it, you’ll be able to almost see yourself having a stroll through the streets of your favorite city.

The company boasts a wide offer of incredible wooden city maps. From Paris to Tokyo, from Melbourne to Cape Town and right over to New York, anyone will find a city they’d like to put on their wall.

Laser Cut City Maps
Laser Cut City Maps for your wall

If you don’t find your beloved city in their selection you can request a custom one to be made. A childhood home, a city where you attended college or got married in – everything is on the table.

Laser Cut City Maps for your home

These Laser Cut City Maps are the perfect gift for anyone who feels a connection with a special location. A city doesn’t have to be the heart of its country to make its way into our beating ones.

Laser Cut City Maps

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