Cubio Compact Laser Engraver

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to laser engrave some things you have? You might not have thought about it before, but you could customize your belonging just the way you want. Laser engrave a photo of your dog onto a phone case.

Make engravings on your cooking wooden spoon so that everyone knows not to mess with it. The possibilities are endless.

If only you had the tools, experience, and steady hands. Well, good news, Cubio Compact Laser Engraver is the only device you’ll need to bring engraving into your life.

The Cubio Compact Laser Engraver allows you to easily and automatically engrave anything on various surfaces. ‘Automatically’ means that you personally won’t be holding the engraver and drawing the picture. 

Cubio Compact Laser Engraver

Cubio will do all that for you. It is compact, requires no assembly, and can cut or engrave almost anything you want.

So how does this laser engraver works?  Well, the principle is very simple. First, choose the picture on your tablet or smartphone you want to be engraved.

Cubio Compact Laser Engraver

You can snap a quick photo, choose one from your gallery, use a G-Code (https://inkscape.org/en/) or draw it yourself. Next, place the item you want to be engraved or cut in front of Cubio.

Preview where the engraving will wind up and adjust it if needed. Then, let the engraving party get started. 

Cubio Compact Laser Engraver

If you’re worried about safety measures there’s no need to, the creators of Cubio have taken care of it. The laser engraver comes with safety goggles for a start.

It also has multiple pre-installed safety features such as password protection, overheat shutdown, LED indicator and more.

Cubio Compact Laser Engraver

This engraver looks not only fun but useful as well. For example, you can enhance your cooking with some decorative engravings (think of pastries and pancakes).

For DIY-ers, this engraver can take your craft to a new level. You can engrave on and cut leather, felt, fabric, wood, paper board, and more. The exception goes for metal, however. 

Cubio Compact Laser Engraver

So there you have it, for both professionals and people who just want to customize their belongings Cubio Compact Laser Engraver looks like a lot of fun. 

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