Chainmail Socks

If you think that chainmail is only good for battle and cosplay that’s where you are wrong. These Chainmail Socks prove that chainmail is also great for providing you with a next-level experience of exploring the world around you.

By making the socks out of chainmail, their creators have attempted to find a balance. A balance between walking barefoot yet having some protection from the ground you’re walking on.

You can now walk through a beach, forest, or play around in the mud while feeling protected from harm.  To ensure the best barefoot experience, you can adjust these socks on your feet. Otherwise, they are as low maintenance as they seem. 

Chainmail Socks
Chainmail Socks: Protection from Walking Barefoot

Depending on what kind of surfaces you want to tackle, the soles of the socks differ. You can choose a pure version with no rubber on the soles, as well as a “water” or “soil” version designed specifically for those surfaces.

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Chainmail Socks
Perfect for Functional Training in Nature

You can now connect with nature, feeling the shift in ground texture and changes in temperature with every step. Re-explore familiar locations and see everything in a completely new way. All you need is to put on these chainmail socks. 

Chainmail Socks
No Need To Be Careful

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