25 Awesome Socks Club Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Socks are essential clothing for daily activities when we wear shoes. Sometimes we do not put many thoughts on our socks and pick them randomly. You should check your boyfriend’s socks from now on and rate them whether he needs to keep them safe in his drawer or say goodbye immediately. Few people learn about the importance of the socks club. If you think you want to introduce the whole new world of socks club to your boyfriend, you better check our list of 25 Awesome Socks Club Gifts for a starter. Don’t worry, we have every kind of awesome socks club for every type of boyfriend.

Awesome Socks Club for Special Person

Preparing special gifts for the special person can be very exciting. Here are special sock gifts that you can choose.

1. Dad Socks

awesome socks club

Is your boyfriend the husband material boyfriend type? Do you believe him to be a good dad after spending time with your bubbly nieces and nephews? If so, this Dad socks club is the ideal gift for him. It also would be the perfect gift if you two are expecting parents. He surely will show off the awesome socks to your baby. 

2. Peru Socks Set

awesome socks club

Planning to go on holiday with your boyfriend? Give this set of 3 pairs of Peru socks club for him to complete his holiday look. The awesome Llama pair might give him ideas of what to do during your trip later. Bright colors on these socks club will bring positive energy and assure you a happy holiday journey with him.

3. Sasquatch Camp Out Socks

Sasquatch Camp Out Socks

The Sasquatch Camp Out pair is the best gift for your man who always likes wildlife things. He loves nature and likes to spend the time on weekend camp with you. He may not believe in the Bigfoot’s existence but he, somehow, looks like one when he is out with his men. This socks club will be a funny yet awesome gift for him.

4. Ghost’s Night Out Socks

awesome socks club

Picking out this Ghost’s Night Out socks club as a gift for your boyfriend would be an awesome move. The eye-catching colors paired with bubble talks here and there are defining him so well. He is the one who is never scared of ghosts and often makes your horror movie night end up quite comical instead of scary.

5. Camera Socks

awesome socks club

This Camera socks club is a match made from heaven for your boyfriend who is inseparable from his camera. He will snap a picture or more of this awesome article with his favorite camera. You know he will make a joke like taking a picture of you with this socks club for fun.

6. Read Banned Books Socks

awesome socks club

Give him this lit Read Banned Books socks club and ask him to go on a library date with you. He will appreciate your sense of humor and wear the awesome socks purposefully. The vivid color will steal everyone’s attention and leave whatever they are reading behind. Watch out for the librarian’s strict policy, she/he might ban you two from coming again because of the commotion. 

7. Colorful Dress Socks

awesome socks club

These Colorful Dress socks are highly recommended for men of all ages group. The color combinations form into symmetrical shapes that line up beautifully. As its name, your boyfriend can wear this socks club to his office with his dress pants. No question asked, he will be the most awesome office worker.

8. Game Socks Set

Game Socks Set

Your game-addict boyfriend has tried almost all of the games with his consol. But he will never expect you to surprise him with a witty gift such as Game socks club. He will surely take both his hands off the game and admire your present. We bet he will think of you as the awesome girlfriend ever. 

9. Rider Socks Set

awesome socks club

If your boyfriend is currently trying a new diet trick by riding a bicycle, this Rider socks club will be a great support gift for him. He will be reminded to not give up on his goal, especially when he wears the orange No Pain No Gain design. These awesome socks can be seen as your treat for his endless effort.

10. Pink Panther Socks

Pink Panther Socks

Pink Panther socks club as a gift? It’s a big yes from us! Most people enjoy Pink Panther, so we are sure your boyfriend will love it too. Even if he doesn’t like the character, he definitely won’t dislike the awesome various colors arrows design.  

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Awesome Socks Club for Foodie Boyfriend

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11. Sushi Socks

awesome socks club

Sushi party goers should have at least a pair of this Sushi socks club. The awesome socks put your boyfriend’s favorite menus on the design. It may help you during ordering the delicious sushi. 

12. Taco Socks

awesome socks club

Consider these Taco socks as a small thankful gift to your boyfriend. With flying taco design and bright edges, these awesome socks club will get you a soft spot in his heart. It also will make your boyfriend treat you a big portion of tacos, or maybe he will let you order various Mexican food. Sound good, right?

13. Pizza Socks Set

awesome socks club

As the truly fanatic fan of Pizza boyfriend, you have lost count of how many pizza take-outs he made already. We recommend you to send this Pizza socks club that will come in 4 pairs as a set to surprise him. This delicious socks set might trick your man with their awesome pizza box that is awfully similar to a real one.

14. Cold Lemonade Socks

Cold Lemonade Socks

The fresh-looking Cold Lemonade socks club is here for your gift option. These awesome unisex socks are dominated with a vibrant yellow color that can brighten up his day. You can suggest your boyfriend to make this pair as the main point of his outfit for summer or order another one for yourself to get the couple’s look. 

Awesome Socks Club for Animal Lover Boyfriend

Share your enormous love for him and the lovely creatures. We choose several options for you.

15. Evolution Socks

Evolution Socks

We strongly encourage you to get these three pairs of Evolution Socks for your boyfriend. The three sets come with related designs that complete each other’s story. These awesome socks are somehow familiar to both you and your boyfriend’s childhood Game Boy game that would bring sweet reminiscence.

16. Squirrel Yard Socks

Squirrel Yard Socks

The Squirrel Yard socks will remind you of your boyfriend when he persistently claims his spot on the sofa to watch his favorite sports channel. You should give this socks club when he does so. He definitely lets you choose what to watch right after he sees the awesome design.

17. Feelin’ Cocky Socks

Feelin’ Cocky Socks

Send these socks as a gift to remind your boyfriend that he can’t act all cocky without these awesome Feelin’ Cocky socks. Let him be confident with the new socks club when he goes outside in a sophisticated way. Keep him in check and let no other chicks steal him.

18. Playful Cat Socks

Playful Cat

You don’t want to miss this Playful Cat socks club as a cat lover couple. Your boyfriend will look super cute and hot at the same time with the vivid pink and red mismatch socks on his feet. Your boyfriend will successfully pull a dashing look by wearing this awesome socks club you choose. 

Awesome Socks Club for Creative Boyfriend

A pair is not always the same. Differences can complete you into a whole new existence. Check out the mismatched socks on the list. 

19. Book Story Socks

Book Story Socks

Who says your calm bookworm boyfriend that almost all of his leisure time is taken over with his readings does not like colorful Book Story socks? He will be grateful that you take his hobby to mind and give him the suitable socks club as a gift for him. Try to do a book reading together in your spare time with his brand new awesome pair of socks.

20. Picassocks Socks

Picassocks Socks

This Picassocks socks club will be a great gift idea for your boyfriend who loves art. The stunning pair will complete the aesthetic look both on his fashion style and his social media posts. He can wear the cool socks club to your museum dates and take many pictures with them. Your artsy choice will impress him to the heart.

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21. Back to the 90’s Socks

Back to the 90s

If your boyfriend always keeps up with the trend, Back To The 90’s socks as a gift will fit him very well. The mismatched radiant socks club looks extremely awesome even when they meet the eye-catching neon color articles. You can match his look with a colorful outfit and be the coolest retro couple of the year.

22. Fast Foot Socks

Fast Foot Set

You know your boyfriend is a foodie and loves fast food as much as he loves you. This Fast Foot socks club is a bur-fect gift for him. He can proudly wear this awesome pair to his favorite restaurant while eating his favorite menu. Watch him being all smileys because he is satisfied both with his feet and his tummy.

23. Science Socks Set

Science Set

These Scientist socks clubs would never change your boyfriend into a mad scientist, but a fashionable adult. He can pair up the cheerful mismatched Tesla socks with his dress shoes and slacks and looks awesomely dazzling. He might get recognition for his interest in the science area because of the socks club.

24. Geeks Socks Set

Geeks Set

Be the proud girlfriend to your genius and high-tech boyfriend and send him these awesome mismatched Geek socks. The socks club with old school games as the unique designs probably becomes his number one treasure in the middle of his sophisticated electronics. Bright colors will contrast his daily dark outfits which creates a good addition to his color palette. 

Never Ending Socks Gifts for Boyfriend

Once is not enough, convey your love messages with continuous gifts. Try a different way of sending gifts for your boyfriend.

25. Fun Sock Subscription Box

Fun Sock Subscription Box

Surprises are planned to show your gratitude and love toward your partner without him knowing. The Fun Sock Subscription Box will be your best friend to give him a wonderful surprise once a month. The subscription allows your boyfriend to receive selected awesome socks club. This gift will show your genuine and never-ending love for him. 

Latest Posts:

What is the most popular socks club?

We could say the most popular socks club must be Colorful Dress socks. Many people love this socks club just as we do. 

Why socks club is important?

Besides its practical function, the socks club can play a role as the critical point of your outfit. The colorful and unique socks club itself can change the tone of your style, just like Evolution Socks and Geek socks. Try these socks club on your boyfriend and you will see yourself. 

What makes the socks club awesome?

Socks club always has something to offer, especially to help you escape from the monotones and boring fashion style. Peru Socks, Picassocks, and Back To The 90’s are your lifesaver. Also, the idea of getting surprises every month by joining the Fun Sock Subscription Box is exceptionally awesome.

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