25 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a surfer and you are looking for an idea for a gift to give, you are in the right place! You can’t just give him a surfboard because he needs several pieces of equipment besides a surfboard that you would present as gifts for the surfer’s boyfriend. These include wax, a surfing suit, and a poncho. You can also consider skin care, such as sunscreen and bath sets, as gifts for the surfer boyfriend since surfing is an outdoor activity.

In this article, you will find 25 thoughtful items you can get as gifts for your surfer boyfriend. Whether your man is a beginner surfer or a pro, you don’t have to worry because we have already picked various surfing-related items. Now, let’s just look into it!

1. Surfing 3D Night Lamp

Surfing 3D Night Lamp

This surfing lamp can make a cool gift for a surfer boyfriend. It has a 3D illuminated sculpture with the design of waves and a surfer. This lamp would create a different mood in his room since it can change up to 16 lighting colors and 4 flashing modes. Besides that, it also can be used as table decor.

2. Northcore Van Car Seat Covers

Northcore Van Car Seat Covers

Have you ever felt annoyed every time you saw your surfer boyfriend get into the car with his damp and full of sand clothes? If so, a car seat cover will be a suitable gift for a surfer boyfriend. Get this for him and say no more to cleaning the car seat after coming home from surfing.

3. Surf Travel Kit

Surf Travel Kit

Surfing needs many essentials in small sizes, hence every surfer needs a surf kit like this one. Your surfer boyfriend, too, may need to bring this kit as it is very handy but still has everything, starting from surf wax and its comb to natural skin care, such as lip balm and sunscreen. All of this is encompassed in a canvas clutch bag which makes it worth a gift.

4. “Surfery” Rhymes Book

Surfery Rhymes Book

If you don’t want to get surfing tools but still want a surf-related gift for your surfer boyfriend, you can buy this book. With a total of 62 pages including 31 surf-inspired poems and illustrations by Joe Vickers, this “surfery” rhymes book comes in hardcover. This surely will make a great gift for your surfer boyfriend.

5. Sticky Bumps Wax and Fireball Wax Remover

Sticky Bumps Wax and Fireball Wax Remover

Surf wax is so important to every surfer, that’s why we suggest you give it as a gift for your surfer boyfriend. This set of four bars of Sticky Bumps wax consists of a bar base and three bars of cool-cold wax. It also comes with a flex comb and a fireball that can clean and remove the wax off the surfboard.

6. Peel Surf Wax Recycler

Peel Surf Wax Recycler

Having a bunch of surf wax leftover is one of the problems that surfers have to face. But there’s no need to worry because this peel surf wax recycler comes to end that problem. Get this item as a gift for your surfer’s boyfriend, so he doesn’t have to throw his surf wax leftover ever again since it can be turned into a new wax bar.

7. Surfing 3D Pop Art Cards

Surfing 3D Pop Art Cards

Giving a message card would be fancier with these pop art cards. It has a surf-themed design, reflected in a person surfing on the waves and palm trees. These 3D pop-up cards are hand made and there are blank on the reverse to write your own message. Such a nice gift for a surfer boyfriend, isn’t it?

8. Tie-Dyed Surf Poncho and Changing Robe

Tie Dyed Surf Poncho and Changing Robe

When we are talking about thoughtful gifts for your surfer boyfriend, a poncho obviously should be included. This comfy poncho has a blue color scheme along with tie-dyed blue and white cotton pocket panels that match the color of the ocean. You can wear this too for having a couple looks with him!

9. Northcore Desktop Tide Clock

Northcore Desktop Tide Clock

The first thing that every surfer does before really going to the beach for surfing is check the local tide chart. But, instead of doing it every now and then, that thing can be done more efficiently with a tide clock. You can give this unique surfer clock as a gift to your boyfriend as it is functional and has an elegant design.

10. Surfer Couple in Love Handmade Decorative Statue

Surfer Couple in Love Handmade Decorative Statue

If you want a more lasting gift for your surfer boyfriend, this surfer couple statue can be your first choice. It is handmade, so you don’t need to question its uniqueness. Moreover, this is second to none for a Valentine’s Day gift as you can show your genuine feeling through this.

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11. Oak and Leather Surfboard Rack

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Surfboards are big, thus sometimes it is hard to store. Perhaps a surfboard wall rack to keep his board is a perfect gift for a surfer boyfriend in need. Aside from acting as a storage, it can become a focal point too! Made from solid Oak and Veg Tan Leather Hyde, this guarantees high quality as well as a sustainable product.

12. Mara Stoneware Mug – Surfer


A surfer mug should be added to gifts for surfer boyfriend lists. With a cool graphic, this mug is hand crafted and can be functioned for drinking or for decorative purposes. Get this for your surfer boyfriend’s birthday and he must be super happy with it!

13. Aches and Pains Organic Balm

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Surfing requires great resistance training workouts, therefore feeling tired and sore after doing it is very possible. This organic balm can ease the aches and pains that your surfer boyfriend suffers. With its small size, this balm can be easily put in his pocket so that he can bring it everywhere.

14. Plastic-Free Travel Shower Essentials

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Some surfers are concerned about ocean cleanliness because they definitely don’t want to surf in an ocean full of trash. If your man is one of them, you can buy him these plastic-free shower essentials. With this, he can take a shower right after surfing without any worries as it has water-soluble casings that envelop a single use of each concoction.

15. Rokka & Rolla Men’s Swim Trunks

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

A surfer can never have enough swim trunks, so don’t hesitate to get a pair or two of these as gifts for your boyfriend. There are 11 different patterns that you can collect, along with 5 different sizes. Plus, it is equipped with UPF 50+ for enhanced UV sun protection aside from its quick-dry microfibers that are very suitable for surfing.

16. Neutrogena Sport Face Oil-Free Sunscreen

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Doing an outdoor sport, such as surfing can damage the skin if you don’t pay attention to skincare. So, a bottle of sunscreen is a simple yet notable gift for a surfer boyfriend. Giving this can be seen as an expression that you care for him. Put this in his surf bag without him knowing, and he would be very thankful for that.

17. COR Surf Waterproof Lightweight Duffle Bag

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

A bag is necessary for everyone, let alone surfers. They need a bag to put together all the things for surfing, and so does your surfer boyfriend. This lightweight duffle bag can carry so much stuff and uses high-quality waterproof material that is suitable for any outdoor activities and water sports. Therefore, this is one of the best gifts for a surfer boyfriend.

18. Surfboard Sock Cover

Surfboard Sock Cover

The thing that every surfer needs to protect from the UV sunlight is not only their body but also their surfboard. Thus, a surfboard cover is one gift for a surfer boyfriend that you can shop for. The woven fabric has several colors and size options with its high quality that will prevent wax from ruining the vehicle’s interior while driving.

19. Surfboard Leash

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Perhaps your boyfriend is a beginner surfer, then it is crucial for him to have a surfboard leash. With a leash, he will be much safer because it will help him to control his surfboard and prevent it from hitting other surfers. Accordingly, consider giving him this leg leash if he doesn’t have one or buy another for backup.

20. Eartune Aqua Surfer Ear Plugs

Eartune Aqua Surfer Ear Plugs

Frequent exposure to cold water can cause an ear infections, which is called surfer’s ear. However, you can use ear plugs to prevent it. This Eartune Aqua prevents water from entering the ear while surfing but still allows the sound to come through. If your boyfriend loves to surf, he will absolutely appreciate it.

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21. Men’s Water Shoes Quick-Dry

Men’s Water Shoes Quick-Dry

Surfers cannot wear ordinary shoes, they need water shoes. Therefore, these water shoes are worth a gift for a surfer boyfriend. It will allow him to walk or do activities related to water, like surfing, because its rock-textured rubber outsole has 12 small drainage holes and honeycomb insoles that ensure fast drainage and provide strong stability and security.

22. Northcore C-MAT Changing Mat

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Imagine having all your clothes end up as wet and sandy as your boyfriend’s surfing suit, though you didn’t even go near the water. It must be annoying, right? Worry not, this changing mat comes to rescue that unfortunate situation since it is waterproof, so your boyfriend can throw in all his wetsuit while changing over this changing mat. Time to get this for him, eh?

23. Wonder Maxi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Maybe your boyfriend is a beginner surfer or just started surfing lately, you can buy him this as a gift. The inflatable paddle board is great for beginner surfers since it will help them direct better on waves, together with other accessories equipped in the set. Besides, it also fits those who want the ultimate convenience of portability and easy storage.

24. Men Surfing Suit

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

A must-have item for a surfer is a surfing suit. Thus, giving it as a gift for your boyfriend is a great idea. This suit is made from 3mm neoprene that would give the user maximum comfort and warmth but still maintain flexibility. It comes in various sizes, so choose the one that fits your boyfriend.

25. Blue Wave Illustration Sweatshirt

Gifts for Your Surfer Boyfriend

Your surfer boyfriend might already have all the equipment for surfing, then this blue wave illustration sweatshirt can be your option. With a minimalist yet awesome surf-themed design, this sweatshirt can warm your boyfriend after spending time with cool water. Consider buying a pair since it would make amazing couple outfits!

latest post:

What should I get a surfer for Valentine’s Day?

For Valentine’s Day, you can get these 3D pop-up cards as it has an adorable surfing design. You can deliver some touching words for your beloved surfer through it, just like the initial function of cards. Other than that, this couple statue is the best example of gifts for a surfer boyfriend that you can get for Valentine’s Day because it represents a couple of surfers who are are in love with each other.

What to buy for someone who surfs?

You can buy someone who surfs this surf kit that includes surfing essentials in a convenient clutch bag. Aside from that, we have this comfy poncho and surfboard cover recommendation as adorable gifts. Last but not least, surfing suits are one of the most valuable things to buy as gifts for a surfer boyfriend.

What kind of wax is used for surfboards?

The wax that is used for surfboards is surf wax, like this one. It is primarily made from a mixture of paraffin, beeswax, or other hard waxes. Other substances, like coconut or bubble gum, are added to give the wax a tropical scent. One thing that must be kept in mind is, that you need to consider the climate where you are going to surf. Because when the water temperature is different, you need a different kind of surf wax too.

How long does surf wax last?

Surf wax usually lasts for 3 months after being applied to the surfboard. But it is not impossible for it to last only a few weeks or sooner than that, depending on the direct sunlight exposure. You can always put another layer of wax on your board if you think it is not working properly anymore. And it is fine too if you want to leave wax on your surfboard, as long as you don’t leave it for more than four months.

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