25 Thoughtful Gifts For Dementia Patients To Show Your Care

It can be difficult and stressful to care for someone who has dementia. It may, however, be rewarding and even enjoyable if you have sincerity taking care of dementia patients. Moreover, you can show your support and care by giving them gifts for dementia patients. Dementia patients may have a difficult time. Sometimes they befuddled. When they make a mistake, they may become irritated and upset. They could be irritated by other people as well. They may also be unaware that they are sad and unable to articulate why. Therefore, thoughtful gifts for dementia patients should be something beneficial and useful to improve their lives.

Today, there are various gifts for dementia patients that will make them happy. If you are planning to show your care to your dementia patients in your life, then you come to the right place. To make you get inspired, we have compiled several great items across the internet. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the list!

1. School Years Picture Frame

School Years Picture Frame

In case your dementia patients start to forget people’s faces, you can give them this stunning picture frame. You can customize it with a variety of frame moldings and add it with their school friends’ photos. Made from high quality wood and glass, this timeless design will never go out of style.

2. Puzzle For Dementia People

Puzzle For Dementia People

People with moderate dementia can find self-empowerment, hope, and dignity in this enjoyable and soothing activity book. It includes 60 stimulating puzzles in one book. It will create meaningful activities for people who have dementia. This is one of the most awesome gifts for dementia patients to boost brain functioning.

3. Psalms Picture Book

Psalms Picture Booka

Help dementia patients to feel the blessing from God with this wonderful picture book. Images have been shown to aid people with memory loss in accessing memories. Dementia patients also can feel the joy and love of the Most High while admiring this beautiful book.

4. Handmade Twiddle Muff

Handmade Twiddle Muff

If you are looking for gifts for dementia patients that often feel nervous, you may surprise them with this colorful twiddle muff. It is always an fascinating present for dementia patients as it comes with attractive designs. Moreover, it will keep the restless hands of people with dementia calm and warm. 

5. Everyday Communication Aids

Everyday Communication Aids

This is one of the most useful gifts for dementia patients to speak their mind. It features various kinds of activities that will help them to communicate with other people. Sometimes they may feel stress as dementia makes their communication ability less. Simply surprise them with this present, and it definitely lights up their day.

6. Antique Cars To Color

Antique Cars To Color

This coloring book can be a useful activity for dementia patients. It helps ease agitation or aggression in someone with dementia as it is very distracting and calming. This book comes with pictures of antique cars to color, perfect for your old grandpa who used to love automotive. 

7. Therapeutic Art Activity Book

Therapeutic Art Activity Book

Art can also help patients relax and may even aid in the reduction of dementia-related behaviors. This activity book provides therapeutic art activities ideas. From painting on canvas to the glass, dementia patients can choose what kind of therapeutic art activity they want. It will be one of the most wonderful gifts for dementia patients.

8. Fleece Fidget Activity Mat

Fleece Fidget Activity Mat

Suppose you want to get gifts for dementia patients to calm them, why don’t you try this awesome fidget activity mat? It comes with colorful and unique items in one mat. Whenever they feel stress, you can get them this fidget activity mat to distract them. This present will improve the wellbeing of people with dementia

9. The 1940s Memory Lane

The 1940s Memory Lane

This 35-page book is for early-stage dementia patients who enjoy reading but find it difficult to follow ‘regular’ books.The book looks at everyday life in Britain and the United States in the 1940s. With large font, brief easy-to-follow paragraphs, and plenty of drawings, this will be one of perfect gifts for dementia patients.

10. Fidget Blanket

Fidget Blanket

Did your dementia patients often feel difficult to sleep? If so, get them gifts for dementia patients to make them have a restful sleep. Unlike the ordinary blanket, this present is also designed as a fidget widget. It can support their busy hands to reduce their stress. As they feel calmer, they can sleep comfortably.

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11. Elderly Playing Cards

Elderly Playing Cards

With this gift for dementia patients, you may help them to improve their memory ability. It features 3 packs of different playing cards. From the regular playing card to the memory card game, it can be used to play together. Therefore, your dementia patients can get a fantastic and fun activity that kills their boredom..

12. Twiddle Sensory Toys

Twiddle Sensory Toys

If you are looking for gifts for dementia patients who are also animal lovers, then this item will be on top of the list. It’s gentle, safe, and easy to clean. This collection of animal toys is intended to keep hands and brains active and engaged, as well as relax and calm them.

13. Good Day Puzzle

Good Day Puzzle

Improve the brain function of dementia patients by giving them this amazing puzzle. It features vibrant colors, lovely images, and memorable vibes that appeal to adults. It also functions as a puzzle tray, allowing them to complete the puzzle right inside the box. Hence, your dementia patients can solve this puzzle anywhere they want.

14. Wooden Tangram

Wooden Tangram

This is one of the most unique puzzle gifts for dementia patients that will make them focus for long times. The tangram puzzle has various ways to complete. Start with the more detailed template to complete. Then, the challenge can be increased by flipping the template over. Or, they can complete the puzzle using the outline alone.

15. Dementia Alarm

Dementia Alarm

Remembering dates and times is a challenging task for dementia people. By giving them the dementia alarm, you help them throw their worry away. The time and date are all clearly displayed on this clock’s display. Furthermore, it has large bold lettering and no muddled abbreviations, perfect for dementia patients before starting the day.

16. Adult Red Montessori Board

Adult Red Montessori Board

The color red was believed to create the most visual attention to dementia patients. Therefore, this montessori board will be suitable for people who suffer dementia. This board creates a visually appealing center where your elederly may play securely while honing fine motor and visual motor abilities. 

17. Word Search Dementia Game

Word Search Dementia Game

In case your dementia patients love to solve puzzles, then word games can be a great gift idea. It features simple words they need to find by circle the answer. This activity can assist elderly strengthen their reasoning skills by requiring them to look at the “hint” of a few letters in order to find a word.

18. Match The Shapes Game

Match The Shapes Game

Matching the shape game may look childish. However, it brings a good impact to dementia patients. It will stimulate their brain function as it comes with colorful and various shapes. It will be one of the most meaningful gifts for dementia patients to reduce boredom and improve quality of life. 

19. Dementia Expressions Cards

Dementia Expressions Cards

With these expression cards, your dementia patients can have a fun activity while improving their vocabularies.These gifts for dementia patients have question cards and answer cards. They have to match both the question and cards to make correct sentences. Don’t forget to ask them to read the sentences out loud once finished, helping them to remember.

20. Personalized Dementia Mug

Personalized Dementia Mug

As your parents grow older, dementia is a common occurrence. Help your parents to remember those great memories with you with this stunning mug. You can customize this mug with a lovely photo of you with your parents on the front. Moreover, the date of this photo and heartwarming quotes on the mug added makes one of thoughtful gifts for dementia patients in your life.

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21. Dementia Medical Condition Necklace

Dementia Medical Condition Necklace

With this dementia medical condition necklace, your dementia patients will make their life easier while walking outside. This is a stainless steel pendant with a medical condition emblem laser engraved on it. It provides dementia patients with next-generation emergency medical alert identification.

22. Traveling Busy Cube

Traveling Busy Cube

In case you worry about your dementia parents while traveling, you can get them this big busy cube. It comes with a small size, making a perfect toy to bring that will keep them busy on the road. Moreover, this gift also keeps their hands occupied while stimulating their minds.

23. Alzheimer Wish Bracelet

Alzheimer Wish Bracelet

Show your support to dementia patients with this beautiful bracelet. This handmade bracelet is made with waxed cotton cord and finished with the Tibetan charm. The thoughtful text on the card also comes with this bracelet. Therefore, this amazing bracelet will bring positive energy to your dementia patients.

24. Morse Code Alzheimer Necklace

Morse Code Alzheimer Necklace

Jewelry will never fail to impress people, including dementia patients. What makes it unique, the neckalce features the morese code that spells out “Fuck Alzheimer”. The tiny precious metal beads representing the dots and dashes of morse code in the necklace. This necklace will send strength to your dementia patients to fight over their decreasing condition.

25. Adult Fidget Apron

Adult Fidget Apron

If you are going to get gifts for dementia patients who love cooking, then this apron will be perfect. Beside protecting them from food stains while cooking, this apron can reduce their stress or anxiety. It features fidget items on the front of the apron. Therefore, their restless hands will get something safe to work on.

latest post:

Is dementia a disease?

In fact, dementia is not a specific disease. Dementia is a generic word for a loss of capacity to recall, think, or make judgments that interferes with daily tasks. The most frequent form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is not a normal aspect of aging, even though it usually affects older people.

What gift do you give someone with dementia?

To show your support and care, there are many great gifts for dementia patients that will improve their memory and brain function. For example, stuff with a fidget widget such as the Fidget Blanket or the Adult Fidget Apron will be thoughtful gifts for dementia patients. Moreover, you also can get stimulating games such as the Wooden Tangram or the Word Search Dementia Game which create wonderful activities.

What do you get a dementia patient for Christmas?

On Christmas Day, gifts for dementia patients should be something that can warm their heart. Therefore gifts which show positive messages and support such as the Alzheimer Wish Bracelet or the Morse Code Alzheimer Necklace will be perfect presents for people who suffer dementia. In case you are looking for thoughtful gifts for dementia patients, please check our lists above.

How do you keep dementia patients entertained?

Games, puzzles, and fun activities always make dementia patients entertained. Today, there are many gifts for dementia patients which are designed to entertain them. As they may be bored and feel anxious, you can ask them to solve the Good Day Puzzle. Or, you can ask them to color the Antique Cars Color Book that can be a meaningful and fun activity for your dementia patients.

Why do dementia patients fold things?

Adults with Alzheimer’s disease may find folding objects enjoyable. Give your dementia patients simple objects to fold, such as towels or clothes, where the motions are the same. This is not only a monotonous activity they can repeat many times, but it can also make them feel valuable and boost their self-confidence.

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