24 Unique Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Day

Christmas is around the corner, and since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, you will see that there are plenty of Christmas decorations everywhere. This year, perhaps it is time for you to make sure you don’t get stuck with the same old type of Christmas decorations. New and unique Christmas ornaments will not only make you feel more exciting to welcome the special day, because it will also create a new and fresh Christmas ambience around the house to make your home feels more welcoming for your guests.

If you are looking for new and unique Christmas ornaments that will create a unique look to your home holiday decorations, you have come to the right place. To help you to find the best recommendations, we have created a list of unique Christmas ornaments that will make you fall in love. We can assure you that your Christmas tree will have a different look this year with our recommendations of Christmas ornaments.

So check out list below and see how the items can give you fresh and out-of-the-box ideas for this year’s Christmas ornaments.

How Do You Choose The Perfect Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree?

Choosing ornaments is an opportunity to express your personality and style. Consider a theme or color scheme to create a cohesive look, or mix and match for a more eclectic tree. Incorporate ornaments that reflect your interests, hobbies, or favorite holiday symbols. Opt for a combination of sentimental pieces and new additions, making your tree a unique reflection of your family’s journey.

Can Christmas Ornaments Become A Meaningful Family Tradition?

Of course ! Decorating the tree with loved ones is a cherished tradition for many families. Make it even more special by incorporating yearly ornament exchanges or having each family member choose a unique ornament to hang on the tree. These joyful moments will become cherished memories that bind your family together for generations.

BEST Christmas Ornaments

Step into a wonderland of holiday enchantment as we unveil the BEST Christmas ornaments that will turn your tree into a festive masterpiece! These little treasures hold more than just sparkle; they encapsulate the spirit of the season, evoking memories of laughter, love, and cherished moments. From traditional baubles to whimsical characters, each ornament adds its own touch of magic, making your tree a radiant centerpiece of holiday joy.

Let’s embark on a journey through shimmering snowflakes, jolly Santas, and glimmering stars as we explore the most captivating Christmas ornaments that will ignite the wonder of the season. Get ready to deck your halls with the most delightful and heartwarming ornaments that will make this holiday truly unforgettable!

1. Lenox 2021 Snow Fantasies Snowflake Ornament

Lenox 2021 Snow Fantasies Snowflake Ornament

Being one of the things that reminds us so much of Christmas, looking at snowflakes before Christmas will truly bring joy and create excitement to meeting our families and loved ones very soon. Therefore, why not bring the joy into a piece of beautiful porcelain snowflake ornament like this lovely ornament?

This ornament will beautifully complete the decoration of your Christmas tree, turning it a place for people to gather around and share happiness together.

2. Kurt Adler Pink Flamingo

2.  Kurt Adler Pink Flamingo

Need something feminine to create a sweet touch to your Christmas this year? For that purpose, we highly recommend you to consider having this resin whimsical pink flamingo as one of the most unique Christmas ornaments for you this year.

Based on how it looks, we can immediately say that it will instantly add a touch of sweetness to the whole decoration of your Christmas tree. In addition, this ornament has glitter accents and feathers, which will be a unique, feminine and fun addition to a delightful Christmas ambiance.

3. 24K Gold Plated Studded Spider Hanging Ornament

24K Gold Plated Studded Spider Hanging Ornament

Have you ever heard about one of the most legendary sayings about the Christmas Spider from Europe? The saying says that finding a spider or web on your Christmas tree is considered ‘good luck’ for the coming year.

If you believe that the legend is true, then you might want to have this unique spider web Christmas ornament on your Christmas tree. We have no doubt, it will also be the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, as this will bring good luck to anyone who received this unique Christmas ornament. 

4. OUTPOST POTTERY Handmade Porcelain

OUTPOST POTTERY Handmade Porcelain

A quick look at this porcelain Christmas ornament clearly describes the meaning of ‘Simplicity at its best.’ In our opinion, the design of this ornament is very simple, clean, but it has a deep meaning to describe the spirit of Christmas.

Made of high quality porcelain, we truly love this ornament. Moreover, this simple Christmas ornament was handmade and has a country home aesthetic look.

5. Broadway Gifts Black Drum Set Instrument

Broadway Gifts Black Drum Set Instrument

Add a touch of Broadway look to your Christmas Tree to create fun and musical elements into your home Christmas decoration. For that particular purpose, we recommend you to check this one out.

These black drum ornaments will clearly become an eye-catching and cute ornament for sure. Plus, it will be kids’ favorite as well. Trust us, anyone needs to have these kinds of unique Christmas decorations once a while.

6. Wooden Bauble Snowman 

unique christmas ornaments

For those of you who love natural design with earthy colors, we really think that you will love our next recommendation. This delightful Christmas tree decoration will surely be a pretty ornament to be hung in your Christmas tree.

Being one of the most unique Christmas ornament with a natural look, this cute ornament also includes hand drawn images of a snowman standing in the snow surrounded by white snowfall.

7. Christmas Wood Decoration Tree Pre-Lit LED Ornament

Christmas Wood Decoration Tree Pre-Lit LED Ornament

We believe without a doubt that this Light Up Christmas ornament will be an ornament that brings a happy and festive feel into your home.

We would suggest that you place this unique Christmas ornament inside your living room. It has the LED lighting feature, which without a doubt will be one of your family’s favorite Christmas decoration items. Furthermore, it will become the most-awaited Christmas ornament to be used again next year, too!

8. Circuit Board Wreath Ornament

Circuit Board Wreath Ornament

Next up we have the perfect one for the geek in the family! As you can see, this Circuit Board Wreath Ornament will be the perfect gift for a geeky friend who just can’t seem to stay away from a computer.

In our opinion, this unique Christmas ornament is one of a kind and will add a unique touch to any home this Christmas. Well, a home that is owned by a geeky soul, of course!

9. Wood Slice Ornament

Wood Slice Ornament

Planning on having a more rustic decoration to your home for Christmas? We’re on your team!

However, don’t forget to add these rustic wood slide ornaments into your Christmas tree decoration. The forest scene against a vivid night sky will be a unique and thoughtful handmade Christmas gift for your dearest friends and loved ones. Even better, you might even want to get some for yourself, too!

10. Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament
Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

Next, what do you think about about a personalized Christmas ornament? Take this one for instance. This personalized family tree ornament, that includes names of family members and wording engraved along the base, will be a sweet and lovely Christmas gift for friends and family.

With the names of the family members on the ornament, we believe that the feeling of togetherness will definitely be something to enjoy this Christmas, thanks to this wonderful and personalized ornament.

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11. Coffee Molecule Christmas Ornament

Coffee Molecule Christmas Ornament

All of us have that friend who just can’t stand a day without coffee. If you are planning on giving a unique Christmas ornament as a Christmas tree for that one friend, then we recommend you to consider buying them this one.

From the look of it, we bet you can already see why we suggested this unique Christmas ornament to you, right? An ornament with a Coffee Molecule shape will be one of the best options for you in choosing the right and most thoughtful gift for your coffee lover friend.

12. Ceramic Sun Ornament

Ceramic Sun Ornament

These unique Christmas ornaments will add a touch of handmade creations into your Christmas tree. Each piece was made of speckled stoneware clay and the patterns were hand painted, making it a very precious item to have.

In our opinion, these unique Christmas ornaments will make one-of-a-kind pieces of Christmas decorations that anyone could have. Moreover, we also think this ornament will make a great gift for a special friend who appreciate art.

13. Tree Buddees Retro Cassette Tape Unique Christmas Ornament

Tree Buddees Retro Cassette Tape Unique Christmas Ornament

When was the last time you saw a cassette like this? Or have you ever actually seen one before? Well, your answer will clearly tell us your age, or your generation for sure.

This Christmas, you can bring back that retro feel into your Christmas celebration with this retro Christmas ornament. We believe without a doubt, this ornament will take you back to the 80’s and 90’s, when we used to dance the night away with the music from these cassettes.

14. Black Cat in Window Wood Christmas Tree Holiday Ornament

Black Cat in Window Wood Christmas Tree Holiday Ornament

Complete your Christmas tree decoration with this cute wooden ornament with a kitten peeking through the window as the design.

If you want to appreciate your furry friends this Christmas, then we think you can do it by adding this cute Christmas ornament to your Christmas tree decoration. In our opinion, there’s nothing cuter than having this ornament, which will be loved by little nephews and nieces, too!

15. Hallmark Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

Hallmark Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

Who have not heard about the famous Tim Burton’s movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Well, trust us when we say that your Christmas certainly won’t be a nightmare even when you decide to include this ornament to your Christmas tree decoration. Instead, we believe without a doubt that this cute Jack Skellington ornament will certainly bring joy to your home instead of nightmare. 

16. Couple’s First Personalized Ornament

Couple’s First Personalized Ornament

Complete the happiness of your dear friends who are celebrating the first Christmas as a couple by presenting them this personalized Couple First Personalized Ornament.

In addition, don’t forget to engrave their names on the backside of the ornament as well to make it more personal. However, if you are also a new couple who is about to celebrate your first Christmas together, we also recommend you to get one for yourself, too!

17. Plastic Starburst Christmas Holiday Shaped Ornament

Plastic Starburst Christmas Holiday Shaped Ornament

Celebrate the festive season by adding this Christmas spark to your home, or to the home of your loved ones or family. Being one of the most unique Christmas ornaments to own, we think this one must be put into consideration.

We have no doubt, this striking Christmas decoration will create that magical ambiance and make this year’s Christmas more meaningful surrounded by loved ones.

18. Sequin Bead Glitr Star Topper 

Sequin Bead Glitr Star Topper

The perfect Christmas tree must have a stunning topper to complete the overall look.

For that purpose, we think that you might want to choose this beautiful Sequin Bead Glitr Star Topper that allows your house to show perfection through its stunning Christmas tree. In our opinion, it looks adorable, stunning, and will definitely become the focal point of the tree.

19. Glitzhome Christmas Decor

Glitzhome Christmas Decor

If you are looking for a lovely Christmas ornament to be placed on your living room’s desk, we recommend you to consider having this Glitzhome Christmas decor.

Moreover, you can also present this beautiful Christmas tree decoration to your loved ones. By doing so, we can almost be certain that they will be thrilled to have this as a lovely souvenir to be treasured for many years to come. 

20. Tiered Metal Bells Ornament

Tiered Metal Bells Ornament

Next up, we have these hanging metal bells, which we believe would be the perfect Christmas gift for a home full of loved ones. This ornament will complete the look of your Christmas tree.

Imagine how lovely it would be with families and friends gather around the tree to share their love and happiness with each other? Available in two lovely colors, we think these bells will surely bring joy with the lovely holiday noises, whichever color you choose.

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21. Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Ornament

This snowflake is not just your usual snowflake. This one is a snowflake made of swirls of folded paper, making it one of the most unique Christmas ornaments to have.

In our opinion, it has the potential to become one of the prettiest ornaments that your Christmas tree has ever had. Instead of having one of these, we recommend you get at least three or four of these to make your Christmas tree looks more stunning this year.

22. Set of 5 Woodland Ornaments

Set of 5 Woodland Ornaments

Show your love to nature this Christmas with these wooden Christmas tree ornaments that come in a set of 5. We think it will bring a sweet and natural touch into your home decorations this Christmas.

These ornaments come in five different shapes and colors. So, we’re pretty sure that each color will create a cute look that represents a Christmas tree in tiny size and natural wood colors. Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique Christmas ornaments that will add a touch of rustic to your home decoration.

23. Hallmark Harry Potter Sorting Hat Christmas Tree Ornament

Hallmark Harry Potter Sorting Hat Christmas Tree Ornament

We believe that looking at this unique tree ornament will make you wish you could find out which house would fit you best. Will it be Gryffindor, or perhaps Slytheryn?

Well whatever it is, you are definitely in a house that celebrates Christmas in the most magical way, based on the love for Harry Potter. So in short, this ornament is truly the perfect Christmas ornament for harry Potter lovers out there!

24. Allstate Floral Beige Wrapped Oval Christmas Hanging Ornament

Allstate Floral Beige Wrapped Oval Christmas Hanging Ornament

If you still can’t decide on what would be the perfect Christmas gift for your family members this year? We’re pretty sure that this lovely wrapped ball would be the perfect pick. Therefore, we suggest that you put this into consideration.

In our opinion, the natural and rustic look would be a nice addition to the whole holiday décor that your family, including your lovely grandparents, would definitely love.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is truly one of the best times of the year. Everything must be prepared in the best possible ways, including to make sure our home is full of Christmas decorations and ready to welcome those we love the most to come and celebrate the day together.

It’s always a great idea to keep our Christmas ornaments up-to-date to make sure we can always brings out the love and happiness from everyone in the family. So, make sure you check out our list above to find the most exciting Christmas ornaments to decorate your house this year!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are ornaments a good Christmas gift?

A meaningful ornament is the perfect budget-friendly Christmas present. Always remember that ornaments also work for family, friends, and even neighbors or teachers. So, if you want to spoil a few lucky people on your list while sticking to a budget, we would suggest going with a heartfelt ornament. 

Can you use Christmas ornaments beyond the Christmas tree?

Absolutely! Christmas ornaments are incredibly versatile. Hang them on garlands, wreaths, or even drape them across windows for a festive touch. Transform your dining table into a holiday wonderland by using ornaments as place settings or centerpiece décor. Get creative and let your imagination guide you to use ornaments in various ways throughout your home.

How can you make your Christmas ornaments more meaningful?

Infuse your ornaments with sentimental value by choosing ones that reflect your family’s interests or hobbies. Personalize ornaments with names or significant dates, capturing moments that hold a special place in your heart.

Consider creating DIY ornaments with your loved ones, making memories as you craft together. Mix and match ornaments from different years to create a story-like tree, representing the growth and journey of your family.

How should you store your Christmas ornaments to keep them in pristine condition?

To preserve the beauty of your ornaments, store them in acid-free tissue paper or special ornament storage boxes. Avoid stacking fragile ornaments to prevent breakage. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Consider investing in storage containers with individual compartments for added protection.

Who can we gift Christmas ornaments to?

Days, months, and years will come and go, but memories will last forever. Having Christmas ornaments as a gift will work for anyone. Say parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, even colleagues or neighbors. Having a thoughtful ornament as a gift will help you relive a special time with those who matter the most.

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