26 Sweet and Touching Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Best Friends

Christmas is a joyous occasion celebrated annually. You will be able to gather with your loved ones at home and share fun and intimate moments with them. This is the time to be open to each other and share things that normally you won’t have the time to. Besides that, you know what excites people the most during Christmas? The answer is simple: Gifts!

Indeed, it has been a tradition to exchange gifts with friends and family. You even promise special gifts to your lovely kids if they behave well all throughout the year. However, there might be a chance that you forgot to buy gifts for a person or two in your life. It might not seem good, but thankfully there’s a lot of last-minute Christmas gifts for best friends that you can find. Because of the timing issue, you need to forget about all the customized or personalized gifts. After all, they will definitely take a long time to process. As an alternative, you can buy simple and unusual gifts for them. Please take a look at our list of last-minute Christmas gifts for best friends down below. 

Simple Gift for Best Friends

When you’re cutting in short, timing is more important than the item itself. Fortunately, most simple gifts can also be special for your best friend, as long as it closely relates to them. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best simple and last-minute Christmas gifts for best friends. 

1. Holiday Pop Up Amazon Gift Card

Holiday Pop Up Amazon Gift Card

Giving gift cards might be a little common. However, make it special by purchasing this lovely Amazon gift card. It is stored inside a beautiful pop-up box that perfectly matches the Christmas theme. Moreover, the gift card has no expiration date, so your lovely friend can use them anytime they want to. 

2. Funny ‘Love” Mug

Funny ‘Love” Mug

When you are really close with your best friend, you don’t need to act like a stranger anymore. Instead, just be yourself and enjoy the relationship. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this hilarious mug for you. It serves as a reminder of how close you two have become. 

3. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

It’s never warm on Christmas. Despite all the snow that you can play in, you still need to feel a soothing aura while sleeping. If you want a unique way to accomplish that, you should just buy this cool pillow. Heat it inside a microwave and it will generate warmth and relaxing aroma. 

4. Wooden Elk Ornament

Wooden Elk Ornament

Come on, you’re not going to tell us that your Christmas tree will be plain without any decorations! If you do not have the time to find personalized ornaments, just try to buy simple ones, just like this cool wooden elk ornament! It will match perfectly on your tree. 

5. Handmade Fruit Bookmark

Handmade Fruit Bookmark

No, this bookmark is not made up of real fruits. However, if you take a look at the design, you’ll notice that it looks simple and unique. If your best friend loves to read books, this will be the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts for best friends. 

6. Kittens Family Shirt

Kittens Family Shirt

Celebrating Christmas won’t be fun without your family. If your best friend has a big, happy family, then you probably should celebrate that with this shirt. The cats on the shirt look very cute and friendly. We guarantee that your friend will appreciate this gift from you. 

7. Adorable Dog Collar and Leash

Adorable Dog Collar and Leash

Taking care of a pet can be really exciting and tiring at the same time. If your friend happens to have a dog, you can help by buying this dog collar! This collar is a limited edition item with the theme of “Africa’s Calling”. Get it now before you and your best friend regret it!

8. Wine Bottle Dust Cover

Wine Bottle Dust Cover

Simple items can be unique and memorable at times. Take a look at this dust cover bag as an example. Although it has a simple function, it really looks cool, right? This gift is perfect for your wine-loving best friend. Now they won’t have to worry about their wines getting dirty anymore. 

9. Men’s Docking Station

Men’s Docking Station

This is the perfect gift for a well-groomed man. If your friend is an entrepreneur or a successful employee, you can help them from getting their items lost with this multipurpose docking station. Now, they can store their phone, keys, wallet, and even watch on this awesome docking station

10. Beauty and the Beast Flower Display

Beauty and the Beast Flower Display

By now, everybody has already heard about the classic tale of the Beauty and the Beast. If your friend loves the flower from the cartoon or the movie, you probably can buy it for them. It will act as a cool collection to display in their house. 

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11. Snow Ski Wine Rack

Snow Ski Wine Rack

If your best friend collects a lot of wine bottles, then they also need something cool to display them. Enter the snow ski wine rack. With this awesome snow ski, your friend won’t have to spend a fortune for buying a wine rack

12. Birthstone Ornament

Birthstone Ornament

Despite all the advanced technologies that we use every day, it’s a good idea to take a step back once in a while and reconnect with our nature. With this cool ornament, you can do just that. The beautiful ornament was infused with rock dust from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. 

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Best Friends

If the simple gifts that we have offered before couldn’t make your shortlist, don’t freak out yet. We still have a lot of unusual items that you can buy as last minute Christmas gifts for best friends. Let’s take a look at our list below. 

1. Microwave Soup Bowl Cozies

Microwave Soup Bowl Cozies

When you’re done cooking a meal, there’s a chance that you might not eat it straight away. Sometimes it might bump you out, because the temperature won’t be the same anymore. You shouldn’t worry about that anymore if you have these awesome coverings.

2. Die Hard Ornament

Die Hard Ornament

Die Hard is often credited as one of the best Christmas movies of all time. If you love the rivalry of John McLane and Hans Gruber, then you should buy this cool ornament for your Christmas tree. It certainly gives out a unique aura to the tree. 

3. Sitting Gnome Decoration

Sitting Gnome Decoration

This hairy gnome really looks like a Christmas tree, right? Despite its unique appearance, we still guarantee that it looks good as a Christmas decoration. If you bought this for your best friend, they will certainly appreciate it and display it somewhere in their house. 

4. Fidget Toys and Baking Molds

Fidget Toys and Baking Molds

If your best friend aspires to be a future master chef, you can help them with this cool baking mold. Baby steps, right? With it, they can bake cakes, pudding, or jellies to form a cute rabbit shape. Plus, it’s also safe and non-toxic for children. 

5. Funny Spoon

Funny Spoon

In a friendship, it’s normal to have banter and disagreement. If you respect your friend’s bravery and gut, you can offer them this hilarious spoon. They can use it during their morning breakfast or coffee break at the office. 

6. Resin Cardholder Wallet

Resin Cardholder Wallet

Having so many cards and mixing them in a regular wallet can be a little disturbing and annoying. That’s the reason why you should buy a cardholder wallet for your male friend. With this cool resin wallet, they can store their ID and credit cards.

7. Last Minute Inflatable Christmas Tree

Last Minute Inflatable Christmas Tree

Don’t have the time to buy and decorate a real Christmas tree? Tell your friend not to worry about it, because this inflatable Christmas tree will come to rescue. It can also light up with its built-in LED light. Enjoy Christmas!

8. BBQ Apron

BBQ Apron

We all love to hang out and have some BBQ together. If your friend is the one who usually hosts BBQ parties in your area, you should give this unique apron as your last-minute gift. It contains a hilarious quote that can serve as a banter for your lovely friend. 

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9. Christmas Gift Bag

Christmas Gift Bag

If you really don’t have the time to buy anything special, please consider this lovely bag as your last-minute gift for your best friend. There’s a lot of cool designs to choose from, and we know that these kinds of bags will be useful for daily chores. 

10. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Upgrade your best friend’s drinking experience by serving this magnificent whiskey set. It contains one globe dispenser with four matching bottles below it. The cool set can also serve as a fabulous display in their room. 

11. Row Boat Serving Bowl 

Row Boat Serving Bowl 

Say goodbye to conventional plates and say hello to modern and unique eating experiences. With the absolutely brilliant row boat serving bowl, your best friend can serve their food with something bold and new for various occasions. 

12. Belly Button Cleaner

Belly Button Cleaner

Giving a belly button cleaner might seem random, but it can be memorable for your best friend. Not all people realize the importance of cleaning your belly. Show them how much you care by purchasing this item for them. It can also be a banter joke for your friend, should you see it that way!

13. Baby Keepsake Box 

Baby Keepsake Box 

The best baby keepsake box is here, and it’s a good last-minute Christmas gift for best friends. If your friend recently has a baby, they might want to keep all the precious items from their baby’s milestones. This is a really perfect gift that will make them happy!

14. Apple Lightning Charging cable with Christmas Light

Apple Lightning Charging cable with Christmas Light

Celebrate Christmas along with your smartphone! With this awesome charging cable, you can lift the spirit of Christmas too. Even when unplugged, the LED light will continue to shine brightly!

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