25 Perfect Gifts for Nurse Girlfriend That They Will Love

If anyone in your life deserves a truly special gift for their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, it’s your nurse girlfriend. Not only does she bring light and love into your life, but she also uses her time to better the lives of others – we think that’s something worth celebrating! With that in mind, we’ve selected 25 of the nets’ most impressive gifts for nurses and compiled them for you here. Get scrolling to find the love of your life a gift (or two) that really shows how much you care. 

1. 3dRose I’m a Nurse – What’s Your Superpower Mug

3dRose I’m a Nurse - What’s Your Superpower Mug

Let’s be honest, no gift list is complete without a fun mug! Luckily, this particularly brilliant coffee cup exists to kick off our round-up with a bang. Much like any role in the medical profession, being a nurse requires the skills and temperament of a real-life superhero. Therefore, we think it’s only right that you gift your girlfriend this awesome present for her next birthday, work anniversary, or Christmas.

2. Safety First Drink With A Nurse Appreciation Gift Set

Safety First Drink With A Nurse Appreciation Gift Set

It’s no secret that being a nurse is incredibly hard work, that’s why your nurse girlfriend totally deserves this nurse appreciation gift set! It contains an adorable pink tumbler, a straw and cleaning brush, a high-quality eco wax scented candle, and a pair of fuzzy socks for ultimate relaxation. Gift her this set alongside her favorite drink for a well-earned evening off. 

3. Myospark Rose Gold Stethoscope Nurse Bangle

Myospark Rose Gold Stethoscope Nurse Bangle

Whether your girlfriend is new to the profession or she’s been a nurse for years, finding gifts that truly reflect just how much you respect and appreciate everything her job entails can be tricky. Luckily, beautiful gifts like this rose gold bracelet complete with a stethoscope charm and sparkling jewel detailing have been designed to do just that. We’re certain she’ll adore this gorgeous gift and will wear it with pride. Not to mention it’ll feel extra special knowing it came from a loved one (you!). This pretty piece of jewelry even comes in a velvet pouch all ready for gifting.

4. Nursing School Survivor Medical Graduation T-Shirt

Nursing School Survivor Medical Graduation T-Shirt

If your girlfriend happens to have just graduated from nursing school, she more than deserves a present! Show her just how proud and happy you are for her and wrap up this fun graduation t-shirt for her to wear. It comes in five different colors so you can even pick her favorite shade. As a bonus, this t-shirt could also be a great way to announce to friends and family that she’s finally done with training.

5. Tstars Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift For Nurses

Tstars Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift For Nurses

This sweater may be ‘ugly’ but we know your nurse girlfriend will still love to put it on! It’s an ideal holiday gift and one that she can wear either on December 25th or for a work party with her colleagues. It comes in three fun colors, but we have to say the message on the front is our favorite part of all. Be nice to your nurse girlfriend and get her a great Christmas gift... Santa is always watching!

6. Funny Nurse Meaning Print

Funny Nurse Meaning Print

We laughed out loud the moment we saw this print and are sure your nurse girlfriend will too! Have it framed so she can display it with pride and have a giggle every time she walks by it. Friends and family visiting will also get a kick out of this print, especially alongside your girlfriend’s tales of the countless clumsy patients she encounters on a night shift in the emergency room.

7. Nurse Fuel Coffee Mug Present

Nurse Fuel Coffee Mug Present

We wouldn’t expect anyone to begin a long shift at work with no coffee in their systems, especially a nurse! If your girlfriend needs a hot cup of Joe to start her day, we highly recommend you gift her this super-fun coffee mug labeled ‘Nurse Fuel’ the next time there’s a special occasion, or even ‘just because’. She’ll love drinking her morning coffee out of it at home but can also take it to work. It’ll keep her going on those extra-long days.

8. Medical Student Stethoscope Heart Necklace

Medical Student Stethoscope Heart Necklace

Since we’re betting your nurse girlfriend rarely gets the thanks she deserves on the job, make sure she knows how much you appreciate her and all of her hard work with this heart-warming stethoscope heart necklace. It comes in a beautiful gift box with special words she’ll truly be touched by. The perfect keepsake for her to remember just how amazing she is!

9. I Can’t I’m In Nursing School Unisex Hoodie Sweater

I Can’t I’m In Nursing School Unisex Hoodie Sweater

As your girlfriend knows all too well, training to become a nurse is no mean feat! Canceling plans and turning down new invites to stay home and study is a regular occurrence. With that in mind, let this hoodie do the awkward decline of invites for her. She can simply snap a selfie and send it along with her apologies the next time she’s invited out. Plus it’s genuinely stylish and super-cozy for all those late-night study sessions on the sofa or at the library!

10. Soft Nurse Theme Blanket

Soft Nurse Theme Blanket

If anyone deserves to come home, relax, and snuggle up under a blanket at the end of their day, it’s your nurse girlfriend. Happily, this super-soft and plush throw blanket is perfect for that very occasion. It’ll keep her warm and toasty on cold nights, plus, it has the most perfect nurse theme print to celebrate their amazing profession.

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11. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

From shifts that run from day through to night to days on end without a break, nurses are on their feet so much more than most of us so they deserve to be comfortable at work! These stretchy mesh shoes are breathable, super light, and have extra cushioning for all-day comfort. Perfect for when your amazing nurse girlfriend has back-to-back shifts. Plus their high-quality construction means they’re built to last against the test of time and the thousands of steps she takes every day. All that’s left is to select her favorite color and there are 31 to choose from!

12. Nurse Girlfriend Love Knot Pendant Necklace

Nurse Girlfriend Love Knot Pendant Necklace

If your nurse girlfriend is a big jewelry fan we guarantee she’ll be over the moon with this gift. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but this item also comes inside a gorgeous gift box complete with a cute silhouette image and wording to describe just how much she means to you. The necklace itself is made from 14K white gold over stainless steel and has a stunning love knot pendant designed to symbolize your unbreakable bond. 

13. Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag

Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag

This handy and stylish bag is perfect for your nurse girlfriend. It’s water and stain-resistant, comes in 22 different prints and colors, is large enough to store everything she’ll need for a long day at work, and has multiple compartments for easy access to smaller items. This will make an ideal present for nurses already on the job or those who have just graduated as a celebration gift!

14. Nail Clipper Set For Nurse Practitioners

Nail Clipper Set For Nurse Practitioners

Constant hand washing, taking gloves on and off, and keeping their nails dirt and germ-free is a never-ending job for nurses. Make sure they have all they need to keep theirs in pristine condition with this adorable manicure set designed specifically with nurses in mind. After all, as the pouch says, she is the world’s best nurse!

15. Foot Sole Massage Set

Foot Sole Massage Set

Since your nurse girlfriend is always on her feet, we’re certain this soapstone and cork foot massager will be a more than welcome gift! It’s designed to soothe overtired and aching feet through the power of reflexology. Plus the soapstone can be used at room temperature or warmed up for an extra relaxing self-massage. 

16. Orbits Eye Stones

Orbits Eye Stones

Alongside tired feet, we’re guessing it’s a common occurrence for your girlfriend to have super-tired ayes after back-to-back shifts. Luckily, these orbit eye stones are designed to bring tired peepers some instant relief thanks to the cooling action of their over two billion-year-old bedrock. Simply pop them fridge so they’re ready for her when she returns from her day at work.

17. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster 

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster 

With such a busy schedule it’s not surprising that finding time to plan date night often falls by the wayside. Show your girlfriend how excited you are to spend time with her when you’re both off of work together and present her with this 100 dates scratch-off poster. It’s super romantic and will make planning fun times together so much simpler, not to mention more exciting!

18. Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or just a regular old day off, your nurse girlfriend deserves some me-time and a chance to fully unwind. Make sure that happens and gift her this super relaxing unwind gift set complete with a lavender grow kit, pillow spray, a soy blend candle, and a sleep mask. 

19. Self-Watering Sun Flower Grow Kit

Self-Watering Sun Flower Grow Kit

Just because she doesn’t always have time to water them doesn’t mean your girlfriend doesn’t want beautiful flowers to come home to. Give her the gift of stress-free indoor gardening with this self-watering dwarf sunflower kit complete with a pretty sunshine-yellow flower pot. 

20. Nurse Water Bottle

Nurse Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is super important for your girlfriend when she’s on shift but it’s not easy to stay on top of when she’s so busy! Make sure she keeps on top of her water intake with this amazing, fully personalized bottle. It comes in a ton of different colors and you can even choose the body type, hair color and style, and scrubs color for the printed image so it’ll look just like her!

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21. Erasable Notes Silicone Wrist Band 

Erasable Notes Silicone Wrist Band

Taking down constant notes is essential for a nurse yet paper notepads are both inconvenient and wasteful. Make your nurse girlfriend’s life just a little easier and give her this super-handy wristband. She can write on it with a ballpoint pen then simply erase the notes with alcohol gel once she’s done with them. The bracelets are latex-free and made from medical-grade silicone.

22. Custom Name Stethoscope Necklace

Custom Name Steth

Jewelry is great, personalized jewelry is better! Especially when it’s as pretty as this silver stethoscope necklace personalized with your girlfriend’s name. Also, thanks to its uniquely beautiful packaging, it’ll make the ideal graduation or work anniversary gift. We also love the thought of treating her to this present ‘just because’. 

23. Personalized Nurse Notebook

Personalized Nurse Notebook

Perhaps your girlfriend’s currently studying to become a nurse or maybe she simply has a lot to remember from work that she needs to jot down. Either way, this adorable personalized notebook will be a welcome addition to her desk! It’s available in A4 and A5 and has plenty of personalization options so you can make the image on the front look just like her!

24. Nurse Sweatshirt

Nurse Sweatshirt

Whether she’s celebrating her new job as a nurse or simply wants something cute and comfortable to wear on off-duty days this stylish nurse sweatshirt is guaranteed to do the trick. It’s handmade and super soft thanks to its 50% cotton/ 50% polyester construction and comes in countless different colors so you can pick out her favorite. We especially love the classic crew neck style and long sleeves for this chilly time of year.

25. Custom Nurse Portrait

Custom Nurse Portrait

This has to be one of our all-time favorite gifts for nurse girlfriends. Simply send the artist a clear photograph of your girlfriend and they’ll create a custom portrait of her doing what she does best, nursing! Have a digital file created for you to print onto whichever medium you’d like, or opt for a framed poster or stretched canvas. 

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