25 Thoughtful Ideas of Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

If you’re about to celebrate a special anniversary with your girlfriend very soon, then it’s time to start thinking about the perfect anniversary gift for her. Searching for a gift for a girlfriend is fun, but it might overwhelm you with choices somehow. So, it’s crucial for you to determine the message that the gift delivers to your girlfriend, from the very beginning. Usually, women are not so hard to impress. However, your girlfriend will fall for thoughtful gifts and will appreciate your effort in preparing the gift. After all, giving a special gift for girlfriend anniversary needs extra preparation, right?

To help you with your this noble quest, we have curated 25 items into a list of gifts for girlfriend anniversary, which will definitely give you better ideas about the best gift for your lovely girlfriend. So, let’s get started!

1. Couple Name Morse Code Bracelet

Couple Name Morse Code Bracelet

Starting off the list of gifts for girlfriend’s anniversary, you can choose to make a personalized couple bracelet. Unlike other usual couple bracelets that might look a little too cringey or childish, this pair of bracelets offers something different, because it includes your name and your girlfriend’s name in morse code. The simplicity of this bracelet makes it extra personal and special to both of you. 

2. Custom Trip Journal for Couples


Anniversaries are not only about celebrating the past 365 days that you have spent together. It can also be a new beginning for more excitements in the next 365 days. You can consider getting a custom trip journal for couples as an anniversary gift for your girlfriend. With this journal, your girlfriend can plan how to spend the next 365 days with you. Moreover, she can also write down the beautiful memories with you to be cherished by the end of the year.  

3. Dating Box Anniversary Gift

Dating Box

It’s always wonderful to go down the memory lane, starting from your first date until today. Since it’s your anniversary, then preparing a special gift for your girlfriend would be a wonderful idea, and this dating box will be the perfect item for that reason. Personalized with special moments of the two of you throughout the last 365 days, this box allows you to relive all the exciting and memorable moments you shared together. 

4. Personalized Star Map as a Sweet Anniversary Gift

Personalized Star Map

“Our story is written in the stars” they say. This phrase will always be one of those romantic phrases about two people in love, who will share their beautiful stories together. If you’re one of those lovebirds, then what can be more romantic than having this personalized star map as a sweet anniversary gift for your girlfriend?

5. Reasons Why I Love You Box

Reasons Why I Love You Box

Telling your girlfriend about the reasons why she means so much to you, is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you’re the type of guy who find it difficult to express your feelings to your girlfriend. So, why not try to express your feeling through this adorable Reasons Why I Love you Box. Without a doubt, your girlfriend will be surprised to find out all the reasons why you love her so much.

6. Rose Teddy Bear Anniversary Gift


Since we’re talking about anniversary gifts, then roses and teddy bears must be included in this list. These two items are gifts as definitely two of the most classic anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. They might be common, but we just can’t deny the fact that women will always feel flattered to received roses and teddy bears as a gift. So, for this year’s anniversary, giving your girlfriend beautiful roses or a cute teddy bear will definitely be a good idea.

7. 24k Gold Foil Rose Anniversary Gift

24k Gold Foil Rose

If you’re looking for a more long lasting rose, then you can go with this beautiful 24k gold foil rose. This item will make a beautiful anniversary gift, which is also everlasting. Roses symbolize love, appreciation, and also beauty. If you want to emphasize a special message on love, appreciation, and also beauty to your loved one, then this item definitely worth to pick.

8. Anniversary Bracelet

Anniversary Jewelry

Women love getting jewelry as an anniversary gift. Especially a meaningful jewelry with a personal message, just like this anniversary bracelet. It comes with the infinity sign pendant, which symbolizes your endless love for her. You can also customize this bracelet by putting an initial of your girlfriend’s name on it’s charm.

9. Couple T-Shirts

Couple T-Shirts

If you and your girlfriend are one of those fun and easy going couples, then you can choose these couple t-shirts as an anniversary gift for your girlfriend. This set features funny and unique expressions that perfectly describe your style as a couple. Having matching items is a good way to strengthen the bond between the two of you. 

10. Couple Mugs

Couple Mugs

If you’re not a fan of matching t-shirts, then these matching mugs can be an option. Matching mugs can be the perfect anniversary gift for a sweet girlfriend who loves to enjoy her cup of coffee in the morning with you. These matching mugs feature sweet personalized graphics that will make your morning coffee routine becomes a great start to welcome your busy day at work.

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11. Date Night Bucket List

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

Have you heard about the five love languages? There are five ways for us to express our love to our loved ones, including your girlfriend. If giving her nice gifts does not necessarily make her feel loved, the gifts might no be her. On the other hand, if you know that her love language is a quality time with you, then you can consider getting the date night bucket list as your girlfriend anniversary gift. You can have a quality time with her by writing down a list of fun activities to do for the whole year.

12. Date Night Paint by Shadows Kit

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

The next two items on this list of gifts for girlfriend anniversary would cover you with fun activities that you can do together with your girlfriend. The first item is this paint by shadows kit. This item would be perfect for a couple who loves art, paintings in particular. But if you don’t, it’s not gonna be a problem. This item will still be a fun activity to do together.

13. Adventurous’ Couple Gift Set 

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

If you are down for some adventures for your next date, then go with this Adventurous’ Couple Gift Set. It comes with a retro reel viewer to recap your favorite vacations or moments, conversation pint glasses for some fun conversation starters games, and also a scratch map to track down places you have visited. If you still craving for more, this item also includes a challenge scrapbook that will perfectly keep all your beautiful memories with your sweet girlfriend.

14. Personalized Ticket to Love

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

So, your girlfriend’s love language is an act of service? Don’t worry, because we got you covered. For a girlfriend who loves a true act of service, then you should consider getting this Personalized Ticket to Love as an anniversary gift for her. This item will be a fun way for the two of you to know each other better, and also to help grow the love that you feel for her.

15. Love Picture Wine Glass

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

These glasses are the best items to express your love through the cute and adorable graphics. How sweet! Not everyone will understand the meaning of the series of pictures in this love picture wine glass. But that’s okay as long as your girlfriend understands. After all, her understanding and love is all that matters, right? Using these items will leave her smiling every time she sips her favorite beverages from one of these glasses. 

16. Leather Photo Album 

Leather Photo Album

Photos are the only thing that will never change, and you definitely want to keep all photographs of your best moments together. If you have been collecting photos of the moments you shared together, then you can consider getting her this leather photo album as an anniversary gift. With this photo album, you can put the best photos of your favorite moments to be cherished in many years from now.

17. Couples Conversation Starters

Couples Conversation Starters

Being a sweet couple, you and your girlfriend definitely want your relationship to grow stronger. Therefore, this Couple Conversation Starters can be one of the things to do just that. This item is definitely one of the most thoughtful items in this list of gifts for girlfriend’s anniversary. In short, this is fun activity for couples to get to know each other better. You can play this game by asking and answering questions, which can keep your relationship stronger by listening and sharing.

18. The Ultimate Game for Couples

The Ultimate Game for Couples

While the conversations between you and your girlfriend can get too serious, playing this Ultimate Game for Couples can be a fun activity to break the tension. This item can be a fun activity for future date nights, or you can also play it after dinner to make your night exciting. This item is definitely a gift that you can enjoy together as a couple. 

19. Cheese Board

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

Cheese board is one of the most practical items on this list, since this cute board will be a nice anniversary gift for your sweet girlfriend. If she likes to host a special treat for her friends at home, then this is definitely the gift that must be included in your list. Despite the fact that this is not actually one of those romantic items, but we guarantee that she will appreciate this useful gift. 

20. Our Story Timeline Print

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

We just can’t have enough of personalized gifts options, can’t we? Since we are still going through a list of the best anniversary gifts for your girlfriend, a personalized gift will always be needed here. The next personalized gift in this list is this Our Story Timeline Print. This item will definitely become a sweet item to remind the two of you about all the beautiful journeys and times spent together. 

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21. Baking Kit

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

This list of anniversary gifts for girlfriends seem to have quite adequate items and ideas of couple activities. However, let’s not forget about the fun and excitements of baking together! For that reason, you can always go with a simple baking kit of her favorite cakes or desserts. Therefore, you can spend time baking together. Plus, you can bake your own anniversary celebration cake.

22. Vahdam Tea – Happy Anniversary Tea Gift Set

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

If she enjoys tea, then you can consider getting this tea gift set as an anniversary gift for your girlfriend. We understand if you think that this gift doesn’t feel like a romantic anniversary gift. But nevertheless, we believe that this item can be something that she will definitely appreciate. After all, she is a tea lover. Giving something that she actually likes shows that you actually pay attention to the small details about her, which will make her feel extra special. 

23. Scented Candle 

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

If your girlfriend has been busy with work lately, giving her something relaxing like this scented candle can be a great idea. This candle will help her relax after a tiring day at work. This one is definitely another thoughtful gift that can help you express the sincerity of the love you feel towards her.

24. Cheesecake Factory Gift Card

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

For a sweet girlfriend, a trip to the Cheesecake Factory will always be a sweet treat, especially if she’s not the one paying the bill. If that’s the case, you can go with something ‘cheesy’ like this Cheesecake Factory Gift. Whether it’s a trip with her girl friends, family, or even a date night with you, this gift will definitely be something to appreciate.  

25. Spa Tower

Gifts for Girlfriend Anniversary

The last item on this list is a Spa Tower. A spa treat is something that most women love to enjoy, including your girlfriend for sure. For that reason, picking this item as an anniversary gift will definitely put a smile on her face, because she will definitely appreciate some relaxing and me-time. This set comes with all the products she needs for a spa at home. 

Final Thoughts

Girlfriends love anniversaries! You have to consider yourself lucky to have a girlfriend who always remember your anniversary and never skipped in planning a special dinner or celebration for the two of you. To make her feel more special, you can pick a special gift that will make her feel loved and will add a special meaning to your relationship.

Since the special day is for both of you, choosing a couple gift would make an excellent choice. You can get her a couple bracelet or t-shirt and wear them together as a symbol of love between you two. Or, you can also pick a gift that will make her feel spoiled like a scented candle or something that support her hobbies. Your pick!

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What should I gift my girlfriend on anniversary?

There is no right and wrong in giving gifts to your girlfriend on your anniversary. It depends on what she loves and also what you really want say with it. Every gift would definitely has its own way to express your love and care towards her. If she likes all the blings, you can go with the anniversary jewelry. If she likes something that is personal and custom made, you can go with the dating box. In short, there is definitely something that goes in the line with what you are looking for in this list of anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. 

Do you celebrate 1 year dating anniversary?

The first anniversary is usually the most special one. Since it is your first one, the you might want to go the extra mile. As for the gift, you can choose the rose teddy bear since it’s so sweet and romantic. Based on our opinion, it is probably the gift that feels like an anniversary gift, compared to the rest of the items on this list.  

What should I get my girlfriend for 2 year anniversary?

For the second anniversary, you might want to go with a gift that is more thoughtful. From this list, you could go with something like the Date Night Paint by Shadows Kit or the Ultimate Game for Couples, is you’re looking for something that you can enjoy together. Also, you can go with something that she really enjoys or likes such as the tea gift set or Spa Tower. It will definitely show how much you care about her and the things that she likes. 

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