34 Best Gifts For Tea Lovers You Can Buy

Shopping for a tea lover can seem rather intimidating given the cultural practices, preparation techniques and history surrounding it. But it does not necessarily have to be scary. Our collection of creative gifts for tea lovers will take the guesswork out of the process and turn you into a gift whisperer.

Whether you are looking to add some humor to the four o’clock tea session or bring old school charm into the tea experience, we have you covered. It does not matter whether the tea lover in your life is a tea sommelier or is just getting started. Though they might seem to already have all the bases covered, we have dug a little deeper to ensure you can still dazzle them.

Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

Take a look at the ultimate list of unconventional tea drinker gifts and make your pick for the tea lover in your life.

#1 Jane Austen Tea Gift Box

Jane Austen Tea Gift Box - Gifts For Tea Lovers

If your favorite tea aficionado cannot seem to choose between their love for literature and for the beverage, here is the perfect gift.

The Jane Austen tea gift box is a literary-inspired tea set blending their love for books and tea. In addition to five tins of tea, the box contains a wooden tea shovel and a tea ball infuser. Choose from ten classic characters, titles and houses.

#2 It’s a Tea Shirt Saying T-Shirt

It's a Tea Shirt Saying T-Shirt - Gifts For Tea Lovers

Because the tea lover in your life needs to get dressed for tea time, why not cheer them up in the process? Nothing could beat one of these funny gifts for tea lovers when it comes to brightening up their day.

This is an especially great gift choice for the tea enthusiast who seems to have everything. It is one gift that will keep on giving.

#3 Your Words on a Tea Spoon

Your Words on a Tea Spoon

Sweeten up your relationship with a tea lover with the innovative specialty engraved tea spoon. Are looking for a unique engagement or marriage proposal idea or simply a fun way to spice up your love?

Do it in style with one of these! In this case, the only limit to what you can say is your imagination. As an added bonus, it makes one of the coolest keepsakes ideas ever.

#4 Tea from Around the World Set

Tea from Around the World Set

Since the tea lover in your life will always need a fresh supply of tea, you can never go wrong with this set! Consisting of ten single-estate teas, the set will allow them to sample exotic tea varieties from all around the world.

With plenty of delights to explore, it will let them sample a world of flavor from the comfort of home. Besides the tea varieties, the set also comes with an informative book on all matters tea.

Novelty Tea Related Socks - Gifts For Tea Lovers

Keep the tea lover in your life warm, both from the inside and out, with this humorous pair of socks. After all, tea is what makes their world go round.

So why not wear their passion on their feet for all to see? For tea lovers who already have a massive stash of tea varieties to choose from, these funny socks make a great gift choice.

#6 Personalized Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box w/ Handstamped Initial & Compass Charm Infuser

Personalized Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box w/ Handstamped Initial & Compass Charm Infuser

Give the special tea lover in your life the treat of a lifetime with one of these unique gifts. Inside the wooden box there are three tins of loose leaf teas, Jasmine Pearl, Sleepyhead and Chai Spice.

It also features a compass charm infuser with hand-stamped initials for a personal touch. Take the gift a notch higher by including a handwritten note.

#7 Personalised Tea Mug

Personalised Tea Mug

Even if the special tea drinker in your life already has a favorite mug, this personalized one will offer tough competition.
It features a heart in your favorite color and its name in black vinyl lettering. It’s great for the office as it tells everyone to keep off their mug. And thanks to its sentimental value, it makes tea time so much more special.

#8 Tea & Honey Tower

Tea & Honey Tower

One thing that all tea connoisseurs agree on is that you can never have too many flavors in your tea stash. In keeping with that concept, add a few more delightful tea varieties to their collection.

Make it all the more special with one-of-a-kind honey varieties. The set includes three blends of tea, two jars of honey a honey dipper. Impress them with the unique blend of flavors.

#9 Teapot And Teacup Necklace

Teapot And Teacup Necklace - Gifts For Tea Lovers

Allow them to showcase their love for tea by wearing it next to their hearts. Since it is always four o’clock somewhere, tea time is all the time.

#10 Good Morning Tea Gift Box

Good Morning Tea Gift Box

Get a tea lover excited to get out of bed every morning with this set of artisan teas. The gift box contains four tins each of which holds six silken teabags.

Drawing inspiration from ancient herbal wisdom, the herbal teas in the bags are both delicious and nourishing. Both the impressive presentation and the contents of the box will be sure to knock their socks off.

#11 Unicorn Tea Infuser

Unicorn Tea Infuser

They might already have a cute tea infuser, but nothing as cool as this iconic, artistic piece! I mean who would not want to have a unicorn at their service, ensuring they get the perfect cup every time?

Apart from its obvious visual appeal, the strainer comes with a custom healing crystal charm. Turn their tea time into a delight and breathe life into their fantasies.

#12 Afternoon Tea Letter Box Hamper With British Grown Tea

Afternoon Tea Letter Box Hamper With British Grown Tea

Though your tea enthusiast might already have a favorite brew, we all know that variety makes the spice of life. So why not get them this afternoon tea hamper containing two British tea varieties?

It has everything they need for the perfect tea break, and so much more. Add a personal touch to the gift with a personalized card holding a special message.

#13 Tea Scented Candle

Tea Scented Candle

Every tea lover would agree, nothing is as delightful as the scent of good tea. Well, with this tea lover gift, they can enjoy bathing in the glory of a mystical black tea scent.

This soy candle holds traditional incense fragrances combined with scents of black tea. Light it up to create a magical atmosphere, on in which your tea lover will be sure to thrive.

#14 Teapot Bracelet

Teapot Bangle - Tea Pot Charm Bracelet - Expandable Bangle - Personalized Charm Bangle - Teapot Bracelet - Initial Bracelet - Tea Jewelry

Nothing beats this teapot bracelet when it comes to letting the world know just how much you love the beverage. Share the delight with your favorite tea lover by getting them one of these artsy gifts.

Let them wear their love for tea on their sleeves while showcasing creativity at its best. An initial charm and gemstone charm enhance the bracelet’s appeal making it a matchless choice.

#15 Cast Iron Japanese Tea Pot

Cast Iron Japanese Tea Pot

Take the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup of tea with the cast iron Japanese tea pot. A perfect marriage of aesthetics and function, the piece will always impress.

Its intricate texture captures the timeless appeal of the Far East in a Western-inspired interpretation. Thanks to its removable basket, the teapot cum kettle will make an amazing cup every time.

#16 Funny Tea Infuser

Funny Tea Infuser - Gifts For Tea Lovers

To make your tea enthusiast’s dream come true, fill this guy up and let him max and relax in a teacup. Sure, he has no pants, but considering how adorable he is, no one would really mind.

Even more adorable is the fact that he comes with the coordinated mug. A tea lover cannot help but relax with one of these funny gifts for tea lovers, no matter how high-strung he is!

#17 Drink Tea, Read Books, Be Happy

Drink Tea, Read Books, Be Happy

Grab the perfect teaspoon for the tea and book enthusiast in your life. After all, they are the only two ingredients they need to be happy.

A small heart design at the bottom adds a much-needed touch of sentiment into the gift idea. With this gleeful combination, good cheer will always spill over beyond tea time.

#18 Tea Drinker Gifts – Bamboo Tea Caddy Box

Sure to be a big hit with any tea connoisseur, this bamboo tea caddy box offers great storage for their precious tea bags.

Even if he has a tea box already, you can be sure this one will get a spot on their heart. Plus, the personalization aspect gives it extra charm. Choose any one of the elegant designs that captures your recipient’s flair.

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#19 Tea Mom T-shirt


The tea-loving mom would definitely cherish one of these cute sweaters. It is a special way to let them know you want them to enjoy tea time, every time, no matter how far apart you are.

Considering that tea is good for her, a sweater that spurs on her habit is a great idea. And she will appreciate all the laughs that cine with it.

#20 Green Herbal Tea Kit

Green Herbal Tea Kit

With such a wide variety of herbs and teas, the tea aficionado in your life can enjoy a custom blend every time. This herbal tea kit holds nine herbs and three green tea varieties.

In addition to their burst of flavors, the herbs and teas each have a different effect. Depending on whether you need to relax, calm down or stimulate your senses, the kit has you covered!

#21 But First Tea. Tea Print Black

But First Tea. Tea Print Black

Looking for a clever way to turn tea drinking into more of an art form than an activity? How about an art piece that lets the world know just how much of a priority tea is!

This minimal print is perfect for any tea lover’s office or home décor. Since it makes use of heavyweight archival paper, the piece will have timeless appeal.

#22 Tea Gift Set Sugar Cubes, Loose Leaf Tea + Heart Tea Infuser

Tea & Sugar Cube 6 Piece Sampler

When did you last throw a tea party? Well, with this tea lover gift, you can turn every tea time into a party. Two glass jars inside the box hold amazing blends of loose leaf tea.

Colorful sugar cubes add a touch of whimsy to the collection. To cap it all up, a white and blue heart-shaped infuser sits at the ready to let the tea seep perfectly.

#23 Funny Tea Mug – Tea Rex

Tea-Rex Mug - Tea Rex coffee cup - Dinosaur mug tea rex - Tea rex coffee mug - T Rex cup - T Rex gift ideas

A lovely green dinosaur brings a whole new twist to your favorite tea lover’s tea time. Tea Rex would make a great addition to any tea enthusiast’s mug collection.

With this fun mug you can add tons of flair to the breakfast table. Introduce a tiny touch of pre-historic fun and a whole lot of character to your favorite tea aficionado’s morning cuppa.

#24 Royal Albert Old Country Roses 3 Piece Teapot Set

Royal Albert Old Country Roses 3 Piece Teapot Set

Go all out with one of these intricate gifts for tea lovers. Not only will it look great on any display case. But the 3-piece set has everything you need to serve up a great cup of tea every time.

It is as functional as it is elegant, and consists of a teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl. The elaborate detailing makes it fit for royalt.

#25 Personalised Tea Cup and Saucer

Personalised Tea For One - Tea Just For Me

Designed with an avid tea drinker in mind, this personalized set is a tea lover’s dream come true. A coordinated design on the teacup and teapot makes them the perfect match for each other.

Together, they take the shape of a single teapot and sit comfortably on a saucer. Personalize it with your desired phrase and make it truly count.

#26 Custom Tea Lover Pillow – Gifts For Tea Lovers

Personalized pillow, Custom pillow, Custom quote pillow, Custom text pillow, Personalized pillows, Personalized gift, Custom gift, Gifts

Tea time is a time to kick back, relax and let the beverage work is magic. With this custom gift for tea lover, the enthusiast in your life will feel like royalty.

It has what it takes to make tea time the most highly anticipated time every day. As a bonus, it will always elicit chuckles from your recipient and everyone around them.

#27 Literary Tea Gift Set

Literature Tea Gift Set With Bookmarks, Peter Rabbit, Pride And Prejudice, Anne Of Green Gables, Dorian Gray, And Sense And Sensibility

Book lovers tend to harbor a soft spot for tea and this literary gift set covers both bases. All you need to do to turn this into the ultimate gift drinkers is pick out two of their favorite authors.

Get their names on your choice of gift bag with great teas inside. This literary-inspired gift choice will make an awesome treat.

#28 Tea To Go Travel Mug

This $50 Travel Mug Is So Chic, It

When a tea aficionado is on the go, they at times need a recharge. But getting one might be a lot harder than it sounds. Well, not anymore.

With this innovative travel mug, all you have to do is fill one end with tea and hot water. Shake it well to steep and open the other end to enjoy a hot cup any time!

#29 Wire Wrapped Tea Ring – Gifts For Tea Lovers

Wire Wrapped Tea Ring - Gifts For Tea Lovers

Adorn her finger with the ultimate jewelry piece for tea lovers. Showcasing ingenuity at its best, this wire wrapped ring features a teacup, complete with steam!

When it comes to fun and creative gifts for tea drinkers, few can beat this piece. Even if she happens to have everything, this is one gift they will never see coming. And she will always hold it close to her heart.

#30 Tea Sampler Gift Set

Tea Sampler Gift Set

For anyone who is eager to master the science of tea sampling, this gift set is all you need and so much more. Packaged for the curious science-inclined tea lover, it holds 10 tea varieties in test tubes.

With green, black and herbal teas in the set, your recipient will have everything they need for a rich tea-filled life. A heart-shaped infuser and elegant wood box complete the set.

#31 Tea Bag Coaster Set for Tea lovers

Teacup Coaster Set: Perfect gift for tea lover - Drinks Coaster - Tea Coaster - SUNNY POPPIES Cuppa Coasters With Quirky Teabag Gift Tag

Fun coasters for tea lovers have what it takes to transform tea time into a feast. This coaster set will make a great addition to the tea lover’s décor.

They are elegant wooden pieces with a whitewash coating. To add to their appeal, they are painted by hand, making each one unique and special.

#32 Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Share your unique taste by gifting your tea-loving friends this cute tea infuser. It features a baby Nessie that adds a bit of fun to the infuser’s appeal. The choice of turquoise color adds additional charm to this tea infuser. 

Besides, the infuser is handy, especially for a beginner in the tea world. They just need to put the infuser filled with tea into their cup, and voila!  A cup of tea is ready to drink with biscuits while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

#33 Fancy Tea Flower Glass

BTaT- Tea Cups with Lids

There is nothing better than this fancy tea flower glass when it comes as a gift for tea lovers. The combination of functionality and aesthetic aspect makes the glass looks alluring. It is meticulously crafted with a flowers motif in the cup and handle. Interestingly, the glass also comes with an engraved spoon!

Moreover, the glass size is also just right, so you can drink the tea in the appropriate amount. With this most incredible tea glass, they can be more stunned by the glass than enjoy the already served tea.

#34 Tea Bloom Stovetop

Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot

This gift will bring art stuff to the cup of your tea-loving friend. It is a hand-crafted teapot set with transparent glass material, making it more attractive as it can display the color of the tea-infused inside. 

Furthermore, this gift set comes with two flower teas that can magically bloom once immersed in hot water. What an impressive sight! Your dearest tea lover’s friend will be immensely delighted to receive such a wonderful gift that they never imagined.

What are the best gift ideas for tea lovers you can buy in 2021?

We all know that tea lovers fall for everything tea-related. Tea lovers will definitely glad to have tea from around the world gift set because it can offer a new tea-tasting experience. However, they will also appreciate other tea stuff, such as t-shirts, mugs, stovetops, infusers, and etc. If you’ve found gift ideas for tea lovers but don’t know where to buy them, it’s all in our list above.

Whether you wish to surprise the tea aficionado in your life on a special occasion or just because these gifts for tea lovers will delight them. Bound to add lots of functional and sentimental value to their lives, they will be sure to make tea time special and memorable.

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