25 Amazing Ancient Good Luck Charms for Inviting Fortunes

Different people have different cultures and backgrounds. It’s only natural that they also have different beliefs and faiths. For example, most cultures and old religions have encouraged people to use various items as good luck charms. These ancient good luck charms are thought to be beneficial because they can provide the wearer with prosperity.

Various good luck charms come from different cultural backgrounds. On our list of unique ancient good luck charms, you’ll see lots of magical trinkets from far away places, such as ancient Rome, Greek, Egypt, and more. They have beautiful and unique shapes that can empower you with special effects. Let’s start off our list of ancient good luck charms ASAP!

Ancient Roman Good Luck Charms

In Ancient Rome, people used valuable precious items like coins and pendants as good luck charms. Before their major conversion to Christianity, the Roman Empire’s belief was hugely inspired by Greek mythology. So, let’s check out some of the best ancient good luck charms from Ancient Rome below!

1. Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

This is a really wonderful bracelet from the Roman Empire excavated from ruins in Israel. From its looks, you can see that this is a really ancient item. You can really hold on to our words, as this item also provides a certificate of authenticity.

2. Ancient Roman Beaded Charm

Ancient Roman Beaded Charm

Ancient Romans wore bracelets as a fashion statement in Roman culture. That’s the reason why this beaded charm bracelet has a lovely design. Moreover, users of this extraordinary item will also be blessed with good luck and prosperity. You better try wearing this incredible charm if you really believe in the power!

3. Ancient Roman Dice Gambling Charm

Ancient Roman Dice Gambling Charm

It is said that most, if not all, Ancient Romans were gambling addicts. Most experts even said they couldn’t play a simple board game without betting with their friends. Perhaps that is why there are a lot of ancient good luck charms associated with gambling, such as these magnificent dice. Here’s to hoping that you’ll be blessed with victories when you own this marvelous charm!

4. Roman Soldier Gold Coin 

Roman Soldier Gold Coin

As stated previously, coins can also become a good luck charm. Just take a look at this magnificent item. In our opinion, it’s one of the best ancient good luck charms that originated from Ancient Rome. The coin can also be attached to a necklace, making it easier for you to bring without the risk of losing the charm.

5. Roman Sagittarius Zodiac Glass Charm

Roman Sagittarius Zodiac Glass Charm

As the name suggests, this wonderful glass charm is suitable for those born under the constellation of Sagittarius. This item was made using real Venetian glass, making it all the more elegant and beautiful. 

6. Ancient Roman Cross Necklace

Ancient Roman Cross Necklace

After Christianity entered Rome, most of the civilians converted to Christianity. Soldiers will also march with the mission to battle in the name of Jesus Christ. They often wore necklaces as ancient good luck charms to protect them throughout wars. If you want to get one, you should consider this magnificent replica!

Ancient Greek Good Luck Charms

Previously, we’ve mentioned that Ancient Roman culture took heavy inspiration from Greek Mythology. That’s why Ancient Romans and Ancient Greek good luck charms have similar shapes. However, they still have some aspects that differ. Let’s take a look at the items below!

7. Athena Coin Pendant

Athena Coin Pendant

According to Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. Consequently, she was one of the most popular goddesses in Greece. Hence, many ancient good luck charms are associated with the goddess, like this fabulous coin pendant

8. Handmade Spartan Warrior Necklace

Handmade Spartan Warrior Necklace

Long ago, Spartans roamed the Earth and conquered many empires. Like Vikings, they love fighting and engaging in wars with other countries. If you adore the spirit of Spartans, purchase this ancient good luck charm now, and it will give you the strength to face daily activities. 

9. Minerva Jewellery

Minerva Jewellery

Before Athena rose in power, Minerva was considered the goddess of war. She is also the goddess of wisdom, music, poetry, and other aspects of life. If you want to have ancient good luck charms that have the power to give you knowledge, perhaps this jewelry might be the perfect choice for you. Get one before the exam season starts!

10. Athena’s Owl Coin for Necklace

Athena’s Owl Coin for Necklace

Athena’s owl was considered a symbol of her wisdom and judgment. For that reason, people made a lot of ancient good luck charms using the owl as a symbol. Take a look at this incredible owl coin as an example!

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11. Seahorse Charm

ancient good luck charms

Ancient Greek mythology saw seahorses as symbols of strength. If you want to be blessed with the power to cope with your daily challenges, you might as well purchase this beautiful ancient good luck charm. It can even be attached to a necklace as a pendant!

12. Ancient Greek Column Charm

ancient good luck charms

Take a trip back in time with this magnificent charm. It was made as a tribute to Greece’s beautiful sculptures and buildings. You can also wear this fabulous pendant as a good luck charm! People will definitely take notice of this beautiful jewelry

13. Phoenix Charm

ancient good luck charms

Phoenix is a bird that rose from the ashes and became a new and immortal bird. If you want a charm that guides you to become more resilient and durable through life, this wonderful Phoenix charm might be the best option! Be like the phoenix, and don’t let adversaries get you down!

Ancient Egyptian Good Luck Charms

Egyptians have their own beliefs and faith. They worshiped Pharaohs and Egyptian gods like Ra and Osiris. They also have different charms compared to Greek and Roman good luck charms. Come and look at some of the best Egyptian ancient good luck charms!

14. Bastet Charm

Bastet Charm

Bastet was an Egyptian goddess and daughter of Ra, the God of the Sun. She is known as a ferocious warrior in old Egypt. Bring her ferocity to your daily chores by owning this beautiful ancient good luck charm and displaying it in your home. 

15. Silver Ankh Pendant

ancient good luck charms

An Ankh is one of the most sacred items for the Egyptians, just like how the cross is essential to Christianity. It is a symbol that represents life. Therefore, you should consider buying this extraordinary and ancient good luck charm to protect you in your daily life.

16. Various Egyptian Symbols Keyring

ancient good luck charms

Anubis, Eye of Horus, and the Ankh. These three are some of the most famous Egyptian symbols ever. If you believed in their faith, you should probably buy this keyring and wear it for protection from evil spirits. It is also an excellent accessory for your bag’s zipper.

17. Pyramid Egyptian Charm

ancient good luck charms

The Egyptians can really be proud of themselves with all the Pyramids they’ve built. This ancient good luck charm was made as a reminder that you can do anything as long as you have the will to do it! Perhaps it will also guide you and give you good fortunes and luck.

More Unique Ancient Good Luck Charms

There are a lot of ancient good luck charms that came from different cultures. So, it will be hard to make a dedicated category for each. Hence, we will be listing items from other cultures worth mentioning.

18. Chinese Symbol Good Luck Charm

ancient good luck charms

Chinese have a lot of symbols that represent good luck. The sign that you’re looking at is just one of them. If you want to be blessed with good fortunes, make sure to buy and wear the beautiful good luck charm. It may not work magically, yet having the item will give you comfort and peace of mind!

19. Ancient Wild West Charm

Ancient Wild West Charm

When we take a look at the shape of this pendant, it’s safe to say that this must be inspired by the Wild West era. Perhaps most cowboys might wear one to protect them from impending dangers. If you want one, you can buy this beautiful replica!

20. Ancient Magus’ Bride Charm

ancient good luck charms

As the name suggests, this mystical-looking good luck charm has healing power. This will be the perfect item if you know someone currently contracting a disease. Perhaps the power of this ancient good luck charm can help them recover faster, or at least give them comfort psychologically.

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21. Ancient Coin Charm

ancient good luck charms

We’re still unsure regarding the true origins of this remarkable coin charm. However, we can definitely tell you that this is one of the best ancient good luck charms on our list! Obtain one now and hold on to it so that your life will be filled with good fortunes.

22. Ancient Silver Retro Charms

ancient good luck charms

By buying this product, you will obtain 34 pieces of extraordinary good luck charms for you to use. Each pendant has its own unique writings. Wear the ones that suit your style the most, and let’s hope that fortunes will be in your favor.

23. Magical Genie Lamp

Magical Genie Lamp

We all have heard about the tale of Aladdin and his wish-granting genie. If you have a wish that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, you probably can pray for one while using this magical charm. We don’t guarantee that it’ll work, but who knows, right?

24. Cross Charm Necklace

ancient good luck charms

The cross is a symbol regarded highly by Christians all over the world. If you consider yourself a faithful person, you probably want to consider buying this unique item. It has a magnificent design that will make you the center of attention!

25. Future Ancient Charm

ancient good luck charms

It is said that some ancient good luck charms have the power to see a person’s past and future. While this good luck charm doesn’t have that power, it is still cool enough to bring good fortunes to its wearer!

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