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25 Adorable Good Luck Charms For Sailors To Make Them Feel Safe

During the age of sail, life at sea was challenging. Sailors had to put up with crowded quarters, sickness, low food and pay, and inclement weather. As a result, it is not surprising if seafarers shared many common experiences across hundreds of years which is still difficult until now. Nowadays, as men who work at sea, sailors may feel lonely as they are shut off from normal life on land for months. Not only that, they had to deal with the risks of the sea and the weather on a daily basis. Therefore, good luck charms for sailors are important to make them feel secure while facing those challenges.

In the past, sailors usually put a horseshoe in the cabin to bring good luck to the boat. However, it has heavy weight, so that many sailors take it out as weight-saving efforts are taken to the extreme. Moreover, they get rid of whatever unnecessary items they can. Today, there are many adorable good luck charms for sailors that are easy to bring everywhere. From gorgeous necklaces to wonderful keyrings, we are sure that our selected items below will make your sailors feel safe while sailing in the sea.

1. Sailor Anchor Necklace

Sailor Anchor Necklace

Look at how beautiful this anchor necklace is! The anchor is the most secure object in a sailor’s life at sea, making it the ideal symbol for stability which is perfect for good luck charms for sailors. With this gold necklace, your sailors will feel secure and stable as they get the anchor charm that they need.

2. Small Boat Greek Gouri

Small Boat Greek Gouri

For sailors, sailing is like the journey of the unknown, where the sea has its own mystery. If so, why don’t you give your sailors this Small Boat Gouri? Gouri means good luck in Greek, which represents the prayer you sent to the sailors. Made from acrylic and metal beads, the small boat design is ideal for a good luck charm for sailors that is easy to bring.

3. Sailor Boy Vintage Brass Token

Sailor Boy Vintage Brass Token

This is indeed one of the rarest good luck charms for sailors! It depicts a typical, old Greek sailor boy, dressed in vintage, nautical clothing, from the early twentieth century to the early fifties. Made from brass, it’s a good luck charm that was originally designed for weak individuals to give strength, the perfect item to support your sailors.

4. Evil Eyes Nautical Sailor Knot

Evil Eyes Nautical Sailor Knot

Sailors must be familiar with this nautical knot, as they use them for hitching, mooring, or lifting something in the boat. Therefore, it can be a perfect good luck charm for sailors as if it can help their work. Moreover, evil eyes in the center are thought to reflect bad karma, misfortune, and jealousy, thus shielding your sailors from negative energies. 

5. Sailing Ships Pendant

Sailing Ships Pendant

Send your prayers and hope with this good luck charm for sailors to have safe sailing and come back. This handcrafted pendant is made from 925 silver with minimalist style, making it an ideal item for sailors who love neutral colors. Moreover, it has very elegant and classy engraved details that will amaze your sailors.

6. Lighthouse Lucky Strength Charm

Lighthouse Lucky Strength Charm

Lighthouse is definitely a real good luck charm for sailors as it always gives them strength. Therefore, this lighthouse lucky charm made from silver and stainless steel will surely make your sailors jump into joy and excitement. Not to mention, it’s tough design and construction makes this charm last for a long time.

7. Compass Sailor Bracelet

Compass Sailor Bracelet

For sailors, a compass symbolizes the right direction in the middle of the sea. As a result, you can give them this good luck charm for sailors to make them feel like they are always in the right direction. Moreover, the bracelet can be adjusted easily as it has a minimalist design which is suitable for daily accessories.

8. Antique Sailboat Pendant

Antique Sailboat Pendant

This good luck charm for sailors will be a precious item as it has vintage and antique vibes. It features five pieces of antique sailboat pendant which your sailors can put everywhere. Made from zinc metal alloy, it has a lighter weight that will not bother your sailors while working.

9. Lucky Sailor Cat Ring

Lucky Sailor Cat Ring

Inspired by Polydactyl cats which have many special abilities, sailors believe that finding them will bring good fortune. Therefore, this good luck charm for sailors will be a great item that will make them smile ear to ear. Made from premium silver, it has high durability for usage in any conditions.

10. Sailing Yacht Keychain

Sailing Yacht Keychain

To those who appreciate art, this is definitely a great good luck charm for sailors. Made from natural sandalwood, this handcrafted item is incredibly beautiful and stunning. As the sailing yacht symbolizes journey and adventure, it also will send strength to your sailors while working on the sea.

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11. Safe Sailing Ceiling Chain

Safe Sailing Ceiling Chain

Sailors tend to work for months, so that they should add a good luck charm in their cabin. With this good luck charm for sailors, they can put it in their room which gives them spirit once they wake up to start the day. Moreover, this item is beautifully handcrafted by professional artisans which makes it unique.

12. Antique Anchor Charm

Antique Anchor Charm

If your sailors adore antique charm, then it can be a perfect good luck charm that brings happiness. The featured pendant is made of 925 sterling silver and has an oxidized anchor and rope charm. Not to mention, it has a durable ring bail that may be worn as a pendant or added to your sailors’ accessories.

13. Anchor Sailor Stackable Ring

Anchor Sailor Stackable Ring

As working in the middle of the sea needs strength and endurance, we are sure this good luck charm for sailors can bring a little bit of fortune. Made from high quality silver, the anchor in the center brings a particular attractiveness to your sailors. Moreover, the thin but sturdy band makes it seamlessly fits to use while working.

14. Love Knot Sailor Charm

Love Knot Sailor Charm

If your boyfriend is a sailorman, then try to give him this good luck charm for sailors before he works. The sailor knot in this charm represents the eternity of your love while being apart which will remind him of you whenever he sees it. In addition, sailor knots are believed to be a good thing in a ship that will bring luck and fortune.

15. Gold Sailor Hat Charm

Gold Sailor Hat Charm

Hat is an essential item for sailors in the sea, as it can be a good protector from the sun. Therefore, this good luck charm for sailors also resembles the function of the real one: the protector. With this charm made from gold, you can send prayers to protect your sailors during their work.

16. Strong Seahorse Charm Pendant

Strong Seahorse Charm Pendant

For sailors, seahorses are unique animals which are believed to be the good fortune of the sea. With this little good luck charm for sailors, you can give them strength and power while having troubles on the sea. Your sailors will surely feel safe and comfortable as they get the charm of the sea close to them.

17. Feng Shui Sailing Boat Charm

Feng Shui Sailing Boat Charm

Express your best wishes with this awesome good luck charm for sailors! The feng shui sign represents how easy it is to succeed, as if you are sailing in a smooth sea while the breeze propels your boat to its objective. Your sailors will definitely be happy to get one of the most meaningful charms.

18. Rose Gold Plated Rudder Charm

Rose Gold Plated Rudder Charm

For sailors, rudder represents control of changeable fortune in life. And for that reason, giving your sailor this charm will help them ease their burden while facing problems. Not to mention, the tiny size makes it an ideal good luck charm for sailors without fear of inhibiting their work.

19. Orange Float Sailor Keyring

Orange Float Sailor Keyring

This is indeed the combination of good fortune. This good luck charm for sailors has an amazing nautical floating design which will help your key to float once it falls into the water. Moreover, orange has a vibrant color which is associated with joy and warmth. Your sailors will surely be happy to receive this beautiful charm.

20. Sailor Bottle Opener

Sailor Bottle Opener

For sailors who love to drink, this good luck charm can also be a lifesafer. The anchor pendant has a big circular hole that can be perfect for a bottle opener. While not in use, your sailors can put it as a necklace or keyring which will bring good luck charms while working.

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21. Personalized Boat Keyring

Personalized Boat Keyring

If you want to make good luck charms for sailors that will deeply touch their hearts, then try to give personalized charms. This personalized boat keyring has an engraved walnut in the center. You can add an initial or short message in this keyring, which will make this good luck charm feel special.

22. Whale Tail Keyring

Whale Tail Keyring

Whales are associated with solitude and compassion, which exactly represents what the sailors feel while sailing in the middle of the sea. It features a ring linked by a thin paracord cord strap with a new bronze whale fin. It can be put as a keyring or accessories in their personal bag which can be a unique good luck charm for sailors.

23. Good Quote Nautical Keychain

Good Quote Nautical Keychain

With this good luck charm for sailors that says: “A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor”, it definitely will attract positive energy in the middle of the sea. This handcrafted keychain is made of premium aluminum that lasts for a long time. This charm will surely be a precious item for your sailors.

24. Turtle Charm Beads

Turtle Charm Beads

If your sailors are turtle lovers, they surely will adore this lucky charm. Moreover, turtles represent protection and perseverance which are absolutely great attitudes that sailors need while sailing. Made from high quality silver, it can last for years, making it perfect good luck charms for sailors that have various activities.

25. Engraved Initial Sailor Wood Keyring

Engraved Initial Sailor Wood Keyring

This keychain has a flavor of the sea, reminiscent of old journeys in small sailboats and sailor mastery. It features engraved lasers on both sides which can be personalized with initials, making it a perfect good luck charm for sailors. Moreover, a rope with an upper loop surrounding both sides make this charm look stunning.

Latest Post:

What do you give a sailor for good luck?

To bring good luck for sailors, usually we can give something that is symbolic and has deep meaning. As sailors can’t bring heavy things inside the boat, then you can give good luck charms for sailors. Today, there are many adorable good luck charms for sailors which represent best wishes and hopes. If you wish them a safe sailing, you can give them the Ship Sailing Pendant. Or, if you want to give them strength while facing problems in the sea, try to get them the Lighthouse Lucky Strength Charm.

What is a good luck charm for a boat?

Many sailors affix a horseshoe to the mast or the captain’s cabin door in the hopes of bringing luck to the ship. It’s usually nailed with the ends down, but I’ve seen it nailed with the ends up as well. However, as it is considered to be not practical, today you can get good luck charms for sailors in smaller sizes and are easy to bring everywhere.

How do you wish good luck to a sailor?

There are many ways to wish good luck to sailors. You can wish them verbally by saying your sincere hope such as “May you have fair winds and following seas,” during sailor farewell. Or, if you prefer to give something that can be a company in the middle of the sea, then good luck charms for sailors are the best option. We recommend you to give Feng Shui Sailing Boat Charm to bring positive energy to your sailors or the Lucky Sailor Cat Ring to bring more good fortune while sailing. For more inspiration of good luck charms for sailors, check out our lists above.

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