25 Good Luck Gifts for New Business Owners To Wish Them Success 

Do you know that good luck charm in your store or office, will be one of the reasons to attract money and prosperity? If you are a new business owner or you know someone who has just started a business, a good luck gift is a great way to welcome the new businessperson into their new position. It is believed that the gifts will appease the gods, bring a blessing upon their new endeavor and bring them the success they so desire. When a new business owner gets started, it can be an intimidating time full of unknowns and uncertainty. Giving good luck gifts for new business owners during this time, is meant as encouragement to keep going and help alleviate some of those unknowns.

Giving a good luck gift is an old tradition that dates back to ancient times when the gods would help romantic relationships and businesses succeed. You can give a new business good luck gift to someone who is starting up a new venture or dream. Here are some new business gifts ideas which may be a good luck charm to bring success around.

1. Neko New Business Good Luck Card

Neko New Business Good Luck Card

Sometimes a simple gift for a new business owner, like this card, seems more sincere than those expensive items. This handmade pop-up surprise art greeting card features a maneki-neko cat. It is the ideal affordable three-dimensional keepsake to send him a special, thoughtful, and personalized message wishing him luck.

A charming handwritten letter inside a delightful pop-up card never fails to make the business owner’s day. This pop-up card makes a great surprise when a traditional card just isn’t enough.

2. Chakra Tree of Life

Chakra Tree of Life

For an appealing gift for a new shop opening, this chakra tree of life is a great choice. The tree has wires for the branches and trunk, gemstones for the leaves, and a piece of wood for the base. In addition to attracting positive things, the gemstone tree can create an environment where energy can flow freely.

This gorgeous gemstone tree with positive energy might complement the space beautifully. This also serves as a peace of mind and positive energy generator for new business owners.

3. Money Frog Statue

Money Frog Statue

If you are looking for outstanding good luck gift ideas, the golden frog will never go wrong. This statue features a golden frog holding a coin, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. According to a mythology, frogs have a golden afterlife and anyone who finds one in the wild will be granted fortune.

It has seven locations on its back that are meant to represent the Big Dipper, a significant figure in Chinese astrology. As a result, it protects the new office in a way that is wealthier and more prosperous.

4. Good Luck You Can Do It Coin

Good Luck You Can Do It Coin

Let this little coin be a wonderful present for new business owners, giving them strength and spirit to start their new journey. With this amazing coin, they may be protected with good fortune, so they can focus on building their business. The positive message engraved on the coin gives additional support for them. In addition, the lovely clover is also believed to bring good luck for their business. 

5. Crystal Ball Good Luck Decor

Good Luck Gifts for New Business Owners

This stunning new business good luck gift is composed of pure crystal. Crystals have the power to transform negative energy into positive energy. They can also assist in providing order to places with a lack of light, color, or chaotic energy.

The faceted lead crystal sphere formed of cut leaded crystal glass is a common type of crystal. These crystal balls can be placed in windows, special Feng Shui corners, and other locations in an individual’s workplace or retail space.

6. Gold Dragon Sculpture

One of the most charming Feng Shui good luck gift ideas to attract money and prosperity, this statue is indeed a perfect charm to start a new business. The dragon is the Chinese zodiac’s representation of lucky animals. Golden dragons always symbolize wealth, prosperity, strength, harvest, and power.

This statue is made of resin and has an incredibly durable stain. It is also radioactive and corrosion-free. It can also serve as a fantastic ornament for a desk or collectible.

7. Good Luck Wind Chime

When it comes to wonderful good luck gifts for new businesses, a wind chime may be one of the best choices. Chinese culture is deeply ingrained in this wind chime, which serves as a mascot and a sign of good fortune and well wishes. It is a feast for the eyes and ideal for self-cultivation because of its lovely and unusual appearance.

Additionally, it will emit a clear, pleasant sound that will help you unwind. Perfect for delivering as a gift for a new shop opening to your friends, full of luck and best wishes.

8. Gold Tiger Figurine

Suppose you need new business gift ideas for the year of 2022, then give this figurine to your friends. Tiger is a sign of luck and fortune as well as strength, power, and courage in China. Especially in 2022, having this gold tiger figurine will attract a lot of good energy.

In addition, tigers are frequently regarded as protector spirits in Chinese mythology. With this tiger resin figurine in their store of office, it is thought to bring luck and shield them from harmful energies.

9. Cute Waving Cat Decor

Many people are aware of the good energy that the waving cat brings to a shop. So, this cat figurine is an ideal present for new business you can buy. With a little bit of twist, the cute waving expression makes this gift more attractive. It has a lovely cat design with smiling eyes that are full of joy and good fortune.

This present is made with fine craftsmanship and superior plastic material, making it resistant to age. On the base is a solar IC receiver that converts sunlight straight into power. The right hand will automatically wave when it is exposed to sunshine.

10. Marble White Elephant Statue

For those religious Buddhist who are just starting their own business, this statue is definitely a wonderful gift for new business owners. White elephants are seen as being extremely lucky. Elephants are a particularly potent symbol of wealth and regal status.

Moreover, elephants with their trunks facing outward are a lucky charm for peace and prosperity. The elegance and beauty of the office or shop will be enhanced by this marble elephant statue inlays set with semiprecious stones.

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11. Zen Buddha Head Amulet

Wish your friends good fortune with their new business with the charming amulet they can bring on the go. Wearing a picture of the Buddha, also known as Guan Yin, around the neck will draw good things to the wearer. It is also referred to as the Goddess of Mercy, and compassion is one of her specialties. 

Obsidian was used to create this hand-carved pendant. Black obsidian stone is a potent psychic protection stone that will guard them from negativity and stress, as well as a powerful cleanser of psychic smog produced within your aura.

12. The Power of Habit Book

The Power of Habit Book

An insightful book for new entrepreneurs, this is one of the best good luck gifts for new businesses you can buy. This book will train any entrepreneurs to have great habits and mindset. With a simple change in their life, it may bring an amazing impact and attract good fortune.

This instant classic investigates how altering our behaviors might affect the course of our life. The book explains the causes of habits and how to break them.

13. Feng Shui Lucky Coins

Feng Shui Lucky Coins

As a Feng Shui good luck gift often related to gold and money, this gift will surely delight any new business owner. It has the Feng Shui coins for wealth and success inside the drawstring bag. Those emperor coins are tied with the signature Chinese lucky knot. The business owner can place this bag of money in his shop or office to attract money and prosperity. 

14. Wooden Hamsa Decor

Wooden Hamsa Decor

Perhaps you want to give an attractive good luck charm which looks artistic for shop or office decor, try to buy the Hamsa wooden art. The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern emblem. It is regarded as a protective talisman that bestows riches, health, and happiness in all major religions.

The ultimate sign of protection for any room, this large Hamsa is beautifully hand carved. A light wooden plaque with little chips of semi precious stone highlights this lovely piece of artwork. 

15. Cat Omamori Charm

Bring positive energy on the first day of shop opening with this omamori charm. Omamori is a Japanese charm that is frequently offered for sale at Shinto shrines. You can now purchase the updated model, which comes in adorable designs and colors and is believed to offer different kinds of luck or protection.

These cat omamori come in various colors with specific meanings inside. Gray means good luck and everything goes well, while blue represents wealth. In addition, pink symbolizes praying for fortune and purple means praying for happiness.

16. Horseshoe Decor Gift Set

A horseshoe gift will never go wrong for a new business good luck charm. This gift offers a wonderful way to wish your new business owner good fortune and success. In fact, horseshoes are now recognized as a popular symbol of luck and protection.

Inside the gift box, you will find a real horseshoe with the charming star tag. You can also add  a personalized card inside the box to show your appreciation.

17. Evil Eye Desk Ornament

Suppose you need an elegant desk decor that may protect the room from negative energy, this fabulous evil eye is a great gift idea. Using plexiglass, this evil eye ornament is handcrafted. It is able to easily and stylishly design your workspace.

The evil eye attracts luck and shields you from any malice that may otherwise have a detrimental impact on your general wellbeing or way of life. The design allows the evil eye to fit anywhere and makes a beautiful desk ornament.

18. Orgone Pyramid Crystal

Orgone Pyramid Crystal

Not many people know the power of orgone gemstones to attract good energy. This orgone pyramid is definitely a unique gift for new business owners. The orgone stone is useful for health since it guards against bad karma and evil. It boosts your entire body and helps you feel better emotionally.

This pyramid contains citrine crystals, also referred to as “The Merchant Stone” and linked to riches. The green Aventurine in the pyramid is also referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity” internationally.

19. Happy Buddha Green Statue

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Light up your friends’ day who just started their new business with this happy Buddha statue. High-quality polyresin is used to create the happy Buddha statue, making it strong and long-lasting. Green Buddha is also the color of balance and harmony. Buddhists claim that through meditating on Green Buddha, envy can be transformed into wisdom.

The cheerful laughter Buddha is believed to be a source of good fortune and money, who may also bestow joyous blessings. This miniature green Buddha statue takes up little room, can easily fit inside the palm of your hand, and bestows joy wherever it is placed.

20. Cute Pixiu Figurine

Cute Pixiu Figurine

Charming and lovely are the best impression for this cute Pixiu figurine. The image of scary pixiu has changed with this adorable figurine. As the ninth child of the Dragon, Pixiu is an auspicious beast mentioned in old folk tales and mythology, and it may gather gold and silver riches.

In addition to being a symbol of evacuation, pixiu has also been used as an amulet for good fortune. You can place this ceramic figurine to attract luckiness and prosperity in your new shop. 

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22. Crystal Medicine Bag

The crystal medicine bag is filled with a selection of potent gemstones that have been chosen especially to assist you in attracting and maintaining all types of wealth for your new business. The leather purse is lovingly crafted in a place of worship. To increase the healing potential of the gemstones inside the bag, it features a clear quartz crystal in the front.

You can put the medicine bag in your shop or simply take it to bring protection. Powerful healing energy radiates from the premium tiny gemstone and travels to the area that needs healing.

22. Lord Ganesha Statue

Whether you are a religious Buddist or simply admire the story of Lord Ganesha, this classic brass statue may be a great decoration in your new shop or office. Among the many potent Hindu deities, Lord Ganesha is regarded as the patron god of prosperity and fortune. Before beginning anything new, Lord Ganesha is worshiped since it is thought that he will bring luck. Placing the Ganesha statues in the office or home is very popular since they hold a special meaning for people all over the world.

23. Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet

Good Luck Gifts for New Business Owners

Give your friends a special Pixiu bracelet to bring them wealth and prosperity for their new business. Obsidian is used as a shield against negativity and for maximum protection. This stone is extremely defensive, absorbing bad energy from the environment and thwarting psychic attacks.

This is a potent talisman that can attract wealth into the house or place of business. The idea that the Pixiu creature will not allow wealth to leave the house or office makes this charm very popular.

24. Orbiting Crystal Fox Earrings

Orbiting Crystal Fox Earrings

Did you know that crossing across a fox is believed to bring luck? Let your friends wear these charming stud earrings on the first day of their shop opening to attract good luck on the go. The adorable fox crystal studs are a charming, small symbol that exudes strength and good vibes. High-grade crystals and the thickest gold plating are used to create these earrings.

25. Lucky Charm Medal Talisman

Lucky Charm Medal Talisman

Since your friends have successfully opened their new shop, they definitely deserve this medal. Unlike the regular gold medal, this also can be a great talisman to bring good fortune. Let everyone know that they are having a good day with this 14K gold piece!

On the front of the coin talisman, there are five conventional good luck or fortune symbols arranged in a row. The center of the textured circle is embellished with a horseshoe, a four leaf clover, an elephant with an arched trunk, an evil eye, and a shooting star.

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