25 Good Luck Gifts for New Home You Should Buy

A good luck gift is a tradition in many cultures, often given to welcome a new home. Good luck presents are given to ensure a positive energy and to bring good fortune to a new home. Gifts for new homes can be traditional good luck symbols or sometimes they are also practical, useful and fun. Besides, each item has beautiful meanings and symbols that may bless the new home. If you are looking for good luck gifts for new home but you are confused in choosing the best one, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Let’s take a look at our selected gifts for new home that will impress you. From traditional good luck housewarming gifts that represent hospitality to unique but useful gifts for new homeowners,  you will find them all in the list below. Without any further ado, let’s check this out!

1. New Home Survival Kit

When you need creative and affordable good luck housewarming gifts, this new home survival kit will be the best choice. This small organza bag features useful items that a new home needs. It also comes with a small description card which will explain each function of these awesome gifts. You can give this present to your friends to wish them good luck for their new home.

2. Home Blessings Smudge

Suppose your friends need to do a certain ritual to give blessings to their new house, try to give them this unique present. This box has a white sage smudge stick and spell for a new home, making their journey at that house full of blessings. It also comes in a rustic handmade box which will be a sweet little gift they will cherish forever.

3. Blue Evil Eye Money Tree Figurine

Blue Evil Eye Money Tree Figurine

As a good luck housewarming gift, this blue evil eye tree will be an ideal option you should buy. The tree in the money pot represents riches, and the evil eye offers protection. Putting this money tree in the house will definitely attract good fortune and prosperity. Made from a high quality design with blue and gold color, each branch is adjustable.  This gorgeous present will be very useful to brighten up your friends’ new house and bring good fortune.

4. Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Protect the new house from bad energy by hanging this charming evil eye ornament. Evil eye is a great symbol of a shield that guards against various forms of bad luck that is willed onto you or an object by others. Made from glass with elegant gold ornaments, it makes a great gift to bring good fortune to a new home. You can give it to your friends and relatives as a housewarming gift.

5. Clover Crystal Ball

Clover Crystal Ball

Light up your friends’ new house with a charming ornament that will surely bring good fortune. This adorable crystal ball ornament features a four-leaf clover printed with a base stand to brighten up their house. It was etched into the crystal ball using innovative 3D laser technology, and it looks bright and lifelike. It will be a wonderful keepsake that brings good fortune to the house.

6. New Home Crystal Set

Start a day in a new home with positive energy with this crystal set. For new homeowners, this gift will be a wonderful good luck charm since they can bring it one the go. Each set features crystals that have been thoughtfully selected for their qualities to offer a lovely mixture of jewels. They symbolize happiness, wealth, and good fortune for new homeowners.

7. Home Coordinates Pillow

This beautiful pillow has a unique way to make the homeowners always feel comfortable at their new home. Customize the home coordinate in this pillow, giving a personal bonding between the new home and its owner. The pillow is constructed of polyester that wicks away moisture and offers a luxurious linen-like texture. It will be a good housewarming gift that makes them feel lucky to have a new house.

8. Ceramic Pomegranate Table Ornament

When it comes to good luck table ornaments, this amazing evil eye amulet is a great option. This is the most significant representation of luck and wealth in Greek folk art, along with the evil eye for protection. This ceramic pomegranate was hand painted and sealed with a layer of satin varnish to preserve the texture after being decoupaged, making a unique good luck decoration. 

9. Good Luck Horseshoe Decor

A horseshoe is famous for home decoration to bring good fortune. Let your friends feel the blessings by giving them this copper horseshoe ornament at their new house. It is suitable for hanging on a door, a wall near the entrance, a fireplace, or a rustic wall decoration for a living room. Your friends will surely be happy receiving this awesome gift! 

10. Orgonite Pyramid Crystal

Orgonite Pyramid Crystal

Bring good luck, wealth, and happiness in your new home with this orgone pyramid crystal. It also comes with green aventurine and citrine crystals which symbolizes good opportunity and wealth. Put this pyramid on the center of the house to attract good fortune, wealth, and happiness. It will be an ideal good luck gift for the new home you should buy.

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11. Crystal Apple Tree

Crystal Apple Tree

Wish your friends a great journey to their new house with this crystal apple tree home decoration. Crystals are said to maintain a balanced energy flow that is essential for chakra balance, wellbeing, and physical health. This exquisite art piece is perfect for any setting because it is made with brilliant hues and sparkling crystal. Your friends will definitely be grateful for this awesome keepsake. 

12. Wooden Hamsa Blessings Decor

Wooden Hamsa Blessings Decor

In case you want to give artistic amulets to your friends for their new home, try to consider this hamsa decor. Made from wood with detailed flowers and vines shaped, it makes an amazing home decor while bringing good fortune. It also has a blessing prayer printed on the center of the palm shaped amulet. This present is indeed an awesome traditional good luck charm to treasure.

13. Feng Shui 7 Chakra Tree

Feng Shui 7 Chakra Tree

If you believe in Feng Shui, then let this 7 chakra tree bring positive energies into your new house. It has natural Feng Shui chakra gemstones with gold wire on the tree, making a charming home decor that attracts good things. These stones have an abundance-filled, free-flowing spirit. According to Feng Shui, this tree promotes restful sleep, wards off unpleasant dreams, and awakens the chakras for a prosperous life.

14. Blue Evil Eye Butterfly Suncatcher

Blue Evil Eye Butterfly Suncatcher

Light up your friends’ new house with this unique suncatcher. Unlike the regular suncatcher which is only useful as a decoration, it can be a good luck charm to protect the new home. This butterfly ornament has evil eyes which are believed to ward off bad luck. The amazing crystal makes a great light reflection. They can hang this suncatcher near the window to radiate the morning sunlight.  

15. Brass Good Luck Gourd

Brass Good Luck Gourd

Wish your friends health and long life in their new house with this good luck gourd. In China, this gourd can be a perfect amulet to protect people from evil and disease as well as to bring good luck. The copper gourd is constructed from premium brass materials. It is strong, beautiful, smooth, and complex in structure. It also has a rich metallic luster.

16. Omamori Charm

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

During your friends’ housewarming party, this omamori can be a great amulet to bring good luck and protect their new house. With this gift, they can write their wish for their new home and put it inside the omamori. They can hang this omamori in front of the house or simply keep it inside the wallet to give good fortune for new homeowners.

17. Golden Money Frog

Golden Money Frog

Bless your friends’ new home by giving them this golden money frog. This golden frog is believed to bring wealth and good luck in China. The legend says that the frogs turn to gold after they die, and anyone who happens upon the frogs in the wild will be blessed with prosperity. This wonderful ornament makes a great symbol to attract money and good fortune.

18. Good Luck Antique Wind Chime

Wind chimes are supposed to bring good fortune and are employed in Feng Shui to represent hospitality. Give this beautiful wind chime to your friends’ new home, wishing a lot of blessings for them. It is a feast for the eyes and ideal for self-cultivation because of its lovely and  antique appearance. Additionally, it will emit a clear, pleasant sound that will help them unwind.

19. Elephant Decor Statue

Given that they are the largest living land mammal, elephants are treasured symbols in many civilizations. They stand for power, safety, knowledge, and luck in feng shui. Get your friends this cool traditional statue to light up their new house. The resin used to create the elephant statue sculpture. The material is safe, dependable, long-lasting, and gorgeous with a full-color pattern.

20. Lucky Cat Figurines with Muscle Arm

Add positive energies in your new house with this cool and funny lucky cat to represent hospitality. Unlike the regular cat, this ornament has a large muscular arm. This funny design will be a focal point that brings laughter to your guests. It is made of resin, with fine texture and beautiful craftsmanship. Placing this lucky cat in the center of the room will attract money, fortune, and joy for people inside the house.

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21. Bag of Gold Coins Ornament

When it comes to potent good luck gifts that will bring prosperity at the new house, this bag of money gold will be an ideal choice. This lovely ornament will bring good fortune, wealth, and money. It can be placed on a free-standing countertop, shelf, wine cabinet, or dashboard of a vehicle. Give it to your friends to wish them good luck and happiness.

22. Owl Good Luck Showpiece

Owl Good Luck Showpiece

Suppose you want to give a versatile decoration for both indoor and outdoor that brings good luck, consider choosing this owl statue. It is manufactured from fine polyresin that has been burned and hand-glazed. It has a glossy, vibrant appearance that exudes cuteness. The owl in Feng Shui is a symbol of fortune, insight, knowledge, and protecting energies. 

23. Wooden Buddha Figurine

Wooden Buddha Figurine

For  religious people, this wooden Buddha statue is believed to protect a new home.  This antique statue is more than just an ornament for a new home. It has a religious purpose such as channeling positive energy from inside and dispersing it to benefit both oneself and people around one. Your religious friends will definitely be happy receiving this gift.

24. Fengshui Golden Horse Figurine

Fengshui Golden Horse Figurine

This elegant golden horse figurine is definitely a cool ornament for a new house. The golden horse represents the Sun and a profound spirituality. It encourages the owners to act by encouraging them to believe in their own abilities. Placing this figurine in the working room will give a luxurious feel. This is indeed a gorgeous good luck gift for new homeowners they will cherish forever. 

25. Brass Spider Statue

Brass Spider Statue

If your friends believe in Feng Shui, then you should give them this brass spider statue for their new house. Spiders are seen as a good omen indicating the impending arrival of good luck or a celebratory event. Placing this charming statue may also attract positive energy to the house. Your friends will surely be thankful for the gift.

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