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25 Unique and Amazing Good Luck Charms Around the World

All around the world, you’re going to see various good luck charms with different shapes and effects. They are all cool to collect. But if you believe in the power that people say they hold, you might want to take a look at a specific good luck charm that suits your superstition. Because there’s a lot of good luck charms around the world, it might be a difficult task, but we’re here to help you!

You might have known some famous charms like the four-leaf clover and the evil eye charm. However, there are more good luck charms around the world that are powerful and unique for you to consider too. On our list of cool good luck charms around the world, we’re going to explore lots of amazing good luck charms for your collection! You can even use it for daily activities. 

Eastern Good Luck Charms

For our first category, we’re going to be listing some of the best good luck charms around the world that originate from the Eastern hemisphere. It means that most of the items on this list came from countries like Japan and Korea. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Hamsa Tapestry for Good Luck

Hamsa Tapestry for Good Luck

When we’re talking about good luck charms around the world, it’s natural to think about small things that you can bring anywhere, right? Well, this Hamsa tapestry comes from Iraq, and it is big enough to be considered a wall decoration, but it’s a good luck charm that will bring you good fortune and happiness. 

2. Japanese Omamori for Marriage

Japanese Omamori for Marriage

In Japanese culture, an Omamori is considered as a good luck charm that can bring us luck and protection. But this particular Omamori has its own mission: to ensure that you find your true love and that your marriage will last forever!

3. Japanese Omamori and Keychain

Japanese Omamori and Keychain

Here’s another Omamori that you can also consider. This time, it is paired in a beautiful keychain, making it easier to carry around. You can also buy one for your friend so that they will also be blessed with luck and fortune. 

4. Japanese Antique Amulet

Japanese Antique Amulet

While omamori are the most well-known Japanese good luck charm, they do have other charms that are effective too. Take this amulet as an example. Aside from its stunning design, you’ll certainly be blessed with fortune, money, and good health. Don’t think twice and buy this item now before others get to it first. 

5. Korean Lucky Charm Pendant

Korean Lucky Charm Pendant

It turns out that Koreans also have their own unique good luck charms. It just shows that there were a lot of good luck charms around the world, right? This beautiful necklace is a symbol of friendship, protection, faith, good luck, and strength. If you’d like to keep hold of all those things, make sure to wear it wherever you go.   

6. Takrud, Chinese Money Buddha Amulet

Takrud, Chinese Money Buddha Amulet

This amazing amulet is the perfect good luck charm for people who love to gamble. Buddhists believe that this amazing amulet will enhance your luck when you’re betting on something. It can also be a cool gift for someone who loves to collect antique items. 

7. Hindu Talisman

Hindu Talisman

India’s cultures are heavily inspired by the Hindu religion. It’s no surprise when we see a lot of good luck charms from India that are based on the teachings of Hindu. With this good luck charm, you can be rid of evil spirits and always have good fortunes. 

8. Yellow Elephant Charm Band

Yellow Elephant Charm Band

Elephants are an important symbol in Indian culture. Although the main highlight of this beautiful item is the elephant symbol, you’ll find many more cool symbols normally found in other good luck charms around the world, like evil eye and horseshoe. It is the perfect item for you women who want a change in their life!

9. Swastik Navratan Pendant Charm

Swastik Navratan Pendant Charm

Good luck charms around the world have their own uniqueness. Just take a look at this cool pendant charm that originates from India. Besides the amazing design, its user will definitely live life to the fullest because of the good fortunes that it brings. 

Western Good Luck Charms

After taking a look at some of the best Eastern good luck charms, it’s time to move on to the other part of the world. Below, you’ll have the chance to take a look at some of the best good luck charms around the world from the Western hemisphere. 

10. Red Figa Hand Charm

Red Figa Hand Charm

This amazing red amulet was made specifically for people with deep spirituality, and it came from Europe. If you choose to wear it, you’ll be protected from evil spirits. Its wonderful design also makes it perfect as a fashion accessory. Buy it immediately!

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11. Red Italian Horn Charm

Red Italian Horn Charm

Italians believed that a red horn charm would be powerful enough to repel any evil spirits, or “Malocchio”. If you’re suspicious that someone wants to wish bad things for you, this item may be the perfect charm to ward off those curses away. 

12. Three-legged Pig Charm

Three-legged Pig Charm

Calm down, because there are still a lot of good luck charms around the world that we haven’t discussed yet. This Chilean charm is just an example of it. According to their tradition, giving this item as a gift will bring good luck to the recipient. Purchase one for your loved ones now!

13. Sterling Silver Amulet

Sterling Silver Amulet

This is a really antique item that was found somewhere in Europe. Amulets like this key are believed to hold amazing powers to repel any evil spirits while inviting good fortunes for the users. Even if you don’t believe in that, you can also buy this for your collection of antique items. 

14. Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Horseshoe charms are known as one of the best good luck charms around the world. However, nothing will get any better than a good luck charm that can be personalized to fit your style. You can do just that with this amazing item. You can add any special date, initials, or other things that you have in mind to be engraved on the item!

15. Owl and Horseshoe Ring

Owl and Horseshoe Ring

Combining different symbols from different traditions might also be a good idea. It will bring different effects to prevent evil spirits while bringing luck into your side. If you agree with our idea, you can entertain the idea of using this elegant ring, made using 14K yellow gold. 

16. Copper Shamrock Stake

Copper Shamrock Stake

This particular charm is not meant to be carried. Instead, you can place this awesome shamrock item that originates from Celtic tradition somewhere in your garden and let it bloom! Let’s hope that it will bring some good luck into your life. 

17. Evil Eye Pendant

Evil Eye Pendant

The term ‘evil eye’ may scare you off. However, ancient Europeans believed that it actually helps you to repel any evil spirits that might creep into your home. If you want to buy a cool evil eye pendant, we would like to suggest you to consider this cool evil eye pendant. It’s got a beautiful design that will perfectly fit your fashion style. 

18. Spiritual Perfume Oil

Spiritual Perfume Oil

You can search for good luck charms around the world, but we guarantee that it’s very, very rare to see a good luck charm in the form of a perfume oil. But when you smell this good luck charm, made using the best essential oils, you will attract good luck and prosperity. If you don’t believe in us, try it for yourself!

Unique Good Luck Charms Around the World

Although we almost covered all of the good luck charms around the world, there are still some yet to be mentioned. These good luck charms are beautiful and unique, but it’s really hard to pinpoint where they originate. That’s the reason why we’re making one more category for all these special good luck charms around the world. 

19. Hear My Voice Charm Necklace

Hear My Voice Charm Necklace

Up until recently, the struggle for gender equality has been a real hard battle. To celebrate and announce your agreement in gender equality, you can wear this necklace. The designer of this beautiful necklace, Casey Benjamin, also believes that this necklace can bring good luck to its users. 

20. Sterling Silver Lucky Necklace

Sterling Silver Lucky Necklace

Certain symbols are rooted from certain traditions. But what if you want to combine all of the symbols found from different good luck charms around the world, in order to achieve a maximum output? Perhaps this awesome charm might be the best item for you. Plus, it was made using Sterling Silver, making it all the more elegant. 

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21. Solid Gold Charm

Solid Gold Charm

This solid gold charm looks a lot like the sterling silver pendant that we’ve mentioned earlier. They have various symbols that can be found from different good luck charms around the world. The only noticeable difference is the material. If you prefer gold more than silver, then you should buy this magnificent charm. 

22. Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet

It might seem creepy to some, but it might be appealing to others. If you love to collect weird and bizarre items, this bracelet might be the perfect addition for your collection. It also might be good enough to ward off evil spirits. Cool enough, right?

23. Sabre Tooth Charm

Sabre Tooth Charm

In some parts of the world, such as ancient Africa, sabre tooth charms are often considered as sacred items that can bring good luck. If you also believe in that, you should consider buying this adorable sabre tooth charm. 

24. Evil Eye Hanging Ornament

Evil Eye Hanging Ornament

When you look for different good luck charms around the world, you’ll notice that some of them aren’t made to be carried around, just like this amazing evil eye charm. If you’ve been paying attention to our previous products, you’ll understand the power of this good luck charm, so just get to it and add this item to your cart!

25. Little Firefly Token Charm

Little Firefly Token Charm

A firefly token charm is not as popular as the four-leaf clover or the horseshoe charms. However, they still hold a powerful effect on its user. It is said that the user of this item will always have good luck. Buy it now and feel the experience yourself. 

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