28 Resident Evil Merchandise for Horror Fans

Resident Evil is currently among the most successful horror franchises in the world. It is originally published as a game in Japan. Since then, this franchise has inspired dozens of movies, novels, comics, and tons of Resident Evil merchandise. The Japanese survival horror game has also attracted millions of diehard fans! Under the name of Resident Evil Village, the latest game was published as recently as 2021. Thanks for this, the new sequel has been very well-received and has countless new followers! Hence, no wonder their lovers will be willing to collect Resident Evil merchandise as collectible items.

Resident Evil merchandise will bring the Resident Evil movies to life. Especially whenever the fans take a look at their collections. They will indeed be an excellent collectible gift for your gamer soulmate! If you are getting confused to pick one of the best Resident Evil merchandise, then you are coming to the right place! The team from Awesome Stuff 365 has cooked up some ultimate recommendations just for your benefit. Let’s take a look!

Resident Evil Merchandise for Gamers

The popularity of Resident Evil games can not be overstated. It was first announced in 1996. Then, its remakes are continuously being produced. The following items are collectible merchandise inspired by the games. They will be great presents for your collector friends!

1. Physical Copy of Resident Evil Village

Physical Copy of Resident Evil Village

Does your friend or children own a PlayStation 5? If so, you may consider buying the hard copy of Resident Evil Village as a birthday gift! Even though the game is available digitally, a physical disk is always more meaningful for fans of this franchise. Furthermore, this Resident Evil merchandise will look great sitting on your friend’s shelf. 

2. Keys From Resident Evil 2


The classic Resident Evil 2 was released decades ago! Nonetheless, its popularity withstands the passage of time. As a result, a remake of this title was released in 2019, spurring waves of new followers. The game features the iconic Spade, Diamond, Club, and Heart keys. If you know friends who love these features, you can buy the real items as Resident Evil merchandise to unlock their hearts!

3. Brooch with Iconic Four Houses Crest


In the Resident Evil Village, the Four Lords of the Village are the mini-bosses. Each of them was initially from four noble families with unique crests. Now, the four house crests are available in the form of brooches. You can buy these well-crafted Resident Evil merchandise for your friend as a memorable present.

4. Replica of Plagas Parasite in Vial

Replica of Plagas Parasite in Vial

The first three of Resident Evil games feature T-Virus. It could reanimate dead bodies into zombies. For the fourth installment, the game introduced a new menace called the Plaga parasite. Moreover, these foul creatures could infect humans and turn them into mindless mutants. If you are looking for an item reflecting the character, then you can now buy the replica of Las Plagas for your friend as Resident Evil merchandise. But, don’t be surprised as it looks very realistic!

5. The Six-winged Key from Resident Evil Village

The Six-winged Key from Resident Evil Village

In the Resident Evil Village, you need to defeat several bosses to acquire keys that could unlock new areas. One of the most iconic keys from this game is the Six-winged Key. The replica of this awesome-looking key is among the best-selling Resident Evil merchandise. You can get this amazing piece for your friend as a birthday present!

6. Vintage Original Resident Evil Game for PS1

Vintage Original Resident Evil Game for PS1

Resident Evil was initially released for Playstation 1 by Japanese company Capcom. It became an immediate hit all around the world. The game was famous because of the quality of the gameplay, the storyline, and the graphic that was such a breakthrough back in the day. Hence, for hardcore fans of the franchise, Resident Evil merchandise is a must-have item to collect. This vintage Resident Evil game will indeed become a treasured present.

7. T-Virus Necklace

T-Virus Necklace

The highly contagious T-Virus was developed by the Umbrella Corp as a bioweapon. People exposed to this virus will turn into cannibalistic undead zombies! Now, you can appreciate the danger of the virus with this very-well crafted T-Virus necklace. This amazing Resident Evil merchandise comes in various color schemes. Hence, it will make an excellent piece for cosplayers or collectors.

8. Racoon Police Department Wallet 

Racoon Police Department Wallet 

Chris Redfield is a member of Racoon City’s Police Department. He is the main character of the first original Resident Evil! Hence, if your friend is a big fan of the franchise, this RPD wallet with Chris’ ID card will be a thrilling present. They can also use this Resident Evil merchandise as a prop for cosplay! 

Resident Evil Merchandise for Collectors 

Toys inspired by the Resident Evil franchise will indeed become excellent gifts for horror fans. These items can become a unique collection and are also fun to play with! In addition, they can become spooky Halloween decorations.

9. Resident Evil Deck Building Game

Resident Evil Deck Building Game

The survival horror franchise Resident Evil has launched an incredibly fun Deck Building Game. You can buy this Resident Evil merchandise for yourself and invite fellow fans to play together. It is also a suitable present for hardcore followers because the cards are highly collectible! The cards cover the entire Resident Evil cast, so the replayability value is endless!

10. Action Figure of Hunter


In the Resident Evil universe, Hunters are genetically engineered human-animal hybrids. They are ferocious monsters with massive claws and razor-sharp teeth. However, you can encounter this evil character throughout various Resident Evil games. Suppose you have a Resident Evil-long friends. In that case, you can get your friend a Hunter Action figure as a gift to complete their Resident Evil merchandise collection! 

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11. Portable Safe From Resident Evil 2

resident evil merchandise

Resident Evil 2 is such a fun horror game because it is not just simply jump-scare and survival. There are also challenging puzzles that you need to beat in order to progress. The iconic RPD safe box from this game is now available as a replica that you can buy! The design is surely accurate. Moreover, you can open this Resident Evil merchandise after dialing the buttons. 

12. Terrifying Angie Marionette Doll

resident evil merchandise

Angine is a terrifying spirit doll owned by one of the bosses in Resident Evil Village. The villain uses her psychic ability to move the fearsome doll to fight you in-game. And so, for the fans of the franchise, this Angine Marionette doll will be a suitable gift to add to their Resident Evil merchandise collection. The creepiness of the doll will surely bring the Gothic vibes into your friend’s collection!

13. Chibi Nemesis Action Figure

Chibi Nemesis Action Figure

Nemesis is one of the most popular villains in this horror game franchise! Fans will definitely appreciate the chibi Nemesis Action Figure as a collection. The undead was the main boss of Resident Evil 3. The immense popularity of this character is through the roof since it has a well-designed appearance. Moreover, the monster has a terrifying face and carries a bazooka!

14. Claire Redfield Action Figure

resident evil merchandise

Claire is definitely one of the most beautiful characters in the Resident Evil franchise. She was firstly introduced in Resident Evil 2 as a major protagonist of the series. For your friends who collect merchandise, this very well-made Claire action figure will indeed become the centerpiece among other Resident Evil merchandise!

15. Ada Wong Action Figure

resident evil merchandise

You may argue that Ada is the coolest female character in the Resident Evil series. She is a mysterious woman who turned out to be a secret agent! Her alluring beauty will indeed capture any man’s heart. In this figure, she is posing in her iconic red dress holding a gun, ready to shoot your friend’s heart! Therefore, get this incredibly charming Ada Wong action figure as special Resident Evil merchandise for them.

16. Golden Luger from Resident Evil

resident evil merchandise

Code Veronica is the first Resident Evil game that was released outside of Playstation. The game featured an iconic moment where the protagonist dual-wielded Golden Luger to kill some monster. If you are hunting for this replica, it is now available for sale on eBay. You can buy it as a present that will complete your friend’s Resident Evil merchandise collection!

17. Unpainted Lady Dimitrescu Figurine

resident evil merchandise

Lady Dimitrescu is the central villain in Resident Evil Village. She is a sexy gigantic vampire that will chase you around the mansion. For your friends who love collecting Resident Evil merchandise in form of figurines, they will undoubtedly be delighted to have this very well molded Lady Dimitrescu Figurine. It is unpainted, giving a chance to your friend to color it in their preference.

18. Lord Karl Heisenberg Action Figure

resident evil merchandise

Lord Karl Heisenberg is the strongest of the mini-bosses in Resident Evil VIllage. He created a massive army in his underground factory. The evil lord uses his powerful magnetism ability to fight the protagonist. He can also turn into a giant metal robot. If your lover is a fan of him, then this Heisenberg action figure will be great Resident Evil merchandise for your soulmate!

Resident Evil Merchandise for Fans

Resident Evil merchandise is suitable for horror fans in general. It is available in various media that will entertain people in general. If your friend does not play the games, they shall still appreciate the following items.

19. Resident Evil Movies Collection

Resident Evil Movies Collection

Resident Evil is not just a game series. It is a survival horror franchise that also inspired at least 6 live-action movies. For people who have never played the games, the Resident Evil: 6 Film 4K collection set a very valuable item! You can buy this Resident Evil merchandise as a special gift for your horror-loving soulmate!

T-shirt with Umbrella Corporation Logo

Umbrella Corporation is the major enigmatic villain of the series. This fictional company is the one that is responsible for the biohazard outbreak all around the world. Their irresponsible experiment to create bio-weapon has produced evil undead and mutants. If your newbie friend is curious about this game, then this t-shirt with the Umbrella logo will look fantastic as Resident Evil merchandise!

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21. Resident Zombie Makeup Kit

resident evil merchandise

Does your friend love cosplaying as a zombie? If so, get them the Resident Evil Makeup kit as a birthday gift! The walking undead is a prominent enemy in the franchise. They were created as a result of the T-Virus outbreak that turned humans into moving corpses, thirsty for flesh! You can now recreate the scene using the makeup kit together with your soulmate. What a creative Resident Evil merchandise it is!

22. Racoon Police Department Hoodie

Racoon Police Department Hoodie

Racoon City is the ground zero of a massive biohazard incident. Ten thousand of the residents turned into zombies because of the contaminated water. A hoodie with a Racoon Police Department logo will become a practical present for your friends. The design is a subtle reference to the Resident Evil franchise, making this Resident Evil merchandise hoodie suitable for any occasion.

23. Umbrella Corporation Car Accessory

Umbrella Corporation Car Accessory

The shadowy Umbrella Corporation is such an iconic evil organization. It has been engaged in questionable activities throughout the series in order to create the ultimate bioweapon. If your friends love villainous accessories, then this metal badge with Umbrella Corps engraving shall be an excellent decoration for their car! 

24. Racoon Police Department Wristwatch

Racoon Police Department Wristwatch

Are you looking for Resident Evil merchandise that can be used on a regular basis? Try the SuperGroupies Watch S.T.A.R.S. Model R.P.D! It is a very well-made merch that comes with a subtle Racoon Police Department logo. The elegant leather strap will look great on your friend’s wrist!

25. Resident Evil Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag for Girlfriend

For your girlfriend who loves the horror franchise, this makeup bag with the Umbrella logo on it shall be a special present! She will also appreciate the motivating message printed on the bag. Get this Resident Evil merchandise now! This piece will surely brighten your girlfriend’s mood!

26. Resident Evil Movie Poster

Minimalist Movie Poster for Wall Decoration

The first Resident Evil movie by W.S. Anderson is still the fan’s number one favorite! You can now get this minimalist Resident Evil movie poster to decorate your house. Moreover, the iconic Umbrella Corp will grace your home with elegance. No wonder it will blend together well with your bedroom or living room interior. 

27. Resident Evil Face Mask

resident evil merchandise

We are currently living in the middle of a global pandemic. Doesn’t that remind you of the biohazard situation in the Resident Evil games? Hence, you must be prudent with health protocol and wear your mask when you go outside! You can now get this face mask with the Racoon Police Department logo on it. This Resident Evil merchandise is great for everyday usage. 

28. Umbrella Backpack

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For your son and daughter who are going back to school, the Umbrella Backpack will be the greatest present. This item will make you the best parent of the year because all you want is to protect your kids! It is a comfortable backpack with compartments to hold books or accessories. 

Final Thoughts

Resident Evil has a base of hardcore fans, and probably you are one of them. If that’s the case, we are pretty sure that you know exactly what kind of merchandise that you want, in terms of quality, uniqueness, and whether it’s a rare item or not.

Therefore, we cannot say that picking the best Resident Evil merchandise is an easy task. It can be difficult and tricky sometimes. And that is the reason why we created this list from the first place. Since we have curated a compilation of 28 most recommended Resident Evil merchandise to own, we hope that you can the one item that you have been searching for. So, good luck!

Resident Evil will continue to be one of the leading survival horror games in the market. Its merchandise is always selling out quickly! Now that you have read this article, you will know which Resident Evil Merchandise is suitable for your friends. They are all unique items and shall bring joy into your friend’s life. 

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