25 Most Expensive Batman Toys for Hardcore Fans

The latest Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson is coming out in 2022. From the trailer, we can see that the cinematography will be top-notch. The movie will be closer to the original DC comic books. The hype is real! And so, it is time for you to shop for the most expensive Batman toys as a luxurious present for your families or friends.

Batman is without a doubt the coolest franchise in the world. His ninja-like style and the dope all-black costumes have generated diehard followers from around the world. It is a DC character that potentially could unseat the popularity of Marvel superheroes.The following Batman toys will be appropriate gifts for special occasions and to celebrate the upcoming new movie!

BEST Batman Toys – Our 4 Best Picks

Vehicle Batman ToysArmor Batman ToysBatman Crossover Action FigureVillain Action Figure
Limited Batman’s LEGO SetFull-body Batman ArmorBatman CyborgHyper-realistic Catwoman
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Luxurious Batman Toys for Collectors

The most expensive Batman toys can cost you thousands of dollars. This superhero franchise is not something that you can thriffle with! Hardcore fans will do all they can to purchase luxurious merchandise. You can now help your friends to complete their lavish Batman collectible goodies with the following items!

1. Limited Batman’s LEGO Set

Limited Edition Batman’s Tumbler LEGO Set

The iconic Tumbler is one of the Batmobile’s versions that appeared in the franchise. It is an armored vehicle that could destroy enemies’ cars. The tumbler now comes in the shape of a LEGO set! This model features more than 2000 pieces! It is a complex build, suitable for friends who love the Dark Knight! Once it is completed you will get an accurate replica.

2. Full-body Batman Armor

Realistic Full-body Batman Armor

Batman is impervious to most gunshot and knife attacks because of his highly advanced carbon exoskeleton armor. It is super lightweight allowing the hero to fight with agility while having maximum protection at the same time. You can now buy this full-body armor for your friend! It is very-well crafted and the accurate details will astound you!

3. Custom Real Steel Batarang

Real Steel Batarang Set With Custom Design

The iconic batarang is Batman’s preferred weapon of choice. It is shaped like a flying bat that could silently dispatch enemies. Even though batarang doesn’t have a massive fire power like a gun, it is still highly effective in the hands of Batman. For your friends who enjoy the Batman franchise, this set of customizable real baratang will be the most thrilling gift!

4. AI-powered STEM Kit Batman Toys

AI-powered Batmobile STEM Kit

For your friends who love DIY projects and engineering, there will be no greater present than the CircuitMess Batmobile! This remote controlled car can be programmed to follow orders thanks to the integrated processor and the AI! Therefore, this advanced toy will be a unique collectible Batman merchandise for hardcore fans who want to learn electronics.

5. Red Hood Full Face Helmet

Red Hood Full Face Helmet

Jason Todd was Bruce Wayne protegee. Originally he was Batman’s sidekick, the Red Robin, but become a murderous anti-hero, the Red Hood! Batman has to battle the Red Hood on some occasions, even though they were friends. And so, for your friend’s birthday, you can buy this incredibly well-made Red Hood full face mask!

6. Batman Toys with Integrated Clock

Luxurious Miniature Batmobile with Integrated Clock

The Batmobile is without a doubt the most popular Batman’s equipment. He always uses it to patrol the mean streets of Gotham. Kross Studio have designed a miniature toy of 1989’s Batmobile integrated with a precision mechanical clock inside the engine bay! This luxurious item will cost you almost $30,000, placing it among the most expensive Batman toys ever!

7. Batwing Batman LEGO Set

Super Cool Batwing LEGO Set

The classic flying Batwing from 1989 was shaped more like Batman’s batarang. Batman will use this machine to gain aerial superiority over his enemies. And now, the detailed Batwing LEGO set is ready to grace your friend’s collection. It also comes with 3 minifigures of Batman, Joker and a mob! Buy it for special people in your life who love Batman’s unyielding moral compass. 

8. RC Batmobile Batman LEGO

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A dynamic LEGO set is a rarity. Usually, they just produce a static finished product. However, this adorable Batman’s Tumbler LEGO set can be controlled using a phone app. The production of this item has been suspended by the manufacturer! So the stock is very limited. Your friend will have a lot of fun time assembling the vehicle and controlling it with his phone!

9. Authentic Batman Gauntlet

Authentic Batman Gauntlet

Batman wears a special gauntlet to protect his arms when punching down criminals. The piece of armor also offers extra weapons because of the sharp edges. In Dark Knight, Batman could shoot the blades out of his arm brace to distract The Joker.So, people who love the franchise will definitely treasure this authentic Batman Gauntlet!

10. Classic 1989 Batmobile Lego Set

Classic 1989 Batmobile Lego Set

The classic 1989 Batman movie is still being regarded as the best in the franchise, especially by the old timers. It was the first Batman movie that went all out to create massive action sequences.And so, your friends will definitely treasure this LEGO set of the old-school Batmobile. It features over 3000 pieces, making it one of the most complicated build!

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Luxurious Batman Toys for Action Figure

The following Batman action figures are not cheap toys for kids. They are crafted by highly-skilled artisan and molded with precision. The accuracy and the attention to details have earned these items a high price. They shall become the most valuable items in your friend’s Batman toys collection.

11. Christopher Nolan’s Figure

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Action Figure

The hyper-realistic rendition of Batman by Christopher Nolan is still among the best superhero movies ever created. It is very mature and the director has successfully captured the essence of the capped superhero. For your friends who love Nolan’s versions, this Batman Dark Knight action figure shall be the centerpiece of their expensive merchandise collection.

12. The Dark Knight’s Joker Figure

The Dark Knight’s Joker Action Figure

To date, the Joker from the Batman’s Dark Knight movie is still the best authentic version. You can feel his intensity, madness, and also the desire for chaos. The late Heath Ledger had brought the most evil character to life. To commemorate the upcoming new DC movies, this high-quality Joker action figure will be an appropriate expensive present for your friend.

13. Batman with Iron Man Figure

Rare Action Figure of Batman Fighting with Iron Man

There is an eternal debate to determine which franchise has the best superhero. Is it DC or Marvel? The action figure of Batman fighting with Iron Man is the culmination point of the argument. The two superheroes are  ncredibly well-molded and the overall paint job is top-notch. Therefore, your friend will treasure this expensive Batman toy forever.

14. Hyper-realistic Catwoman

Hyper-realistic Catwoman Action Figure

Catwoman is Batman’s female counterpart. In the Dark Knight Rises, she was depicted as a female jewel thief who is turning into a hero. She also helps Batman to defeat Bane and save Gotham from nuclear disaster. You can now get this incredibly beautiful action figure of Catwoman riding on Batman’s futuristic motorcycle! Your friend will be over the moon.

15. Batman From DC Extended Universe

Knightmare Batman from DC Extended Universe

The DC Universe is as diverserve as Marvel. Each parallel world will have a different version of Batman. In this one, Batman becomes an insurgent trying to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Superman! This action figure of Knightmare Batman holding a rifle will be a unique collection! Beware, due to its rarity, this item is among the most expensive Batman toys!

16. The Penguin Action Figure

The Penguin Action Figure From Batman Returns

The 1992’s Batman Return is an all-time classic! The movie features the vile Penguin as the main villain. He is a psychopathic crime boss who also try to run for Gotham mayoral office. Batman has to fight him and his devious plans in order to save the city from a horde of penguins attack. Bring the iconic villain into your friend’s collection with the high quality action figure!

17. Harley Quinn Action Figure

Harley Quinn Action Figure

The Clown Princess of Crime is obsessed with The Joker. The maniacal Harley Quinn will not hesitate to do anything to gain The Joker’s attention. She is an especially tricky enemy for Batman because of his chivalrous nature. For your friends who love Harley Quinn, this exclusive action figure will be the hallmark of collectible Batman toys.

18. Detailed Bane Figurine

Detailed Bane Figurine

Bane is not just a simple mercenary. He emerged from the darkness and terrorized Gotham city with his powerful scheme. In terms of raw strength, Bane is much stronger than Batman. The Dark Knight Rises shows that Bane was able to overpower Batman quite easily. For Batman fans, this super-detailed Bane figurine shall become the most precious item!

19. Two-face Harvey Dent

Two-face Harvey Dent

Batman may have been able to capture The Joker in the Dark Knight. Nevertheless, the masked vigilante failed to prevent Harvey Dent, an upstanding Gotham attorney, from falling from grace. Dent, after being half-burned, became an erratic two-face murderer that leave everything up to 50-50 chance. Buy this high quality Two Face action figure to complete your friend’s set!

20. Batman Samurai Armor Figure

Batman Samurai Armor Action Figure Crossover

Batman’s chivalrous and hard boiled personality would remind you of the samurai. He has a strict moral code that cannot be compromised even in the face of overwhelming odds. For your friend who admires Batman’s unyielding sense of justice, this rare crossover figurine from Japan will bring so much joy!

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21. The Riddler Figure

The Riddler Action Figure to Celebrate New Batman Movie

Did you know that the new Batman movie will include the Riddler? He is one of the most dangerous supervillains in the DC universe. He is also an evil mastermind that loves leaving puzzles to taunt our masked vigilante. You can help your friend to welcome the upcoming movie by getting this detailed Riddler action figure!

22. The Arkham Joker Figure

The Arkham Joker Action Figure

Unlike the realistic Joker from Nolan’s movies, the one in Arkham series is more cartoonish and erratic. He is the infamous Clown Prince of Crime who is obsessed with Batman. In this version, the mad criminal was initially an intern in Arkham Asylum. In any case, your bestie will appreciate this luxurious $200 The Joker figurine because of its expensive design!

23. Robin Figure

Robin Action Figure

Robin is Batman’s first sidekick and the most trusty companion. The young lad studies under Bruce Wanye’s guidance to become a proper superhero. In one of the timeline, Robin’s story gets quite dark because he’s turning into an anti-vigilante. You can buy your friend this fancy Robin action figure to remind him that a loyal partner is hard to come by!

24. Batman Cyborg

Batman Cyborg Action Figure

The Arkham series is currently still among the most fantastic superhero games. The fighting mechanic allows you to feel like Batman. It is quite immersive and the graphic still looks quite good even for today’s standard. The newly stylized Arkahm’s Batman will definitely impress your friends! It features over 80 moveable parts, allowing the figurine to stand in different poses.

25. Ra’s Al Ghul Figure

Ra’s Al Ghul Action Figure

Ra’s Al Ghul is the leader of the League of Shadow and Bruce Wayne’s mentor. He is a dangerous man with an extremist view who wants to destroy Gotham. In Batman Begins, Bruce had to fight against his old teacher. Your friend’s most expensive Batman toy collection will be completed with this excellent Ra’s Al Ghul figurine!

Final Thoughts

These items are made for hardcore Batman fans who are willing to spend more out of their pockets. Being a die hard fan, spending more dollars will not be an issue as long as they can enjoy the feeling of satisfaction of having the item. If you are one of Batman’s die hard fan, then we can assure you that the items on this list will definitely worth your money.

However, if you have someone who happens to be a fan of Batman, then you might want to give that person a special gift in the form of an expensive Batman toy. We just can’t describe the happiness that the person will feel after receiving the gift. It’s going to be priceless!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the most expensive Batman toys?

The most expensive Batman toy will be the action figure. The best Batman action figure, especially the rare one, will cost you over $100. Some figurines will have a fantastical value of thousands of dollars. Collectors and hardcore fans of Batman have to check the list above to find the most unique toys! These types of items are suitable as luxurious presents.

What are the most expensive Batman collectible toys?

The most expensive Batman collectible is the Kroos Studio Batmobile desk clock. It has a wild $30,000 price tag! The cost can be justified due to its super limited availability and ultra high quality material. In addition, the toy is actually a mechanical clock! The niche item was crafted using hundreds of components to create the most accurate timepiece. Furthermore, some Batman action figures can cost you more than $500. 

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