25 Batman Vehicle Toys That Collectors Must Have

Everyone knows that Batman is just an ordinary human with no superpowers. Yeah, that’s true! But no one can’t deny the fact that he is not only handsome and rich but also has many advanced technologies. Some of them are supercomputers, deadly weapons, secret bases, and vehicles with advanced technology. With so many Batman vehicles, such as batmobile, bat plane, bat copter, bat-wing, bat-boat, etc, make him win in every war. Therefore, no wonder now there are many available batman vehicle toys sold in the market.

Since the design is cool, various styles of Batman vehicles were made into toy versions that amazingly duplicate the real ones. And with the variety of Batman vehicle toys, makes it perfect to collect them to reminisce about childhood or as a gift for your kids. Toddlers or even teenagers will surely love to receive the Batman-themed gift.

How Do You Value Your Batman Toys and Action Figures?

The Batman vehicle toys and action figures are valued by the rarity, supply and demand, the seller, and the quality of action figures. The rarer, the more demand, and the greater quality means more expensive. High value is in tune with that factor. If you see it matches the criteria above, don’t hesitate to buy it.

What Batman Toys Are Worth Money?

If you want to give an original or new batman vehicle toys. Therefore, you should buy the toy that has never been used before. Since, if it has been used, the price would drop significantly and is not worth the money that you will pay. For example, an all terrain bat-mobile is good since it is new and can go to any terrains.

BEST Batman Vehicle Toys – Our 3 Best Picks

Bat Plane ToyBat Mobile ToyBat Cycle ToyBatman Night Sphare Toy
Eaglemoss Batplane IIBatman Metal VehicleVintage 1990 Kenner BatcycleVintage 1996 Batman Night Sphare 
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Rare Batman Vehicle Toys for Batman Fans

1. 1940’s Thru 1950s Batman’s “Bat Plane”

batman vehicle toys

The version is quite old since it was coming from the second world war era. The design of the Batplane is actually based on the detective comic. To be precise, when Batman was introduced. Batman vehicle toys like these are perfect to reminisce about childhood and act as a toy for your kids.

2. Eaglemoss Batplane II

batman vehicle toys

There are more versions of Batplanes. The blue Batplanes are bigger than the 1940 thru 1950 era. The Batplanes are made of diecast metal, and ready to play. But the Batman vehicle toys are more suitable for teenagers.

3. Batboat with Trailer

batman vehicle toys

A variety of vehicles for Batman means there are also boats for water vehicles. The Batboat is approximately 3.5” long and can be played in a race with your nephew, niece, or kids. The Batman vehicle toys are eligible for any age.

4. Batmobile 2008 Edition

batman vehicle toys

Everyone who followed Batman in 2008 would recognize this car. The car has black in color with some red lines on it. The car is good for kids who have a passion in automotive or even love to race with a car.

5. Batman Batskiboat

batman vehicle toys

The Batskiboat is one of the batman vehicle toys that are interesting to play with. The Batskiboat is inspired by Batman in the 1992 era. You should grab it fast because these toys are hard to come by and there are not many that are available in this world.

6. The Batman Aeria Attack

DC Heroes toys

From the name, it is known the batman vehicle toys are operating in the air. Since the crime in Gotham city becomes bigger, Batman needs extreme power to demolish the villain. This toy has a cool design with blue and black colors with a bit of yellow color on them.

7. Vintage 1990 Kenner Batcycle

batman vehicle toys

After Batmobiles, bat-boat, Batskiboat, and Batplane, there are also Batcycle that prove the versatility of Batman’s vehicles. The Batman vehicle toys are inspired by Batman in the 1990 era. You can give it a race with your kids. We guarantee that they will surely love it!

8. Batman Forever Boat

batman vehicle toys

The batman is ready to race is what you can interpret in the picture above. The Batman forever Batboat was inspired by batman in the 1993 era. How about a race between Batboats? It could be an interesting race. After all, there is a Batman in the Batboat.

9. Retro Blue Batmobile

batman vehicle toys

The blue Batmobile with batman and robin on it. A great offer for a toy to collect. DC lovers would be delighted to have brilliant vehicle toys like these. The car has a high price to buy because of the rarity of toys.

10. Vintage 1990’s Batman Car

DC Comics BatCar

Born in the 1980s and a Batman fan is perfect to have this vintage 1994 Batman car. Unlike many common colors for Batmobile, the car has a purple color which is worth enough to collect. The toy is considered rare, so don’t forget to buy it before it’s out of stock.

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11. Dawn of Justice Batmobile Vehicle

batman vehicle toys

The Batmobile is not from the 1990s. Surprisingly, the Batmobile is quite early since it was from the 2016 era. It came from a movie, Superman vs Batman: Dawn of justice. The film is a sequel from man of steel in 2013. However, the Batmobile is suitable for adults only. So, it is a great gift for old DC fans.

12. Batmobile with Batman Action Figure

batman vehicle toys

Do you need Batman vehicle toys for your toddlers or elementary school kids? The bluish Batmobile with a Batman action figure on it might be the best solution. The Batmobile can be opened, so the Batman action figure can enter. Also, it can spread wings and fire missiles which are great features for a toy.

13. Batman Metal Vehicle

batman vehicle toys

Just look at the cool design of the automobile. It is really worth collecting, isn’t it? Furthermore, not only Batmobile but also magazine as a bonus if you buy the Batman vehicle toys. If your kids, nieces, or nephews are DC fans and eager to have the car, don’t hesitate to give this car as a gift.

14. The Bat Raptor Toys

batman vehicle toys

The Batman toy vehicles are incredibly detailed based on the DC Universe. The unique bat-raptor is inspired by the DC Comic, the Batman who laughs. Elementary school students are of course suitable to play this cool bat-raptor.

15. Batman and Batcopter Vehicle


Airplane is not the only air vehicle that Batman poses. There are also Bat-copters that are ready for duty. The Bat-copter has spinning blades and removable claws. When you want the Bat-copter to fly, just spin the blade and it will fly just like drones.

16. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Your kids are throwing tantrums because they want to sit in the driver’s seat? Worry not, these batman vehicle toys are rideable for your kids. Especially if they want to drive so much and want to cosplay as a Batman. Despite its look, the Batmobile is made of rubber.

17. DC Super Friends Batwing Toy Plane

DC Super Friends Batwing Toy Plane

A Batwing toy plane is an interesting toy for toddlers and kids. Especially if the Batman vehicle toys have an action figure to enter the cockpit. You need to squeeze the trigger to open the wings, then launch a projectile and push the power pad to launch more projectiles.

18. Batmobile and Batboat Transforming Vehicle

Batman Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle

A Bat-mobile that can turn into a Bat-boat and vice versa is unique and worth buying. It means that you buy two things in one which is beneficial for your budget. The Batman toy vehicles are fit for a Batman action figure that has a height of four inches. 

19. DC Super Friends Batcopter

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcopter

The blue color and the action figure makes it a Bat-copter that is ready to fly with Batman inside it. Just squeeze the trigger to turn the landing gear into a claw, then turn the thumbwheel to spin the propellers. Then, the Bat-copter is ready to go.

20. Kenner 1994 Legends of Batmobile

Kenner 1994 Legends of the Batman Batmobile

There are more black-colored black Bat-mobile. So, if you want to try a new atmosphere, you should try this grey Bat-mobile. The Bat-mobile has missile detonator in it. You and your kids can play a race between bat-mobile with it. Let’s see if the black Bat-mobile is faster or slower than the grey Bat-mobile?

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21. Batman Dark Knight Batmobile 2005

Batman Dark Knight Batmobile Assault Tumbler Vehicle 2005

The Batman Dark Knight Bat-mobile assault tumbler is bigger and looks bulkier than the majority of Bat-mobiles. There is extra light and sound which are still working in this Bat-mobile. Even if it has a bulky build, you can still race it with a car that has less bulkier build.

22. Batman Hyper-Jet Vehicle

Batjet Hyper-Jet

The hyper-jet Batman toy vehicles will go with a bang with its cool design. The sharp angle of the vehicle, the Batman action figure on it makes it cooler, especially for toddlers and kids. Like the rest of the Bat-mobile, it is fun to give it a shot for a race among Bat-mobiles to see which one is the fastest bat-mobile.

23. Vintage 1996 Batman Night Sphare 

Vintage 1996 DC Comics

The Batman night sphere vehicle looks thrilling and you may also want to ride the Batman vehicle toys because of its cool design. There is also Batman action figure that will become the pilot of the vehicle. It also can fire missiles.

24. Batman Death Metal Motorcycle

Batman Death Metal Motorcycle

Despite being a hero, Batman also has a creepy motorcycle too. The death metal motorcycle is born following the universe-shattering by Dark Nights: metal. Batman uses this motorcycle to lead an army of un-dead. The Batman vehicle toys are a good fit for a seven inches Batman action figure.

25. All Terrain Batmobile RC

All Terrain Batmobile RC

The all terrain statement is not just a boast or brag only. The Bat-mobile is water resistant and has custom performance tires. With only a joystick controller, you can command this bulky vehicle to any terrains like snow, water, dry land, mud, grass, etc. The Batman vehicle toys are also suitable for any age. Kids and adults can play and have fun with it.

Final Thoughts

Batman seems like a character that will never gets old. Everybody loves Batman no matter how old they are. Any fan of Batman would be thrilled to given a special gift, which includes a replica of Batman’s famous vehicles like the Bat mobile or motorcycle. Since Brice Wayne is a famous businessman, we know that he can make any vehicles he wants, right?

If you are looking a cool Batman vehicle toys for a true fan of Batman, you can find something unique, that will make it a collectible item to keep forever. We are sure that your gift will be their new favorite Batman vehicle toy.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best Batman collectible car toys for adults?

The best Batman collectible car toys for adults are bat-mobiles that can also turn into bat-boats since it means you can buy two toys with just one purchase. Also, the all terrain bat-mobile is worth collecting because of the water resistant property and can go into many terrains.

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