25 Most Recommended Long Distance Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming! It’s time to choose the best Valentine’s gifts for the people that we love including boyfriend or girlfriend. When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend or boyfriend, arranging a romantic dinner sounds really nice. But since you are in a long-distance relationship, it’s clearly not doable. So, it’s time to be creative in finding the best long distance Valentine’s day gifts for your favorite person.

If you are currently in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend and looking for the sweetest, most thoughtful, and best Valentine’s Day gifts for someone special so far away, check out these 25 ideas for the best long-distance Valentine’s Day Gifts!

How Can You Make Him Feel Special In A Long Distance Relationship?

In a long-distance relationship, the best way to make your boyfriend feel special is by sending him special gifts. Special and personalized gifts can make him feel your presence, even though you might be a million miles away from where he’s at.

What Can You Do for Your Long Distance Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day?

Aside from matching bracelets, girls love to receive gifts that are more personal, such as sending her a pillow with your personal message, giving her a necklace with a pendant that has a hidden Valentine’s Day wish, or arranging a FaceTime dinner together.

BEST Long Distance Gifts – Our 3 Best Picks

Long Distance Gift for Lovely MomentLong Distance Gift for Real Time ConnectionLong Distance Gift for Secret Message
Wooden Music BoxLong Distance LampPersonalized Necklace
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Long Distance Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Lover

1. Couple’s Puzzle Pieces Keychain

long distance valentines day gifts

Keychains are small but sweet items to choose from as a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your special person, like this adorable Couple’s Puzzle Pieces Keychain, for instance. You can keep one piece with you, while sending out the other piece to your boyfriend or girlfriend. To make it even sweeter, don’t forget to engrave each of your initials on each piece.

2. Long Distance Pillow Case

long distance valentines day gifts

Have you ever feel lonely for not being able to hug your loved one? It is hard, isn’t it? Therefore, we recommend this huggable pillow as one of the most thoughtful long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts ever. More than just a regular pillow, the cute message clearly explains the purpose of having this pillow as a gift, right?

3. Bath Relaxation Set

Gift Basket for Women

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, it’s going to be wonderful if you send your long-distance girlfriend a lovely spa and bath basket. Those lovely packages will indeed let her enjoy a relaxing spa at home. The nice packaging has natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. Hence, they will be the perfect long-distance Valentine’s Day gift you have ever bought!

4. Light Up Magic Wood Box

Light Up Magic Wood Box

Being away from your lover is tough, especially when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift to brighten up your girlfriend’s day from far away, then you can send her this cute Light Up Magic Wood Box. Coming with a sweet message, this gift will surely show how much you love her on Valentine’s Day.

5. Personalized Necklace

long distance valentines day gifts

Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that your boyfriend can have with him at all times? This personalized necklace will surely be the perfect item as one of the best long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts. This personalized necklace has a masculine look. In addition, the pendant can be filled with a piece of a love letter. This piece will surely tell him how you feel and how you look forward to seeing him soon.

6. Personalized Music Plaque

long distance valentines day gifts

Every couple has their own favorite song that brings up sweet memories when they hear the song playing. In a long-distance relationship, listening to your favorite song can make you miss your loved one even more. To make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel better, you can choose this beautiful personalized music plaque with your favorite song as the image. This sweet gift will undoubtedly turn into one of the best long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts ever.

7. Personalized Leather Journal

Personalized Leather Journal

Make sure your boyfriend has a new journal ready when his old journal is running out. And for that reason, you can send him this elegant leather journal that can be personalized by engraving your personal message on the cover. 

8. Whiskey Stone Valentine’s Gift Set

Whiskey Stone Gift Set

A boyfriend who loves Whiskey deserves this Whiskey Stones Gift Set as a long-distance Valentine’s Gift this year. This set includes metal ice stones made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Moreover, you can also have 2 pieces of old-fashioned whiskey glasses that come in one package. In addition, a luxurious wooden box that can be personalized makes this bundle a perfect match for a valentine’s gift for your dearest one.

9. Light Up Galaxy Rose in Glass Dome

Light Up Galaxy Rose in Glass Dome

A flower can mean a thousand words, and that’s why this light up rose is the best gift for your long-distance girlfriend. This piece will perfectly express your feelings from a distance. You can also add your personal wishes to the greeting card. And because of that, now you know that you have found the perfect long-distance Valentine’s Day gift ever! 

10. Valentine’s Gift Photo Box

long distance valentines day gifts

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your lover who lives in another city or country by sending this cute magnetic box full of photos of both of you together. This cute box will indeed show your lover how special he or she is for you, without having to say a word.

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11. Enesco Philbin Teddy Bear Plus

long distance valentines day gifts

No matter how old you are, an adorable plush doll will always be one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts. Having this as Valentine’s day gift for your long-distance partner will definitely put a smile on his or her face. The fluffy teddy bear is surely huggable, making the best sleep companion for her when you are not around.

12. Personalized Valentine’s Gift Watch

Our Time Together Watch

A watch seems like a perfect birthday gift for all men, including your long-distance boyfriend. This might look like a regular men’s watch, but what makes this timepiece unique is that you engrave a special message on the backside of the watch. Undoubtedly, this watch will be one of your boyfriend’s must-wear items.

13. Personalized Guitar Picks

Unique Personalized Guitar Picks

Any guitar player needs a good guitar pick. If you happen to have a boyfriend who loves to play guitar or jamming with his friends, you can give him this Unique Personalized Guitar Pick as this year’s long-distance Valentine’s Day gift. You can request to write your lover’s name on this wooden piece to give a sense of belonging. Your boyfriend will surely love you even more, thanks to this thoughtful gift.

14. QR Laminated Wallet Insert Card

QR Laminated Wallet Insert Card

Looking for a sweet and modern Valentine’s day gift for your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend this year? Why not pick this QR Laminated Wallet Insert Card? This piece will let your partner scan the QR code to discover a hidden romantic message from you. Thanks to advanced technology, you can give this sophisticated gift to your loved one.

15. Cryptex Puzzle with Hidden Compartments

Mini Cryptex Lock Puzzle with Hidden Compartments

For a boyfriend who loves puzzles and mysteries, this Mini Cryptex Lock Puzzle with Hidden Compartments is certainly the absolute best long-distance Valentine’s Day gift. You can add your personal Valentine’s Day message and let your boyfriend enjoy his time unlocking the message. 

16. Wooden Music Box with Personalized Message

Wooden Gift Box with Personalized Message

This wooden music box will be the one box to come to whenever you feel like missing your lover so much, which makes it a super adorable gift to pick for the upcoming Valentine’s Day moment.

17. Long Distance Lamp

Long Distance Lamp

How wonderful it is to be able to show your long-distance lover how much you miss him or her. This piece allows you to do that only by touching this long distance lamp and the other lamp at your lover’s location will light up almost immediately! That is why we highly recommend this pair of lamps, which not only features unique shapes but also offers amazing functions.

18. Heirloom Custom Video Book

Heirloom Custom Video Book

Digital and old-school styles are combined into this adorable custom video book. Comes in the form of a book, it consists of a video that will be a super unique and also sweet long-distance Valentine’s Day gift for your lover far away. You can choose one of the sweetest videos of the two of you and let your lover reminisce the moment by watching it. 

19. Long Distance Relationship Soy Candle

Long Distance Relationship Soy Candle

Scented candles are known for their functions that make people feel relaxed. Being in a long-distance relationship for a while is definitely challenging, and it’s actually a good idea to give this scented candle as a long-distance Valentine’s Day gift this year. Adding your personal message will also add a personal touch to this sweet gift.

20. Stir Your Tea & Think of Me Customized Spoon

Stir Your Tea & Think of Me Customized Spoon

Let your long-distance boyfriend enjoy his morning tea session with this adorable Stir Your tea & Think of Me teaspoon. Undoubtedly, he will think of you whenever he stirs his coffee and makes this adorable spoon as one of his favorite spoons.

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21. Lovebox Color & Photo

Lovebox Color & Photo

If you look at this cute love box, you can be sure that it will melt your long-distance lover’s heart immediately. This lovebox is a connected item that can send a special message and affection like no other. Above all, distance means nothing if you can share your love by having this adorable box as a special long-distance Valentine’s Day gift. 

22. Morse Code Bracelets

Morse Code Bracelets

Every couple loves matching accessories, including matching bracelets that feature a special morse code that says “I Love You”. Have this item for you and your lover, and feel the strong connection between you too, even though you both are a thousand miles away.

23. Engraved Compass

Engraved Compass

Being in a long-distance relationship can sometimes make you lose your way. So why not choose this compass with a personal romantic message for your lover? He will undoubtedly stay focused as he has this compass as a unique gift from you.

24. Engraved Rock

Engraved Rock

A rock is a symbol of strength, which makes this unique engraved rock one of the best long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts that describes the strong connection and bond between you and your lover, despite the fact that you are away from one another. 

25. Long Distance Mug

Long Distance Mug

Your lover’s morning coffee will be much sweeter using this adorable mug with your personalized romantic message on it. Distance means so little when someone means so much, indeed.

Final Thoughts

Being in a long distance relationship is hard, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It needs extra understanding and a whole bunch of patience, yet in the end it will all be worth it. If you are forced to celebrate Valentine’s day long distance, you can make it meaningful by sending your loved one a special gift.

A little idea on how to pick the best gift, choose something that can make them smile every time they see your gift. It can be a personalized item, or something sweet that can make them feel like you are close to them.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you get for your long distance boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend who is out of reach can be tough, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t send him a sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day for your long-distance boyfriends like matching bracelets, a love box with sweet messages inside, or a picture frame with a photo of you together. 

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a long distance relationship?

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend. For instance, you can send a thoughtful and personalized message by post, or arrange an online session together like online dinner via Zoom, or online movie streaming at the same time.

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