26 Valentine Gifts for Toddlers On The Lovely Day

Toddlers are kids that have a range of age from 12 months old to 36 months old, which means many of their mothers still breastfeed them. Valentine gifts for toddlers play a role in their early development such as their cognitive, motor, and emotional intelligence which is important for their future.

valentine gifts for toddlers
Valentine Gifts for Toddlers

Valentine gifts for toddlers can be toys, cute things, or anything that is not easily broken because they still don’t understand whether what they do is right or wrong. Also, it is better to give them a gift that will calm them when they are in a tantrum because such a lovely day is not good for crying.

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Toddlers

This Valentine’s Day, transform tiny gasps into giggles with gifts that toddlers will treasure. Unveil the perfect blend of cuddly, colorful, and captivating presents to make little hearts leap with joy.

1. Plush Organs

valentine gifts for toddlers

Toddlers need something cute to play with. The plush organs are great valentine gifts for toddlers since the toddlers will know sooner about their own organs like brain and heart just like the picture above.

Also, they can play it without you need to worry if the plush would be broken since they are not fragile.

2. Toddler Food Face Plate

valentine gifts for toddlers

To make the toddler develop their creativity, you can give them valentine gifts for toddlers like these plates. They can decorate the plate freely based on what they want. You should just guide them a bit when they are decorating the plate.

3. Glowing Bath Time Cubes

valentine gifts for toddlers

Just look at the expression of the glowing bath time cubes. It surely will make toddlers laugh in their bath session. On a lovely day, it’s a good thing to accompany their bath in the bathtub. Make sure to turn off the lamp in the bathroom.

4. Flipbook Kits

valentine gifts for toddlers

Toddlers tend to be active and not run out of stamina easily, unlike adults. Therefore, to accommodate their activity, you can give valentine gifts for toddlers that they can draw anything like flipbook kits.

They will draw what they want. Furthermore, you can tell them what scenario they should draw.

5. Toddler Sound-Activated Light Blocks

valentine gifts for toddlers

Lego can improve toddlers’ creativity and cognition by just trying to shape and build them.

Valentine gifts for toddlers like these Legos are good since you can play it with them on valentine’s day and reward them with a shiny Lego after you and your toddlers build the Lego to something amazing.

6. Valentine’s Day Baby’s Girl Outfit

valentine gifts for toddlers

Your daughter will need these valentine gifts for toddlers that will act as their clothes. The pinky clothes will suit them perfectly and they can go anywhere with them. The love shape also reflects valentine’s day meaning.

7. Toddlers Valentine’s Shirt

valentine gifts for toddlers

Just look at the cute laugh of the toddlers. It is the expression that your toddlers will reveal after you give valentine’s gifts for toddlers like those shirts. The valentine word makes it perfect to give on valentine’s day.

8. Personalized Valentine Crayon Names

valentine gifts for toddlers

Crayons are best when it comes to improving creativity and killing time. Toddlers will learn arts and colors with crayons. They will be happier if the crayons’ shape is from their name like Alyssa in the picture above.

9. Personalized Name Puzzle with Pegs

Personalized Name Puzzle With Pegs

After personalized crayon names, there is also a personalized name puzzle that is great valentine gifts for toddlers. Rather than coloring a picture, the toddler will study to place something that will fit perfectly in the lovely day.

10. Valentine’s Day Sunglasses

valentine gifts for toddlers

Sunglasses are not only for a far-sighted or near-sighted person. It can also be used as a fashion style for everyone including toddlers. Sunglasses are good valentine’s gifts for toddlers since they can act as cool kids and might want to be an artist one day.

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11. Kids Fishing Game

Kids Fishing Game

Toddlers can also be taught to fish at an early age with these valentine gifts for toddlers. The love shape can be pulled just like when you use bait to do fishing in the lake or river.

12. Toddler Personalized Dog Doll

Toddler Personalized Dog Doll

Dogs are cute and loyal, it includes a doll that has a dog shape. The cute dog can have a name that should be your toddlers’ name. They can play with it on a lovely day, thus increasing their love for you.

13. Dino-mite Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Treat

valentine gifts for toddlers

Toddlers are fond of anything to play including these dinosaur box. It is better if you put something inside the dinosaur box as a surprise gift like food that they like so much.

14. Love Valentine Bug Beanie

Love Bug Beanie

In the cold weather, you can warm the toddlers not only with scarves and sweaters but also beanies. The valentine gifts for toddlers like these beanies are great to warm themselves and you can ask them to accompany you on the trip.

15. Toddler Valentine T-shirt

Tshirt For Toddler Boys

Toddlers for sure love their mommy. A mommy gives birth to them and breastfeeds them in the span of two years. As a dad, valentine gifts for kids like these t-shirts are good to strengthen your bond in the family.

16. Spider-Man Baby and Toddler Boy Short-Sleeve

Spider-Man Baby and Toddler Boy Short-Sleeve

Toddlers often dream of themselves as superheroes like Spiderman in the picture above. With its size, it should fit them. You should give valentine gifts for toddlers after you watch the superheroes series on valentine day.

17. Light up Stuffed Polar Bear LED

Glow Guards Musical Light up Stuffed Polar Bear LED Singing

The polar bear is only available in the north pole, so it is a rare chance to see it with your own eyes. If your toddler really wants to see it, one of the solutions to take is to buy them a polar bear doll like this. The polar bear also can sing and give a colorful light.

18. Charizard Dragon Stuffed Animal

 Charizard Dragon Stuffed Animal

Dragons are rarer than a polar bear above. In fact, dragons only exist in myths like European and Chinese myths. If your toddlers want to see dragons so much, you can give valentine gifts for toddlers on a lovely day. Instead of breathing fire, they will glow their body.

19. Sportspower Toddler Swing

Sportspower Indoor, Outdoor My First Toddler Swing

What is the best thing to do with your toddlers on valentine’s day? Of course, play with them and see their laugh. You should give them sportswear as valentine gifts for toddlers since they can play with it. Furthermore, you can fold it easily.

20. Young Explorers Adventure Climber Indoor

Young Explorers Adventure Climber Indoor

In this technology era, even toddlers can play on cell phones which can distract themselves from outdoor activities. Valentine gifts for toddlers should be fun to play with, for instance, this mini playground will make toddlers slide to enjoy themselves.

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21. Toddler Infant Baby Girl Bowknot Shoes

 Toddler Infant Baby Girl Bowknot Party Princess Shoes

Flowers are the favorite thing for anyone, especially girls. Toddlers would have liked these shoes because there are flowers like bowknots. Such valentine gifts for toddlers are cute and perfect to wear anywhere.

22. Toddler Face Mask

Toddler Face Mask

Because of this pandemic era, you should not only protect yourself but also your toddlers. The good news is there are face masks designed specifically for toddlers. Therefore, they are great valentine gifts for toddlers. Not only to protect themselves but also act as a gift.

23. Toddlers Big Eyes Pram Shoes

valentine gifts for toddlers

Cartoons are not only for adults but also for kids and toddlers. The cute-looking small sandal that has big eyes on it should fit toddlers’ feet. The anti-slip property makes it safe to wear for toddlers.

24. Wooden Toddlers Puzzles

Wooden Toddler Puzzles

What makes toddlers happy other than playing with their own parents? None. So, you should give the best game on valentine’s day for them. Valentine gifts for toddlers like the cute animal puzzle are perfect for toddlers to play, also you can help them solve them.

25. Valentine Toys Cars

Valentine Toys Cars

Introducing automotive to toddlers is not a bad idea. Instead of giving them a seat in the driver seat with you, you should give them valentines gifts for toddlers like these toys car which they can play with anywhere as long as it is in your house.

26. Watercolor Dots Toddler Wall Art Kit

Watercolor Dots Wall Art Kit

Toddlers may want their room to be more artistic if they have an artistic talent since that phase (toddlers). The dots wall art also will make the toddler calm if they love the colorful room.

Final Thoughts

Just like other Valentine’s Day gifts, the best ones for your cute little toddler are gifts that will show them how much you love them in the most adorable ways. Toys will always be a great options, but toys that feature educational elements are also good for them.

So instead of going for toys that can only be played, you might want to go for toys that can help with their development as well. Without a doubt, your toddlers will be able to know how much they mean to you after receiving the special Valentine’s gift from you.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you do with your toddler on Valentine’s Day?

All toddlers need love from their families. So to express your love, you could give them valentines gifts for toddlers and play the gift with them. Thus, make your bond tougher a lot than before.

What do you give grandchildren for Valentine’s Day?

It is better to give valentine gifts for toddlers that also challenge and develop themselves such as a mini playground, puzzles, and sportswear. So, you only not make your bond stronger but also develop the toddler’s talent. Thus, killing two birds with one stone.

What are the best preschool Valentine gifts ideas?

The best preschool idea is a mini playground. Valentine gifts for toddlers like that not only toddlers play outdoors and do not touch cell phones often but also help the toddler interact with their friend which develops their social skills.

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