25 Valentine’s Day Room Decoration Ideas For Your Romantic Moment

Nowadays, the definition of Valentine’s Day has expanded where we’re expressing affection not just between lovers, but also with friends and family. Many people would arrange a special Valentine’s Day dinner out, while some others might prefer an intimate celebration in-house. For you who choose to stay at home, you will be busy looking for some awesome Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas to turn the house into the ultimate romantic retreat.

If you still couldn’t find the perfect Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas, then look no further to be inspired by how to decorate your room to enhance the romantic vibe for your Valentine’s Day celebration. We have 20 decoration ideas from the simple red hearts paper to the more lavish version with lots of flowers. Check the list below.

1. Pink Sofa And Balloons

Pink Sofa And Balloons

Pink is always associated with Valentine’s Day. The pink color is a combination between red and white. Red symbolizes love while white represents purity, therefore pink as the combination hopefully becomes the representation of love and purity.

Surrounding yourself with pink furniture and red decoration would be a great Valentine’s Day room decoration idea. You can add some heart-shaped red balloons to make the color pop out. 

2. A Small Bucket Of Red Roses

A Small Bucket Of Red Roses

Adding red roses to your Valentine’s Day decoration would effortlessly enhance the romantic nuance in the room. Since a long time ago, roses have been acknowledged as the symbol of love in every way and become an important part of Valentine’s Day tradition.

A simple fresh red roses bucket in a glass vase would be a great addition to Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas.

3. A Bottle Of Wine With Love Balloon

A Bottle Of Wine With Love Balloon

Decorating your room with a red balloon and a bottle of wine is a simple but clever Valentine’s Day room decoration idea to celebrate such a romantic night. It’s the perfect romantic decoration for couples who love wine. You can choose the wine from your spouse’s favorite such as a rose wine from Oak Leaf. Adding some red balloons and rose petals will also help to bring the romantic night air.

4. Honeymoon Setup Bed

Honeymoon Setup Bed

Sometimes, the classic Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas would work the best. Decorating your bed with a pair of swan towels and rose petals in a heart shape will always successfully bring the romantic air into the room.

The beautiful shape of swan towels with a bright red rose petals as the romantic decorations will never fail to bring an intimate moment between couples. 

5. Fresh Flowers Canopy Bed

Fresh Flowers Canopy Bed

For couples who just got married, creating a romantic bedroom by hanging a bunch of fresh flowers around the bed would be a great Valentine’s Day room decoration idea you could try. The idea is to bring a fresh floral vibe into the bedroom for a romantic mood.

It’s suitable for a bed with a canopy over the bed, but a normal bed can use this flower arrangement on the headboard. For the flower types, you can mix some roses, hydrangea, peony, and tulip, with greeneries for the best result.

6. Simple Dining Table Décor For Valentine’s Dinner

Simple Dining Table Décor For Valentine’s Dinner

For a couple who’s going to hold a small valentine’s dinner, a simple and delightful décor would be great for the dining table. Dress up your table with some fresh roses as the centerpiece with rose petals around. As the finishing touch, don’t forget to light up the vibe with candles that are specially made for decoration such as these heart candles.

7. Hearts Everywhere 

Drip the romance into the room with heart objects everywhere, from the heart string curtains, heart balloons, and heart wall stickers. If you’re wondering about how to create the heart-shaped curtain décor, it’s easy. All you need is a white string curtain and some small-sized heart-shaped red fabrics, where the heart fabrics will be attached to the string to create the beautiful heart curtain.

8. Lovely Chandelier

Source: Pinterest (@Jennifer Oliver)

Some simple changes could turn the dull chandelier into lovely Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas. Add some romantic decorations to the chandelier with heart paper and some red leaf strands for the bright vibe.

You can do the DIY heart paper with some cartons, ribbon, and red wrapping paper, then simply hang the heart paper around the chandelier. It’ll be the brilliant yet simple décor for Valentine’s day.

9. Rustic Valentine’s Décor

Source: Pinterest (@malmoandmoss.com)

Do you want an earth-tone bedroom decoration for Valentine’s Day? Try to add some rustic elements for Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas with a personalized wood heart as the wall décor and yellow wall light with fresh flowers to enhance the warm ambiance in the room.

It would be a great Valentine’s Day room decoration idea for him or for a husband who doesn’t really like too many red and pink combinations for Valentine’s Day.

10. Wooden Bedroom With Rustic Light Fixture

Source: Pinterest (@vsco.co)

This is another rustic décor you can copy for Valentine’s day room decoration ideas. Some elements that you can add such as rustic lighting, replacing the headboard with a wooden frame, and including the framed picture of your girlfriend/boyfriend by the bed with some flowers.

Also, don’t forget the love LED light on the headboard. For those who don’t really like the pink and red ornaments, this kind of decoration sounds perfect.

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11. Red Hearts Curtain

Source: Pinterest (@thecraftyblogstalker.com)

Styling up your room or corner doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity, everyday items such as paper and string could be turned into great Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas.

This heart curtain is an easy DIY decoration idea, all you need to do is cut the paper into some heart shapes. Then, attach the heart to the string as shown in the picture. Once all hearts are attached, you can hang the paper heart string together to make the curtain. 

12. Photo Wall With Lights

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.ru)

Take the romantic vibe to the next level with a string lights photo wall for an enchanting and romantic decorating idea. All you need is light strips, prints of your photo, and some wood clips for hanging the photo.

You’ll need to hang each photo print on the light strips with the wood clip. It’s very easy to make, and suitable for busy people who want a simple and intimate celebration for Valentine’s day.    

13. LOVE LED lights

Source: Pinterest (@kol.deals)

Bring LED lights as Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas for celebrating the romantic mood as well as great additional lighting for a warmer ambiance in the room. You can buy the LED alphabet letters for L-O-V-E, or you can change the O letter with a heart-shaped LED light just like the picture.

Besides romantic decorating ideas for Valentine’s day, this LED light is also suitable for any event or space that requires a warmer ambiance.

14. Infinity Love

Source: Pinterest (@Ziddi dil)

Show your boundless love with this heart race and infinity sign bed décor made of rose petals and leaves. It’s such a unique idea to express your feeling for Valentine’s Day room decoration idea.

You can add a couple of candles around the heart race and the other décor such as hanging hearts, ribbons on the pillow, or other ornaments to create a colorful and lively decoration.

15. Pink Balloon Party

Source: Pinterest (@cifeeo.com)

Floating a cluster of pink balloons with hanging strings would be a festive Valentine’s Day room decoration idea. You might be wondering about the secret of how to keep the balloons from moving around. The secret is blowing the balloons with helium.

To make sure that the balloons float perfectly, you have to choose the balloon that can be blown with an adequate amount of helium to make it float. Normal balloons would not work the best, therefore choose balloons that are specially made for blowing with helium such as these latex balloons.

16. A Romantic Candlelight Table Setting

Source: Pinterest (@betweennapsontheporch.net)

Having a romantic dinner at home can be a good idea for couples who want to hold an intimate Valentine’s day celebration. For couples who plan an intimate candlelight dinner, you can thoughtfully prepare the menu and set the mood with candles, some special wine glasses, and rose petal decorations on the table.

You can also add a candle holder cage as the centerpiece to enhance the table setting.

17. Surprise Décor For Him

Source: Pinterest (@Karin Kaestner)

For a married couple, creating a surprise for a husband who has been with you for a long time could be your second “honeymoon,” making you fond memories of the past.

If he has a favorite brand of champagne, create a thoughtful surprise with a champagne bucket along with candles and rose petals for a true romantic decoration vibe. It might become the most romantic bedroom decoration you’ve ever made for your husband.

18. Romantic Canopy Tent For Indoor

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

For couples who want a little hideout at home, ignite your love inside an indoor canopy tent for a little celebration of Valentine’s day. For a low-budget canopy tent, you can do DIY from a used curtain, sheets, or sheer fabric such as tulle.

Add some string lights for the magical effect along with a heart-shaped pillow, some sweet treats, and a bottle of sparkling wine. Finally, enjoy your special hideout to celebrate romance and love. 

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19. Rose Petal Walkway With Candles

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Create a delightful Valentine’s Day moment with a rose petal walkway for a romantic night surprise that would last as a lovely memory of your relationship journey. For a dramatic effect, add some candles along the walkway. You can give this as a romantic gift to your husband or wife to appreciate their continuous support in your relationship.

20. Loving Rose On The Floor

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

The last Valentine’s Day room decoration ideas could be the grandest décor on the list. Add a luxurious touch to your decoration idea with heart rose petals on the floor that is arranged as a heart walkway with many glowing lights. This décor would be the exquisite one to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

21. The Mafia-themed Decoration

The Mafia-themed Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

It’s not a sin to experience the life of a mafia couple on Valentine’s day, isn’t it? Especially when you only experience it through the decoration of your bedroom to welcome the special Valentine’s day with your partner. This mafia-style bedroom decor will be an out-of-the-box Valentine’s day room decoration idea that you don’t want to miss. Have your red bedsheet, curtain, even red wallpaper to create the ‘mafia’ ambience, and add some golden chandelier to complete the elegant ambience of the room.

22. Boho Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

Boho Bedroom for Valentine’s Day
Source: Pinterest (@momooze.com)

Valentine’s day is the moment to show someone how much that person means to you. It’s also a great moment to spend together, and spending Valentine’s day night inside this romantic boho-themed bedroom would be a wonderful idea. From this picture you can immediately imagine the feeling of comfort that this room offers. Simply decorate the room with earth-tone elements starting from the bedsheet, pillows, rugs, decorations, and blanket. In addition, don’t forget to light some candles to create the romantic ambience.

23. Elegant Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decor

Elegant Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decor
Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Valentine’s day is not always about chocolates, flowers and pink candies. It can also look like something elegant that can be applied to your bedroom’s decoration. This idea combines soft and metallic colors such as silver-ish gray, soft pink, white and also natural brown. This decoration will, without a doubt, wow your partner who just can’t wait to spend wonderful moments inside this romantic room.

24. Pink Valentine’s Day Decoration

Pink Valentine’s Day Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@inwesternarchitecturealivingroom….)

Ok, we just have to admit that pink is the ultimate color for Valentine’s day, which is why we just have to recommend this pink Valentine’s day decoration idea to you. It looks sweet, bright and calming with a touch of soft pink combined with broken white and a little bit of gray. To make it look even more romantic, you might want to add some lighting from both lamps and candles to create the Valentine’s day mood, too.

25. White Curtains for a Romantic Night

White Curtains for a Romantic Night
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

Decor your room as if it’s a honeymoon suite in a five star hotel and resort in Bali. After all, Valentine’s night is a night to be spent with your loved one, right? So, why not create the honeymoon ambience into your bedroom just like this one. Add a majestic curtain to decorate the bed and add elements in white to make the room look clean and romantic. Moreover, include red and pink flower decorations with cushions and pillows that have the same colors, too.

Latest Post:

How can I make my room romantic on Valentine’s Day?

Make the room become more romantic on Valentine’s Day by adding some romantic decoration ideas into the room such as creating a pair of swan towels, and bringing more red colors such as rose petals and heart-shaped balloons. Another idea is you can set a floral canopy with fresh flowers in the bedroom.

How can I make romantic room decoration with candles?

Making the romantic room decoration with candles is considered the best way to awaken the romantic mood as the candle itself will bring a warm ambiance. You can create a candle walkway from the front door to the bedroom with some rose flower petals. Candles with a holder or cage are also a good centerpiece to decorate your dining table.

What are some romantic ideas?

Some romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home could be having an intimate candlelit dinner, a surprising bedroom decoration, or watching romantic movies together. You can also try an indoor picnic where you build a simple tent and share stories together.

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