25 Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Men

Jewelry is probably not the first thing to come into our mind when we’re looking for a valentine’s day gift for men. But opposite to the mainstream beliefs, jewelry is not a girly thing or related only to women. Men wear and love jewelry too. Especially for men with a great fashion sense and incorporate jewelry to their daily outfit.

If you are looking for valentine’s day gift ideas for men, the AWESOME STAFF has already chosen our best picks of jewelry for men that will make great valentine’s day gifts as listed below.

How Do You Make Him Feel Special On Valentine’s Day?

You can make him feel special on valentine’s day by treating them nicely. You can simply wear a nice dress, put some makeup on, and take him on a date. It can be a dinner date and you can spend the rest of the night together. Don’t forget to express your love towards him.

BEST Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Men – Our 3 Best Picks

Watch Gift for MenNecklace Gift for MenRing Gift for MenBracelet Gift for Men
Personalized Wood WatchBlack Obsidian Healing NecklaceDAD Flip RingPersonalized Handwriting Bracelet
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Awesome Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Your Special Men

1. Personalized Wood Watch

valentine's day jewelry for men

If you are looking for a truly unique Valentine’s day gift for men, then this timber wood watch can be a classic gift to get. It is made out of the most exotic wood with unique grain that gives this watch its character. It is well made and can be personalized with custom engraving on its back making it the true one-of-a-kind watch to get.

2. Personalized Valentine’s Engraved Bracelet

valentine's day jewelry for men

An amazing bracelet that will be the perfect valentine’s jewelry for men in your life. For example, a father, brother, husband, and boyfriend. This bracelet combines genuine leather and a high-quality stainless steel clasp that can be customized with your own messages. So what nice words are you going to put on this clasp to make your loved ones feel really special? 

3. Engraved Valentine’s Promise Ring

valentine's day jewelry for men

An elegant and bold ring for men that comes in black. It is personalizable so you can add your own sweet message on the ring. This ring also makes it possible for you to deliver your love message without making your men look cheesy. It is truly unique and cool jewelry every man could ever get on Valentine’s day. 

4. Customizable Wooden Ring

valentine's day jewelry for men

Want to get matching Valentine’s jewelry? This wooden ring can be your choice. It is cool looking, well made, and is suitable for both men and women. These rings are also very light and comfortable to wear. If you buy two rings, you will get a custom jewelry box that you can personalize with your own wordings. However, you need to take note that wooden rings are not as durable as metal rings so you need to take them off every time you need to get into the water. 

5. Morse Code Bracelet

valentine's day jewelry for men

If you are more of the shy type and want to deliver your message in a more indirect way, this morse code bracelet can be just the perfect way to do it. You can transform your message into a morse code. Not only does it look better design-wise, but it is also a lot more fun for your boyfriend or husband to crack the code before they can get the message. A perfect valentine’s jewelry for men who love games and code-cracking. 

6. Personalized Stainless Steel Bracelet

valentine's day jewelry for men

This stainless steel bracelet is fully customizable and you have endless customization options with this. You can add pictures, wordings, monograms, initials, Spotify barcodes, and basically anything you can think of. The customization details will be laser engraved so you don’t have to worry about the design getting faded. It will stay as good as new even after years. This can be a great way to remind a husband of the endless love and support for his family. 

7. Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

valentine's day jewelry for men

Getting tired of the available font option? You can create something truly unique that doesn’t involve boring font choices. With this customizable bracelet, you can get your own actual handwriting engraved. Not only does it make each bracelet unique, but it also holds more personal values to the persons who give and receive it. Made out of silver and stainless steel material, this bracelet will be a lasting piece that brings smiles and warms hearts. 

8. Silver Flat Byzantine Valentine’s Jewelry Set

valentine's day jewelry for men

This jewelry set includes a necklace and a bracelet and can be a perfect valentine’s jewelry for men. It is made out of solid stainless steel that is durable and will look the same even after years. Both the necklace and bracelet look stunning in a flat byzantine chain and it can be a fashion statement and will suit both formal and casual looks. 

9. Three Strands Bracelet

valentine's day jewelry for men

If you want to go through a more casual route, this bracelet can make a really nice valentine gift for men with casual style. It is made out of durable faux leather that looks just like real leather. It has three strands stacked together strongly and is secured by a magnetic stainless steel clasp. Each strand has its own unique design and forms an interesting design together. The beads make a great center point and give the bracelet its character.

10. Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

If you happen to date a cool man with ear studs, this can be a great gift choice. These earstuds looks simple yet elegant and scream masculinity. It is crafted beautifully with black stainless steel and bedecked with magnetic blue cubic zirconia that make the studs look stand out but not too much. It is the perfect men’s jewelry that looks stunning and modest at the same time.

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11. Engraved Men’s Ring

valentine's day jewelry for men

The engraving on this ring will last forever and not fade. It can represent your eternal love and that is why this ring can be a perfect valentine’s day ring. The design of the ring itself is a classic. It’s a simple ring that is versatile and he can wear it forever and can suit any outfit he chooses to wear. A simple and meaningful gift that will last forever like your love.

12. DAD Flip Ring

valentine's day jewelry for men

The love of a father to his children is so powerful. On Valentine’s day, you can pick this ring as a gift and it will be perfect either for your husband or your father. This ring is so special because it comes with a flip feature revealing a DAD design on one side and a stylish diamond accent on the other. In other words, you get two looks in one ring and they can choose whichever side they feel like wearing.

13. Rose Gold Plated Leather Bracelet

valentine's day jewelry for men

Rose gold is a unique color and on some occasions, it is better than just a regular golden color. Combine it with braided leather and you will get a stylish and versatile bracelet that will make a perfect gift for your men. This is the perfect bracelet for your stylish man and will add a great statement for his daily outfit.

14. Black Obsidian Healing Necklace

Black Obsidian Healing Crystal Necklace

Look at this stunning gem’s cut. It looks so simple yet striking and will suit every man with any style. If you believe in the magic property of a crystal, you know that this obsidian crystal has a healing property and it will keep your significant other’s health on top. The rope used on this necklace is adjustable so it will fit your man no matter their size. The adjustable rope also makes it easy for them to put the necklace in and take it off.

15. Natural Stone Bracelet

Natural Stone Bracelet

This is a set of two bracelets. If you purchase this package, you will get two bracelets made out of natural gemstone that are eco-friendly and has some healing properties. The pores of the black lava stone can be used to trap some essential oils that can add benefit to his health whether physically or mentally. This can be well-thought jewelry for men on valentine’s day.

16. Modern Stainless Steel Watch

Modern Stainless Steel Watch

Watch is one jewelry often worn by men and it will never go out of style. Even in this modern era when our smartphones can tell us what time it is, analog watches still play an important role in men’s fashion. This is why getting your man a watch on valentine’s day can be a good idea. This watch is made out of black stainless steel that is versatile and can go with any outfit. The golden accent gives it an interesting twist and makes the watch more of a statement while keeping its elegance.

17. Imperial Crown King Bracelet

Imperial Crown King Bracelet

Not every man is shy and wants to lay low. Some men are extra and want to be the center of attention. They don’t mind looking over the top and enjoy it when people turn their heads to admire his appearance. If you are dating this kind of man, you need to give him the most extra bracelet he could ever find. This bracelet is so perfect for a confident man that is not afraid of anything. The crown charm on this bracelet can also be a way for you to show your admiration and a way to say that he’s the king in your heart.

18. Men’s Precisionist Pendant

Mens Precisionist Pendant

Some men want to show their personality in a more subtle way. Instead of going out full force with their jewelry game, they may prefer to go simple and modest. This pendant can be a great option as a valentine’s day gift for men like this. It has a simple but interesting cut with a vertical white diamond accent to show that fashion interest in a more subtle way.

19. Magnetic Therapy Viking Bracelet

Magnetic Therapy Viking Bracelet

This bracelet is handcrafted with 99.9% pure solid copper and has a brushed finish and protective coating for enhanced durability. It has 3500 gauss rare earth magnets that is believed to be able to help protect the bone, nervous and cardiovascular systems, works as a pain relief arthritis, reduce fatigue and muscle tension. It can promote relaxation and balance sleep so it will make a great valentine gift if your man is a busy man that needs to keep their health top notch.

20. Initial Letter Charm Pendant

valentine's day jewelry for men

Initial is another way to make someone feel special. Owning something with their initial letter will make them feel that piece of jewelry truly belongs to them. Unlike a full name charm pendant, an initial letter charm pendant serves the same purpose but in a more subtle way. Perfect for someone who wants something special that belongs to them without inviting too much attention.

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21. Dollar Sign Icy Pendant

valentine's day jewelry for men

Some men are true hustlers who focus on building wealth and they are proud of their achievements. Aside from their personal obsession, most of the time they do it for their family and to make sure that they give the best for their loved ones and make them happy. If you are dating this kind of man, this pendant is an appropriate gift for them as a way to show that you appreciate their hard work and always be there to support them in every grind.

22. Punk Skull Biting Rose Pendant

Punk Skull Biting Rose Pendant

Although it might seem a bit too much for regular people, this punk style skull is definitely the charm every e-boys want. E-boys have a unique characteristic that makes them different. They appear to look grungy on the outside but soft on the inside. The rose bitten by the skull can be a representation for them who looks rough but is capable of love. This can be a great valentine’s day gift for anyone with this dark aesthetic.

23. Simple Long Chain Rectangular Pendant

valentine's day jewelry for men

If you don’t know what to get for a valentine’s day gift, you can always go back to the basics. The simpler the jewelry, the easier it is to style. With this simple pendant, you can never  go wrong. No matter what aesthetic is your boyfriend into, this pendant will always suit their daily outfit.

24. Engraved Analog Pocket Watch

valentine's day jewelry for men

Pocket watch is a classic men’s jewelry. Men have been wearing pocket watches since a long time ago. And even wearing a pocket watch is not so common anymore nowadays, it still can be a cool gift. In this case, this watch is even better because it comes with engraved wordings that say “I Love You Till The End of Time” that make it the perfect valentine’s gift.

25. Vintage Heart Ring

valentine's day jewelry for men

This ring is perfect for a man who has a dark mood and character. This ring comes in black that looks elegant and very versatile. He can actually wear it everyday with anything. The best part is that this ring has a heart design that can be a representation of passionate love. A perfect piece to end this list of valentine’s day jewelry for men.

Final Thoughts

If you think jewelries are only for women, you better think again. After you reviewed our list above, we believe that you start to think about buying jewelries as a Valentine’s day gift for a special man in your life. There are lots of men who love to wear bracelets, necklaces or rings with masculine designs. It may include items in the shape of skulls of a cross.

Since it’s going to be a Valentine’s day gift, you might want to pick items that include your personal message that shows affection. However, make sure you don’t pick items that comes in girly designs like flowers, ribbons, or ones with too many glitters on them.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is good to give a man for Valentine’s Day?

Any gift can be a great valentine’s day gift as long as you give it with good intention and love. If you want to get something rather simple but meaningful, a piece of jewelry can be your option. You can pay attention to your boyfriend/husband’s aesthetic to get the right jewelry piece for him.

Should you get your boyfriend something for Valentine’s Day?

Giving someone a gift on special occasions such as Valentine’s day is a nice thing to do, but it is not mandatory. In other words, you are not obligated to do so. However, you can give them a gift if you feel like it and if you think it will make both of you happy.

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