25 Unique Bird Houses for Lovely Wild Birds

Like humans, birds also need a house to live in. Bird houses offer birds a safe place to live and protect themselves from predators. Unique bird houses not only offer a nest with artistic and beautiful design but also to make your birds feel comfy so they will stay in the house longer.

Unique bird houses have many benefits such as an additional value for a property, pest controller, weed controller, flower pollination, and conservation. Bird houses should be comfy and it’s up to your taste. But, don’t forget to maintain it, so the bird has the best nest to live in.

Why Are Bird Houses Important?

Mutualism symbiosis might be the right term to explain it. The bird house is important for birds to make themselves warm, protect themselves from predators, and a nice place to live, while you also gain benefits such as pest control and weed control from the bird that lives in the bird house.

What Attracts Birds To A Birdhouse?

All bird needs food and water to live. Also, the friendly landscape and shelter help attract birds too. The most important thing is the unique bird houses that attract birds are the ones that provide the most for their survival.

BEST Bird Houses – Our 3 Best Picks

Modern Bird HouseUnique Bird HouseAwesome Look Bird HouseColorful Bird House
Toronto Maple Leafs BirdhouseSea Grass & Sari Bird NesterSun Bird HouseRed Floral Handmade Birdhouse
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Awesome Bird Houses To Attract Birds In Your Garden

1. Fruit Felt Bird House

Tree-Hanging Fruit Felt Bird House

There are many species of birds that eat fruits for a living. But, instead of eating it, the fruit will be unique bird houses for the bird to live. The stunning avian nest is made of sheep’s wool which is good to make the bird house water-resistant to keep the house warm and dry. Hence, the fruit-looking bird houses will be a fine shelter for birds. Fruit lovers should have these bird houses.

2. Tiki Bird Hut

Tiki Bird Hut

A cottage with beach nuance as unique bird houses is a brilliant idea for your pet bird. Not only humans who love to go to the beach but also birds if they have a bird house like this hut. The bird house is made of Philippine Takip-asin wood, cogon grass, and twigs. They are good materials for a comfy place for birds. Don’t be confused if your birds decide to stay in the hut far longer than out of the bird house.

3. Sea Grass & Sari Bird Nester

Sea Grass _ Sari Bird Nester

The unique bird houses are made of simple metal scaffolding with seagrass from Bangladesh. No wonder the birdhouse will be a comfortable place for birds to live. The bird watchers undoubtedly can’t resist looking at the bird that lives in this bird house, thanks to its breath-taking design.

4. Pitch A Tent Birdhouse

Pitch A Tent Birdhouse

Camping in the tent is very intriguing. Unique bird houses with a tent design are more intriguing. Instead of you, the bird will camp here to live. Naturally, birds are natural campers since they spend the daylight outside and snooze under the stars at night.

5. Handcarved Gourd Bird House

Handcarved Gourd Bird House

A traditional peruvian craft of gourd-carving will be a perfect place for birds to live. The unique bird houses will be a cozy place for birds after a tiring day. Birds aren’t color-blind, so they will appreciate the colorful bird house with traditional artwork like this bird house. There is also a hole in the bottom to keep the interior dry and comfortable.

6. Bookworm Birdhouses

Bookworm Birdhouses

Do you want to match your nerdy personality with your unique bird houses? Luckily, there are bookworm bird houses that will suit your taste. This captivating bird nest looks like a hardcover of a book. Despite its looks, the book bird house is easy to hang.

7. Railroad Caboose Bird House

Railroad Caboose Bird House

A flying train is cool enough, but a flying train as unique bird houses are far cooler. The train is made of recycled materials from urban logging. If you have a friend that has a pet bird and happens to be train lover, you may consider giving it to them. They will surely love this attractive piece.

8. Red Floral Handmade Birdhouse

Red Floral Hand Made, Wooden Birdhouse

Searching a vibrant flair for your bird? The solution is these reddish unique bird houses. The bird house offers protection from temperature change, sunlight, and moisture. So, you can be sure that your avian friends rest well in this nest.

9. Birdhouse Kit “Wormhole Birdhouse”

Birdhouse Kit Wormhole Birdhouse

The wormhole term here does not refer to wormholes in theoretical physics. It refers to a hole in the unique bird houses. The bird house is easy to assemble since it only requires wood glue and rubber bands. If you want to paint the bird house, just remove the tape in the areas that you want to paint.

10. Birdhouse with Wildflowers Design

Birdhouse with Wildflowers

There are some birds which like flowers like humans. The unique bird houses are made of pinewood which makes them sturdy and durable. The wildflower bird houses have a lot of demand, so you better grab it fast.

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11. Northwoods Stone Birdhouse

Northwoods Stone Birdhouse

The unique bird houses look like people’s ordinary house that has many rocks in them. The Northwood stone bird house is made of wood, and stone with care. Because of the materials, the bird house has weather-resistant properties.

12. Sustainable Egg Birdhouse

Sustainable Egg Birdhouse

Birds lay eggs for reproduction which is in tune with the unique bird houses. The egg design protects the birds from many dangerous things such as weather, change of temperature, and other harms like predators. Also, the egg is made of biodegradable material which is good to support climate change prevention activity.

13. Cottage Outdoor Birdhouse

Home Bazaar Red Novelty Cottage Outdoor Birdhouse

The unique bird houses look like real houses with two stories in them. The red birdhouse features a removable back wall with a side entry hole. Also, you can hang this bird house anywhere because of its convenient paddleboard.

14. Birdhouse Garden Creative

Birdhouse Garden Creative Breathable Mossy Decorative

When winter is coming, your birds need a shelter that can protect them from the cold wind, and keep them warm. The unique bird houses are made of natural bark and mosses which provide the house durability and artistic design. This rustic piece surely makes your avian guests enjoy their stay.

15. Yellow Floral Birdhouse

Simple Spirits - My Mother my Friend Yellow Floral Birdhouse

The unique bird houses have a “my mother my friend” which is above the flower decoration. The bird house is made of MDF, metal, burlap, and paper. Such a bird house is a perfect gift for your mother. It’s better to use dry clothes to treat it.

16. Innovative Ranger Station Bird House

Innovative Ranger Station Wooden Birdhouse

Add a little charm for your tree with unique bird houses like these. Instead of just birds, you treat the birds like rangers that are ready for duty from the bird house. The lofty nest features moose cutout, pine trees, and a tall green ladder which the ranger can use to get inside the cozy house.

17. Toronto Maple Leafs Bird House

Toronto Maple Leafs Birdhouse

If you think about it, the unique bird houses are similar to motorcycle helmets, but in reality, the bird house is inspired by the vivid Toronto Maple Leafs symbol. The bird house is 100 % made of polyresin. You can attach it to many places such as patios, gardens, and trees.

18. DZI Wild Woolies Bird House

DZI Wild Woolies Heidi Swiss Chalet Felt Bird House

Colorful unique bird houses will attract the bird to come to it. The bird houses are colored by using natural, non-toxic vegetable dyes, and hang for a natural hemp rope. This well-crafted shelter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

19. Metal Bird House with Plate Roof

Metal Birdhouse with Unique Licence Plate Roof

Not just a vehicle that needs a plate. Sometimes, unique bird houses need plates too as an identity. The birdhouse is made of high-quality wood and metal, furthermore, it is eco-friendly and safe. The plate will be the signature, so the bird won’t forget their house.

20. VW Micro Bus Bird House


Cars sometimes are a great place to rest and sleep, especially after a tiring day because of driving on a long trip. Same for birds, they need a place to rest after spending their day flying in the daylight. The VW birdhouse will become their house to rest themselves.

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21. Funky Metal Caravan Bird House

Primus Funky Metal Caravan Bird House

There are many people who instead of living in the house, choose to live inside the caravan. You can apply the same terms with birds too. The unique bird houses look-alike with a real caravan that is used for humans to live.

22. Bird Nest Box Aluminium

Bird Nest Box Aluminium 60mm x 60mm Protection Plate

Does your bird need extra protection? Fear not, the aluminium bird house has a protection plate to prevent squirrels and woodpeckers from enlarging the hole and reaching your young birds. So, worries no more, your birds can rest their little ones safely in this house.

23. Spoontiques Taco Truck Birdhouse

Spoontiques 10136 Taco Truck Birdhouse, Multicolor

Birds may mistake the unique bird houses for restaurants instead of houses. But because it is comfy and has food and water inside it, they will naturally make the taco truck their house to live in. The taco truck design is made of durable resin.

24. Sun Bird House

Sun Bird House

Sun doesn’t have a face, but with a crafty hand, the sun’s face can be built. The sun’s face bird house is made of resin and durable hard plastic and has easy drainage. Therefore, your feather guests will have a nice clean environment to live in.

25. Rocket Hand-Painted Bird House

Rocket Hand-Painted Bird House

Most rockets are made of space-grade aluminum and titanium because they are very strong materials. The rocket shaped unique bird houses are strong like the real rocket. It is made of waterproof, weatherproof, and durable resin. The rocket will surely attract birds and make your garden look outstanding.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that birds need a safe and comfy place to live in, including the wild ones, let’s do whatever it takes to provide those lovely birds a nice place to keep them protected from bad weather or predators.

The best way to create a nice bird house is by having an adorable design with colors that can attract birds to stop by and stay in. Plus, you also need to make sure the house is made of bird friendly materials that will keep them warm during winter. Who knows, you might find some little birds inside, too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do different bird houses attract different birds?

Birds aren’t that picky when it comes to choosing bird house. Naturally, birds are looking for perfectly-located shelter with the right shape and size. It is better to have unique bird houses that can camouflage with color to protect the bird from predator

What do you put inside a birdhouse?

While it is better not to put anything inside a birdhouse. You can still put food and water for the bird to consume. In other words, to attract them.

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