25 Gifts for Bird Lovers That Make Them Happy

Everyone has their favorite animals, and birds are no exception. They are called birders or bird watchers. To help them clearly watch their favorite animal, they usually use binoculars, or tools that have a similar function. Therefore, gifts for bird lovers should be inspired by the tools that they use or have a bird theme on them.

Bird lovers are naturally nature lovers and love going outdoors. They usually spend their time watching birds and enjoying the songs that come from birds. Gifts for bird lovers are perfect, especially after they have watched birds or helped them observe the bird with more clarity.

BEST Gifts for Bird Lovers – Our 4 Best Picks

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Unique Gifts for Bird Lovers

1. Birding Mug

gifts for bird lovers

The Schedule of bird lovers is depicted by this cup. After a morning coffee, they will look and admire birds in their environment, after that they drink a lot with joy. Mugs as gifts for bird lovers are good if the bird lover is also fond of coffee.

2. Solid Bronze Jenny Wren

gifts for bird lovers

Every room needs some sort of decoration to make it at least not dull. The bird sculpture will help decorate a room, but the living room might be the perfect place to place these cute gifts for bird lovers. One of your guests may stay longer in your house because of these bird sculptures.

3. Garden Bird Ornament

Garden Bird Ornament

Does your neighbor’s garden look boring? Then they should have bought an ornament to make their garden more beautiful. This garden bird ornament will surely make their garden more artistic and better. It will be much greater if they are bird lovers, so not only do you give them gifts for bird lovers but also make your bond with your neighbors firmer than ever.

4. Cedar Wood Wren Birdhouse

Cedar Wood Wren Birdhouse

Planning to keep a bird must be a thrilling experience. And so, to keep a beautiful creature, a nice birdhouse is needed. The birdhouse will certainly make a comfortable place for the bird to live in. Birdhouses are gifts for bird lovers that are suitable for either an experienced bird keeper or a rookie bird keeper.

5. Bird Bookmark

Bird Bookmark

Bird lovers with book lovers combined in one need a bird bookmark for sure to help their reading session. The bookmark will help mark what is the last page that they have read, especially if the book has more than twenty pages. Gifts for bird lovers and book lovers? Then this bookmark is your best choice.

6. Bird Nesting Ball

gifts for bird lovers

Birds need nesting balls or birdhouses as their home. The bird’s nesting ball will attract birds, and then you will hear their beautiful chirp in that nesting ball. Nesting balls as gifts for bird lovers is perfect if someone tries to have birds as a pet but it is their first time.

7. Bird Lovers Puzzle

Bird Lovers Puzzle

After long working hours, an interesting game such as a puzzle is a fun thing to do. The bird puzzle will challenge you to solve it. These kinds of gifts for bird lovers can also be given to a child who is also a bird lover.

8. Bird Nerd Vinyl Sticker

Bird Nerd Vinyl Sticker

Things like bags, fridges, and doors better have a sticker to be more aesthetic. The bird nerd stickers are perfect gifts for bird lovers who are also nerds. The bird wears a cap, glasses, and binoculars which also match a person who likes to hike.

9. Bird Watercolor Print

Bird Watercolor Print

Bird lovers may need a painting to decorate their room which will make them feel like living in the outside room where birds live. The bird watercolor print is also suitable for an office room.

10. Funny Warning Bird Gifts Mugs

Funny Warning Bird Gifts Mugs

Bird lovers may not get bored talking about birds even if it takes all day or all night long. The mug represents the statement before. Bird lovers warn their friends or family that they might be talking about birds all the time at any time.

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11. Backyard Bird-Lover’s Guide Book

gifts for bird lovers

A rookie at bird’s care should have this coloring book. It contains a tutorial on how to take care of your pet bird. In addition, it includes attracting, nesting, and feeding the bird. Colorful and useful gifts for bird lovers like these are a must-have even for an experienced bird caretaker.

12. Kaytee Forti-Diet Spray Millet

gifts for bird lovers

Ideal gifts for bird lovers are of course bird’s foods. The treat will make the bird stay and won’t leave your side as it contains nutrients that birds need with no artificial coloring and flavoring. Also, it can increase the bird’s appetite.

13. Lil’ Bird Single Pack: Surfy Chirps

gifts for bird lovers

Loneliness is painful, and bird lovers can feel that too if there are no birds nearby. Thus, a little live pet that will sing for you and become your best friend after a stressful day makes perfect company. Such a brilliant idea for gifts for bird lovers who are also lonely or someone who has a kid that is fond of cute toys.

14. 42-inch Hummingbird Hook

Hummingbird Hook

A hook is a great place for a hummingbird feeder if you have a hummingbird. The quality of design, variety of use such as for lanterns, lamps, and ornaments, also to protect the bird. The hook is also rust-proof and weatherproof which makes it durable. With many great qualities, these hooks are perfect gifts for bird lovers.

15. “Eat Sleep Bird Repeat” Book

Eat Sleep Bird Repeat Book

A nerd but also a bird lover? It sounds like a good choice to give them this book. The bird lover will use this book as a diary for sure. With a book that has 110 pages, it surely takes a long time for this book to be used by them. If it is not for a diary, they can use it in school or college.

16. Birds Coloring Book for Kids

Birds Coloring book

Bird lovers aren’t restricted or categorized by how old they are. For instance, there are kids who like birds in this world too. To introduce them to birds and burn their love and passion toward birds, you can give them a coloring book that contains birds. Gifts for bird lovers that are specialized for kids like coloring books can also be used for adults, especially if they are designers.

17. Guide Birds Set

gifts for bird lovers

These gifts for bird lovers will act as guides. You can see so many details in these pieces. For example, green means gratitude, light blue means love, red means patience, white means honesty, orange means courage, dark blue means joy, and purple means generosity. The bird will make you remember positive feelings to enjoy your day more.

18. Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Bird lovers who also wear glasses need eyeglass holders, so they can remember well where the last time they put the glasses was. It is important because if they forget where they put it, their vision might be blurry, thus making them prone to crash something, or getting slipped.

19. Bird Art Portrait

Bird Art Portrait

Are you or your friend who is a bird lover sad because birds are rare in your neighborhood because it is the rainy season? Don’t worry! The beautiful bird art portrait will undoubtedly help relieve your stress caused by missing the bird and decorate your room to be more aesthetic.

20. Handcrafted Bird’s Nest Tea Strainer

Handcrafted Bird's Nest Tea Strainer

Loose tea creates the most flavorful and aromatic tea. But before consuming the best tea, how to serve them must be considered as well. Bird’s nest tea strainers are such wonderful gifts for bird lovers who are also tea lovers. They will sip tea with a calm and collected demeanor.

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21. Recycled Metal Ostrich Planter

Recycled Metal Ostrich Planter

Ostrich lives in Africa, but there is a way to have an ostrich and make them work for you. One of the ways to do it is this ostrich planter that is made from recycled metal. The ostrich will help to put a small plant on the top of their bodies. Gardeners whose owner is a bird lover would love to receive these gifts for bird lovers.

22. Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Shoe

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain Garden Shoe

New shoes as gifts for bird lovers are perfect ideas, especially in the valentine’s day and wedding anniversary. The shoes will represent love and passion for birds. Furthermore, shoes can be worn everyday as long as you go out.

23. Cardinal Wind Chimes

Cardinal Wind Chimes

Windy days accompanied by wind chimes give a melodious sound. Bird shaped chimes are great gifts for bird lovers because even though there are no birds in the windy day, there are still birds who move in the chimes that produce beautiful sound.

24. Nail Art Decals

gifts for bird lovers

For everyone who can’t or has a principle not to have a tattoo can use this nail art which pictures birds in it. Nail art can be used as a substitute for nail polish. The nail art offers a multicolor choice, not just only like the picture above. Bird lovers surely will accept gifts for bird lovers like these.

25. Bird Brooch

Bird Broche For Swallow Enamel Gift Animal Flying Brooch Pins Jewelry Women

There is no need to have a certification to prove that you are a bird lover. If someone has a bird brooch, it is without a doubt that they are bird lovers. If you have friends who are bird lovers, don’t hesitate to give them gifts for bird lovers like these cute brooches.

Final Thought

While there is no limitations in choosing a gift for someone who love birds, it is still a great idea to do a little research before making any purchase. You can have a little research to find out what is the item that the bird lover needs at the moment. It can be a bird cage or a humming bird hook. But if you prefer to go for something cute and would definitely be loved, going for wearable items like bird-shaped jewelries or t-shirt will never go wrong.

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