25 Cool Bird Bath for Wild Bird Lovers

For those who are wild bird lovers, we can understand that these animals are part of your life. Just seeing the birds flying around the house can make you smile ear to ear. You are even willing to provide various bird knick-knacks, such as bird feeders, bird baths, and even bird nests.

Since you can’t keep them, one way you can express your love for wild birds is by providing an awesome bird bath for them to just stop by your yard. And for that reason, we offer a complete list of recommended cool bird baths that hopefully give some insights before you decide to buy a cool bird bath for your lovely wild birds. Starting from the hanging style to the sophisticated solar-equipped one, you can indeed find a cool bird bath that suits you best. Let’s jump to the list!

BEST Birth Bath – Our 4 Best Picks

Stone Bird BathGlass Bird BathMetal Birth BathCeramic Bird Bath
Athena Garden Log StoneLarge Flamingo OutdoorScallop ShellCeramic Feeder & Bath
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Cool Birth Bath You Can Buy

1. Ceramic Feeder & Bath

Ceramic Bird Bath

Look at this cool Ceramic Bird Bath! Featuring two wild birds that seem waiting for the water, it makes a perfect piece to add to your patio. Its tiny size is also just right for small birds who happen to visit your garden. Moreover, the ceramic material makes this piece easy to form in such a way, creating an amusing pattern at the bottom of the bath.

2. Metal Bird Bath for Outdoor Garden

Metal Bird Bath for Outdoor Garden

Any wild bird lover who fancy antique pieces will certainly can’t resist this outdoor garden cool bath bird. It is whimsically engraved with a flower pattern on the edge of the bath, making an odd yet fascinating appeal to the bath. The aluminum material is sure to guarantee its rust-free quality. Moreover, the dragonfly that perches on it provides a unique accent on this cool bird bath.

3. Antique Frog Accent Bird Bath

Antique Frog Accent Bird Bath

This craftsmanship surely satisfies wild bird lovers who are passionate about wildlife. It is made of ceramic material shaped like a frog, where the body forms a cool bird bath for any wild bird who takes a visit. Other than that, a lovey-dovey bird couple captured is trying to kiss each other, adding a romantic touch to this Antique Frog Accent Bird Bath .

4. Blue Wall-Mounted Bird Bath

Blue Wall-Mounted Bird Bath

What a masterpiece of art this is! This Blue Wall-Mounted bird bath undoubtedly makes one of the best cool bird baths you must buy! Its handmade technique turns a bird bath into a precious work because of the beautiful pattern carvings. Furthermore, the blue sea color is just as splendidly matched as this piece. Those lovely wild birds will definitely love to hang out on it.

5. Large Flamingo Outdoor

Large Flamingo Outdoor Bird Bath

There is no doubt that wild birds will love this cool bird bath. The striking color of the flamingo can grow this bird’s curiosity to take a glance at it. Once they know if this is an excellent bird bath, they will definitely feel at home drinking or bathing in it. You don’t need to worry, it is shallow and deep, so it’s safe for them.

6. Verdigris Leaf Garden

Verdigris Leaf Garden Bird Bath

If you are an all-out wild bird lover in providing for the needs of your favorite wild birds, then this cool bird bath will certainly make you fall for it. Having a vine design sparks an antique atmosphere when you look at this piece. In addition, it has a pretty tall stand that is perfect for a garden décor. The wild birds will definitely be happy to stop by to play in this cool bird bath.

7. Rustic Bird Feeder

cool bird bath

Are you curious why those wild birds don’t want to visit the bird bath that you installed in your garden? Maybe you need to consider buying one that will not scare them away. This incredible rustic bird bath resembles a bird nest shaped like a small house that will make wild birds more comfortable around them. You can hang this piece on a tree in your yard or on your terrace. We are sure that they will play around your house more often; thanks for this beautiful cool bird bath.

8. Hammered Copper Bird Bath Bowl

cool bird bath

You can always rely on simplicity when it comes to bird knick-knacks, like this cool bird bath. The bath still looks marvelous despite its simple style, thanks to its hammered design. Moreover, the solid copper material harmoniously blends with the flowers in the garden where it settles.

9. Glass Bird Fountain Bath

Glass Bird Fountain Bath

Hunting for a chic look bird bath for wild bird lovers? Stop by for a while to see this cool bird bath collection. You surely can’t take your eyes off of this magical piece. In the form of a Glass Bird Fountain bath, this artwork features two birds that seem to perch in their cage. No wonder it will steal the birds’ attention. In addition, the glass material will sparkle like a crystal once it is exposed to sunlight.

10. Solar Outdoor Bird Bath

Solar Outdoor Bird Bath

Wild birds need a place to rest to refresh themselves after a sunny day flying around the city. If you genuinely care about them, this cool bird bath is an excellent fit to answer their needs. In addition, a solar lamp automatically turns on, so it can illuminate this bath when it gets dark. Moreover, there are floral accents at the bottom of the tub that beautify the appearance of this Solar Outdoor bird bath.

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11. Small Pond with Solar Panel

cool bird bath

A water fountain in a sunny day? Well, it seems exciting, isn’t it? This Small Pond bird bath fountain will unquestionably bring happiness to any wild bird that have a dip in it. A vintage touch is clearly seen on this wonderful piece. Moreover, the patina finishes on the stand perfectly to give a traditional kick to your garden. Interested?

12. Multicolor Glass Solar Humbird

Multicolor Glass Solar Humbird Bird Bath

Alluring colors might attract the bird’s attention more. And for that reason, this cool Multicolor Glass Solar Humbird bird bath is an ideal pick. The glass material bears vibrant colors that are very beautifully combined with one another. Moreover, the tub has a proper size with an aesthetical craving stand holding it. It is just a great bird’s thing to provide the best for your lovely animals.

13. Athena Garden Log Stone

Athena Garden Log Bird Bath

The birds must have thought that this cool bird bath was a tree. In fact, this is a bird bath that has a distinctive shape and carving. The artisan paid great detail on every carving and form he made. As a result, this is very much like the original tree. Wild birds will definitely not hesitate to soak themselves here because they feel more comfortable in what-so-called a replica of a tree nest.

14. Boren Solar Bird Bath

A modern and sophisticated bird bath can’t never go wrong as a cool bird bath for your avian friends. It is equipped with a mini water fountain in the middle which ensures fresh water is always available for them. Moreover, the fountain is operated using a solar system, thus saving your electric bills. This piece will surely add relaxing touch to your garden, thanks to the sound of the water splashing from this Boren Solar fountain.

15. 150W Heated Bird Bath

150W Heated Bird Bath

Some wild birds live in a cold climate. Therefore, providing a cool bird bath with a heating system is a brilliant idea. You can attach this bath to your patio and let them have a nice warm dip in it. Above all, nothing compares to the scenic beauty of bathing birds with the snowy background. And it is possible if you buy this stunning piece.

16. Juniper Green Ceramic

Juniper Green Ceramic Bird Bath

Surprise your avian guests with this wonderfully made Juniper green ceramic bird bath. It is an outdoor cool bird bath that surely adds a pedestal-style vibe to your garden. Having a 3.5-inch bathing depth, the tub is pretty shallow to ensure the birds’ safety. Moreover, the glazing green ceramic stone not only attracted birds to come but will also captivate guests who happen to take notice of this piece.

17. Blooming Flower Glass Bird Bath

Blooming Flower Glass Bird Bath

A true wild bird lover must take a look at this cool bird bath. This Blooming Flower Glass bird bath has a blooming flower design that is sure to attract birds’ attention, especially hummingbirds. Because, as we know, the hummingbirds love to eat nectar from the flowers. Moreover, this bird bath will be a remarkable addition to your garden, thanks to its eye-catching pink color.

18. Hanizi Deck Mounted

Hanizi Deck Mounted Bird Bath

Watching avian friends taking a dip in a bird bath is another level of happiness. Especially if the bird bath can be installed on your patio because you can see them up close. Hence, you may consider buying this deck-mounted bird bath. Despite its simple design, it is very convenient, especially if you don’t have any backyard to build in a bird bath. Thanks to this bath, you can enjoy this breathtaking view every day by peeking at them bathing from your living room window.

19. Vintage Decorative Bird Bath

Vintage Decorative Bird Bath

How can there be a bird bath as unique as this? Highlighting the vintage design successfully makes people want to keep looking at it. So beautiful, maybe they thought that this was just a display, not a bird bath. The exquisite curve of the stand that supports the tub gives this Vintage Decorative bird bath a work of art in itself. Moreover, it is coupled with a small light above the tub to illuminate the cool bird bath at night. Also, a flower pot beneath the tub adds a cheerful accent.

20. Hanging Bird Bath & Bird Feeder

Hanging Bird Bath & Bird Feeder for Outdoors

Some people appreciate multi-functional stuff as they are more convenient. If you are one of them, these pieces are made just for you! A pair of the cool Hanging bird bath and bird feeder is the right bundle to provide the best facilities for your avian friends. Even more remarkable, you can hang these pieces side by side, so they can do two activities simultaneously. What a handy bit!

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21. Outdoor Bird Bath Tube Tray

cool bird bath

This outdoor bird bath with cat statue is the perfect mix for any wild bird lover who is also a cat-loving person. The stand amazingly resembles a trunk that supports a bird tub above it. You can see two beautiful bluebirds perched on the edge of the tub, accompanied by a cat that is soundly sleeping while hugging a trunk-shaped stand. It is an absolutely perfect addition to your yard.

22. Classic Bath with Stand

cool bird bath

Getting confused in choosing an appealing bird bath for your garden? Well, it’s time to go back to basics. This cool bird bath has a wide tube that is spacious to allow the birds to hang out freely on it. However, you don’t have to worry about the depth of the water. Although broad, it is pretty shallow, so ensure that the birds have a safe dip. And thanks to its stone material, it will be an awesome Classic Bath with Stand to feature in your yard.

23. French Style Garden

French Style Garden Bird Bath

Bring France a romantic feel to this enchanting garden bird bath. It is a well-designed cool bird bath with a wine-shaped glass bearing impressive carvings. Apart from being a bird bath, it is also a great match to turn into a bird feeder. You just need to put this piece in your backyard, then wait for the magical thing to happen. The wild birds you adore will fly to this piece, offering a wonderful sight to the lovers.

24. Rosalind Wheeler Bird Bath

Rosalind Wheeler Bird Bath

You can’t ask for more when you have found this Rosalind Wheeler bird bath. It is no doubt captivating anyone’s attention because of the striking turquoise color. Moreover, its sturdy stand design will maintain the shape and prevent the bath from tipping over. In addition, this cool bird bath is also excellent to match the bird feeders you have. Your feather friends will surely make a frequent visit after putting this in your garden or patio.

25. Scallop Shell Bird Bath

Scallop Shell Bird Bath

Are you searching for a simple bird bath that still has its aesthetic quality for your feather guests? This cool Scallop Shell Bird Bath is a mixture of convenience and art into one. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this one not only allows you to mount it on the deck, but you can also climb it to your balcony, side deck, or even wall next to the house. Moreover, the tub has a scallop-shaped size suitable for a bird bath. Additionally, bird accents identical to the bird bath are also present in this piece.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely show your love for wild birds by giving them a place to enjoy a nice bath during sunny days. Since there are so many options of bird bath to choose from, we would suggest that you pick the best item by referring to the design and decoration of your front yard or garden. With the right design, your bird bath can also act as a decoration item that will make your garden look prettier.

For instance, if you have a rustic garden, then you can pick Rustic Bird Feeder & Bird Bath. But if your garden is all natural, go for the Outdoor Cat Bird Bath Tube Tray. Make sure you go through our list one by one to find the best one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you keep your bird bath water cool?

It may be tricky to always provide fresh-cold water in your bird bath, especially during summer. But, you can try to keep your bird bath water cooler by placing ices in the tub and placing your bird bath in a green space, for example, under the tree in your yard. This way, the bath’s temperature will start cooling down, so maintain the cold water you provide for your avian friends.

What kind of bird bath do birds prefer?

Bird baths favored by the birds have wide tubes and are pretty shallow when filled with water. These qualities will ensure the birds’ safety and are perfect for any bird size. Several items have such features, such as Rosalind Wheeler Bird Bath, Juniper Green Ceramic Bird Bath, and French Style Garden Bird Bath

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