25 Recommendations For The Best Among Us Toys

You must have heard about Among Us, one of the most popular murder-mystery online games that has been available to play since 2018. The popularity of Among Us has been rising significantly since Covid-19 pandemic, because most teenangers are forced to stay at home and playing Among Us online is one of the best ways to connect with friends. 

The popularity of this particular game is followed by the launch of manyAmong Us toys and collectibles, whether its for personal collection or gift for Among Us fans. We understand that it’s tough to choose the coolest Among Us toys from countless toys out there, so we gathered 25 of the best Among Us toys to give you better ideas before making a decision.   

BEST Among Us Toys That Kids Will Love

1. Maxx Marketing Surprise Gift Box

among us toys

We put this item as the first Among Us toys in this list because of one reason, which is the surprise element of this toy that any Among Us fans will definitely feel dying to have. Inside, there are 24 different figures and accessories hidden that come as a cool surprise. So, it is a complete package to play Among Us in real life.

2. Among Us Detachable Figure

Detachable Figure

All Among Us gamers will fall in love with these high-quality detachable figures. Available for purchase per piece, you can collect all of them and you can either have them as new cool items in your collectibles’ shelf or have them as toys as each comes as two-part characters that can explore bone, as inspired by the game. 

3. Among Us 3D LED Lamp

among us toys

Super cool and modern are probably two true facts about this Among Us 3D Lamp. This LED Lamp is perfect for display in your bedroom, living room, or bars and coffee shops. The unique Among Us character looks cool in LED lights that are available in 16 kinds of light colors. Plus, this item is also one of the perfect Among Us toys as a gift for a Among Us fan friend.

4. Enamel Pins

among us toys

Cute pins can add a cute touch to your bag, clothing, pin board or whatever you choose. That’s why we recommend these adorable enamel pins of Among Us figures as must-have Among Us toys made of highly polished gold-plated metal with rubber clutch fixtures. 

5. Custom Among Us Building Kit

among us toys

Building blocks are one of lifetime favorites when we talk about the types of toys. Since Among Us is a big hit among online gamers, then you must own this cute custom Among Us building kit that allows you to build 3 crewmates in Orange, Lime Green, and Red. 

6. Among Us Meeting Table

among us toys

Among Us emergency meeting toys are something that all Among Us fans would treasure as it is so cute, and a perfect addition for any home decoration. Made of plastic PLA, this toy is highly durable, but in terms of size, this Among Us toy is not suitable for young children.

7. Among Us Plush

among us toys

Among Us characters are unique by default. Their cute shapes and colors makes them the perfect inspiration for plush toys, just like these cute Among Us toys that will make your days brighter.

8. Among Us Orange Action Figure

among us toys

If you usually play with Among Us characters in video games, now you can play with them in real life by having this Among Us action figure. A true Among Us fan will have a super fun time playing pretend with this toy, which is also available for other Among Us characters as well.

9. Just Toys Mega Squish Me Squishy

among us toys

One of the best Among Us toys that also works as a stress reliever is definitely this Among Us squishy. Being an officially-licensed anti-stress figure, this toy is the perfect tiny little stress reliever for school, office, or home use.

10. Jumbo Pop It Among Us Fidget

among us toys

Still talking about a toy that also works as a stress reliever, we also recommend this Jumbo Pop It Among Us fidget. Popping this toy is not just relaxing, because it is also a nice way for Among Us fans to have a short break during a busy and hectic day.

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11. Among Us 11cm Figures Kids Toys

11cm Figures Kids Play

For real Among Us fans, collecting it’s action figures is crucial. The more action figures they have, the better it gets, as other fans will admire your Among Us action figure collections. Now you can add your collection by having this adorable box of Among Us Figures lay Toys, which will surely make other Among Us fans envy you.

12. Among Us Backpack Hangers

Among Us Backpack Hangers

Hanging these Among Us backpack hangers is an excellent way to announce that you are a fan of Among Us online game. This licensed Among Us backpack hanger pack comes with 7 different Among Us characters, and if you’re lucky you will find a rare glow in the dark character, found in 1 of every 12 packages. 

13. Cell Phone Hand Holder

Among Us Cell Phone Hand Holder

Looking for unique Among Us toys with complimentary functions, such as these cell phone finger holder rings? Since Among Us is now a popular online game, especially among young people, you can easily find small items like these cute Among Us toys that can be useful for your daily life. These cell phone finger holders are available in three colors and images. Pick one or have all three to add to your Among Us merchandise collection.

14. Werewolf Kill Games Building Blocks

Werewolf Kill Games Building Blocks Among Us Toys

Inspired by the famous Among Us online game, this Werewolf Kill Game Building Blocks Among Us Toys is the ideal gift for your friends or family who happen to be a fan of Among Us. More than just a set of toys, this item also comes as an educational game to train creative thinking ability for young children. 

15. Space Kill Game Figures Toys Imposters Building Blocks

No products found.

After hours of playing Among Us online with friends, a fan of the game might want to continue playing with Among Us characters, but in real life mode with these building blocks. For that purpose, you can pick this item that includes 147 pieces of building blocks to create 10 adorable Among Us figures.

16. Toikido Yume Mystery Capsules 

Official Among Us Toikido Yume Mystery Capsules 

A true fan of Among Us deserves to have this Official Among Us Mystery Capsules Impostor VS Crewmate, as this is definitely one of the best Among Us toys out there. Unbox, customize, and display this Mystery Capsule. Then you can start your first task, which is to identify the impostor! And follow the rest of this toy’s game rules.

17. Action Figure Desk Decoration

Among Us 12 Pcs Action Figure Desktop Decoration

With so many unique and cute characters, sometimes it’s difficult to choose one or two of Among Us characters. So, why not have 12 of them? This set of Among Us desk decoration is definitely something that a fan must display at home. Each figure can be disassembled and divided into 2 parts with removable and interchangeable hats, which you can freely combine.

18. Among Us Plush Impostor

Among Us Plush Toys 

Kids who love to play Among Us with their friends online would be excited to add these adorable among us plush impostor toys to their collections of Among Us toys and collectibles. These plush toys are full of high-quality PP cotton filler, which makes these the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a kid who is a true Among Us fan.

19. Adjustable Pop It Fidget Bracelet

Among Us Adjustable Pop It Fidget Bracelet

Bring your Among Us pop it bracelet anywhere you go with this colorful and cute bracelet. This is one of the Among Us toys that kids would definitely love. Each push pop fidget bracelet has 4 little holes that make it easy to adjust the size, for both kids or adults. It comes in various colors, too!

20. Talking Among Us Plush Toy

No products found.

Still looking for the perfect gift for a little girl who loves to play Among Us? You might want to consider having this Talking Among Us Plush Toy that will repeat what you say with a cute voice and walk forward while talking and playing music. This is clearly one of the most adorable Among Us toys as a gift for a little girl. 

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21. Among Us Puzzle Box Building Set

Among Us Puzzle Box Building Set

Who loves puzzle toys as much as we do? If you love puzzles and love Among Us, you must own this Among Us Puzzle Box Building Set. This set of toys combines the game of a puzzle and building blocks in one set of toys that triggers your imagination and creativity to unlock the box. This is definitely one of the best Among Us toys to play with family and friends.

22. Werewolf Kill Building Blocks

Werewolf Kill All Among Us Building Blocks

We just can’t get enough of small Among Us figurines, like these cute 12 figures in different colors. Amazingly, you will need to make these 12 figurines from a total of 377 pieces of small building blocks made of high-quality ABS plastic that any Among Us fan can take this toy anywhere they go.

23. Among Us Pop Bag Keychain

Among Us Pop It Bag

When it’s time for fans of Among Us to go back to school, it’s time to buy this extremely adorable Among Us Pop It bag keychain. Comes in a cute gift package, this bag includes the large crossbody pop purse of course, and also two special accessories, which are a plastic Among Us keychain and a stretchy string.

24. Dynamic Fidget Spinner

Among Us Dynamic Fidget Spinner

A spinner is one of the best toys used to relieve stress and create a relaxing mood for both adults and children. Moreover, a spinner can also be suitable for irritability toys for hyperactivity, anxiety, concentration and also autism. This Dynamic Fidget Spinner was designed for children with autism and also adults with hyperactivity or depression. In conclusion, this is one of the most suitable Among Us toys with a good cause.  

25. Crewmate Color Changing Light

among us toys

Your nights are going to be more exciting and you’ll have better sleep with this Crewmate Color Changing Light, especially if you are a true fan of Among Us and just can’t stand decorating your room with various Among Us decorations, merchandise, and collectibles, including this adorable lamp. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, the perfect toy gifts for a fan of Among Us would be Among Us toys. And for that reason, we are happy that you found our list of the most recommended Among Us toys in the market. The cute shape and cheerful colors are some of the most attractive elements of the characters that come in many types of toys, and all of the items on our list include the two elements for sure.

In our opinion, the best options of gifts to choose from would include toys like building blocks, detachable figures, and definitely plush toys. But if you’re more into the functionality aspects of the toys, the would suggest to go for items like Among Us enamel pins or pop it fidget bracelets.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best Among Us toys?

Being one of the most popular online games in the world, we can easily find loads of Among Us toys and figurines in the market, and choosing the best ones can be tough. Some of the best and most popular Among Us toys are Among Us Keyrings, Wristbands, Lights, and Pop It that also works as a stress reliever.

What is the best Among Us action figures?

Among Us Detachable Figures are said to be the best action figures compared to other types of action figures out there. Definitely one of the must-have items or collectibles for all Among Us fans.

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