Stress Relieving Smart Patch

This Stress Relieving Smart Patch will assist you with battling stress and anxiety you are faced with on a daily basis, and with time and proper exercises can help you become more resilient to stress overall.

This stress relieving patch uses state-of-the-art technology to detect your natural stress responses throughout the day.

When you are in distress, the patch starts vibrating to help you sync your breathing with your heart, which will help you stay focused and regain calmness.

The patch is always “watching”. Not in a sinister matter, no. It’s always monitoring your well-being, so you don’t have to remember to turn it on, when you’re feeling anxious. 


Stress Relieving Smart Patch

It’s automatic response works more like this: “Hey, buddy, you’re stressing too much. Here, just breathe with me”. You can also use it in a calm environment to meditate or just train yourself with breathing exercises to be more immune to stressful situations.

Stress Relieving Smart Patch

It is light, thin and its ergonomic shape allows you to wear it without any discomfort throughout the day.

In a world full of noise, stress and anxiety this is the best gift you could get for yourself and your loved ones.   

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