25 Unique Venom Toys for Every MARVEL Fans

The alien symbiote Venom is among the most interesting Marvel characters. Its status as anti-hero has captivated the hearts of many people who want a different sense of justice. Venom will not hesitate to devour its enemies. It is driven by pure instinct to satiate the desire for foods and strengths. For those who love unconventional superheroes, Venom toys are very precious.

Venom’s grotesque appearance never fails to attract new fans. As a result, its memorabilia are always sold out very quickly. And so, Awesome Stuff 365 has produced the ultimate list of the most collectible Venom toys! In addition, you can buy them as special gifts for your friends who love Marvel characters. The following items will be fun to play with and look great as decorations.

BEST Venom Toys – Our 4 Best Picks

Crossover Venom FigurineAccessory Venom ToyVenom Toy for CosplayingDetailed Venom Figurine
Venomized GrootReplica of SymbioteVenom HelmetCarnage Action Figure
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Venom Toys for Badass Action Figures

Venom and its nemesis Carnage have inspired numerous merchandise! Thousands of action figures have been produced to anticipate their imminent entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore, the following toys will be excellent as collectible gifts for your friends or kids. They are very well-crafted to showcase the monstrous design of the alien symbiotes. 

1. Classic Original Figurine of Venom

classic Original Venom Figurine Toy

Thanks to the latest Venom movies starring Tom Brady, the terrifying symbiote has become more popular in recent years! It has also been hinted that Venom may appear in the next big MCU movies. The value of  this well-made Venom figurine will keep increasing! So, get it now at an affordable price for your special friend!

2. Marvel Venompool Crossover Figurine

Marvel Venompool Crossover Figurines

Venom and Deadpool are both the most badass anti-heroes in Marvel. Now, what will happen if the black symbiote latches itself onto Deadpool’s body? The combination of the two characters have inspired this marvelous action figure of Venompool! Also, the diabolical Venom’s iconic teeth enhance Deadpool’s bloody red costume. It is a high-end figurine, suitable as a luxurious gift.

3. Professionally Painted Carnage Figurine

Professionally Painted Carnage Figurine

Carnage was the main villain of Tom Brady’s Venom 2 movie. The two characters were battling each other for survival and chaos! The red symbiote combines itself with a notorious serial killer and attains tremendous power that rivals the black Venom. You can now bring the terror of Carnage into your friend’s toy collection with this profesionally painted figurine!

4. Realistic Venom Head

Realistic Venom Head

Did you know that Venom is not inherently evil? However, the character does have anger issues and would show its teeth to intimidate its enemies or allies! This highly realistic Venom head figure will be a treasured gift for your friends. You can see the details that go into Venom’s menacing ravenous teeth and tongue! There are a lot of efforts to create this masterpiece! Hence, it is very worth buying to add your collection of this anti-hero character.

5. Spider Man with Venom

Spider Man Fighting With Venom

In Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man 3, Venom was the focal point of the story. Initially, the black symbiote was depicted as an evil alien parasite that wants to take over Spider Man’s body. It enhanced Peter Parker’s strength but influenced him to do evil deeds. Your friend now can relive the glorious battle between Venom and Spider Man with this highly detailed figurine!

6. Black Spiderman Infected by Venom 

Black Spiderman Infected by Venom

In the Spider Man 3 Movie, the black symbiote latched itself on Peter Parker’s body. It molded itself as a black Spider Man costume that grants the main character more power. However, the evil Venom has a mind on its own! Now you can get the Black Spider Man action figure to remind your friend of the epic moment!

7. Captain America and Venom Crossover

Captain America and Venom Crossover

It would be really amusing to see a crossover between Captain America and Venom. Because the two characters are the polar opposite of each other. Venom has an uneven temper and no moral compass. Meanwhile, Captain America is the de facto leader of the Avenger with a strong sense of justice. This crossover action figure of Venomized Captain America will be an excellent gift!

8. Anti-Venom Action Figure Venom Toys

Anti-Venom Action Figure

The white Anti-Venom character may not be familiar to most people since his character has yet to appear in any Marvel movies. The white Anti-Venom was born when the black symbiote merged with Eddie Brock’s white blood cell. It can destroy other evil symbiotes on left earth! Now you can buy this rare Anti-Venom action figure to complete your friend’s collectible set!

9. Venomized Groot

Super Unique Venomized Groot

There is an imagined scenario when the black symbiote infects Groot! The adorable tree-like alien would turn into a mindless monster thirsty for raw flesh and blood. Bring this supercool what-if scenario into your friend’s desk with the ultra-rare Venomized Groot. Then you can see the quality of this action figure through the detailed design and outstanding paint job!

10. Eddie Brock Action Figure

Eddie Brock Action Figure

The handsome Eddie Brock is the human host of black Venom. In the latest movies, this man is played by the leading British actor Tom Hardy. You can get your friend this amazing Eddie Brock action figure, complete with the Venom transformation accessories! It will be a mind-blowing present considering the quality of this item.

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11. Detailed Carnage Action Figure

Super Detailed Carnage Action Figure

Venom’s main enemy is the red symbiote named Carnage. The combined power of Eddie Brock and Venom could barely keep up with the serial killer Carnage. The red alien monster can turn part of its body into giant scythe. It will be difficult to defend against this agile and powerful evil creature. Now you can buy this highly detailed Carnage action figure for your special friend because this masterpiece cannot be missed.

12. Combination of Hulk and Venom

Combination of Hulk and Venom

Hulk is one of the mightiest beings in the universe! Thanks to his raw strength, Hulk could snap the Infinity Gauntlet and survived with relatively minor injuries. Now imagine Hulk merging with Venom symbiote! You probably would get an overpowered character that could match Thanos himself. Buy the incredible Venomized Hulk as a unique gift for a loyal Marvel fan and see how happy they are after receiving the gift.

Venom Toys for Everyone

It is only a matter of time until a new MCU crossover movie will be announced. When that happens, the popularity of Venom will truly explode. After all, this unique character will inevitably be included! Despite the frightening appearance, Marvel depicts the new Venom as a creature with a dark sense of comedy. Therefore, get these Venom toys now before they run out!

13. Venom Magnet 

Venom Magnet

Playing with a magnet is fun because it is like magic. Most people do not know how it works, yet magnetism has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. To make life more fun, we are presenting you with this incredibly well-made Venom magnet. The head of the alien symbiote now can sprout out of your refrigerator doors or other metal surfaces!

14. Handmade Venom Plushie

Handmade Venom Plushie

The menacing design of realistic Venom toys may not be suitable for people with faint hearts. The sharp long teeth and maniacal long tongue may scare your timid friends. As an alternative, you can buy this adorable Venom Doll instead! This plushie  is very well-crafted and looks cute. Therefore, the tiny loveable monster doll will also become an excellent present for your children!

15. Replica of Symbiote

Replica of Symbiote in a Medical Grade Vial

A vial containing a sample of Carnage symbiote would be a super dangerous item if it were real. You would not want to let this alien on the loose because of the massive anarchy that would ensue. For your friends who love psychopathic villains, this vial containing a replica of Carnage symbiote would be a funny gift! The bottle comes with a medical label, making it look authentic.

16. Venom Full Face Helmet

Venom Full Face Helmet

Does your friend enjoy cosplaying? Playing pretend as superheroes is always fun! However, becoming a scary-looking anti-hero would be a lot more marvelous. You can buy this full face Venom helmet for your special buddy. They can use it to prank people at night or use it as a Halloween costume. The outstanding paint job has really enhanced the realism! Now, let’s wear the helm and see people’s reactions.

17. Venom Lego

Venom Lego

Did you know that building a LEGO set is one of the best couple activities? Now you can spend quality time together with your special someone by putting together this Venom LEGO head. The Marvel LEGO set features over 500 block pieces. It is not the most complicated build, but certainly one of the most terrifying ones. Venom’s LEGO teeth will intimidate any onlookers! So, is there any reason to skip this one?

18. Miniature Dodge Viper With Venom Figurine

Miniature Dodge Viper With Venom Figurine

The lightweight Dodge Viper is one of the most popular supercars in the world! The way the engine screams would remind you of the ravenous Venom. And so, this replica of 2008 Dodge Viper with Venom Figure set would be an incredible gift for your son. Buy your good boy this toy for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas! 

19. Squishy Venom Action Figure for Kids

Squishy Venom Action Figure for Kids

Not all children are afraid of Venom’s nightmarish design. Nevertheless, it is always better to avoid traumatizing your son or daughter with realistic Venom toys. As an alternative, this squishy Venom action figure will be a great present. There are no sharp edges making it safe for younger kids! This set also includes squishy Spiderman, a great two-for-one deal!

20. Venom Pop Fidget Toy 

Venom Pop Fidget Toy 

Pop fidget toys are excellent for people with anxiety issues. Because they can relax by popping out the tiny bubbly toy and relieve some pressure. Having anxiety is certainly not fun. Fortunately, you can brighten your friend’s feelings with this Venom Pop Fidget Toy. They can spend their time playing this item and forget the bad thoughts!

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21. Unique Pikachu and Venom Toys Crossover

No products found.

Pikachu is one of the most famous Japanese subculture icons! Meanwhile, Venom is a rising star. The hilarious Venomized Pikachu action figure toy shall unite the West and East in one package! Get this item now to surprise your friend who is a hardcore Marvel fan. Because the unique combination between anime and western comics will be a funny collectible!

22. Chibi Venom Figurine

Chibi Venom Figurine

Venom is an anti-hero that would give people nightmares. Imagine the lasting that you see is the crazy tongue and spear-like teeth. The terrifying Venom is not designed for kids. Nevertheless, many younger children are curious and find the design badass. You can buy your son or daughter this Chibi Venom toy for a less menacing present.

23. Carnage Full Face Mask

Carnage Full Face Mask

For teenagers, pretending to be a villain is cool! The rebellious spirit of the younger soul would resonate well with Carnage’s desire for anarchy. You can now get your friend the diabolical Carnage full face mask as a present, suitable for those who love cosplaying!

24. Adorable Venomized Thanos Figurine

Adorable Venomized Thanos Figurine

Thanos is one of the strongest menaces in the Marvel Universe. If Venom had chosen the Blue Titan as its host, the Avengers perhaps would not stand a chance. Here is an adorable depiction of the Venomized Thanos toy! 

25. Venom Figurine Toys Pack

Venom Figurine Toys Pack

Are you looking for a Venom-themed present for your children? Then, try the Hasbro’s Venom Marvel Legend pack. You can get 6 action figures in this set! They include Venom himself, Carnage, Poison Spider-man, funny Spider-ham, Typhoid Mary, and Scream. This item can be a little bit pricey but you get more than just one toy with great quality!

Final Thoughts

We all know that Venom loves to eat bad people’s heads, but we also know that he is actually funny and looks badass, too! No wonder why many people loves him, and it might includes you. If you are looking for a new Venom toys to add to your collection, find one that will be a fun toy to play with, or figurines that will look nice on your collection shelf.

You can also give a cool Venom toy for someone who happens to be a fan of Venom. Whether it’s your friend, brother, or even boyfriend, make sure you give them the best toys that will make them feel excited about, until many years to come.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much do Venom toys cost?

The cost of Venom toys vary depending on the quality and the rarity of the item. It can go as low as $10-$20 dollar for the common toys available at Walmart or Amazon. However, there are also high-end products that will cost you over $100. The rare crossover such as Venomized Groot or Venompool will fetch a fantastically high prize!

What are the most expensive venom toys?

The most expensive venom toys in this list are probably the Venompool action figures! Only 300 items were made and they are selling out really fast. The rarity and the detailed craftsmanship of the action figure does inflate the price. The officially-licensed limited-edition Venompool being sold at Sideshow will cost you more than $2,500! This item will be a great luxurious present for truly hardcore fans or serious collectors.

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