26 Zombie Gifts for Zombie Apocalypse Geek

Zombies are famous fictional characters that play a role in many games and movies. In reality, they don’t exist (yet). They are a mindless human or dead humans who have been revived by witchcraft. So, there are for sure some zombie geeks who love zombie geeks.

Zombie geeks may wish that a zombie apocalypse would happen because they have played the simulator like left 4 dead or another simulator game of zombie apocalypse, while there is a game with close to near condition if the zombie apocalypse happens like the walking dead. Regardless, we should tolerate what they like as long as it is not harming anyone or anything. Zombie gifts are perfect for any birthday party or many big days for zombie geeks.

BEST Zombie Gifts – Our 3 Best Picks

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Zombie Gifts for Every Horror Fan

1. Neon Zombie Gift Wrapping Set

Neon Zombie Gift Wrapping Set

Zombie gifts wrapper should also be wrapped by a zombie themed wrapper. The wrapper has green and blue zombies which may be versatile depending on who you should give this wrapper. If the target likes blue color, you should give the blue one, and so on.

2. Zombie Tea Light Holder

Zombie Tea Light Holder

Zombie geeks need their room to be creepier and spookier. Therefore, to answer that problem, zombie tea light holders are perfect zombie gifts. It will make a dreadful shadow that will make anyone that enters the room will be surprised or shocked in fear.

3. Living Dead Handcrafted Soap

Living Dead Handcrafted Soap

So, it is not just a creepy lamp or a book that has a zombie theme on it. A soap that you use every day can be used as zombie gifts like these soaps. The blood, the brain, and the decoration make it look like real zombies.

4. Zombie Hand Magnet

Zombie Hand Magnet

The fridge usually has many stickers that have a magnet on it. How about a creepy hand-magnet for the fridge to surprise anyone that wants to take or steal foods or drinks from the fridge in the middle of the night? It will be fun. The design will make these zombie gifts great for prank people.

5. Derek: The Romantic Zombie 

Derek The Romantic Zombie 

Some zombie lovers also need a unique method to express their love to their loved ones. If they are shy and scared to talk about it, you can give them zombie gifts like Derek the romantic zombie. He brings a heart which symbolizes love.  

6. Zombie University Certificate

Personalized Zombie University Certificate

Waiting for a certificate could be painfully boring. Zombie lovers can get this zombie gift like a zombie university certificate. The certificate can be a cool decoration in their room.

7. The Walking Dad Mug

The Walking Dad Mug

Puns in the mug should be funny enough to make zombie lovers laugh. The walking dad is a pun from the walking dead. The walking dead is another word for zombie that is used by citizens. Also, the walking dead is a famous game from telltale. If your dad is a zombie lover. Consider these cups as zombie gifts for him.

8. Zombie Hand In A Glass Keychain

Zombie Hand In A Glass Bottle/Vial Keyring. Keychain.

A keychain is a great decoration for your key, especially if you bring it often outside. A zombie hand in a glass bottle will make a creepy sensation for anyone who looks at it. Also, people will think it is a real human hand. Keychains are also good as zombie gifts for Halloween parties.

9. Zombie Hand Bookmark

Zombie Hand Bookmark

There are nerds but zombie lovers inside are some rare sights to find. The bookmark will help them to mark what they read last. Zombie gifts like bookmarks are prone to scare anyone, so make sure the zombie’s hand is not visible.

10. Zombie Evolution T-Shirt

Zombie Evolution Mens White T-Shirt

For anyone who believes in the Darwin theory of evolution that humans are descended from monkeys should have this shirt. The death of the human and resurrection as a zombie is added to the shirt. Biology students who are also zombie lovers should have these zombie gifts.

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11. Zombie Coloring Book for Adults

zombie gifts

Coloring is not only for toddlers or kids. There are also coloring books that are designed only for adults. Zombie lovers will be happy to accept these zombie gifts. Without a doubt, they will color the coloring book fast, if it is not fast, they will color the book regularly.

12. Zombie Door Cover

zombie gifts

If you need some silence, the door cover is good for your door. Also, zombie lovers might be interested in these zombie gifts. They keep away, turn back now, don’t open, and the zombie inside really reflects what they want in their room.

13. Nerf Zombie Strike

zombie gifts

Real simulation in the zombie apocalypse needs a weapon in your arsenal. But of course, a toy weapon like nerf zombie strike is enough. The weapon has twelve darts to shoot and it is fun to play with.

14. Boy Zombie Costume

zombie gifts

In the movie or game, if you get bitten by a zombie, you will become a zombie. Since there are no zombies in the real world, you can buy zombie costumes. Especially zombie gifts that can be worn by your boy.

15. The Abandoned Mine LEGO Zombie Cave

zombie gifts

Minecraft is famous for its zombies, not just a game to build your dream empire. The lego will teach zombie lovers how not to be caught by a zombie. The only way to do it is to build the lego well, so the zombie may not catch you.

16. The Raven’s Perch Statue

zombie gifts

Zombies are humans who are resurrected to live again but without mind. Therefore, the crow might tend to perch on it. The crow and zombie’s hand will make great zombie gifts to decorate your friend’s house or room.

17. Gnombie Statue

Gnombie Statue

A gnome that is turned into a zombie statue is good to put in the garden. It is great to play pranks once for a bit. The gnome statue will make your neighbor think that the zombie apocalypse has started. Also, it is a perfect decoration for a zombie lover’s garden.

18. Zombie Captain America

Corpses Captain America

Marvel fans and zombie lovers make a great combination. Captain America is one of the famous marvel heroes in that series. What will his zombie version look like? It will look like this one, he only wears one shoe and the cloth is partially destroyed. Zombie gifts but also suitable for Marvel fans? You better buy this for them.

19. Zombie Deadpool Phone & Control Holder

zombie gifts

A zombie Deadpool that will serve you as a phone holder or joystick holder? What a time to live. The controller will be safe at the hands of strong Deadpool. Deadpool fans and zombie lovers who want zombie gifts? They should buy it.

20. Figurine Undead Housewife

Figurine Undead Housewife

If a zombie has a wife, it will turn out like this. The wife will wear a household apron and serve lunch. But it is not an ordinary lunch like you eat, it is a brain that will be served as lunch to her husband. The figurines will be nice zombie gifts to collect.

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21. Apple iPhone 12 Case Cover

Apple iPhone 12 Case Cover

iPhone users can also be zombie lovers. Zombie lovers should get zombie gifts like a mini flip case cover. It will help decorate the cell phone which is perfect for a zombie lover. Instead of creepy, the design of the mini flip case cover is cute.

22. Walking Corpses Model

Walking Corpses Model

Zombie lovers need toys too to reduce stress and collect them as a collection. The walking corpses model are shaped just like the zombie. The zombies will act as your action figure at home. They will decorate your table, so it is better to put it on the table while you are studying.

23. Whack A Zombie Game

Whack A Zombie Game

You don’t need to go to the mall that has a gaming station to play whack a mole. Instead of whacking a mole, you will whack a zombie to win. The whack a zombie game is one of the great zombie gifts that can be given to anyone regardless of their age.  The cute design might make kids often play it.

24. Horror Hand Back Scratcher

Horror Walking Undead Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Feeling itchy in the back is quite annoying. Worry not, zombie gifts like horror walking undead zombie back scratchers will help you to scratch your back when it feels really itchy. The hand is quite real, so anyone might be surprised seeing you scratch your back with a zombie’s hand.

25. Zombie Hoodie

Zombies Eat Brains So Youre Safe Hoodie

Hoodies as zombie gifts to zombie lovers are perfect in the cold season. The statement zombies eat brains like in the plant versus zombies game. But don’t worry you’re safe might be offensive for anyone who understands what that means. Zombie lovers will be happy and feel warm when they wear this jacket.

26. Mini Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes

Express - Mini Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes

The zombie gifts box is also interesting. You can buy this item when you or your friend decide to watch an interesting zombie movie. Enjoy a thrilling and creepy sensation of the movie while eating popcorn in the zombie box.

Final Thoughts

Everything about Zombies are amazing for those who love them. Thanks to its increasing popularity, you can easily find so many Zombie gifts or merchandise out there, making it easy for you to find the best gifts for your Zombie lover friends. If you are wondering what would be the perfect gift for them, then we have to say that the best gifts would be something that they can keep for as long as it takes. It can be accessories, decor items, or some zombie toys that will keep them busy during their spare time.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best zombie gifts for someone who loves zombies?

The best zombie gifts must not only have a great design but also can be used for many things such as back scratchers, holders, and coloring books.

What is the best zombie gift box?

The best zombie gift box is the box which can contain something like a wrapper or even the mini zombie popcorn boxes that can be brought when you want to watch a horror show.

What are the best zombie toys?

The best zombie toys might be the ones that need creativity to play it such as lego minecraft zombie cave. The toys not only act as zombie gifts but also develop and challenge your brain to solve the problem in it.

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