25 Lego Marvel Toys for Marvel Fans

Who doesn’t know Marvel films? Almost everyone knows and watches various Marvel studio films adapted from American comic books published by Marvel comics. Superhero is the central theme raised by both movies and comics. Marvel comics fans will surely love the film as well. In fact, they will be willing to collect many kinds of marvel related stuff, including the lego marvel toys.

LEGO Marvel toys are basically toys with a small size that reflects the superhero characters from Marvel comics. Their tiny size makes them attractive to display as a home decoration. If you are a collector of LEGO, it never hurts to add to your current collection. And for that reason, we have collected the 25 best collections of LEGO Marvel Toys for Marvel fans like you. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the list!

BEST Lego Marvel Toys

1. Spiderman Marvel Lego figure

Marvel No Way Home Minifigure Spiderman

You must be familiar with the Spiderman character, right? Moreover, the sequel, entitled Spiderman: No Way Home, is still showing in cinemas and is hotly discussed among superhero series lovers.

To keep up with the hype, we highly suggest this amazing Spiderman mini-figure to add to your lego marvel toy collections. The color and costume details that perfectly describe the real one in the movie will surely make you unable to resist this excellent piece. Grab yours before someone else steals it.

2. Green Goblin Lego Minifigure

Green Goblin Spider-Man Minifigure

Speaking about Spiderman, it’s incomplete if you don’t review the antagonist character in the film, namely the Green Goblin. Therefore, if you want to complete your Spiderman collection, this toy can be a perfect match. 

The figure amazingly pictures a scary expression of the Green Goblin’s face with his glider. With this LEGO Marvel toy, you will indeed be brought back to the tension of watching the scenes when Peter Parker fights his enemies. What a scary yet fantastic piece!

3. Thanos Giant Lego Toy Minifigure

Thanos Giant Lego Toy Minifigure

Thanos is popular because of his superpower, resistance to injury, and invulnerability to venoms. And this Thanos LEGO piece truly captures all of his enormous strength.

It features his infinity stones attached to the infinity gauntlet, which is the source of his power. In addition, he is also holding his double-edged sword, well-known as the infinity blade, which he uses to block attacks. The sword also makes him superior to the combined strengths of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. Interested?

4. Doctor Strange Lego Marvel Toy

 Doctor Strange Lego Marvel Toy

Suppose you are a fan of the Marvel comic Doctor Strange. In that case, you will undoubtedly love this LEGO Marvel toy. By looking at it, you can tell that this toy will be a great addition to your Marvel mini-figure collection.

The design insanely resembles the actual Dr. Strange character who has the power of mystical arts and is good at casting spells. In addition, the high-quality plastic material ensures its durability, so it will last for a lifetime.

5. Anti-Venom Lego Marvel Figurine

Anti-Venom Spiderman Marvel Lego Toy

We understand that Marvel fans cannot get enough of their favourite comics. If you consider yourself a true fan, you will be amazed by this outstanding Anti-Venom LEGO Marvel Toy.

This figure has a kind of hand on its back that can grab his rivals. You can showcase this bold collection to other Marvel fans. They will surely envy you to have this fabulous collection.

6. Groot Minifigure Lego Toy

Groot Minifigure Lego Marvel Toy

Looking for the best LEGO Marvel toys to add to your collection? Then, you have just gotten a new one! This Groot LEGO piece is just as perfect as the actual one in the movie.

From head to toe, all the details are amazingly designed. Hence, it is challenging to tell the difference between the movies. You can surely show off your collection neatly in the closet with your other Marvel collections. Thanks to its tiny size.

7. Iron Man Collectible Lego Toy

Iron Man Minifigure Collectible Lego Marvel Toy

Considered as one of the most loyal Marvel fans? If so, you must be delighted to find this fantastic IRON MAN LEGO Marvel toy.

This mini-figure highlights the character’s costume, reflecting his harrowing and influential figure. Thanks to Phil Saunders, who put his magical hands into designing such a masterpiece. Fortunately, now you can enjoy the exquisite work of Saunders right at your home through this LEGO toy.

8. Deadpool Venom Lego Toy

Deadpool Venom Lego Marvel Toy

Unlike most, some people may fancy antagonist characters in Marvel movies and comics because of their powers or perhaps personalities. For example, this Deadpool venom. If you are one of the fans, then this LEGO item undoubtedly matches your taste.

This alien symbiote figure will surely give you chills as the face pictured here is eerie. Yet somehow, you are just addicted to it, aren’t you? Moreover, collecting this LEGO will make you feel accompanied by your favourite figure every day.

9. Guardians of The Galaxy Minifigure

Guardians of the Galaxy Minifigure

Who can resist these superheroes of the Guardians of the Galaxy? As a Marvel fan, we have no doubt that you will certainly be captivated by these exceptional LEGO Marvel toys.

Capturing three central characters, Thanos and his daughters, you seem to be immersed in the battle atmosphere in the comics. The details are so cool that you might feel like you’re dealing with the real character.

10. Iron Monger Mayhem Lego Toy

Iron Monger Mayhem Lego Marvel Toy

Whether you’re hunting for LEGO toys for yourself or as a gift for your Marvel-loving friends, these pieces will surely make one of the best!

Creating a battle atmosphere in the Iron Man series, these amazing legos will immerse you in their epic adventure. It also offers endless imagination for any Marvel fan who owns these most significant pieces. Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry about their durability as they are made of high-quality plastics.

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11. The Guardian’s Ship Space Lego Toy

lego marvel toys

Your Guardian of the Galaxy collection would be incomplete without the ship space presence. Therefore, we bring you a great bundle of LEGO Marvel toys to add to your buying list.

These LEGO toys allow you to explore the galaxy through this game, so it’s as if you are playing a role in it. Coming with magnificent pieces, they are indeed making fantastic items to display.

12. Duplo Super Heroes Toy Set

lego marvel toys

Perhaps you have a niece who’s fancy Marvel comics. And for that reason, awarding these LEGO set may be the right decision you have ever made.

Having almost a complete pack of Marvel superheroes, these toys are just perfect either for display or for playing with your nephew to broaden their imagination. Hence, it is no wonder he will be forever grateful to have a caring uncle like you.

13. War Machine Buster Lego Marvel Set

lego marvel toys

Avengers wars’ fans are unable to stop collecting their favourite characters. And just perfect timing, we found a superb set of LEGO toys that depict an Avenger War Machine Buster.

Amazingly designed in such a way, the crafter successfully brought the battle atmosphere from the comics into life with these fantastic pieces. Also, the robot even looks incredibly similar to the original one. How wonderful they are!

14. Lego Marvel Molten Man Battle Toy

lego marvel toys

These LEGO pieces allow you to build a fire monster independently. Aside from the Molten Man, they also consist of three mini-figures: Spiderman, a firefighter, and Mysterio. All of which offer your imagination comes to play when constructing this lego.

Thanks for these; you can enjoy putting together this lego with your Marvel fans from now on. Other than that, you can make these striking pieces as decorations after you arrange them neatly to form the characters in this game.

15. Black Panther Dragon Flayer Lego Toy

lego marvel toys

Give your inner child a chance to realise your imaginative minds through these LEGO Marvel toys. These marvellous toys provide both quality as a building game and awesome display all at once.

They come in a bundle with Black Panther, Suri, and evil Chitauri. Also, thanks to their unique designs, the surreal characters depicted on these LEGOs will make it easier for you to play this game.

16. Ultimate Marvel Battle Lego Toy

Lego Marvel Thanos: Ultimate Battle Toy

Imagining to have a superhuman power like Thanos? Yet you know that it seems impossible? Don’t be sad. You can always count on LEGO to make your dream come true.

Even though it is only fantasy, these pieces give you a great picture of Thanos with his infinity gauntlet that has provided him enormous strength. Moreover, other Infinity War characters, such as Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Gamora, make this LEGO game even more exciting to play.

17. Spider-Man Miles Morales Lego Toy

Spider-Man Miles Morales Lego Marvel Construction Toy

Hands down to whoever made this LEGO Marvel toy design! This toy indeed switches on your imaginative idea just by looking at it.

It features an extended spider web that is ready to snare spider man’s enemies without mercy. Suppose you have kids who are also fans of superheroes characters. In that case, this LEGO toy undoubtedly becomes an ideal game to play with.

18. Classic Thor Hammer Lego Figurine

Classic Thor Hammer Lego Marvel Toy

Build your favorite action figure with this classic LEGO Marvel toy. Since it is only 12 cm tall, it makes a perfect role-play figure you can ever think of.

The Thor figure looks dashing and cool by holding a hammer, his primary weapon. In addition, a tiny hammer can be seen attached to its legs which completes the look. You can indeed make this piece a game or simply add it to your display cupboard collection.

19. Marvel Avengers Captain America Toy

Marvel Avengers Captain America: Outriders Attack Lego Toy

Thanks to this set of LEGO Marvel toys, making your own battlefield is now possible. Inspired by Captain America scenes, these toys perfectly describe how the Outriders attack looks.

By buying them, you will also get a Captain America figure complete with his helmet, Avengers suit, and accessories, as well as three pieces of Outsiders. What a perfect bundle for any Marvel fan who fancies Captain America comics!

20. Marvel Rhino Face-Off Lego Toy

Super Heroes Rhino Face-Off by the Mine Lego Marvel Toy

This set of LEGO is a perfect game for any Marvel fan who already has kids. Since they feature a Rhino and other Marvel superheroes, your kiddo will find these pieces fascinating.

The building game is a great idea to hone their visual and motor skills. In addition, these toys have different kinds of colours that can help children recognize them better. Moreover, their level of creativity can also be improved with games like this.

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21. Lego Marvel Giant Man Hank Toy

lego marvel toys

If you are looking for a LEGO character that features a distinct Giant-Man Hank Pym suit, then you have just discovered one here.

This rare item reflects the anger of Giant-Man Hank Pym after Hope is killed. He then wanted to seek revenge and turned his suit into a striking Yellow-Blue one. It is a perfect toy to complete your previous Giant-Man Hank Pym lego with the red and black suit if you have it.

22. Black Widow Lego Marvel Toy

lego marvel toys

After so many men figures of Marvel superheroes, we finally arrived at a female figure of this popular comic. Surely Marvel fans know who he is. Yes, she is a black widow.

Besides being one of the most incredible Avengers, she is an excellent spy and assassin who is a mainstay. Even though she is known as genuinely evil in both comics and movies, she depicts a woman with bold characters. If you adore such qualities, then this toy is created for you!

23. Hulk Avengers Endgame Lego Toy

lego marvel toys

Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, we guarantee that you know this legendary Marvel character. He is the Hulk. The stocky body with green colour is the hallmark of this Marvel figure.

Furthermore, he is best known for his super strength above the average human being – super strong and powerful. And all those qualities are amazingly demonstrated in this excellent piece. What a great addition to your Marvel collection!

24. Rocket Raccoon Lego Figurine

lego marvel toys

Any Marvel fan who has watched the Guardian of the Galaxy movie must be familiar with this character. He is a Rocket Raccoon. In the film, he appears to be a villain with his friend, Groot.

Speaking about this LEGO piece, this figure features a Rocket with a white suit that makes him look as intelligent as he truly is. It will undoubtedly become one of your favorite “non-human” Marvel comic characters.

25. Dr. Octopus Mini Lego Marvel Toy

lego marvel toys

And the last piece of LEGO Marvel toys list is Dr. Octopus figures. Even though he looks so stunning in this toy, he is actually the main antagonist in all Spiderman comics.

As seen in the lego, he has four artificial mechanical arms grafted on his back that can be fully controlled as he wants. Nonetheless, despite his bad reputation, you can still keep this lego to complete your Spiderman series collection. It doesn’t feel complete if you only collect the protagonist, right?

Final Thoughts

For a true Marvel fan like you, being able to have Lego Marvel toys is purely mandatory. If you look at the items of the most recommended Lego Marvel toys on our list above, you will know why you need to make those items your own. Undoubtedly, we can expect to see toys with the highest quality since all items are made by Lego. To add to your Marvel toy collection, you can check out some of the best ones like the Spiderman or Doctor Strange Lego figures. If you want to have some of the villain Marvel characters, you might find that the figures of Thanos of Dr. Octopus super cool.

Moreover, if your little one, nephew or niece has been starting to show some interests in Marvel characters as well, then you can give them a set of Lego Duplo Marvel Toy. They will be happy to play with cute little figures of Captain America, Iron Man, and their friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the biggest Avengers LEGO?

The biggest Avengers LEGO set is the LEGO Avengers Helicarrier. They consist of 1,244 pieces with 8 mini-figures. Moreover, the length of the helicopter is about 37 cm long, marking this set as the 5th biggest LEGO Marvel toy ever. Unfortunately, this piece is now discounted by the manufacturer.

Which LEGO Marvel is best?

For Marvel fans, the best LEGO Marvel toys are those who can recreate the battlefield as if they are included in the movies and comics. But some of the best LEGO Marvel toys you can consider buying are: Lego Marvel the Guardian’s Ship Space Toy, Lego Marvel Thanos: Ultimate Battle Toy, Avengers War Machine Buster Lego Marvel Toy, and Marvel Black Panther Dragon Flayer Lego Toy.

What is the coolest Marvel LEGO set?

You can consider Lego Marvel the Guardian’s Ship Space Toy, Avengers War Machine Buster Lego Marvel Toy, and Marvel Avengers Captain America: Outriders Attack Lego Toy as some of the coolest Marvel LEGO sets you can buy. They have significant figures resembling the actual battlefields and attacks you never get enough of. In addition, they are also perfect as an addition to your Marvel collection’s display.

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