20 Activities on How to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day Like a Pro 

It’s time to get together with your pals and pop your best bottle of wine when February 18 rolls around on the calendars because it’s National Drink Wine Day! National Drink Wine Day is a special day for wine lovers everywhere, and we think it’s time to celebrate. There is no reason to pass up the chance to celebrate one of the oldest and finest beverages the world has to offer. You can sip your favorite glass of red wine while watching movies, or you can go out with friends and try new wines together. In addition, you can even make some delicious food to pair with your drink!

On National Drink Wine Day, we get the chance to say thanks and show our appreciation for wine in all its varieties. Besides, a glass of wine a day is said to keep the cardiologist away. Therefore, this is a special day worth celebrating! Suppose you want to do fun activities in celebrating National Drink Wine Day, let us share some tips to do it properly. You may celebrate this special day and learn more about the priceless beverage by taking part in the activities listed below!

Why is There a National Wine Day?

National Drink Wine Day is a day to celebrate wine, which includes drinking some wine. In the U.S, the yearly celebration offers an opportunity to consider the various advantages of wine as well as its historical and social significance. National Drink Wine Day should be cherished with friends and family, as the social components are especially important.

Ways How to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

1. Wine Tasting

Although drinking wine is nothing new, mastering the art of wine tasting can be challenging. To celebrate the drinking wine day, you can do wine tasting. Since the National Drink Wine Day is also in February, take your boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate this occasion and enjoy Valentine wines. A wine tasting is a terrific way to try out various wine kinds while getting advice from a professional sommelier. Your palette will improve, and you’ll learn to appreciate wine as a result.

2. Take a Winery Tour

Do you know how wine is made? To answer this question, take a winery tour on February 18th National Wine Day. A lot of wineries provide tours of their cellars and vineyards. Watch how grapes can become high quality wine that is served in the restaurant. This is a great method to learn more about the craft of winemaking, as you get the chance to visit the location and facility where your favorite wine is produced.

3. Hang Out with Friends at a Wine Bar

A wine bar is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and family while also enjoying some fantastic wine. Especially after a long tiring day at work, drinking wine with friends is so fulfilling. So, invite your friends who are also wine fans to toast their glass at the wine bar! Besides, the majority of wine bars offer local wines, allowing you to sample what is popular in your region’s wine industry.

4. Give a Bottle of Wine to Your Friends

Share joy and happiness in celebrating National Drink Wine Day by giving your friends a bottle of wine. Look for their favorite brand or wine type, and it will make a thoughtful gift to remember. Let them enjoy the gift with their family. Or, if you are looking for special wine for your loved ones, you can check awesomestuff365.com for more extraordinary gift ideas.

5. Try a New Wine

Don’t say that you are a wine enthusiast if you still haven’t tasted all types of wine! In addition, the production location also has different tastes. Since February 18th is also National Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day, we advise you to try a crisp, fruity white wine from Chardonnay. Or, you can also go for the world’s famous grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate this special day.

6. Post #NationalDrinkWineDay to Social Media

A celebration is not complete without some photos with a glass of wine and your current activity. Or, you can take a picture of you while enjoying the day with some bottles and friends. You can post these photos on Facebook or Instagram. Show that you are a true wine fan by adding a hashtag of #NationalDrinkWineDay on the caption to celebrate it with more people on the internet.

7. Learn How to Sip Wine Properly

This is just a basic skill, but some people may not fully understand. As one of the best ways to celebrate the special day like a pro, you can watch Youtube videos on how to drink wine properly. Moreover, learn about the ingredients in the wine you’re drinking, if only so you may enjoy it more the next time. Therefore, this activity will help you to upgrade your wine tasting skills!

8. Pair Your Wine with Certain Food

Should you be going to enjoy wine with a meal, we’ve got you some tips to pair them. Cabernet Sauvignon or Chianti are bolder red wines to serve with meats. Meanwhile, fish meals typically pair nicely with white wine, but a lighter red wine, such as pinot noir, works well too. Finally, serve the dessert with a Moscato, Lambrusco, or Port wine, keeping it sweet and fine.

9. Watch Wine-themed Movie

National Drink Wine Day doesn’t have to mean only drinking wine. There are many activities you can do while drinking a glass of wine, such as watching movies. Therefore, celebrate with a wine-themed movie. For instance, you can watch A Heavenly Vintage or A Walk in the Clouds if you love drama and romance genre while enjoying your favorite wine with your loved ones.

10. Upcycling Wine Bottles

For those who love collecting bottles, use this chance to make them more functional at your home. Use empty bottles to create your next centerpiece or flower vase if you have any on hand. Moreover, use the wine corks you’ve been saving to make trivets, coasters, or refrigerator magnets. If you love handcrafting, creating a DIY wine rack is also entertaining and useful.

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11. Explore Wine Related Products

To make you the true wine lover, it’s time to collect some wine related products!  And, the Napa Valley area as one of the best producers of world class wine is a great place to start. Look for Wine-related Napa Valley products to start your wine-themed items collecting journey. You can start from non food items such as Napa Valley wine glass and corks. Don’t forget to taste Cabernet Sauvignon, the most famous red wine from Napa Valley as well!

12. Buy New Wine Cork Holders

On National Drink Wine Day, you may drink a lot of wine to collect the wine corks. Therefore, make sure you get the best place to store them. What about buying a new one? If you aren’t sure which wine cork holders you should buy, don’t worry! We’ve got you the perfect solution! There are many unique wine cork holders ideas you can find in awesomestuff365.com.

13. Fancy Brunch with Your Favorite Wine

Wine for brunch is a more sophisticated move from cocktails. A glass of wine during a fancy brunch will be so special on National Drink Wine Day. If you love to have wine at brunch, then make sure you have your favorite wine on the table. For those who want to experience the activity for the first time, we recommend you to have a fruity rosé or a crisp, fragrant white wine like Viognier.

14. Promote the Benefit of Wine

Promote The Benefit of Wine

As wine lovers, it’s time to educate more people about the benefits of wine! During your meal time with family or friends, tell them that this fermented drink has many advantages. It offers antioxidants, might lengthens life, and might help prevent heart disease and dangerous inflammation, too. In addition, it’s also interesting to note that red wine probably contains more antioxidants than white wine!

15. Host Wine-themed Night Party

Host Wine-themed Night Party

On the National Drink Wine Day, why don’t you throw a wine-themed party? Especially if you are wine and party lovers, this is indeed a perfect time! Set up a cozy atmosphere with wine bottles and elegant decoration. It’s a time to spend time with friends, so you can serve the best meal for savoring fine wine. For instance, simply invite your closest friends for a private evening with fine wine and charcuterie boards.

16. Romantic Dinner for Couples

Romantic Dinner for Couples

A romantic dinner is the ideal opportunity to enjoy wonderful wine and even greater conversation with your significant other. A full-bodied red wine is typically the finest option if you want to have a traditional steak for your special occasion. Choose a Malbec, Shiraz, or Cabernet Sauvignon. Or, you could want to try a Monastrell wine for something particularly unique because it has the earthy flavor and scent of Black Forest fruits.

17. Bring Your Favorite Wine to a Trip

Bring Your Favorite Wine To A Trip

Make National Drink Wine Day special by taking a brief vacation. You can go to the beach to watch the sunset or just drive around the city. Drinking some wine will help you appreciate the moment more, whether it’s the sound of the waves lapping the shore or the sun rising over the foggy cityscape. If you stay at the hotel, this will be a smart and affordable way instead of buying one from the hotel.

18. Learn History about Wine Bottles

Learn History About Wine Bottles

Wine bottles usually have intricate tales to tell, whether it is about their names or their countries of origin. Some people may celebrate National Drink Wine Day without knowing the history behind it. On this special day, make sure you master the history!  You will get to share these amazing experiences in meetings, which will be fun on top of learning new things!

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19. Discover the Various Wine Glass Types

Discover About The Various Wine Glass Types

Do you know that the type of glass you use affects the flavor of your wine? In fact, the glass’s form has the ability to concentrate the aroma of the wine, enhancing its varietal qualities. This is caused by how much air the wine is exposed to. To answer your curiosity, you can conduct some experiments. You can sample the same wine in several glasses to determine the differences for yourself.

20. Make Your Own Wine

Make Your Own Wine

National Drink Wine Day might be the perfect occasion to learn how to make wine. For beginners, you can refer to a variety of tutorials on Youtube and local wineries. All you need is grapes, yeast, sugar, and clean utensils. Since the making process will take a long time, keep in mind that it requires hygiene and full attention. Moreover, you can’t risk your health by skipping a step. So, be sure to take all appropriate caution.

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Final Thoughts

There are many fun activities to make a special National Drink Wine Day to remember. All tips above are just for your inspiration on the next National Drink Wine Day. In addition, it’s also the perfect time to purchase unique wine racks or a new small wine fridge on our site.

After all, choose the best activity to celebrate this occasion that is ideal for your situation and preference. We hope you’ll be inspired by some of the amazing ideas above and celebrate it like a pro!

What Do You Do on National Wine Day?

Wine lovers will drink a lot of wine on this special day. Many people will gather to toast their glass to celebrate National Drink Wine Day. They also use this chance to try a new wine, learn the history of wine, and even make their own wine. If you are looking for more fun activities to celebrate this day, you can check some ideas in the article above.

Which Country Celebrates National Wine Day?

National Wine Day honors the variety of wines available, including renowned vintages from Chile, South Africa, Australia, and the United States. These countries celebrate this day every year. In addition, Canada and the UK are also some countries that celebrate National Wine Day.

How Many National Drink Wine Days are There?

According to the National Day Calendar, there are at least 17 national wine days. The National Wine Day season begins in February and ends on New Year’s Eve. Even if there aren’t any designated wine days in January, wine is still enjoyable anytime of the year.

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