Unique Wine Racks

26 Stylish & Unique Wine Racks You Can Buy

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or like to keep things fun with a bottle of wine, you might be puzzling over storage options. Just because you do not have space for a wine cellar does not mean you cannot indulge your passion. unique wine racks are an appealing way to keep some prized bottles handy.

But they are not all about storage; having a creative wine bottle holder is a simple way to add tons of visual interest to any space. With any of the following cool wine racks, you can make a bold statement and get a clever storage solution all in one.

So dive right in and take your pick of the most outstanding design to match your personal tastes and interior décor. 

Cool Wine Racks & Holders

#1 Personalized Wall-Mounted Wine Rack 

Personalized Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Keep it simple yet elegant with one of these classy wooden wall-mounted wine racks. It has sufficient room for up to six bottles and four glasses underneath. And the personalization aspect takes it to the next level. If you have been scratching your head over a gift choice for a true connoisseur, this is it!

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#2 Rustic State Farmhouse Free Standing Wine Rack Holder 

Rustic State Farmhouse Free Standing Wine Rack Holder

With this rustic unit, you get to choose between mounting it on the wall and using it as a free-standing piece. What makes it super awesome is the farmhouse concept that could either blend in or stand out in sharp contrast to your décor.

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#3 Boat Paddle Wine Rack 

Boat Paddle Wine Rack

Go crazy with this quirky design that is sure to be a great conversation piece. It takes the shape of a boat paddle. Three copper helix spirals make it the ideal storage solution while adding matchless aesthetic appeal. For the outdoorsy types, this is the ultimate bet.

#4 Wooden 8-Bottle Tabletop Wine Holder 

Wooden 8-Bottle Tabletop Wine Holder

Take your wining and dining to the next level with one of these unique tabletop wine racks. With room enough for up to eight bottles, you can keep it vertical or horizontal.  If you are looking to save space, the upright position is ideal. But in a horizontal position, you get to see its full glory.

#5 Snow Ski Wine Rack 

Snow Ski Wine Rack

Add a whimsical touch to your collection with these sporty storage solutions. Made using reclaimed skis, they are a great way to bring the fun outdoors in.  The bright colors and patterns, as well as the distinct design, make this one of the most unique wine racks in our collection.

#6 Vault Furniture Reclaimed Wood Wall-Mounted Wine Racks 

Vault Furniture Reclaimed Wood Wall-Mounted Unique Wine Racks

Showcase your vino collection in rustic style with these wall mount units. They make use of a combination of reclaimed wood and metal. Apart from holding your bottles in the perfect position, it is versatile enough to house different bottle sizes.

#7 Full Barrel Freestanding Wine Rack 

Full Barrel Freestanding Wine Rack - Unique Wine Racks

If space is a major concern, check out this multifunctional piece reclaimed from a barrel. With this clever storage concept, you can house up to 19 bottles. Simply swing the hinging doors shut when you are done, and lo and behold – a rustic table!

#8 Wall Mounted Wine Barrel Bottle Rack & Cork Holder 

Wall Mounted Wine Barrel Bottle Rack & Cork Holder - Unique Wine Racks

For the ultimate blend of style and function, how about this unique wine rack made using a barrel head? It sports eight holes for eight of your favorite bottles.  And it comes with a cork holder, also made using a retired barrel. Together, they make an unforgettable statement.

#9 Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Complete your vintage décor with one of these unique, rustic units. To ensure it matches your interior, choose from a lite walnut, dark walnut or distressed white finish. The final step, display six of your most prized bottles of Shiraz and voila!

#10 Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack 

Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Anyone who loves horses and fine vino will absolutely adore this horseshoe unit. Besides its obvious functional appeal, it is quite a beauty to behold. Shiny copper studs stand in contrast against the steel background making it a work of art.

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#11 Wooden Wine Tree – Free Standing 

Wooden Wine Tree - Free Standing

A masterpiece in every sense of the word, this wooden tree is simple and cool. It almost makes you wish vino grew on trees. Then you would have a few of these in every room. The delicate curves of this outstanding sculpture will add visual interest to any room.

#12 White Shabby Chic Distressed Wall Mounted 

White Shabby Chic Distressed Wall Mounted

Make your reds and whites the focal point of any space by propping them up on a distressed wooden unit. The grainy wood making up this storage solution has a rich history. Together with your perfectly aged treasures, they will have a great story to tell.

#13 Wittmer 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack 

Bariboo Wine Rack

Give your interior a massive facelift by ushering the cool waves of the sea in courtesy of this unique wine rack. The fun, wavy design will look cool in any contemporary interior. No matter where you place it, it will be certain to make a great conversation piece.

#14 Industrial Pipe Beverage Rack 

Industrial Pipe Beverage Rack - Unique Wine Racks

Display your beverage bottles in style with one of these quirky, industrial-style accent pieces. Galvanized pipes sit on a wooden background, ready to showcase your prized collection.

All that’s left is to find the perfect spot for the innovative unit and the rest will be history.

#15 Buckler 1 Bottle Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack

Buckler 1 Bottle Tabletop Unique Wine Racks

For the aficionado who loves wooden sculpture, this artistic piece is a sure winner. After a hard day’s work, the man and his drink are quite a sight for sore eyes. Watch out though, you may have a problem wrestling the bottle from his hold.

#16 Steampunk – Industrial Pipe Wine 

Steampunk - Industrial Pipe Wine

Take your minimalist décor to a whole new high with this steampunk statement piece. It features repurposed wood in the background and iron pipes for the mini shelves. The end result is a remarkable rustic piece that will be the envy of all your friends.

#17 Probst 24 Bottle Floor Unique Wine Racks

Probst 24 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle Rack

Display your prized collection in matchless style on this elegant unit. Though it has room for 24 bottles, you don’t have to fill it to capacity. Get creative with your arrangement of bottles and add to the glory of the display.

#18 Rustic Pipe & Pallet Shelf Rack 

Industrial pipe 6-bottle wine rack

Do you have a soft spot for all things vintage? How about giving your home bar a vintage makeover with one of these unique wine racks?  Pallet wood and weathered pine in distressed white work well together to create an age-old look. The safety bar and storage space underneath the shelf complete its functional appeal.

#19 Customizable Anniversary Wine Box 

Customizable Anniversary Wine Box

(Well, not really a wine rack but this personalized wine box would make an awesome anniversary gift)

Toast your favorite couple in style with one of these stylish wine racks. It’s not all about looks with this one. Rather, it makes the perfect anniversary gift, one that will keep giving for years, literally.  All they have to do is fill out the slots for the first, third and fifth anniversary, personalize and let the rest play out.

#20 Elegant 3-bottle Unique Wine Racks

Elegant 3-bottle Unique Wine Racks

When it comes to elegance and quirkiness, few unique wine racks can match up to this one. In spite of being minimalistic, it makes a loud, undeniable statement, begging for a closer look. There are spots for three bottles on one side of the curve and three glasses on the other.

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#21 Geometric Tabletop Wine Rack 

Geometric Tabletop Unique Wine Racks

Whether you love nature or have a weak spot for geometric designs, this striking design is top-notch! You cannot help but notice the honeycomb pattern in dainty gold plated wire. It deserves a special spot on your countertop.

#22 Bernon Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack Set 

Bernon Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack Set

Looking for the perfect piece to complete your farmhouse décor? Check out this awesome wine rack set. In addition to housing your favorite reds and white, it has sufficient room for 15 glasses.  If you have a bare wall that needs some excitement, and some stemware pieces that need a home, you just found both!

#23 Rustic Corner Wine Rack 

Rustic Wood Corner Floating Shelves Wall Mount Corner Wine Rack

How about making that home bar corner a focal point with one of these units? It is ideal where space is a concern as it does not take up much room. In spite of this, it can hold eight bottles and six glasses.  And if you are not a fan of dark walnut, you could opt for a white, golden oak stain or a natural wood finish.

So, what tickles your fancy? What’s your idea of a stylish and unique wine rack? Make your pick from our amazing collection of unique wine racks and transform your living space.

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