22 Coolest Gifts For Acupuncturists

These are our favourite gifts for acupuncturists! Friends and family with unusual occupations and hobbies can be hard to buy for. Luckily, for those with acupuncturists in our lives, we’ve put together a list of 19 incredible acupuncture related gifts we know they’ll love.

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Greatest Gift Ideas For Acupuncturists in 2021

#1 Eat. Sleep. Poke People. Repeat Shirt – Funny Acupuncturist gift

Eat. Sleep. Poke People. Repeat Shirt - Funny Acupuncturist gift

Looking for seriously funny acupuncture gifts? We highly recommend this hilarious slogan shirt! It’s available in black or grey and comes in men’s and women’s sizes, a truly unique gift idea. It’ll be perfect for their days off and is certain to make them giggle upon opening it. Additionally, if you’re gifting this during warmer weather, you can have the slogan printed on a vest instead!

#2 A-Cute-Puncturist Mug 

A-Cute-Puncturist Mug- Acupuncturist gift

For the acupuncturist that just can’t start their day without coffee, this slogan mug is perfect. Available in two sizes, it’ll cater to their hot beverage needs whether at home or the office. What’s more, it’ll even look perfect stored on their desk as a decorative piece when not in use. Add this gift to your shop list!

#3 Custom Portrait as Cartoon Character 

Custom Portrait as Cartoon Character

Whether they’re a huge fan of a certain long-running cartoon comedy or you simply know they’ll love seeing themselves animated, this gift is guaranteed to draw a smile. Simply send the artist a picture of your friend or loved one and receive your digital cartoon portrait of them within 3-5 business days.

Then, print it on anything you like from t-shirts to mugs to posters. Hands down, this has to be one of the most creative and fun acupuncturist gift ideas on our list.

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#4 Custom Street Sign 

Acupuncturist Custom Street Sign

This is another of our favourite gifts. Not only is it super fun and unique, but it also looks incredible and can be used in countless spaces. Whether they choose to display this somewhere within the home, in the garden, or at the office, you can be sure it’ll look impressive.  You can also choose your preferred size and select one of nine different colour options depending on your favourite.

#5 calming deep sea sand art desk sculpture

calming deep sea sand art desk sculpture

You can call off the search for beautifully unique gifts thanks to this stunning art piece. They’ll be mesmerised by the magical display this sculpture creates. What’s more, it’ll go perfectly in their workspace and will be a favourite with their clients.  What could be more relaxing than staring into the centre of this beautiful creation as the sand slowly slips through creating a calming display on the glass.

Click the link below to claim this unique gift idea, its from a shop called Uncommon Goods and they always have heaps of exclusive offers! 

#6 Acupuncturists Get To The Point Hoodie – Cool Gifts For Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists Get To The Point Hoodie

This hoodie is one of our top recommendations for practitioners that have a great sense of humour. Ideal for off-duty days, this hoodie is made with soft, air-jet spun yarn and printed with eco-friendly inks.  Choose from four classic colour options and secure the best gift status whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because.

#7 Five Elements Acupuncture Poster 

Five Elements Acupuncture Poster

Genuinely helpful and educational acupuncture gifts don’t get better than this traditional Chinese medicine poster. The five-element theory displayed will make a perfect, and beautiful addition to any office space or treatment room.  This way, it can be enjoyed by the recipient and their clients! Choose a satin finish or have it laminated for just a few dollars extra.

#8 Funny Badass Travel Mug 

This mug may just be our favourite! Not only does it have a fun slogan printed on the front, but it’ll also keep their tea or coffee hot at home, at the office, or travelling in between. The tapered bottom fits into a standard cup holder so it can travel conveniently with them everywhere.

#9 Life Happens and Acupuncture Helps Shirt, Tank Top or Hoodie 

Life Happens and Acupuncture Helps Shirt, Tank Top or Hoodie

 No matter their style, they’ll love this top which can be dressed up or down on days off. All whilst showing off their love of acupuncture of course. This is one of our favourite acupuncture gifts! 

#10 I Love My Acupuncturist Keychain 

I Love My Acupuncturist Keychain

This keychain will be a welcome gift. They can add it to their work keys or even to their house set! Grab this a small token gift or add it to others for a little something extra. We highly recommend this one for birthday’s, new jobs, anniversaries, and more.

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#11 Funny Acupuncture Water Bottle 

Funny Acupuncture Water Bottle

We’re just going to say it, this might actually be the best gift we’ve seen to date. Not only does it actually serve an important purpose, but it’s also hilarious!

We defy any recipient of this gift not to burst out laughing and immediately proceed to show it off to everyone they know. It’s also a great gift for those trying to consume more water daily. If this doesn’t encourage them to stay hydrated, we don’t know what will!

#12 Peace Love Acupuncture Shirt, Tank Top or Hoodie 

Peace Love Acupuncture Shirt, Tank Top or Hoodie

Struggling to decide between a hoodie or a t-shirt to give your friend or loved one? There’s no need! This amazing slogan piece is available as a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, or sweatshirt.

So, whatever their prefered style, you can certainly find it here. What’s more, these funny pieces come in a choice of grey or black.

#13 Nutrition Facts Acupuncturist Mug 

Nutrition Facts Acupuncturist Mug - Gifts For Acupuncturists

Just when you think gifts can’t get any more perfect, you find this mug! It lists every attribute it takes to be a great acupuncturist, and, it’s customizable too. This will make a great gift for any occasion plus they’re certain to love just how unique it is. It’s even more perfect for those that just can’t get through the day without copious amounts of tea or coffee.

#14 Prickin Awesome Tee 

Prickin Awesome Acupuncturist Tee - Gifts For Acupuncturists

We love a good pun and if the acupuncturist you know does too, you’ve just found one of the most perfect gifts ever. Its fun slogan is ideal plus the t-shirt itself is made from 100% ring-spun cotton that’s thicker and heavier than usual.

This ensures a quality product that’s super soft to wear no matter the season. If you love the slogan but you’re not sure a t-shirt is right for your gift idea, this company will be happy to print it on anything else you can think of from other clothing items to mugs, to phone cases!

#15 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer - Acupuncturist gift

Sometimes, we need gift ideas that are not just great to receive but also practical. Well, seeing as most practitioners see clients all day long and often have to travel to and from an office, you can bet there are plenty of germs floating around that will inevitably transfer onto their phones.

To keep their phone clean and free of nasties (whilst also charging their battery) gift them this smartphone sanitiser. It even has built-in speakers so they can listen to music whilst the ultraviolet lights inside do their thing!

#16 Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo Air Purifier 

Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo Air Purifier

Another wonderfully practical gift they’ll love is the Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo air purifier. It’s made to work perfectly in small spaces so will be ideal for their office or treatment room. What does it do?

This handy little device passes air through an activated carbon filter which in turn works to eliminate dust, odour, smoke, pollen, and more.

#17 Acupuncture For Life Hoodie – Unique Gifts For Acupuncturists

Acupuncture For Life Hoodie - Gifts For Acupuncturists

For more acupuncture gift ideas with a clothing theme, look at this hoodie. It’s especially perfect if they’ve been doing the job for years and still love what they do! What’s more, this hoodie comes in grey, black, red, and navy so you can choose the colour they’ll like best.

#18 Stemless Wine Glass Laser Etched With Funny Message 

Acupuncturist Stemless Wine Glass Laser Etched With Funny Message

Another of our top funny gifts for acupuncturists has to be this laser-etched wine glass. Nobody knows the difficulty that comes with this job like the acupuncturist themselves!  Therefore this glass is absolutely ideal. Not to mention, it’ll make the ideal present for those that like to wind down at the end of a long day of treatments with a sizeable glass of vino!

#19 My Needle Game Is On Point Shirt – Funny Gifts For Acupuncturists

My Needle Game Is On Point Acupuncturist Shirt - Gifts For Acupuncturists

Another amazing slogan tee here! The ‘My Needle Game Is On Point’ shirt is one that’ll make everyone giggle. Not only that, this shirt is super comfortable and will make a stylish (and fun!) addition to any closet. It comes in many different sizes and three different colors too!

#20 Chakra Healing Crystal Ornament

Chakra Healing Crystal Ornament

Thinking of something unique as home décor for your acupuncturist’s friend? Then you just found it! It is a chakra crystal that will create a charming ornament for their home. Moreover, a tree of life symbol is uniquely designed from the crystal arrangement at the top of the decoration, making it even more captivating. Aside from its enchanting appeal, the crystal is considered capable of healing, growing positive energy from its surroundings.

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#21 Pure White Sage Calming Candle

Pure White Sage Calming Candle

We all know that being an acupuncturist definitely requires calm while doing his job. And for that reason, this calming candle would be the best gift for your acupuncturist. The white sage fragrance from the candle will have a relaxing effect. It is perfect to put in their practice room as it will help your acupuncturist do his job to remain him relaxed. What a thoughtful gift idea for any acupuncturist in your life.

#22 Physical Therapist Prayer Wall-Art

Physical Therapist Prayer Wall-Art

This piece is not a mere wall-art but part of a sincere prayer from you that will touch your acupuncturist heart dearly. Painted on white canvas making this fantastic piece match any home décor. Whether they want to mount this on the wall or display it in the living room, both ways will not detract from the message or meaning of this wall art. Your acupuncturist will feel deeply appreciated for their dedication to helping others heal.

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What is the best gift you can buy for your acupuncturist? 

When you try to decide which gifts are the best for acupuncturists, one should know their acupuncturist tastes first. However, we believe that any acupuncturist prefers a meaningful and valuable gift. For example, a physical therapist prayer wall-art or an air purifier to monitor air quality in their home.

From a wall-art to personalized gifts, we have compiled the coolest gifts for acupuncturists you can buy in 2021. We guarantee that they will be pleased to receive such awesome gifts from a caring friend like you.

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