25 Calming Gifts for People with Anxiety to Help Ease Their Mind

People with anxiety might constantly have intense and excessive fear about everyday situations. It can cause a restless mind, excessive sweating, and worried thoughts about almost everything. For these kinds of people, giving them calming gifts that help ease their minds will be the best way to help them ease their anxiety.

Finding great gifts for people with anxiety can be tricky as there are a bunch of products that promote a calming and soothing effect. You need to be sure whether the product will work or not. To help you find the most useful gifts for people with anxiety, we’ve created this list!

The following are 25 ideas of calming gifts for people with anxiety that are definitely useful to take care of themselves. Most importantly, the list also has some products to support them in loving themselves as they are. Check out our recommendations below!

1. Mental Health Affirmation Card Set

Mental Health Affirmation Card Set

People with anxiety could have persistent worry about themselves and their surroundings. Help them ease their feelings about themselves with this mental health affirmation card set. This card set offers specific affirmations such as ‘I Am Loved,’ or ‘I Love and Accept Myself,’ and other lovely encouraging quotes. The affirmations can be very helpful in changing their perception to manage their anxiety in a better way. 

2. Self-Care Rubbing Stone

Self-Care Rubbing Stone

Check out this self-care rubbing stone as a gift for people with anxiety to help them calm their restless minds. You can choose either a single stone or a set of 4. Each of them has special properties, such as Amethyst for mind-calming, Rose Quartz for self-love, Lapis Lazuli for enhancing inner peace, and Aventurine for emotional calm. Featuring an oval size, the stone fits perfectly in the curve of the fingers.

3. Mindful Breathing Necklace

Mindful Breathing Necklace

People with anxiety need more meditation to manage their worries. Let them experience mindful meditation by focusing on proper breath control with this mindful breathing necklace. It is a necklace with a natural bamboo pendant that can be taken everywhere they go. The bamboo pendant helps them do the breathwork exercise easier. The necklace comes in one set containing 3 bamboo necklaces.

4. Fidget Anxiety Ring

Fidget Anxiety Ring

Here is an elegant ring for her to help ease the stressful feeling! This fidget anxiety ring features 4 geometric beads that spin and slides around. It’s the perfect gift for people with anxiety which serves as a distraction to help them relieve stress.

The ring is created from copper with gold and silver finishes. The minimalist and elegant design makes it a beautiful jewelry gift for her. 

5. Koshi Sound Healing Chimes

Koshi Sound Healing Chimes

The sound of nature could be the best remedy to heal from the anxiety attack. Try to give this Koshi sound healing chimes to someone you know that has anxiety. The Koshi chimes use a precise tuning that creates an array of clear tones rich in soothing sound and resonates with overtones.

The crystalline sound leaves a relaxing effect in quiet wonder. It’s also infused with Reiki for additional loving energy.

6. Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil

Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil

Another nature healing property that is suitable as a gift for people with anxiety is this anti-anxiety essential oil or EO. It is a blend of several therapeutic-grade EOs and carrier oils which is believed to reduce stress and anxiety. The EO comes in a roller tube for easier application. Besides anti-anxiety, this EO is also available in other scents such as anti-stress, anti-depression, anti-anger, etc.

7. Mirror Heart Wind Spinner

Mirror Heart Wind Spinner

While pleasing the eye with the beautiful shape, feel the love as well with this mirror heart wind spinner. This is the perfect gift for people with anxiety to spread love and fall into the beautiful mirror-finish of this spinner. Made of stainless steel, the spinner practically glows in the sunlight. It can be hung on the porch or garden as a reminder to calm down and love themself.

8. Therapy Dough

Therapy Dough

Playing around is also a way to manage anxiety and difficult emotions. Let them play around with this therapy dough which is made of clay with essential oils infused. It can be squished, squeezed, and shaped as anything they want to relieve stress. Plus, the aromatherapy gives a calming effect, definitely a useful gift for people with anxiety. 

9. Lavender & Chamomile Sleep Sachet 

Lavender & Chamomile Sleep Sachet

People with anxiety might experience a sleepless night. This lavender & chamomile sleep sachet is definitely a useful gift for people with anxiety to help them have a good sleep. It’s a cotton pillow insert filled with natural French lavender and Egyptian chamomile. The mix of natural flowers promotes a calming effect and improves the snooze. 

10. Yoga for Your Mood Deck Card

Yoga for Your Mood Deck Card

Yoga and meditation can help create an emotional balance which later helps to reduce anxiety. Help them to restore their balance with this yoga for your mood deck card. The deck card contains 52 illustrated yoga poses for calm, grounded, and energized feeling. They can draw some cards in any combination for a specific need, such as relaxing nerves, lifting spirits, and more!

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11. Find Your Calm Workbook

Gifts for People with Anxiety

Sometimes, people with anxiety can feel the stressful thought that is just too much to handle. Help them to reverse the stressful thinking with this Find Your Calm workbook as a gift for people with anxiety.

The book has some wise exercises created by psychologist Dr. Jaime Zuckerman with engaging and inspirational illustrations. It also gives an eye-opening theory to scientifically proven techniques to reduce anxiety.

12. Calm and Serenity Epsom Bath Salt

Gifts for People with Anxiety

Products with a calming effect such as this calm and serenity Epsom bath salt will be useful gifts for people with anxiety. The bath salt is enriched with rose essential oil and milk protein for a soothing and calming bath time.

The rose essential oil helps provide a sense of comfort to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body, great for people with anxiety who constantly feel exhausted from stressful feelings.

13. Spa Bath Gift Set in Natural Wood

Gifts for People with Anxiety

Another option of relaxing gifts for people with anxiety is a spa bath gift set in natural wood. This beautiful spa set contains some spa products for a relaxing spa-at-home which anxiety people should experience more.

A natural wood curio cabinet that holds all the products added uniqueness to this gift set. It is, in fact, as beautiful as the gift itself. Let them enjoy the elegant product and relaxing benefits of this spa set.

14. Earbuds with Noise Cancelling

Gifts for People with Anxiety

The environment and events can be some external factors that trigger anxiety. Help them minimize the trigger by giving the earbuds with noise-canceling as gifts for people with anxiety.

Featuring the world’s most effective noise cancellation technology, these earbuds help to block out distractions when the user needs quietness. Besides Quiet Mode, the user can also switch it to Aware Mode to hear the surroundings and music at the same time.

15. Godiva Almond Dark Chocolate Set

Gifts for People with Anxiety

Some studies found that dark chocolate helps reduce stress and improve mood. This almond dark chocolate set from Godiva is definitely a great gift for people with anxiety. The deliciousness of this snack can help them cope with the bad mood as the side effects of anxiety.

The rich dark chocolate with crunchy almonds inside will be a satisfying moment to enjoy, making the perfect anywhere, anytime snack. One set box contains 6, 8 pieces of a mini chocolate bar, plenty to go around.

16. Yogi Chamomile Tea

Gifts for People with Anxiety

Chamomile flower has mild tranquilizer properties, thus it makes a great tea for people with anxiety. Giving this Yogi chamomile tea will be a great gift for people with anxiety to give a positive effect on their mood and feeling.

It is made of organic chamomile flowers, great for easing mild tension and promoting relaxation. One box contains 16 bags of caffeine-free chamomile tea.

17. CalmiGo Calming Device

CalmiGo Calming Device

The moment when anxiety attacks might lead to an uncomfortable feeling. Help them minimize the symptoms to gain back control with this CalmiGo calming device. This device uses sensory feedback, capable of helping its users to regulate their breathing and prolong the exhalation for a calming effect. 

It also comes with a relaxing lavender scent, amplifying its benefit. Thanks to its tiny size, it fits inside the purse or pocket, easy to carry everywhere.

18. Hatch Restore

Hatch Restore

Good sleep management is really important for people with anxiety to stay refreshed. So, giving this Hatch Restore will be useful for people with anxiety because it can manage their sleep better.

Designed by sleep experts, it helps to get a night of better sleep with a personalized sleep-wake routine. It helps to wake up gently with the custom Sunrise Alarm Clock that supports healthy cortisol levels. This device can be controlled via an app or a soft-touch button.

19. Hand Pressure Point Clip

Hand Pressure Point Clip

Acupressure is a legitimate non-pharmacological approach to promote health and well-being, as well as anxiety problems. Give this hand-pressure point clip as a gift for people with anxiety to practice acupressure on themselves whenever they need self-care over a stressful feeling.

It can be used for approximately 5 minutes at one time on each hand. This hand pressure is designed by acupressure specialists using holistic knowledge, capable of providing satisfactory results.

20. I Love Me Mug

I Love Me Mug

Loving yourself is the important key to dealing with anxiety. It could help people gain more control over themselves. To celebrate the joy of loving themselves, give this ‘I Love Me’ mug as gifts for people with anxiety.

It’s also a great way to remind them that they are worthy and anxiety is not the reason they should hate themselves. The ‘I Love Me’ comes on both sides with excellent quality, thanks to its professional heat transfer printing method.

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21. Calming Jar Candle

Gifts for People with Anxiety

This calming jar candle is another gift for people with anxiety to help them ease their minds. The candle is made of soy wax and lightly scented with blends of essential oils which help to calm the nerves, definitely a useful gift for people with anxiety. It’s beautifully designed in a glass jar with a snuffer lid for easier use.

22. Weighted Blanket

Gifts for People with Anxiety

An ultra-cozy blanket to relax the nervous system, this weighted blanket is a useful gift for people with anxiety to improve relaxation during sleep. It uses deep touch pressure stimulation which helps to increase serotonin and melanin. In fact, experts have been using the device in medical communities for years. The blanket is made of premium material to provide the ultimate relaxation. 

23. I Love Me T-Shirt

Gifts for People with Anxiety

There’s nothing more important than self-loving and self-acceptance to deal with anxiety. Give this I Love Me t-shirt as a gift to people with anxiety to send some self-loving message. The tee is made to fit right and super lightweight, suitable for daily use. The big ‘I Love Me’ writing on the front will be a bold statement of the importance of self-loving.

24. The Mindfulness Coloring Book – Vol 2

Gifts for People with Anxiety

Coloring for adults has the ability to relax the fear center of the brain and reduce the thoughts of a restless mind, something that people with anxiety are looking for. Give them this mindfulness coloring book as gifts for people with anxiety to soothe away stress. This travel-size book has over 70 gorgeous scenes, perfect for mindful coloring wherever they are.

25. Stress Rehab Facial Mask

Gifts for People with Anxiety

People with anxiety must have more self-pampering time to help maintain physical and emotional reserves. Doing simple self-care routines such as home facials can help provide a relaxation effect.

Support them by doing simple self-care at home with this stress rehab facial mask as gifts for people with anxiety. With coconut, caffeine, and green tea as the key ingredients, this face mask helps fight redness and puffiness while giving a calming effect. 

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What can I buy for someone with anxiety?

Life can be uneasy for those who are dealing with anxiety. Giving some gifts to people with anxiety that help ease their minds could be a great gift. You can start with healing devices such as a mindful breathing necklace, fidget anxiety ring, or CalmiGo calming device. The other gifts that help them to relax can be the anti-anxiety essential oil or a weighted blanket.

How do I help my boyfriend with anxiety?

If you have a boyfriend with anxiety and want a healthy relationship, try to understand his situation first by educating yourself about the anxiety. Then, you can try to be supportive and talk openly about the situation between you two. Even with anxiety, he is a normal person and doesn’t treat him as someone who needs to be fixed. Just let them know that you are willing to help if they need it. Seeking professional advice is always recommended for every mental health issue.

How do I date a girl with anxiety?

Being in love means accepting all positive attributes and flaws of our partner. If you date a girl with anxiety, try to talk openly about what you two are going through, but always remember her privacy. When the anxiety becomes more unbearable, encourage her to seek professional therapy. Don’t push her, but slowly introduce her to the idea of medical therapy.

Can anxiety ruin relationships?

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Is it worth dating someone with anxiety?

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